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8 Camera DVR Security System - H.264 Surveillance, Motion Detection, Alarm Recording, 700TVL, 3G Mobile Survillance Support CCTV N...etwork 8 Channel 960H DVR Surveillance with large 3TB storage options, Security Recording System including Motion Alarm mode and 3G phone viewing is the perfect way to protect your property. 8 HD Camera SecurityIdeal for the home or small business this advanced 8 Camera Security System has the latest in second generation H.264 compression technology for video coding and decoding. With 8 weatherproof cameras with their own mounting brackets you can customize your security system by putting these anywhere around your property, inside or out. Allowing you to cover all the main entry and exit points as well as key vantage points to ensure no one can enter without you knowing about it. The ability to view the video feed directly on your mobile device makes monitoring key location and camera feedback so much easier. Multiple Playback Recording And Transmission OperationsWith a Video Backup System that allows you to set remote viewing with different playback modes such as PC, Smartphone and internet browser you will never have felt this safe. You can also set recording and motion detection settings which lets you enjoy 24 hour surveillance day or night thanks to the 8 infra red LED cameras which will capture every detail with their high resolution images so you can relax in the knowledge that every corner of your property is under a watchful eye. The DVR box allows you to add a 3TB SATA HDD which will give you plenty of recording time. You can also connect a range of other devices such as a LAN router, audio input and output devices as well as monitors to this comprehensive security solution. This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale security recording systems, Chinavasion. At a Glance... H.264 Compression Technology8 Channel 960H DVR8 Weathproof CamerasSmartphone Support6 Different Synchronous Operations700TVLMotion Detection1/4 Inch CMOS read more


Vcare Dual Network Smart Home Security System - iOS and Android Apps, Max 100 Users, IP Camera, Door/Window Sensor, PIR At a Glanc...e... Vcare Dual Network and Wi-Fi Smart home security system keeps your home and loved ones safeSupports up to a great array of sensors for all-round home protection and securitySmartphone app for iOS and Android brining notifications and controls to family membersTwo way communication though built in mic.and speakerThe Vcare Dual-Network Smart Home Security System is a comprehensive solution for keeping you home safe and protected. Its not just about having a few IP cameras - the Vcare security system comes with everything needed for an all-round protection, including door and window sensors, emergency alarms, push smartphone notifications and more.Vcare Smart Home Security System with Apps for iOS and AndroidOur home is the place where we spend most of our time - and we deserve to feel space, secure and at peace. The Vcare smart home system keeps an eye on your house, taking care of the big and small potential problems.The Vcare system features an extensive set of notifications and supports a wide array of sensors to ensure that you know whats happening in your house at all times.PIR sensor detects motion and will notify you if there are intruders in the house. Door/window sensor will alert you should a door or window in your house is open. You can also use it on cabinets that contain valuables or objects and substances that you want to keep out of the reach of children. Fire alarm will sound if smoke is detected and gas sensor will warn you about a dangerous gas leak. Place the water sensor under a leaky sink or next to the washing machine and get notified should anything go wrong. IP camera will keep an eye on your place when you are away. With two-way communication (mic + speaker), you will not only see, but also be able to kisten and talk to those at home.You will also have medical and SOS buttons at your service in an unfortunate case of an emergency - a way to instantly get in touch with the right people and get help.All the notifications and alerts will be conveniently delivered to you smartphone - whether you are using iOS or Android - though the cloud server. Should this connection ever experience a problem, notifications can also be delivered through a GSM network. So, you can be sure to always stay in the know.The Vcare Smart Home Security System camera set comes with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale smart home security systems. read more


Intelligent Home Security System - 3x Motion Detection, 3x Door Sensor, Smoke Detector, 2x Remote Control, SOS Feature Key Feature...s... Keep your property safe with this all-in-one smart home alarm systemSupporting up to 160 detectors in 5 different zonesSet comes with 3 PIR motion detectors, 3 window sensors, and a smoke detector to offer a broad range of securityTwo compact remote controls allow you to remotely activate and deactivate your alarm system or to sound the alarm at will in case of emergencyIntelligent Home Security SystemThis intelligent home security system will help you to protect your property from all sorts of danger and unwanted guests at all times. Coming with an abundance of security sensors, you can be guaranteed that you and your loved ones will always be in safe hands. Although coming with 7 sensors, the security kit can be extended by adding numerous of other sensors as it is capable of supporting 160 detectors in 5 different zones at once. No matter the size of your house, office, or factory - this high-end alarm kit is guaranteed to deliver top notch protection 24/7. Coming with three door and window sensors, this intelligent home security system allows you to secure all the main entrances to your property. From now on nobody will be able to enter your house or office space without being noticed as these highly sensitive sensors will send out an alarm whenever movement in your door or window has been detected. Additionally, this alarm set also features three motion detection PIR sensors - allowing you to take your property security to the next level. Simply attach these indoor PIR sensors near any entrance or important area of your property and an alarm will sound whenever motion is detected in the guarded area - assuring that you and your surroundings will always be informed when an unwanted visitor has entered your house or office. Not all dangers come from unwanted visitors. This is why this high-quality security system also features a state of the art smoke detector that detects smoke up to a distance of 20 meters away. Sending out a loud alarm when smoke is detected, you can be assured that with this trustworthy sensor at your side, youll never be surprised by an out breaking fire. All sensors can be easily controlled, activated, and deactivated through the included alarm host. Additionally, this smart home surveillance system also features two compact and portable remote controllers that can be efficiently attached to your key ring. These handy remote controllers allow you to activate and deactivate the alarm system while, additionally, they give you the option to instantly sound the alarm with the press of a button in case of emergency. This intelligent home security system comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale electronic gadgets. read more

