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The Armstrong 1-gal. Once 'N Done Floor Cleaner is all you need to clean your no-wax vinyl, ceramic, marble and stone floors. No-r...inse formula leaves no dulling, sticky residue. The Armstrong floor care products are designed to keep your vinyl floors looking as beautiful as the day it was installed. Color: Clear. read more

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Neutral Floor Cleaner, RTU Yield per Container 248.54, 496.41 gal., Size 2.5L, Color Red, Fragrance Floral, Container Type Bottle,... Flash Point Greater Than 200 Degrees F, For Use On A neutral cleaner concentrate formulated for everyday cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces. This product does not dull floor finishes, and does not require rinsing to deliver labor savings. Leaves a pleasant floral fragrance in cleaned areas. Pink in color with a floral scent., pH 7.5 read more

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Neutral Floor CleanerRTU Yield per Container 203.7 gal.Size 3L, Color Yellow, Fragrance Floral, Container Type Bottle, Flash Point... Greater Than 200 Degrees F, For Use On A lowfoam neutral floor cleaner concentrate for effective cleaning of floors and other hard surfaces. The lowfoam formula is perfect for use in autoscrubbers and in mop and bucket applications. No rinsing is required for fast, costeffective cleaning. Yellow in color with a citrus scent., pH 7.1, Required Brush Speed 1500 rpm read more


Shop for Appliances at The Home Depot. The Rejuvenate 16 oz. Floor Renewer System is designed to fill in scratches, restore shine ...and protect surfaces. It is suitable for use on a wide variety of floor surfaces, such as hardwood, laminate, vinyl, concrete, slate, linoleum and more. read more

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The Shark Sonic Duo is a quick, powerful way to remove the stuck on dirt from all of your hard floor surfaces. Cleaning is fun, watch the Sonic Duo Cleaning System plow through stuck-on dirt and grime as its revolutionary Sonic Technology scrubs your hard floors 1,000 times per minute Sonic Duo's Airglide Maneuverability allows you to easily steer the Shark Sonic Duo unit across your floors Plus, the 180 degree swivel and low layback angle make cleaning around corners and under furniture easy Specially formulated cleaning solutions are super powerful yet gentle, non-toxic and safe around children and pets Sonic Duo Cleaning System, the first cleaning system that cleans your hard floors using the amazing power of sonic scrubbing Color coded washable microfiber pads and concentrated solutions make set-up quick and clean-up minimal With the Sonic Duo System you will always be ready to tackle any tough stuck-on or light mess quickly and easily Disposable pads and cleaning bottles are expensive, and the cost really adds up over time Sonic Duo pads are washable, so you can use them over and over again Cleaning solution comes in concentrate, so you dont have to keep buying all those bottles Saves money, trips to the store, and all that extra waste going to landfills Shark Sonic Duo System will easily get your floors sparkling clean while saving you a lot of money Materials: Plastic, metal Dimensions: 29.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 Weight: 16.55 lb Included parts: Hard floor cleaning unit, bottle for cleaning solution, cleaner, cleaning pad (2), wood & hard floor polish, polishing pad, scrubbing pad, dusting pad Power source: Outlet powered Motor: 96 Watts Capacity: 32 oz Cord reach: 25' Model: ZZ500 read more

HG International
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HG Wood Floor & Parquet Gloss Cleaner ,Product 53 is a freshly scented, no rinse required concentrated cleaner with shine restorer..., developed specially for the regular cleaning of both varnished wood & parquet floors and wood & parquet floors treated with HG "wood floor parquet protective coating gloss finish" . 33.81 Ounce, is sufficient for 20 washes. Leaves a great shine and also protects your beautiful parquet or hardwood floor. read more

The natural cleaner for hard wood floorsTrigger spray bottleEnvironmentally safeNo rinse floor cleaner leaves no residuenontoxicSa...fe for sealed hard wood and laminate floors32 oz read more

