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Coffee purists have long preferred the French Press over conventional brewing devices but the enjoyment inevitably fades after the... last sip when it’s time to clean up. The OXO Good Grips French Press Coffee Maker takes the labor out of the love with an innovative grounds lifter that catches brewed coffee grounds and removes them in one easy step. Sturdy stainless steel housing contains a traditional glass carafe to ensure a pure brewing and serving experience. Soft, comfortable, non-slip grips on the handle and the top of the filter plunger make brewing and pouring easy. To brew, insert the stainless steel and silicone grounds lifter into the carafe and then add coarsely ground coffee and hot water. For best results, stir well, steep for four minutes, push the filter plunger downward and then pour the perfect cup. When finished, the grounds lifter removes the brewed grounds from the device in one simple step: no dumping, scooping, banging, or scrubbing. Just rinse, invert on a drying rack and the French Press Coffee Maker is ready and waiting for the next fuss-free brewing. read more

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