Reolink HD

Reolink HD IP Security Camera - 2560x1440, 1/4 Inch CMOS, 4MP, Night Vision, IR Cut, Motion Dection, Smartphone Support At a Glanc...e... 1/4 inch 4MP CMOS sensor brings 2560x1440 video resolutionsExcellent night vision of up to 30 meters thanks to 36 IR LEDsMotion detection will alert you to any intrudersIP66 Waterproof rating means it is suitable for mounting outdoorsReolink HD Security CameraThe Reolink 4MP IP camera is a high end solution offering super HD 2560x1440 high resolutions making it much better than most other camera in this price range. A weather poof rating protects the camera form harsh conditions meaning you can set it up inside or out and it has a wide operational range so will function fine on hot summer days or survive the cold winter without any problems. IR cut support means that this IP camera will automatically switch modes when there isnt sufficient light and with 36 IR LEDs it has a 30 meter night vision range so its perfect for covering large areas such as gardens, warehouses, and parking garages. With P2P and PoE (Power over internet) the camera is quick and easy to set up and can allows for remote viewing over the web via your Windows or Mac computer. There is free Smartphone software that is simple and quick to install, by just scanning the QR code, so it couldnt be easier to use your Android or iOS device for remote viewing if youre not near a computer. The Motion detection will alert you to any intruders by sending a snapshot notification to your e-mail so you can identify them and know if our security has been breached. For use by itself or as [part of a larger security system this camera is ONVIF compliant for a hassle free setup. This High Resolution 4MP Reolink security camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale security systems, Chinavasion. read more


HD IP Security Camera - 1/4 Inch CMOS, 720p, 4x Zoom, H.264, 4x SMD IR Array LED Light, 100M Night Vision, Wi-Fi This state of the... art IP camera is your first and probably best line of defense against any would be thief as it has motion detection, 100meter night vision, IR cut, Wi-Fi, H.264 compression and is pack full of featuresHigh Definition SurveillanceWith a 1/4 inch CMOS sensor that captures high resolution 1280x720 images 25 frames per second this 3 million pixel camera takes high definition surveillance footage that will capture any wrong doings in great detail. This sort of surveillance can be crucial in deterring would be thieves or assisting law enforcement in detaining any criminals. With IR-CUT and dual optical filters this security camera will automatically switch between night and day. When the sun goes down the 4 piece SMD IR LED array will provide night vision sight for up to 100 meters. When you combine this with the 4 times zoom and a bracket that allows for 255 degrees of rotation on the horizontal axis this camera can monitor a large area Android and iPhone SupportAs this IP Camera can be connected via Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection and youll even be able to access the security feed from your Android or iOS Smartphone. As this security camera can utilize Wi-Fi you have greater flexibility over where to install it and you wont have or installed an endless stream of wires. This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale IP cameras, Chinavasion. At a Glance... 1/4 Inch CMOS Progressive Scan1280x720 ResolutioniPhone + Android Support100 Meter Night Vision read more


Cutting edge surveillance kit has a monitor with built-in recording, day/night camera & Smartphone viewing all-in-one easy to setu...p system Crystal clear video on the 7" touch screen in widescreen format (1024 x 600 pixels) & sleek 720p HD Wireless IP... read more


EasyN HD Dome Camera - 1080P, PTZ, 5x Optical Zoom, Night Vision, IR Cut, 1/2.7 Inch Sony CMOS, Weatherproof, Android + iOS At a G...lance... Wireless dome PTZ Camera allows for quick and easy setup and can be viewed remotely from your phone.1/2.7 Inch Sony CMOS sensor captures crystal clear imagesIR Cut and 20 meter night vision keep the camera operating to its full even in low light5x optical zoom along with pan and tilt functions lets you cover all the angles with one camera Keep an eye on your private property with this mini dome camera. The EasyN dome camera comes with 1080P resolution, night vision and 5x optical zoom, letting you always stay in the know as to whats happening when you are away. Mini HD Dome Camera with 5x Optical Zoom Keep a close eye on your property with the EasyN HD mini dome camera. The pan-tilt security cam has been designed to give you a full view of whats happening at your home or office when you are away. You will get high quality video feedback thanks to the cameras 1/2.7 Inch Sony CMOS Sensor and 5x optical zoom. Thanks to 6 built-in LED arrays, the mini dome camera will also provide you with quality video feedback after dark - coming with up to 20 metres night vision. The PTZ camera is Weatherproof and fit for use both indoors and outdoors. To ensure that you always have the best viewing angle, the camera can move 335 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically so nothing can escape its view. Featuring the popular H.264 video compression, the pan-tilt HD camera can compress large video footage while preserving its quality and saving up space. So, with the cams 16GB of internal memory and the support of up to 64GB on an SD card, you are sure to have plenty of space for all your recordings.This fantastic wireless dome camera is easy to install requiring minimal cableing and comes with app support for Android, iOS and Windows - so, you will be able to keep an eye on your property from afar no matter which operating system you prefer. The EasyN HD Mini Dome Camera comes with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale wireless PTZ cameras. read more


