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Every homeowner's toolbox needs to include a variety of adhesives. From lightweight wood glue to heavy-duty epoxy, home improvement projects often require adhesives. Stock your shelves with glues for all surfaces, including metal, wood, and glass. It's also smart to buy a respirator to protect your lungs when working with adhesives.

Multi-X 2 HCS Rigid Scraper Blade for Linoleum, Carpet and Window Putty This easy to attach and durable rigid scraper blade will r...emove paint and hard caulk with ease. Quickly and precisely remove linoleum, carpet and window putty. A must have for anyone using an oscillating multi-tool. Bosch scraping accessories for the oscillating multi-tool remove paint, caulk, adhesive and window putty from varied surfaces, including tubs, showers, faucets and sensitive glass. In addition, this flexible accessory can be used to remove flooring materials like linoleum and carpet. Features: Perfect for Removing Linoleum, Carpet, Window Putty, Paint and Hard Caulk Attaches Easily to Your Multi-X Oscillating Tool Buy the OIS Adapter to Use This With Non-Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tools Specifications: 2 Width Bosch provides a complete line of corded and cordless power tools and accessories engineered to survive any jobsite and allow professionals to take control of their work. Bosch engineering is driven by a desire to produce tools with low vibration, minimum noise level, precision, dust extraction/entrapment, simple and easy accessory changes and the best possible power-to-tool weight ratio. read more

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