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Color Temperature: 2,700K Average Lifetime: 25000 hours Lumens (light output): 530 CRI: 80

Osram Sylvania

This OSRAM SYLVANIA Tungsten Halogen Tru-Aim MR16 Brilliant Axial Filament Aluminized Reflector bulb has a GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base. It i...s 50 Watts 12 Volts with a Spot Beam spread and 10 degree beam angle. The bulb does not come with a front glass and has a... read more


Ushio JDR 75w 120V, MR16 Flood Beam Halogen Curio bulbs USHIO has developed a unique line-voltage MR16 lamp line that offers halog...en 120 volt lamps with a 2-inch dichroic-coated reflector. These lamps are ideal for base up applications such as curio... read more


Color Temperature: 3,000K Average Lifetime: 25000 hours Lumens (light output): 390 CRI: 83


Color/Finish: Silver Color Temperature: 2,700K Average Lifetime: 25000 hours Lumens (light output): 480 CRI: 80


#FRB - 35 watt - 12 volt - MR16 - Bi-Pin (GU5.3) Base - 3,000K - Clear - Long Life - Covered - Reflector Spot | Philips Halogen In...candescent Light Bulb read more

Westinghouse Lighting

WL4612 Features Reduces energy and operating costs up to 87% compared to halogen Brightness 500 lumens and bright white light 3000...K Bulb life of 25,000 average rated hours Application: Household/General purpose Wattage: 7 Watts Voltage: 12 Volts... read more

Westinghouse Lighting

WL4615 Features Reduces energy and operating costs up to 87% Brightness 500 lumens and bright white light 3000K Bulb life of 25,00...0 average rated hours Application: Household/General purpose Wattage: 7 Watts Voltage: 120 Volts Dimmable: Yes Shatter... read more

$20.86 $15.19

SleekLighting 684031475060 MR16 LED Spotlight Light Bulb - 8W - 3000K - Dimmable. (Refurbished) This is a refurbished item restore...d to meet manufacturer quality standards. They may show limited signs of use and cosmetic blemishes and carry a... read more


Long lasting with an average life of 2,000 hours. Perfect for a number of applications indoors and out. Lensed for full UV protect...ion. Dims easily to suit your needs any hour of the day. Your choice of wattage. Inside or out, the Bulbrite Dimmable MR16 Halogen Gu10 Base Light Bulb - 10 pk. is ready to let its bright white light shine in your life. This fine bulb even dims to suit your needs. read more


Find Light Bulbs at! Feit 35-Watt MR16 GU10 Base Led Light Bulb - Soft White . This 5 Watt Led replaces a MR16 incandes...cent. It uses less energy than incandescent which saves money on energy costs and has an average life of 30,000 hours. read more


Tungsten Halogen Orange MR16 with Axial Filament, Dichroic Reflector GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base 50Watt 12Volt EXT/O


8-pack of 75w halogen MR16 clear reflector. For museums, galleries, retail displays. Provides a bright white halogen light. Your c...hoice of wattage, intermediate (E17) base. Dimensions: 2.75L x 2W in.. Brighten up the place with the addition of the Bulbrite Dimmable MR16 Halogen Intermediate Base Light Bulb - 8 pk.. The dimmable design allows for energy savings, while the convenient construction allows for placement in a variety of fixtures. Ideal for retail displays, galleries, museums. Your choice of wattage. read more


Long lasting with an average life of 2,000 hours. Ideal for residential and commercial applications. Dichroic reflector is frosted... to prevent glare. Dims easily to suit your needs any hour of the day. Dimensions: 1.88L x 2W inches. Easy on the eyes, the Bulbrite Total Frost Dimmable MR16 Halogen Light Bulb - 8 pk. is frosted for a soft white light. You can even set the mood with this bulb dimming just right. read more

$52.99 $35.10

Product Number: FNV/FG-S 20pcs.Order Abbreviation:50w 12v FNV MR16/WFL60 General Description:50W/12V, Tungsten Halogen Tru-Aim MR1...6 STANDARD Axial Filament Dichroic Reflector with Cover Glass GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base WFL Beam Product InformationAbbrev. With Packaging Info.50MR16WFL60FNV 12V ANSI CodeFNV-S/FG Average Rated Life (hr)2000BaseGU5.3 Bipin Beam Angle (deg)60 Beam TypeVWFL BulbMR16 Centerbeam Candlepower (cp)690ClassC (gas) Color Rendering Index (CRI)100 Color Temperature/CCT (K)3000 Diameter (in)2 EcologicYES FilamentAXIAL Horizontal / Vertical Beam Angle (deg)60 Maximum Overall Length - MOL (in)1.750Nominal Voltage (V)12.00 Nominal Wattage (W)50.00 read more