720P Waterproof IP Camera - PTZ, 4X Zoom, Auto Focus Lens, IR Cut, 20m Night Vision, Android and iOS Apps At a Glance... PTZ lets ...the camera cover a large area while 4 times optical zoom brings a detailed viewCrisp images and clear detail with the 1/3 inch CMOS digital image sensorMotion detection functions will send snapshots of any intruders right to your inboxNight vision for up to 20 meters and IR cut to intelligently switch between two modes Make sure your property, home or office is safe - whether you are on the premises or away. The 720P waterproof IP camera will keep a close eye on whats happening rain or shine and report back to your smartphone with its Android and iOS apps.720P Waterproof IP Camera with 20M Night VisionThe 720P waterproof IP camera is a simple and efficient security tool to protect your home, office, storage or other property against unwelcome visits. Having an IP camera on your property has proved an efficient deterrent against burglaries and trespassing. The camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. Having it installed outside would make full use of its IP66 waterproof rating - making the camera resistant to bad weather and dust. The IP camera comes with 20 meters night vision and will let you see whos at the gate or approaching your property long after it gets dark. Moreover, thanks to the IR cut, it will know when to switch between its two modes depending on the lighting conditions. Another great feature is motion detection - thanks to it, you will be alerted when there is anyone in the proximity of the cam. You can set it up to send you a quick snapshot of whoever is approaching or record the needed footage onto an SD card. With pan-tilt-zoom functionality, you can be sure that the camera will offer you the best possible viewing angle and clear detail. It features a 355-degree horizontal rotation angle and a 90-degree vertical rotation angle so this once camera can cover a large area that would usually take several cameras. The 720P Waterproof IP Camera comes with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale waterproof IP cameras. read more


Auto Tracking PTZ Dome Camera - 1/2.8 Inch CMOS, 20X Zoom, 120 Meter Night Vision, IP66, Fast Pan + Tilt, 1080P, 256 Presets Key F...eatures... Auto Tracking lets the camera follow a subject keeping a vigilant eye over themFast 360 continuous pan and 180 degree tilt rotation with 256 presets removes all blind spotsView everything in sharp focus with a 20 times zoom and 1/2.8 Inch CMOS sensorIP66 waterproof rated for use outdoors or in.Auto Tracking PTZ Dome Camera This high performance outdoor PTZ dome camera brings advanced auto-tracking allowing it to follow suspicious movements via motion detection so nothing goes unnoticed. Alternatively it can go on continuous automatic patrols by panning and tilting based on preset locations. So with up to 256 preset locations the camera will cover every inch with its watchful gaze leaving no blind spots to hide. With auto 360 degree panning and 180 degree flip even the most nimble wont shake the vigilant watch of this auto patrol security camera. Its your 24/7 sentinel with 8 powerful IR array lights and IR cut it will bring a clear view of objects even in in low-light conditions thanks to a 120 meters night vision that works in lighting as low as 0.01 Lux. This video patrol security camera can be controlled remotely allowing users to track and monitor the movements of suspicious individuals. With the UMEye app you can view everything directly on your smart phone. A super solution that will give your security the edge over any would be thief. Featuring a 1/2.8 inch 2MP CMOS sensor this powerful PTZ IP camera brings 1080P resolutions with a high contrast and pin sharp focus so identifying individuals easy. With its 4.7 to 94mm lens the camera can achieve a 20x optical zoom letting you focus in on any detail and bring clear images even of distant targets. This could be crucial in identifying thieves, vandals or damage and allow for swift justice in recovering any lost goods or compensation for damages. A professional solution at wholesale prices this outdoor PTZ dome camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale Security cameras. read more