This cleaner has hypo-allergenic formula for households that are sensitive to dyes and scents

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<div class="aplus"> <div class="half-col"> <h4>HAAN Agile SI-60</h4> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 200px;"><img alt="HAAN ...Agile SI-60 Sanitizing Steam Cleaner" height="271" src="" width="200" /> <div class="imageCaption"><strong>HAAN Agile SI-60</strong> Adjustable Steam for all Types of Floorss</div> </div> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 200px;"><img alt="HAAN Agile SI-60 Sanitizing Steam Cleaner" height="271" src="" width="200" /> <div class="imageCaption"><strong>Swivel head for easy maneuvering.</strong></div> </div> <h5>Adjustable Steam for all Types of Floors</h5> Adjustable steam cleaning technology offers a clean that you can trust on almost surface and mess. The HAAN Select allows users to adjust steam output to suit various flooring materials and types of stains. Every flooring surface is slightly different and with just the touch of a button the HAAN Select lets you choose a level that is gentle enough for delicate floors and light dusting, or boosts up your cleaning power for more durable surfaces and stuck on stains. The HAAN Select features a low-profile swivel head for easy maneuverability, an extra-long cord, telescopic handle for comfort and storage, removable easy-fill water tank, is ready to use in 20 seconds and kills 99.9% of household germs, bacteria and dust mites without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. It includes 2 reusable Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads and a Carpet Glide attachment to sanitize and deodorize carpets and rugs. <br /> <br /> <h5>Key Product Features</h5> <ul> <li>Kills up to 99.9% of germs without chemicals.</li> <li>Variable steam output for durable or delicate floors.</li> <li>Swivel head included for easy maneuvering.</li> <li>Carpet Glide attachment sanitizes and refreshes soft surfaces.</li> <li>Telescopic pole for comfortable use and easy storage.</li> <li>Easy-fill removable water tank.</li> <li>25 foot cord.</li> <li>Includes 2 reusable Ultra-Microfiber pads.</li> </ul> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 200px;"><img alt="HAAN Agile SI-60 Sanitizing Steam Cleaner" height="271" src="" width="200" /> <div class="imageCaption"><strong>Adjustable Steam: Low Setting & High Setting.</strong></div> </div> <h5>Best Ways to Clean with the HAAN Select:</h5> <strong>1.</strong> Low steam setting for easy and quick clean-ups (everyday mopping, dusting, etc.). Provides the optimum steam output for more delicate flooring materials like hardwood.<br /> <strong>2.</strong> High steam setting for more stubborn stains and spills (mud, sugary messes, etc.). Increased steam output better suited for more durable surfaces like tile.<br /> <strong>3.</strong> Attach the carpet tray to sanitize, refresh and deodorize carpet, area rugs, mattresses, upholstered furniture, pet beds.<br /> <br /> <br /> <small><em>*HAAN always recommends testing an isolated area of the surface to be cleaned before proceeding.</em></small> <br /> <br /></div> <div class="half-col last"> <h4>Featuring Smart Steam Technology?</h4> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 200px;"><img alt="Thermal image of heat distribution" height="81" src="" width="200" /> <div class="imageCaption"><small><em>Thermal view of HAAN heat distribution. 15 steam jets evenly disperse steam across a wide cleaning path. </em></small></div> </div> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 200px;"><img alt="Steam Cleaner Smart Steam Technology Diagram" height="291" src="" width="200" /> <div class="imageCaption"><small><em>*Size and shape of water tank and product may vary by model.</em></small></div> </div> <h5>Superior Style Coupled with Advanced Steam Delivery Technology</h5> Smart Steam Technology enables HAAN products to deliver a superior cleaning experience from the time the box is opened. All HAAN products are easy to assemble and easy to use. They have been designed with style in mind, but it's what is behind the sleek exterior that gives HAAN its Smart Steam Technology advantage. Machine-powered pumps, water heaters, steam jets and Ultra-Microfiber cleaning pads have been engineered specifically for each model to kill up to 99.9% of household germs and bacteria, providing an exceptional clean. <br /> <br /> <strong>1. Removable Water Tank:</strong> Distinctively designed removable water tank fills conveniently at the tap.*<br /> <strong>2. Steam Pump:</strong> Machine-powered steam pumps provide consistent steam emission and eliminates the need for you to manually pump.<br /> <strong>3. Heater:</strong> Newly integrated Micom circuit heaters shorten heat up time to 20 seconds.<br /> <strong>4. Steam Jets:</strong> 15 steam jets evenly disperse 212° steam across a wide cleaning path.<br /> <strong>5. Ultra-Microfiber Pads:</strong> 4-layer thick Ultra-Microfiber pads create a streak-free, quick-drying, effortless clean. <br /> <br /> <h4>How Steam Cleaning Works</h4> The concept of using steam to clean and sanitize is simple. Dirt and grime adhere to household surfaces; the heat of steam breaks the bond between the crud and surface allowing it to be easily removed. The consistent heat of HAAN steam simultaneously cleans and kills up to 99.9% of household germs, viruses and even dust mites in just one second. <br /> <br /> <h4>Benefits of Cleaning With Steam</h4> <strong>1. One-step Cleaning:</strong> Steaming cleans and sanitizes in one simple step. No bucket and no chemical cleaners needed!