$6.99 $4.99

Satco 20 Watt 120 Volt, MR16, GU10 base, Flood FL, 2000 Hrs Average Life, Halogen Light Bulbs

$5.99 $4.97

GE EXZ 50W 12V MR16 HIR Narrow Flood Precise IR Light Bulb Most of the wattage used by standard lamps generates invisible infrared... light energy. The GE EXZ Precise IR halogen capsule has a special infrared coating which redirects this wasted electricity back onto the lamp filament. Using this recycled heat allows the lamp to consume less energy. The IR coated capsule and the cover glass combine to virtually eliminate UV-B and UV-C radiation. GE’s Precise IR EXZ bulb is ideal for heat sensitive applications and also reduces fading and discoloration. Features: - GE EXZ MR16 Precise IR Light Bulb - Wattage: 50w - Voltage: 12v - Rated life: 5000hrs - Beam Spread: 25 degree - narrow flood - Color Temperature: 3000K read more

$9.99 $5.99

100 watts 120 volts JDR MR16 E17 Intermediate Screw base Flood 36 degrees Halogen Light Bulb

$40.99 $26.03

Ushio 6.5w 12v Uphoria LED MR16 WFL60 Warm White Light Bulb Uphoria LED MR-16 lamps incorporate the highest quality Cree LED's,a c...ustomized optical design, and unsurpassed thermal management characteristics to provide outstanding efficiency, life, and quality. At 6.5 watts in a standard MR-16 form factor, Uphoria Series LED lamps incorporate a state of the art Cool-Blade heat sink design that guarantees reliability and stability through proper thermal management. Uphoria's Cool-Blade technology was originally developed for the aerospace industry and the military and as a way of providing superior heat transfer for computer servers and intricate electronics that require premium thermal management in a very lightweight product. This same technology is incorporated into every Uphoria MR-16 lamp where individual, high-density aluminum cooling blades draw damaging heat away from the LED's creating an ideal operating environment for the chipsets. Less heat means a longer life for LED's and USHIO is proud to stand behind our high performance Uphoria lamps with a 3 year warranty and a rated life of 35,000 hours. Rated at more than 10 times the life of standard halogen MR-16 lamps on the market today, Uphoria is the intelligent choice for those applications where frequency of lamp changes and cost of ownership are significant factors. Uphoria LED MR-16 lamps are available in Narrow Flood (20 degree), Flood (35 degree) and Wide Flood (60 degree) beam spreads and in warm white (3000K) or daylight (5700K) color temperatures. Features: - 80% Energy savings vs. read more

Osram Sylvania

Made in Germany, this Tungsten Halogen 44865 Decostar MR16 has a STANDARD Axial Filament with a Dichroic Reflector Cover Glass. bulb has a GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base, using 35 watts and 12 volts. It has a Flood Beam spread of 36 degrees. - Brilliant accent light - Dichroic reflector reduces the heat in the light beam by up to 66% - Approved for use in open luminaires (to IEC 60598-1) - UV filter - Contains no mercury read more

$9.99 $6.99

This Satco 50 Watt 120 Volt bulb has a G8 base. This bulb has a 36 degree beam angle with a flood beam spread. It has an average l...ife of up to 2000 hours. This MR16 has a CC-8 filament and comes with a front glass. read more

Osram Sylvania
$4.99 $2.86

This is the OSRAM SYLVANIA Tungsten Halogen Tru-Aim MR16 light bulb. It has a Brilliant Axial Filament Aluminized Reflector It has... a set GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base. The Tru-Aim bulb uses 50 watts and 12 volts. It also has a 35 degree beam spread. This lamp does not have Front Glass, So be sure your unit is suitable for this lamp usage. read more

$7.99 $5.46

75 watt 12 volts MR16 Spot GU5.3 base EYF Halogen Light Bulb Philips Halogen Long Life MR16 lamps make it easy to optimize the loo...k and feel of your brand, your merchandise, and the shoppers experience, with lower operating costs. Philips Brilliant Line Pro Long Life 50W, 12V Halogen 10 SP MR-16 Lamp with Color Consistent Dichroic Reflector, Front Glass Lens, and GU5.3 Bipin Base. - Optimized Coil, Burner and Reflector Design- Has maximum efficiency for reduced energy consumption and provides bright, white light and superior beam quality. - Up To 20 Layers of Dichroic Coating-Consistent coating quality lamp to lamp and throughout lifetime. - UV Block-Reduces color fading. - Provides 6000 hours rated average life, constant color and extra protection with UV Block and front glass. - Universal Burning Position. - Available in 20, 35, and 50 watts Spot, Flood and Narrow Flood, 75 watt is only available in Spot and Flood. - Ideal for retail stores, hotels, restaurants, museums and art gallery lighting. read more