IP66 Outdoor IP PTZ Dome Camera - 1/3 Inch Sony CMOS, Pan, Tilt, 4 Times Zoom, 60M Night Vision, 1080P, SD Card, Remote View At a ...Glance... 1/3 inch Sony CMOS Sensor with low light 0.05 Lux operation for a crystal clear imagePTZ brings great coverage for large areas with 355 degree rotation and 90 degree tilt as well as 4 times zoomMonitor the camera feed from you Smartphone and be alerted to any intrudersIP66 protect the camera from bad weather so it can be used indoors or outOutdoor PTZ Dome CameraThe perfect tool for viewing wide areas such as parking lots, factories, school halls, warehouses, public areas, shopping malls and more, this 1080p PTZ IP camera can pan through 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees so nothing can escape its view. With a 1/3 inch SONY 222 CMOS digital sensor this dome camera provides a clear crisp image at full HD resolutions and can pick out details even in low lit, dark areas. Able to see even at 0.05 Lux it is suited to cloudy overcast nights or dark locations. The cameras night vision has a range of up to 60 meters thanks to its 6 LED arrays, while the 2.8 to 12mm lens provides a 4 times optical zoom brining a closer view whenever its needed, perfect for night time security needs. Having motion detection alarms that can be set up for 4 areas means that the camera can cover multiple zones securely and should it detect any unauthorized visitors you will be sure to know as it can send an email snapshot of the intruder and start recording their movements. This can be stored on a micro SD card and the H.264 image compression means that you should have plenty of space. The dome camera has support for mobiles phones so you can monitor the camera feed remotely on you Smartphone wherever you have a network connection, this is in addition to the browser support so even if you not on the premises you can keep informed of all that goes on there. With an IP66 rating this IP security camera is suitable for outdoor use and whats more its Wi-Fi connectivity makes installation so much simpler reducing the limitations on where it can be located. This Outdoor IP66 PTZ dome camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale security cameras. read more


Outdoor Weatherproof Speed Dome Camera - H.264 Compression, 720p Resolution, 1/3 Inch CMOS, 18x Zoom, WDR, Low Light Support This ...Outdoor Weatherproof Speed Dome Camera has H.264 Compression, 720p Resolution, 1/3 Inch CMOS, 18x Zoom, WDR and Low Light Support.Outdoor Weatherproof Speed Dome CameraStart this year with a new resolution to improve the security around your home, the office or even your garage. This speed dome camera has been made to keep a watchful eye over your property and as it has a 1/3 inch 1 million pixel CMOS image sensor that supports 1280x720 (720p) and 640x480 (VGA) resolution formats as well as an 18 times optical zoom so you can be sure to capture everything as it happens. All video is compressed using H.264 format so that you can maintain high quality while not consuming much storage space to save the footage. Even when the light is not strong, this camera has WDR to bring the best footage possible during low light conditions.Practical to be installed in outdoor environments, the overall design enables this camera to withstand the harsh weather. The lens varies from 4.7 to 84.6mm on this dome camera and offers a 20 to 60 degree viewing angle. Dont worry about support because this security device works with TCP/IP, DHCP, HTTP, UDP, UPnP, FTP, RTSP and RTP protocols. Watch all the action as it happens or check up once a while via your computer, just log on to your compatible windows Laptop and view the footage on browsers such as Firefox 4, Google Chrome or IE 6.0. Be careful of intruders or just keep a closer eye over your workers on the factory floor with this neatly priced wholesale speed dome security camera. This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale outdoor cameras, Chinavasion. At a Glance... Outdoor Weatherproof Speed Dome CameraH.264 Compression720p Resolution1/3 Inch CMOS18x ZoomWDRLow Light Support read more


360 Degree Fisheye IP Camera - 3 Megapixel, 1/2.5 Inch CMOS, ONVIF Support, WIFI, P2P, POE, Remote Playback At a Glance... Keep an... eye on your home or office with this 3MP Fisheye CameraWatch your video content remotely on a computer or mobile phoneGet rid of blind spots thanks to the 360 degree wide angle lensMake the IP camera part of your security system with the ONVIF support Whether you want to keep a closer eye on a building, office or storage area, a wide angle IP camera can be your reliable watchman on the spot. Coming with a 360 degree panoramic view and 3MP resolution, this small and discreet device is all you need to stay in the know. 360 Degree Wide Angle + 3MP ResolutionThe Panoramic IP camera comes with an ultra wide angle lens giving you a 360 degree view of the selected area when mounted on a ceiling, and a 180 degree view when fixed onto a wall. This means that with the camera installed, you can cover a much wider ground - perfect for warehouses, parking lots, stores, stadiums and more.You will have a clear view of whats happening with the 3MP resolution and never miss out on important details. Even when it gets dark, the IP camera will give you a full view of the surroundings with its IR Cut and night vision of up to 15 meter thats will penetrate into the darkness.Remote Play Back + Wi-Fi + POEWith this wide-angle IP cam, you can set up your network to view the recordings remotely as it happens or watch previously recorded footage. Use Internet Explorer to view the videos online or watch them on your phone. A nice highlight of the 360 degree IP camera is POE - Power Over Ethernet. With this feature, your camera can be powered up directly through the cable you use for its internet connection, reducing the need for additional wires and saving valuable time during setup. Thanks to the DSP (digital signal processor), the IP cam will filter and compress images before sending them over - making it more power-efficient. All in all, with the 3MP Fisheye camera, you have everything you need to know whats happening in remote locations. The 360 Degree Fisheye IP Camera comes with 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale IP cameras, Chinavasion. read more