<br /> <strong>2. Deodorizes:</strong> Steam kills odor causing bacteria on cushions, pillows, pet bedding, curtains, sneakers, stuffed animals and backpacks.<br /> <strong>3. Chemical Free:</strong> Steam cleans and sanitizes without chemicals for a gentle clean. This also means that no harmful fumes or chemical residues will end up on (or in!) your family and pets.<br /> <strong>4. Economical:</strong> Save money on expensive cleaning solutions and disposable wipes<br /> <strong>5. Multiple Uses:</strong> Don't just use steam to mop, use it to make other household chores healthier, less expensive and, often times, easier. <br /> <br /></div> <div class="break"></div> <table border="1" cellpadding="4" style="border: 1px solid #666565; border-collapse: collapse; width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr style="background-color: #ee3124;" valign="top"> <td align="center" colspan="7" style="font-family:verdana;font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;color:#ffffff">HAAN Product Feature Comparison</td> </tr> <tr align="center" style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="middle"> <td><img alt="HAAN Logo" height="39" src="" width="136" /></td> <td><img alt="HAAN Agile Steam Cleaner" height="50" src="" width="50" /></td> <td><img alt="HAAN Select Steam Cleaner" height="50" src="" width="50" /></td> <td><img alt="HAAN Multi Steam Cleaner" height="50" src="" width="50" /></td> <td><img alt="HAAN Total Steam Cleaner" height="50" src="" width="50" /></td> <td><img alt="HAAN Complete Steam Cleaner" height="50" src="" width="50" /></td> <td><img alt="HAAN AllPro Steam Cleaner" height="50" src="" width="50" /></td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Model #</strong></td> <td><strong>SI-40</strong></td> <td><strong>SI-60</strong></td> <td><strong>SI-70</strong></td> <td><strong>HD-60</strong></td> <td><strong>MS-30R</strong></td> <td><strong>HS-20R</strong></td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Name</strong></td> <td>Agile</td> <td>Select</td> <td>Multi</td> <td>Total</td> <td>Complete</td> <td>AllPro</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Color</strong></td> <td>grey/red</td> <td>grey/red</td> <td>grey/red</td> <td>grey/red</td> <td>grey/red</td> <td>grey/red</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Pads</strong></td> <td>2</td> <td>2</td> <td>2</td> <td>2</td> <td>2</td> <td>2</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Tank Capacity</strong></td> <td>11.83 oz</td> <td>11.83 oz</td> <td>11.83 oz</td> <td>11.83 oz</td> <td>30 oz</td> <td>6.76 oz</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Machine Weight</strong></td> <td>5.5 lbs</td> <td>4.6 lbs</td> <td>5.29 lbs</td> <td>5.91 lbs</td> <td>8 lbs</td> <td>2.8 lbs</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Cord Length</strong></td> <td>19' 6"</td> <td>25'</td> <td>25'</td> <td>25'</td> <td>17'</td> <td>14' 9"</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Heat Up Time</strong></td> <td>20 seconds</td> <td>20 seconds</td> <td>20 seconds</td> <td>20 seconds</td> <td>3-5 minutes</td> <td>2.5-3 minutes</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Wattage</strong></td> <td>1200 watts</td> <td>1200 watts</td> <td>1200 watts</td> <td>1200 watts</td> <td>1300 watts</td> <td>1000 watts</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Operating Time</strong></td> <td>Up to 25 minutes</td> <td>Up to 25 minutes (varies on Setting)</td> <td>Up to 25 minutes</td> <td>Up to 25 minutes</td> <td>Up to 30 minutes</td> <td>Up to 15 minutes</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Included in Box</strong></td> <td>ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12)</td> <td>ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12)</td> <td>ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12), small steam head & bonnet, angled nozzle, nylon brush</td> <td>ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12)</td> <td>ultra-microfiber pads (x2), floor protector/resting mat, carpet glide, fresh rinse lime & scale remover (x12), attachment nozzle, tile & crevice brush, lrg scrub brush w/ steel wool pad, angele nozzle, wire brush, small nylon brush, concentrator nozzle, flat surface attachment, glass & mirror pad, microcham sponge & towel</td> <td>concentrator nozzle, extension hose, angled nozzle, nylon scrub brush, copper wire scrub brush, soft surface sanitizing attachment w/ bonnet</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>2-in-1 Handheld/Mop</strong></td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Sweeper</strong></td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Carpet Tray</strong></td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>No</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #ffffff;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Swivel Head</strong></td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> </tr> <tr style="background-color: #f7f7f7;" valign="top"> <td><strong>Smart Steam Technology</strong></td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>Yes</td> <td>No</td> <td>No</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> read more