$5.99 $3.89

Ushio 50w 12v MR16 FL36 EXN Superline Halogen Light Bulb. 50 Watts, 12 Volts, Reflector MR16, Flood-FL, EXN/SL, Superline, 3050K, ...FL 36 degree beam angle.Superline™ series of Halogen MR16 lamps provide professional accent lighting through evenly distributed light. The multilense geometry of the reflector surface in conjunction with an axial, computer-aligned filament, uniformly illuminates any surface. There is no ring-shaped shadow and no black spot in the middle of the light pattern. The refined beam pattern of the Superline™ lamp is perfectly suited for wall washing and illuminating artwork where the quality of light is not a compromise. The UV-cut halogen capsule and IR permeable reflector helps protect heat-sensitive objects. The multilayer reflector coating is made up of a hard Titanium Oxide surface that provides consistent color throughout the life of the lamp and consistent color from lamp to lamp. Superline™ has a long life of 5000 hours average life. read more

$9.99 $6.50

The Platinum EJA 150 Watt 21 Volt tungsten halogen bulb is most commonly used for projections, fiber optics and color printers. It... has a rated life of 40 hours, produces lumens of 354, and has a GX5.3 Bi-Pin base. read more


20w 12v ESX MR16 Spot Halogen ProLine Light Bulb Feature: - Ansi Code: ESX - Wattage: 20w - Voltage: 12v - 2,000 hours (life) - Spread: Spot read more


PHILIPS 6.5W MR16 LED Dimmable WarmGlow 2700K 25 degree Beam spread Light Bulb Philips new Warm Glow MR16 Dimmable LED Lamps Warm glow effect transitions when dimming from 2700K to 2200K with which creates a warm glow effect. read more

Osram Sylvania

This is the Osram Sylvania WFL MR16. This Tungsten Halogen has a Tru-Aim TITAN Axial Filament with a Hard Dichroic Reflector Cover... Glass. This lamp also has a GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base with a wide flood Beam angle of 60 degrees. read more

$5.99 $2.70

Tungsten Halogen Orange MR16 with Axial Filament, Dichroic Reflector GU5.3 Bi-Pin Base 50Watt 12Volt EXT/O

$19.99 $12.33

Philips High Output 7W MR16 Dimmable LED, Flood 35 Degree, 3000K White. Philips 7 watt MR16 Dimmable LED Lamps provide ambient lev...el light to illuminate hard to maintain applications. Increased transformer compatibility allows for operation on a wider range of transformers. Available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions, these lamps are ideal for track and open recessed fixtures in retail, hospitality and residential spaces. Accent with higher performance LED retrofits - 7W MR16 saves 33 watts of energy when compared to a 40W halogen MR16 - 25,000-hour rated average life1 for 7W MR16 - Provides quality white light and a crisp, uniform beam - Optics engineered to eliminate multiple shadows - Smooth dimming to 10% of full light levels† - Emits virtually no UV/IR light in the beam - Contains no mercury Easy to experience - Transformax (TM) technology enables operation on a broad range of transformers - Lowers maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency - Will not fade colors, avoids inventory spoilage. Base:GU5.3 2-Pin Beam Angle (deg.):35 Beam Spread:Flood FL Bulb Type:LED Bulbs Color: White Color Rendering Index (CRI):80 Color Temperature (K):3000K Diameter (in):2 Dimmable Compatibility:Dimmable Luminous Flux (LM):440 Maximum Overall Length (in):2 Rated Life (Hours):25000 Shape:MR16 Voltage (V):12V Wattage (W):7W Warranty:5 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty read more

Elegant Lighting

Beautifully crafted light bulb that offers both form and function. Enhance your room's ambience with the use of this light bulb on... your chandelier, sconces or pendants. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications. read more

Westinghouse Lighting

Westinghouse Lighting MR16 Dimmable LED Light Bulb Offers lifetime cost savings compared to incandescent Turns on instantly and is... compatible with most dimmers Fully recyclable design contains no mercury or other hazardous materials Application:... read more

Westinghouse Lighting

WL4613 Features Reduces energy and operating costs up to 87% compared to halogen Brightness 360 lumens and bright white light 3000...K Bulb life of 25,000 average rated hours Voltage: 12 Volt Application: Household/General purpose Wattage: 5 Watts... read more


Sunlite 80503-SU LED MR16 Mini Reflector 7W (50W Equivalent) Light Bulb (GU5.3) Base, Warm White


Model: DDKX. Ideal for studio photograpy lighting, this EIKO DDK 19 Volt, 80 Watt MR16 shaped bulb provides features a GX5.3 base.... It has an average life of 40 hours and a color temperature of 3,300 degrees Kelvin. read more

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