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Jura Capresso

Good things come in small packages; great ones come in even smaller packages! Here now is the world's smallest Super-Automatic Cap...puccino Machine, the Jura-Capresso ENA Micro 9 One-Touch. The Micro 9 is 11% shorter than the preceding compact ENA line. This beautifully crafted machine in its Micro Silver color scheme with stainless steel bright work and elegant curved corners not only reflects the best of style, but also Swiss engineering excellence.It is the ultimate space saving bean-to-cup machine that grinds the coffee beans, makes a perfect espresso and froths milk all with the push of just one button! By totally re-designing the brewing unit to maximize single-cup preparation the design team has been able to make the world??s smallest machine that makes latte macchiatos and cappuccinos without moving the cup!Operating the Jura-Capresso ENA Micro 9 One-Touch could not be simpler. A quote from Jura is ???Operation is so straightforward that it can be summed up in two words: Press ??? enjoy.?? The well-placed buttons, easy to understand symbols, simple rotary switch, and intuitive traffic-light colored light displays make this a very user-friendly machine.The ENA Micro 9 also features the Jura Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System, (I.P.B.A.S.?), which gets the best brew out of every blend and roast of coffee, and the Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.?), which lets you adjust the machine's energy-saving potential to your habits allowing you to save up to 40 % of the energy normally required.Incorporating advanced micro-electronics into the controls lets the Jura-Capresso ENA Micro 9 One-Touch offer a full range of coffee / milk drinks with the press of a button including: latte macchiato cappuccino caf? cr?me espressoEven with its micro size the Jura-Capresso ENA Micro 9 One-Touch accommodates cups for specialty drinks with a dual-spout that is height-adjustable on a continuous scale of 2 to 5.4 inches. And with state-of-the-art fine foam technology you can enjoy top quality coffee / milk drinks. The dual spout also features separate coffee and milk pipes to ensure perfect hygiene. Package IncludesJura-Capresso 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets - 6 pack $18.00Jura-Capresso Descaling Tablets - 9 pack $17.00Lavazza Tierra! Intenso Whole Bean - Quantity: 2 $49.98Value: $84.98 read more

Jura Capresso

The Jura-Capresso ENA Micro 1 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is ultra-compact, stylish, and very powerful. The Swiss design util...izes every bit of space to maximum advantage. Engineered like a space shuttle appliance it takes up very little space, but delivers excellent performance.The bean hopper holds 4.4oz of coffee beans for the built-in conical burr Aroma+ grinder. The water reservoir capacity is 37oz, and the dregs container holds about 9 servings. The coffee spout is adjustable for different size cups from 2 to 5.5 inches. There is an automatic by-pass doser that causes the machine to dispense your drink immediately when filled with coffee powder.It can be programmed by way of the touch-screen TFT display with three user-defined cup sizes, each in two aroma levels. The aroma preservation cover keeps the coffee beans fresh, the Aroma+ grinder gently grinds them, and the Micro brewing unit extracts the coffee under the ideal conditions. The intelligent preheating feature ensures that your coffee is always dispensed piping hot with a glorious crema. A thermoblock water heater and the high-performance 15 bar pump giver you rapid delivery of pressurized brewing water at the right temperature.The replaceable Claris water filter cartridge guards against scale build-up. There is also an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling cycle built into the machines electronic programming.The automatic energy-saving mode, programmed switch-off time and patented Zero-Energy Switch ensure high energy efficiency. The environmentally friendly electronics uses 0 power during standby.Package Includes:Jura-Capresso 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets - 6 pack $18.00Lavazza Tierra! Intenso Whole Bean $24.99Value: $42.99 read more

Jura Capresso

Experience the next tier of home brewing with the Jura-Capresso Giga 5 One-Touch Super-Automatic espresso machine. Entertain like ...never before with the Giga 5's generous bean and water capacities and incredible dual grinding and brewing systems. Create two different one-touch specialty drinks at the same time or choose from one of 19 individually programmable specialty coffees.Aesthetic considerations such as the Giga 5's intuitive full color display or its illuminated beverage spouts or its aluminum front paneling mean a seamless transition into your home. Maintaining your machine is made easier by the Giga 5's numerous automatic maintenance functions, which take the labor out of your luxury. Bring home the new standard of home espresso with the Jura-Capresso Giga 5 One-Touch Super-Automatic espresso machineThe Jura-Capresso Giga 5 boasts one of the most impressive brewing systems on the market and is able to brew two different drinks at the same time using its dual grinders and illuminated coffee and milk spouts. The Giga 5 offers the utmost control over the brewing process with programmable drink options for water volume, coffee strength, temperature, and pre-infusion using Jura-Caprersso's Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System and offers pre-programmed one-touch specialty drink options including: Espresso Caffe Lungo Latte Macchiato Cappuccino RistrettoPackage IncludesJura-Capresso 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets - 6 pack $18.00Jura-Capresso Cool Control Milk Container - Matte Black $199.00Jura-Capresso Cup Warmer - Black $199.00Jura-Capresso Descaling Tablets - 9 pack $17.00Lavazza Tierra! Intenso Whole Bean - Quantity: 2 $49.98Value: $482.98For those brewing on the go, the Giga 5 can accommodate cups and travel mugs up to 6.3" tall. read more

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