1/3 Inch CMOS Outdoor IP Camera - 1080p, 10x Optical Zoom, 100 Meter Range, Night Vision, IR-CUT 1/3 Inch CMOS Outdoor IP Camera h...elps keep watch whether it is night or day as it has 1080p resolution, 10x Optical Zoom, 100 Meter Range, Night Vision and IR-CUT.Security For You - IP CameraNothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love is a very strong quote but realistically you can keep your home or other properties a little bit more secured with this outdoor IP camera. Designed with a weatherproof protection level, this IP camera can take the heat as it can withstand outdoor temperatures that range from a frost biting -40 all the way up to an oven roasting 60 degree Celsius. The quality of the footage will be excellent as this 1/3 Inch Progressive Scan CMOS sensor IP camera has 1080p effective pixels and has fantastic optical zoom ability. When the sun goes down, this camera still works as it has IR-CUT as well as night vision functionality to enable this security camera to see up to 100 meters. Watch As it HappensSee everything as this camera even has pan and tilt move ability plus a viewing angle from 20 to 60 degrees. This outdoor IP camera uses H.264 compression, which gives it the advantage of recording high quality footage and compressing it into smaller and more manageable files, plus H.264 is the common standard used by more security equipment for video recording. Watch the action as it happens on your smartphone as this IP camera even has mobile phone viewing support. This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale Outdoor IP Cameras, Chinavasion. At a Glance... 1/3 Inch CMOS Outdoor IP Camera1080p10x Optical Zoom100 Meter RangeNight VisionIR-CUT read more


PTZ Dome Outdoor IP Camera Arch Dome II - 960p, 4x Optical Zoom, 60m Night Vision, Plug And Play Key Features... Outdoor dome PTZ ...Camera allows for quick and easy setup with Plug and Play4x optical zoom along with pan and tilt functions lets you cover all the angles with one cameraMotion detection and 60m night vision can catch any intrudersCrisp images and clear detail with at 960p resolution thanks to a 1/3 inch CMOS digital image sensorPlug and Play PTZ Outdoor IP CameraIf your looking to step up your home security you cant go wrong with the brand new Arch Dome II PTZ IP Camera. Recording in 960p quality at a frame rate of 25FPS, not a single detail will escape this extremely advanced camera. To get a more detailed view, you will be able to zoom in up to 4 times using the 4x optical zoom. Even better, installation couldnt be easier as this IP speed dome camera automatically configures itself. Once installation has been completed, you will be able to access the live stream of the camera by simply logging in from anywhere using your Android or iOS smartphones. That way you always have a view of whats going on when you need it. Also you can connect via your computer so there is no excuse to not see what is happening.Thanks to the 9 array IR night vision LEDs, the Arch Dom II can record crystal clear video at night and this up to a range of 60 meters.Motion Detection, Pan and Tilt, IP66This full metal IP camera is constructed to survive in the harshest environments and can be used both indoor and outdoor as it is waterproof. Rotating 355 degree around its axis and 90 degree up and down, the Arch Dome II has an extremely wide field of view and will be able to catch the movement of intruders thanks to its motion detection feature.This camera is a perfect home or office security camera. Finally for making sure you have plenty of footage, this security IP camera uses H.264 to format, which is brilliant for keeping high quality video in low bit rate files.This Plug and Play PTZ Dome Outdoor IP Camera Arch Dome II comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale IP cameras. read more


Pan Tilt Dome Camera - 1/3 Inch 1MP CMOS, Motion Detection, 320 Degree Pan, 90 Degree Tilt, Wi-Fi, Night Vision, IR Cut Key Featur...es... 320-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt makes this dome camera ideal for large open areasMotion detection email alerts inform you if there is an intruderAndroid and iOS App lets you view the feed remotely from your smartphone or Tablet PC25 Meter night vision and IR cut brings you 24-hour securityPan Tilt Dome CameraThis pan and tilt camera comes with an enclosed weather resistant dome making it suitable for indoor or outdoor surveillance. The pan and tilt functions allow it to cover a large area as it rotates through 320 degrees and tilt 90 degrees. All of which can be controlled through the supplied software. With a 1/3 inch 1.3MP CMOS sensor the camera brings HD video surveillance that can be viewed online remotely by up to 4 users at once. The support for mobile phones means you can also watch the feed on an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. Real time monitoring with 9 preset PTZ zones and motion detection alarms will alert you to any intruders. Equipped with IR SMD arrays this IP camera has night vision that is capable of seeing clearly in low light down to 0.02 lux, around the same as moonlit night. With up to 25 meters night vision and with IR-cut the camera will automatically switch between day and night mode so youll have 24-hour security surveillance to protect your property. With an included wall bracket the camera can be attached to any flat wall where it will be able to offer surveillance of a wide area making it ideal for storage rooms, warehouses and large open spaces. This dome camera supports wired and wireless connectivity so you will have greater freedom to mount the camera wherever you wish. Coming with CMS software and motion detection recording the camera is quick and easy to install. With a free app for iOS and Android devices, you can log into this camera and see the live feed from anywhere in the world. This pan and tilt dome camera comes with 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale IP cameras and surveillance systems. read more


