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iGourmet Italian Gift Baskets

A basket of Italian goodies is an unexpected treat. Choose from a gourmet selection of baskets in all sizes featuring Italian classics such as pasta, sauce, cheeses, crackers, olives, and chocolates.

A basket so large and impressive it garners more accolades than almost anything else we sell. It includes these spectacular, specialties: Boschetto al Tartufo Bianchetto: A sheep's milk cheese from Tuscany studded with white truffle shavings. (7 oz) Briscole al Barbera: Briscole al Barbera is an exquisite, handmade specialty item that can be enjoyed both before or after a meal. (8 oz) Mountain Gorgonzola: From Lombardy comes the only authentic Gorgonzola. (8 oz) Grana Padano Stravecchio: A hard cheese from the Po Valley, aged for 22 months. (8 oz) Monte Veronese: Skilled artisans handcraft this mountain cheese. (8 oz) Italian Black Truffle Almonds: Aromatic black summer truffles are hand-harvested in Northern Italy and ground into flavorful sea salt so their distinct flavor permeates through the condiment. Once folded into our finest selection of sweet California almonds, the flavor transcends all senses. (5 oz) Soppresatta by Beretta: A course grind salami characterized by a hearty flavor. (9 oz) Prosciutto di San Daniele by Principe: Our favorite brand of San Daniele prosciutto, imported directly from Italy. Sliced thin! (1 oz) Olive Tapenade: Made by one of the leading Italian producers of specialty foods. (6.7 oz) Dolcetti Italian Cookies: An exceptional cookie from the bakeries of Corsini. (3.5 oz) Balsamic and Fruit Jam: An artisan specialty distinguished by its elegant packaging and fine gourmet quality. (230 gr) Caffe Vergnano Whole Bean Coffee: A fragrant coffee with a delicate flavor and smooth aroma. (8.8 oz) Crostini: Snack crackers from Tuscany that pair well with cheese. (4.6 oz) Cantuccini Biscotti: Imported from Italy, these biscotti are the perfect accompaniment to your morning espresso. Lazzaroni ? famous for the traditional Amaretti di Saronno ? is among the oldest and most renowned Italian bakery and confectionery companies. (4.4 oz) Acacia Honey by IL Forteto: Among the lush hills of Tuscany, IL Forteto gathers its premium honey. Acacia Forteto honey is made from nectar collected from spring-blossoming Acacia trees, resulting in pure, clear honey. Drizzle over a slice of Tuscan pecorino or a piece of gorgonzola. (8.8 oz) Profiteroles: Better known in the US as Italian cream puffs. (3 oz) Gift Presentation: Hand assembled in a wooden oval basket, finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon. Any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal value. read more


From Tuscany to Sicily, Italy has a food-oriented culture. From its al dente pastas, to its extra virgin olive oils, to its fine g...ourmet cheeses, Italy can't be beat for its culinary diversity and excellence. Our Italian Gift Basket brings home a sampling of this great nation's most exquisite foods. Items included are: Provolone Piccante: Sharp! We love this Piccante version, which is rarely available in the US and much more interesting than the mild Provolone most Americans have come to know. (8 oz) Mountain Gorgonzola: The authentic Gorgonzola, imported from the Lombardy region. Delicious served the Italian way (drizzled with honey), it is a real treat for connoisseurs. (8 oz) Pecorino Toscano: A truly wonderful sheeps' milk cheese from Tuscany. (8 oz) Balsamic Vinegar of Modena: Any honest-to-goodness Italian Gift Basket must contain a bottle of Italy's famous vinegar. Included here you will find one of our favorites. (7.3 fl. oz) Black Truffle Grissini: Ideal served with all kinds of Italian cheeses, salamis and hams, Grissini are traditionally served before the meal with the antipasto. (5 oz) Dolcetti by Corsini: A typically Tuscan pastry not commonly available outside of Italy, these cookies are delicate, dainty, and light. (3.5 oz) Prosciutto by Principe: This is our favorite brand of San Daniele prosciutto, imported directly from Italy. A must have for any traditional antipasto or charcuterie course. (1 oz) Olive Tapenades by Conserve Della Nonna: Olives are crushed and puréed until smooth, leaving it with a clean, pure, fruity flavor. Ideal as a spread on gourmet bread, with vegetables, fish and meat or used as an ingredient in pasta sauce and salad dressings. (6.7 oz) Cantuccini Biscotti: The classic after-dinner biscotti, these Cantuccinis are best dipped in Vin Santo or other sweet dessert wines, and, of course, in coffee, cappuccino, or milk. (3.5 oz) Gift Presentation: Hand assembled in an environmentally friendly oval basket made from renewable bamboo, finished with an elegant dark brown ribbon. Please note that any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal value. read more


Of all of the world's cuisines, Italian is the most popular. This gift includes fabulous cheeses, tasty sweets and more Italian tr...eats, including: Piave: A cheese with a full-bodied flavor reminiscent of Gruyere. (8 oz) Crotonese: This ewe's milk cheese from Calabria pairs well with grapes and figs. (8 oz) Mountain Gorgonzola: This authentic Italian blue cheese is creamier than most. (8 oz) Grana Padano Stravecchio: Its versatility gives it endless uses. (8 oz) Fig Accompaniment for Cheese: Known in Italy as Mostarda, place a dab atop a bite of cheese for a gourmet sensation. (4.2 oz) Crostini Tuscan Crackers: Perfect crackers for cheeses or as a snack on their own. (6 oz) Signature Cheese Knife: This sturdy knife feels heavy in the hand, indicating its quality construction. Bamboo Cutting Board: Use this eco-friendly board to enjoy the included cheeses the moment the box is opened. Olio Carli Olive Oil: A smooth and fruity EVOO from Liguria. (500 ml) Acetum Balsamic Vinegar: This premium balsamic has a higher viscosity than your average supermarket brand. (250 ml) Artichoke Tapenade: A wonderful addition to your antipasto course. (6.7 oz) Amaretti: These soft Italian cookies are made with real marzipan. (3.5 oz) Tiramisu: A classic Italian dessert. (3 oz) Chocolate Truffles: A decadent Italian chocolate dessert, prepared from a traditional local recipe. (3 oz) Gift Presentation: This beautiful gourmet gift is hand assembled in an oval basket and wrapped with a decorative dark brown ribbon. Please note that any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal value. Free shipping offer only applies to street addresses in the contiguous 48 states. read more

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