Naturally It's Clean
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Safely cleans and deodorizes all hard surface floors including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, marble and all natural stone, vin...yl, cork, bamboo, linoleum, concrete, epoxy, terrazzo, and brick. It is pH neutral and cleans with a unique blend of plant-based enzymes that rapidly biodegrades the surface clean. Even voids, clefting, nooks, and crannies stay clean without leaving a film or residue and without rinsing. read more

Earth Friendly Proline
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<div class="aplus"> <p> The Earth Friendly Products Proline PL9725/04 Floor Kleener hardwood and hard surface floor cleaner can b...e sprayed on and wiped or mopped off to clean hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl flooring with no rinsing required, saving time and water; and it is made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients using a pH-balanced formula that reduces the risk of damage to floor finishes. It comes in a one-gallon plastic bottle for efficient storage when filling a dispenser (sold separately). This product is ready to use, with no water source or dilution ratio measurement required, and is safe for greywater and septic systems. </p><p> Earth Friendly Products manufactures household and commercial cleaning products. The company, founded in 1989, is headquartered in Addison, IL. </p></div> read more

Lundmark Wax
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32 OZ, Poly Clean Floor Cleaner, Concentrated Cleaner Formulated For The Safe & Effective Cleaning On All Treated Wood Floors, Uni...que Mixture Of Cleaning Agents Help To Deliver The Maximum Cleaning Efficiency, Leaves No Soap Film To Attract Dirt & Dust. read more

Granite Gold
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Designed by professionals with over 40 years in the stone industry, Granite Gold products over unsurpassed excellence in stone and... tile care. Granite Gold Stone & Tile Floor Cleaner is designed to clean and condition natural stone floors without the harmful effects of harsh traditional cleaners. It quickly and safely removes all types of dirt and spills from heavily trafficked areas and requires no rinsing. The highly concentrated formula provides an excellent value for your money compared to other products. It also reduces mop streaks and maintains the beautiful, freshly cleaned shine longer. Contains no phosphates or ammonia and is non-toxic. Recommended for use on granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, ceramic, porcelain, and all other natural stone flooring. read more