Waterproof PTZ Security Camera - 1/3 Inch CMOS, IP66, 960P, 4x Zoom, Auto Focus Lens, 20m Night Vision, IR Cut, App Support Key Fe...atures... Enjoy clear 960p HD security footage thanks to a 1/3 inch CMOS sensorRated IP66 this IP security camera is perfect for indoor and outdoor use alike22 infrared LEDs provide you with clear images even after darkA 90 degree viewing angle along with a 355 degree horizontal, and 90-degree vertical rotation angle allow this camera to spot every inch of its surroundingsWaterproof PTZ IP Camera Keep a careful eye on your property and belongings with this IP66 waterproof IP camera. Featuring a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor this PTZ camera delivers a clear and high detail image, ensuring that everything that happens around your property will be recorded in 960p HD quality. Its 2.8-12mm lens features a 4x zoom option, allowing you to keep a clear and detailed eye on whats happening in the distance. With its auto-focus technology, this outdoor IP camera is guaranteed to deliver sharp and recognizable images without exception. Thanks to its Pan-Tilt-Zoom design this IP camera can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Along with a 90-degree viewing angle you are guaranteed that not a single movement around your property will stay unnoticed. Allowing you to set up to 4 motion detection areas this PTZ IP Camera is the perfect little gadget that can be used to monitor specific locations such as an entrance and window. Once motion has been detected an automatic alarm notification will be delivered to your e-mail or smartphone - ensuring that no matter where you are, you will always be up to date about the latest security status of your property. With an IP66 certification, this PTZ camera is weather-proof and can be used perfectly for inside and outside use alike. Its 22 intergraded infrared LEDs allow you to use this security camera after dark by providing up to 20m night vision ensuring that, no matter the time of the day, your property will always be fully protected. Once the light in the surroundings becomes too dim this magnificent IP camera will automatically switch in between regular recording and IR night vision recording and thus guarantees that your camera always records clear and recognizable footage. Supporting up to 128GB of external memory this PTZ camera holds enough storage space to save hours worth of recordings. Additionally, footage can be watched and reviewed from a distance with using the cameras APP that is supported by both Android and iOS operating systems. This gives you the possibility to be constantly up to date about the propertys latest security status without the need of physically being there.This PTZ security camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in IP cameras as well as wholesale electronic gadgets. read more


Small yet powerful. The Mini Cube HD camera detects motion and sound, triggers your siren, filters out unchanged scenes, records, ...and pushes video notifications directly to your app. And since it’s easy to expand to safety, care, and home control,... read more


Protect your home with a new security system. Twist HD gives you a 360°, motor-driven panoramic view, detects motion and sound, tr...iggers your siren, filters out unchanged scenes, records, and pushes video notifications directly to your app. And since... read more


Outdoor HD Security IP Camera Gamma II - 720p, Motion Detection, WDR, Two Way Audio Outdoor HD Security IP Camera is solid way to ...observe your property safely with 720p resolution, Motion Detection, WDR in addition to Two Way Audio.Watch the weather bounce off this camera as it never misses a beat as it observes your factory, home or where ever you decide to install it, this is the Gamma II. Updated version of its predecessor the Gamma, this Gamma II has had some adjustments made; one of them is that the high definition 720p footage is taken with a 1 megapixel camera via the 1/3 inch SMOS sensor. Plus now whether is the brightest of days or the darkest of nights the Gamma II wont miss a thing as the 42 LEDs for great night vision combined with the wide dynamic range (WDR) allowing an imaging system to correct for the intense backlight such as sunlight, gives you 24/7 clear surveillance. The Gamma II, once installed and connected can be access by logging in using your computer or a compatible mobile device with the internet. Once access youll be able to watch real time video online, change video parameters and record footage all from a different location, no matter the time or the day. This outdoor IP camera with a IP55 waterproof rating can take a few splashes and is designed to work outside regardless of the weather as it can operate with ease in temperatures between a freezing-30 degree Celsius to a sweltering 60 degree Celsius plus it can survive a humidity range of between -10 to 85%. This Gamma II High Definition Outdoor IP Camera is now available in stock at an astonishing low wholesale factory direct price. Order now and we guarantee to ship your order out within one working day with 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leader in wholesale IP Security Cameras, Chinavasion. At a Glance... 1/3 CMOS Sensor720p (1MP) Resolution42 IR Night Vision LEDsMotion Detection, WDRTwo Way Audio read more


Observe what goes in and around your home or business with the ALC seven-inch Monitor with one Camera System. It is a simple, plug...-in, hassle-free DIY wireless surveillance system with a seven-inch touchscreen monitor and outdoor weatherproof camera.... read more


