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King Kooker

For over 31 years, King Kooker has offered cookware for grilling, frying, boiling, and simmering. King Kooker also provides hearty recipes for Southern cooking, including instructions for boiled and steamed seafood, jambalayas, gumbos, stews, and deep-fried dishes. King Kooker also furnishes a va ... Read More riety of seasonings such as onion seasoning, shrimp creole mix, etouffee mix, and jambalaya mix. King Kooker's Deep Fried Turkey Seasoning Pack includes 16 ounces injectable garlic butter with herbs marinade, 7 ounces of King Kooker Cajun Seasoning, and a marinade injector. The King Kooker Three-Piece Aluminum Boiling Pot Set cooks large quantities of food and is ideal for cooking seafood. The 100-percent-aluminum boiling pot comes complete with a lid and a large punched-aluminum basket for easy straining and lifting of food from the broiler.
King Kooker

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