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With the Electrolux Vac and Steam, bare floor cleaning is made easy. Twice the clean. Half the effort. Unlike other steam cleaners..., the Vac and Steam lets you vacuum and steam bare floor surfaces such as ceramic, wood, and linoleum at the same time, or use each function independently. It's entirely up to you. The Electrolux Vac and Steam also features exclusive Clean Burst Technology, which concentrates steam on stubborn sticky spots, so your bare floors remain spotless. A large water tank gives you up to 20 minutes of steam time and the removable water cup lets you quickly refill the tank. And clean-up is a cinch. Just toss the washable microfiber pad into the washing machine, line dry and it will be ready to use again next time your floor needs cleaning. The Vac and Steam brings you the power of cyclonic cleaning in the convenience of a Bagless vacuum. The cyclonic system gives you consistent suction power to thoroughly clean the bare floors in your home. With a 13 inch cleaning path, the Vac and Steam saves you time by cleaning more in one pass and the extra long 30 foot power cord lets you go further without unplugging so you can get done faster. read more

For the ultimate in eco-friendly cleaning, the Reliable SteamBoy relies on nothing but hot steam to clean and sanitize floors and ...carpets without chemicals or cleansers. Heavy-duty scrubbing bristles loosen and remove tough dirt and grime, refreshing floor tiles and grout to like-new condition, while the carpet guide attachment refreshes carpets and area rugs. Steamer head swivels 180 degrees for easy access to corners and nooks; convenient foot switch makes an effortless transition between steamer and scrubber. The powerful heating element creates enough serious steam for a 25-minute continuous flow. Reusable microfiber cleaning pads are machine washable. -ABS plastic and aluminum -Ergonomic handle -2 microfiber cloth polyester and polyamide pads included -180-degree swivel head -1500 watt heating element -2.4-cup water capacity -1 replaceable water filter included -25-minute continuous steam -21' electrical cord -Machine wash the microfiber pads, air dry or tumble dry low -Do not use fabric softener -Made in China read more

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Pack of 6Safe on finished woodNon-alkaline cleaner, specifically designed for use on sealed wood floorsSafely removes dirt and soi...l from sealed wood floors, restoring their natural beauty and shineFree rinsing formula leaves read more

Shaw Floor Care by Shaw Shaw Floor Cleaners Shaw Hard Surface R2x Cleaner (32 Oz) Cleaner. 32 Oz. Bottle Leaves hard surface floor...s sparkling clean without the need to rinseand without dulling or leaving sticky residue. Color/Pattern# is SHCLN. SKU: SHACC-SHCLN. Color Name/Item is Shaw Hard Surface R2x Cleaner (32 Oz). read more


PSTM60 Naturally Cleans with Hot Steam VaporDeodorizes and Sanitizes While you CleanWorks on All Sealed Hard Floor SurfacesQuickly... Sanitizes and DisinfectsAdjustable Steam ControlsProduces Superheated SteamSimple Operation Single-Touch Steam ActivationIncludes Heavy-Duty Microfiber Cleaning PadsTested to Kill 99.9% of Germs and BacteriaUses Tap Water - No Chemicals or Cleaning Solutions RequiredRemovable 19 oz. Refillable Water Tank & Dirt ContainerDigital Steam Control SettingsBuilt-in 1500 Watt Heating ElementEasy to Clean Removable Dirt Container180 Degree Low-Profile Swivel HeadSimple Toe-Touch Activated SweeperFoldable Handle for Convenient StorageWorks on Wood, Vinyl, Tile and CarpetComes with Carpet Glider Cleaning Attachment Accessory and Microfiber Cleaning Pads 1 Year Warranty read more