Full HD IP Camera - Wireless, 1/2.5 Inch COMS, SD Storage, Phone Support, Motion Detection, Night Vision Key Features... 1/2.5 Inc...h CMOS Sensor for stunning full HD video recordingWi-Fi network support for simpler setup and installation30 Meter night vision for round the clock surveillanceMobile Phone support for iOS and Android systemsFull HD IP Camera Sporting an impressive 1/2.5 Inch CMOS sensor means that this IP security camera is perfect for high end situations where you need to identify persons or objects passing by its field of view. With full HD footage you can clearly see any identifying features making it ideal for keeping a watchful eye over cash registers, secure locations, storage rooms and other key locations. Motion detection support lets set up your own trigger area, that if entered will trip the cameras alarm systems, not only with this notify you of the intrusion, but it will also make a record of the event so you can see exactly who and when the camera was tripped. With its 1/2.5 inch CMOS sensor, a 3.6mm fixed lens and low lux rating this IP security camera is capable of formidable low light recording and will automatically switch to its best recording mode with IR cut features. Computable with both Windows XP and Windows 7 this IP camera can be reached through all the common web browsers and access from your phone is quick and easy. Just scan the QR code or search and download the P2PWIFICAM software from your app store on youll have remote access in a few simple taps. Making it easier than ever to keep tabs on your home or business. Wireless network support makes it a simple and hassle free install so you dont need to worry about network cables. just hook this high definition IP camera to your wireless network and youre all set to go. This IP camera comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale wireless IP Cameras and security gadgets. read more


Features100% brand new and high quality.Setup a CCTV DVR security system to protect your home,shop and officeH.264 CCTV DVR kit co...mes complete with聽4 night vision IR-Cut security cameras. Backup Via USB Drive. Remotely activate and View Via the... read more


Surveillance Camera Tester - 7 Inch Display, ONVIF, Wi-Fi, Cable Tester, IP Scan, Ping Test, Port Flashing Key Features... 7 Inch ...touch screen with 1280x800 resolutions makes this a crystal clear display to aid with your camera setup12Vold 2Amp output and a 5000mAh battery offers a temporary power supply for camera testingIP Scan, detection, ping test, port flashing and cable testing functions for all your fault finding needsBright IPS screen is suitable for use in any light7-Inch IPC 9600 Camera TesterWith its 7-inch touch screen display this IP camera test kit it the perfect way to setup, test, and adjust your CCTV, analog, IP and wireless camera security systems. This test system has a 12Volt 2Amp output so you can directly power your camera and see the live feed on the7-inchh screen. ONVIF compatibility brings support for over 30 different IP cameras such as Hikvision, Dahua, Honeywell, and Samsung. There is also support for many PTZ cameras, IP scan and camera recognition as well as ping test, port flashing and cable testing functions. All this will make it easy to precisely setup your camera system and adjust the angles to cover your desired locations. With RS484 input you can even zoom pan and tilt you PTZ cameras ensuring the full range of motion meets your requirements. This camera tester brings technicians a wide range of functions to simplify IP camera and CCTV installation and maintenance without having to make content trips to the control room. The units 7 inch IPS display has a 1280 x 800 resolution that is bright enough to see even when working in direct sunlight. With strong secure lanyard connections and securing straps you can suspend the IP camera testing kit when working in high or hard to access locations. A built in 5000mAh battery brings working times of up to 10 hours and the kit and charging lead comes in a protective carry case. This 7 Inch IPC 9600 Camera Tester comes with 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale IP cameras and security testing gadgets. read more

Panasonic Security Systems Group

Features 720p HD images up to 30 fps 1.3 Mega pixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor Full frame (Up to 30 fps) transmission at 1,280 x ...960 image size Panning/tilting and Preset Map Shot function realizes wide range monitoring. Face Wide Dynamic Range High... read more


Take the worry out of your life with this Netgear wireless home security system.Watch the product video here. Wireless design for ...use inside or outdoors Cameras automatically detect movement and send alerts to your phone Night vision lets you monitor in the dark Arlo app offers a live crystal-clear view of your space and records HD video anytime What's Included 3 wireless HD cameras Smart Home base station with power adapter Ethernet cable 3 magnetic camera mounts 3 mounting screws 12 lithium CR123 batteries 2.8"H x 1.7"W x 2.6"D Video: 720p HD live Wireless: 2.4GHz 802.11n WiFi Range: up to 300 ft. (within line of sight) Temperature rating: 14°F to 122° F Storage: 128MB RAM Memory: 128MB flash Manufacturer's 1-year limited warrantyFor warranty information please click hereFor information about the modified return policy, please click here Model no. VMS3330-100NAS Size: One Size. Color: White. read more


What's in the box:5 HD weatherproof security cameras with night vision.1 smart home base station + power adapter.5 magnetic mounts...1 Adjustable camera mount2 window decals20 batteries1 Ethernet cable8 mounting screws read more

$473.97 $157.99

Features: 1. Support 4CH 960P camera 2. Plug and play 3. 1.3MP IP camera 4. High performance H.264 compression technology, process...ing and flexible 5. With excellent waterproof performance 6. Widely used in many places, including the school, bank,... read more


Keep an eye on your property day and night with this security camera system. The weatherproof cameras are perfect for indoor and o...utdoor use, while the night vision feature allows you to see activity in the darkness. Comes with eight 720p HD wireless... read more


