Kenmore Kenmore 60 oz. Tea Kettle

Temperature control switch regulates water temperature to maximizeflavor for a variety of tea blends. Has a generous 60 oz capacity for afull pot of tea, coffee or ht chocolate. Built in water level to measurewater accurately and easily. 11...40 watts of power with automatic shutoff. 5 Year full Warranty. 1 visitors found this helpful Waste of money Was so looking forward to having a kettle with temperature adjustment. This one never worked right. Sometimes it wouldn't turn on and if it did, you couldn't adjust the temperature. It also randomly turns itself ON if it's not unplugged. Eventually it would turn on but was unable to choose any temperature except 'boil'. Now it isn't turning on at all. I'm not sure I even want a replacement. I think I want my money back to purchase a different brand! by AlphaFemmeNampa, ID | Sat, Mar 9, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Great! It works very long! Highly recommended! I would recommend this product to a friend. by DmitrikoEast Setauket, NY | Mon, Jan 7, 2013 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag Kenmore warranty is a joke After about 1 year this thing stopped turning off itself, shortly after stopped working alltogether. Cool, there is 5 years warranty on it. Went to Sears store, they said - contact Kenmore. Called Kenmore, they point at the store. Emailed both, waiting for responce for a week now. by akpchTowaco, NJ | Mon, Nov 14, 2011 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 2 visitors found this helpfulIt died in less than 3 months. We bought this kettle, it seemed to be working fine. 3 months later, it went off by itself. After about an hour, we tried to make tea with it. It didn't switch on. If I had to give you some advice, I would say: DO NOT BUY THIS KETTLE. IT WILL BE A WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY. by ilikepieDayton, NJ | Sun, Feb 28, 2010 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 1 visitors found this helpfulSolid product, very satisfied Pros: Feels heavy and durable, thick and insulated. With the lid down, this baby stays hot forever. Nice look with the brushed alum. The tea selection type is excellent - brews my green tea perfectly at 175deg, or set it for a roaring boil. Boils fast. Heating element is hidden under a solid steel/alum bottom. Just a fantastic upgrade if you're using one of the old cheap-o plastic teakettles or a stove-top version. Cons: $74 is a touch expensive, though I saw a nice one at Williams and Sonoma which I had considered but it was $140 which padded me against the sticker shock of this one. All-in-all I would say this is probably worth $50 minimum, and I would say fairly priced at 59-65. So not a bad deal. Water level indicator is hard to see as it is hidden behind the fat handle, especially when holding it. Though it probably is the most aesthetically pleasing place to put it, it is not entirely viewable and thus usable. For $74 it should have a small weight sensor that digitally displays the water level (e.g. '1.2L == 60%'), and call it an even $79.99. I feel the lid flipping up-backwards when opening should be changed to flipping forward - it also slightly restricts the view when filling with water and aiming for the hole. (though I wouldn't penalize them for something so trivial) Re: previous poster's comments. I would counter by saying that this teakettle is not a 'teapot' - so I really wouldn't be having loose grounds or leaves in there. It does look like a thermos inside, but the perfectly cyclindrical bottom has hard edges which have a tendancy to trap remnants, and the screen gives way to an open top, so leaves can flow over the edge. Best boil in this great kettle and then pour water over a proper screen into a teapot. I would recommend this product to a friend. by dion-piccoBurlington, MA | Thu, Jan 7, 2010 Was this helpful?YesNo 0 comments | flag 0 visitors found this helpfulThe lid doesn't come off making it very difficult to clean. I tried for two days to get an instruction manual from customer service, I still don' read more

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