Your active family keeps you busy on clean-up patrol and the Bona Harwood Floor Cleaner Refill Cartridge provides a safe and effec...tive cleaning choice. This refill cartridge is designed for the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. No need to rinse, the non-toxic floor cleaner is formulated with Swedish waterborne technology and leaves no dull residue. Biodegradable Non-toxic formula No dulling residue Safe around family and pets Swedish waterborne technology GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® Safe for all unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors Designed to be used only with the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Imported read more

Your active family keeps you busy on clean-up patrol and the Bona Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner Refill Cartridge provides a safe... and effective cleaning solution you don?t have to worry about. This refill cartridge is designed for the Bona Floor Mop. Easy to use with no need to rinse, the non-toxic cleaner leaves no dull residue on your tiles. Green 33-oz. Biodegradable Non-toxic formula No dulling residue Safe around family and pets Swedish waterborne technology GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® Designed to be used only with the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Cleans linoleum, stone, terrazzo, vinyl, sealed porous marble, laminate and no-wax sealed tile Imported read more

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This floor cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning all types of hard surface floors including laminate, ceramic tile, vinyl, ...sealed marble and sealed graniteAlso great for sealed counter topsThis product is designed to b read more

Black Diamond
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Safe and Gentle Cleaner for Marble and Tile Safe and gentle for cleaning of all polished stone and tile surfaces. Leaves no soap r...esidue. Lifts dirt and grime to surface for easy removal. No rinsing necessary. Does not leave streaks, smudges or rainbows on surfaces. Our Marble and Tile Cleaner contains special cleaning agents that lift dirt from the pores of the stone without damaging the surface or diminishing natural color. The 100-percent biodegradable formula is safe for natural stone and tile surfaces and is gentle enough to be used every day. Will not remove stone or grout sealers. Concentrate 32-Ounce. read more

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Minwax, 32 OZ Hardwood Floor Cleaner, Gently Removes Dirt & Grime With No Soap Film Residue, Exclusively Formulated To Be Used Ful...l Strength, No Need To Add Water, No Dulling Residue, Solvent Free. read more

$36.95 $41.99
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This O-Duster Robotic Hard Floor Cleaner is a self-rotating, auto navigation duster that collects and retains dust and hairIt is d...esigned to clean along walls and furnitureThis hard floor cleaner includes 3 disposable electro read more


This MaxExtract deep cleaner is designed to clean a variety of surfaces from carpets to couches and sealed wood floors to tiled fl...oors. This versatile, easy-to-use machine removes water, dirt and grime with pressurized cleaning, and has heated drying for a fast dry time. Features a double chamber nozzle to power wash surfaces with even suction across a wide path, while the automatic detergent system provides the right ratio of detergent and water for the best cleaning results. Patented Hoover SpinScrub brushes gently loosen dirt and clean all sides of carpet and upholstery fibers, with an adjustable speed control for various floor surfaces, including a Spill Pick-Up mode so you don't scrub in spills. read more


The FH40150 Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner allows you to quickly and easily wash hard flooring. You can scrub and dry sealed ...hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate and marble floors. It features patented multi-purpose SpinScrub brushes that gently and safely wash and scrub hard floors from all angles. This Hoover hard floor cleaner is equipped with Dual Tank technology that uses separate tanks for clean and dirty water, making monitoring a breeze. You can easily select from wash or dry mode to suit your specific needs. It also features Clean Boost Control that applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas. A handy cord holder and height adjustment make using this Hoover Floormate SpinScrub hard floor cleaner a breeze. read more


With equal concern for the preservation of your beautiful wood floor and the environment, Nucasa proudly offers this premium, envi...ronmentally friendly cleaner. Specially designed to easily clean hardwood and laminate floors, this cleaner is non-abrasive and leaves absolutely no trace or residue. Do not use on oiled, waxed, or unfinished floors. From our own mill, Nucasa has been crafting solid wood moldings and flooring since 1983. We understand the difference that finishing touches make in transforming your home and we can help inspire and get your project finished right.Environmentally friendly floor cleaner, phosphate free, biodegradableSpecially designed for hardwood or laminate floorsNon-abrasive and leaves no trace or residueHandy 700ML trigger sprayFor refills use, Nucasa NFCRG Floor Cleaner, 1 Gallon refill read more