Features: 100% Brand new and high quality! Camera is designed for both outdoor indoor use, with day night vision. Cameras have ver...y high resolution (day or night)! Your business or home will be well protected. Heavy duty, all weather construction. Very... read more


Toucan Home Security is a preventive system built to retrofit virtually any existing outdoor light. It is weatherproof and has a w...ide angle adjustable HD camera. The camera provides a passive infrared motion sensor, a 100dB remote panic alarm and 2-way... read more


Brand new HS530x4 is the perfect way to create or extend your security system. With the ability to have 4 simultaneous video strea...ms outputted on a single security monitor, you can easily keep track of a large area for much less than having to wire... read more

OPLINK Security
$795.04 $366.40

The OPLINK Security Triple Shield Wireless Security System with Four Cameras provides an impressive and reliable security platform... that users can install themselves. The package seamlessly integrates multi-location video surveillance and event... read more


Need more coverage for your Observer 7-inch Connected Touch Screen Wireless Surveillance System? Purchase up to two more indoor/ou...tdoor cameras for a total of 4 cameras compatible with system model AWS2155. For state-specific electronic recycling and... read more

$535.86 $254.99

Home8 Security Starter Kit, Wireless Home Security Alarm System with 720p HD Camera and Indoor Siren: Protect your home with 24/7 ...intrusion detection that sends smartphone alerts as soon as it detects activity Zero-pairing technology means you can... read more


Note: Only suitable to use in America, Canada and Japan.Features:*1/4'' CMOS image sensor,700TVL resolution.*Compact design,ultra ...small size, low power consumption.*Built-in sensitive microphone, record the audio as well.*Unique shape, pinhole design,... read more


Control your home surveillance system and store footage with the TIGERSECU High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) 1080...P 16-Channel Security Camera Digital Video Recorder (DVR) System with pre-installed 2TB Hard Drive. With a variety of... read more

$119.97 $39.99

Features:1. Total digital wireless, no interference, no privacy leak2. Support 6-15 meter night vision range3. Weather proof outdo...or cameras with 100m transmission open range4. Simple installation, no cable required5. The built-in speaker is used for... read more


Features:1. H.264, 4-CH 720 wireless NVR recorder2. Inbuilt high-performance and high stability Wi-Fi route module, support 802.11...b/g/n protocol3. Can automatically match code with Wi-Fi IP camera via reticle4. Support video preview, record, playback... read more

$179.95 $177.78

This complete security system comes with a four-channel NVR, two 720p HD Wi-Fi cameras and the necessary power supplies. After the... simple setup, you’ll be ready to monitor your home or business from anywhere and replay all the important moments. read more


Need more coverage for your Observer 7-inch Connected Touch Screen Wireless Surveillance System? Purchase up to two more indoor/ou...tdoor cameras for a total of 4 cameras compatible with system model AWS2155. For state-specific electronic recycling and... read more

GW Security Inc

16-Channel 5MP HD-IP NVR with Pre-Installed 4TB HDD / 12 x 1536p (3 Megapixel) IP Cameras / Easy QR Code Smartphone Access / Acces...s via standard web-browsers on MAC & PC / VGA & HDMI Output / Backup to External Storage via NVR providing a highly secure closed network as well as a painless and non-complex setup process. A single network cable directly connects each IP camera to the NVR supplying both power and a video signal. This time no extra power cable needed just plug one cable for one camera and its on the go. NVR is compatible with any Onvif IP cameras. 16 PoE Ports Provides Power & Data Using a Single Ethernet Cable. HD-IP's easy design allows you to watch things happen as they happen: real-time, highly reliable HD video without loss or delay, transmitted over CAT5 or CAT6 cable and at long wireless range. A new cornerstone in the consumer market for private security technologies and an unsurpassed value with GW Security's 1 Year Warranty, each HD-IP system is further enhanced by DIY installation and the plethora of features outlined below. Features:- Excellent Video Quality and Clarity: 2048 x 1536p - Built in 2.8~12mm Manual Zoom Varifocal Megapixel HD lens with IR-CUT which allow you to adjust the angle of View - Record in Widescreen, Quick Access QR Code Remote Viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android (w/ included Free app)- IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Cameras with Powerful IR-LED Night Vision up to 120FT IR distance- Each IP camera employ advanced high resolution 1536P in combination to the latest 3 Megapixel image sensor which provides the best quality image day and night, resolution up to 2048 x 1536- Wide Dynamic Range and 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction-Built-in P2P Cloud service, Quick QR-Code Scan, ONVIF supported-Motion Detection, Email notification and USB Backup Feature for Peace of Mind -----Package Include-----1 x GW2216E: 16 Channel NVR with pre-installed 4TB HDD--12 x GW3028IP: 1536P IP camera--1 x GWSW1602G: 16 Ports PoE Switch--1 Year Warranty read more


Observe your home or business with this high quality, wireless surveillance system with a 7-inch touch screen monitor and two outd...oor, weatherproof cameras. This system is expandable up to 4 cameras. There are no cables to run between cameras and... read more

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