Hard floor surface refill cleanerRefill cartridge for Bonakemi mopLeaves no dulling residueSafe for stone, tile, and laminateEnvir...onmentally friendlySafe and easy33 ounceRefer to m read more

Nyco Products
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Nyco Wood floor cleaner. Safe on Finished Wood. Non-alkaline cleaner, specifically designed for use on sealed wood floors. Safely ...removes dirt and soil from sealed wood floors, restoring their natural beauty and shine. Free rinsing formula leaves no sticky residue. Does not contain harmful ingredients that dull the finish or damage the wood. Excellent results in both hard and soft water. Use with mop, sponge or cloth. Highly concentrated and economical. Directions include Do not use on unsealed floors or floors with waxy coatings. Do not overwet floors. op, sponge or cloth should be damp by never wet. Recommended dilution ratios of cleaner to water are as follows: Light soils: Dilute 2 oz of cleaner per gallon of warm water. Heavy soils: Dilute 4 oz of warm water per gallon of warm water. 1 qt bottle. read more


Shop for Floor Mops, Shampooers and Steam Cleaners from! Whether you're cleaning vinyl, tile, hardwood, or any other... surface, the HAAN Select SI-60 Steam Cleaner lets you choose the ideal steam setting for any floor. This HAAN steam cleaner is an environmentally smart, natural, and safe way to clean without chemicals.Additional InformationHeats up quicklyFun red and black designWeighs only 5.29 pounds25-foot cord for extended reachSmart Steam Technology kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and dust mitesIncludes carpet glide and 2 reusable microfiber padsAbout HAANStarted by a young Korean housewife who wanted to make life easier for homemakers, HAAN features a variety of products that clean and sanitize through the power of steam. Tough enough to endure daily use and engineered to be faster, easier, and more effective, HAAN steam products quickly became popular amongst consumers. Made exclusively in HAAN factories, all HAAN products feature serious engineering, exceptional quality materials, and stringent manufacturing standards. read more

NEW! Miele Marin S8590 Compare Miele S8 Vacuums Convenience and ease of use is what Miele had in mind when designing the new canister vacuum.  As with all Miele S8 canisters, you love the lightweight body, one-touch cord rewind and on-board tool storage.  But the Marin?s number one feature that sets it apart is the Automatic suction control adjustment.  Miele vacuums have a tremendous amount of suction. So much so, you frequently have to take them off full power for many types of rugs and carpets. Especially useful for homes with cleaning help, the S8 Marin takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right suction for the job.  Just set the vacuum to ?Auto? and forget it.  As the Marin travels from bare floors to area rugs to carpet, it senses the different flooring and changes the suction to just the right amount for the surface you?re cleaning.  Miele?s automatic suction control also works perfectly with the handheld accessory tools.  You simply choose the dusting brush, crevice nozzle or upholstery tool and the Marin will choose the right suction for you.  Should you want to be in complete control, you can even override the ?Auto? setting and choose among five other pre-set suction levels. With the Marin, you also have complete control over the power brush choice for your home.  The S8590 comes in three power brush configurations allowing you to tailor the product to your exact needs.  Choose the Marin with the SEB217 power brush if your home has mostly wood floors and high-quality wool or silk rugs. Select the SEB228 power brush for areas of thick wall-to-wall carpet and lots of difficult to clean pet hair.  Or pair the Marin with the top-of-the line SEB236 for a deluxe package suitable for all types of carpet.  The SEB236 features a bright LED headlight to see under furniture, a soft rubber bumper to protect baseboards and an auto-stop parking feature that shuts off the brush when in the upright position. Whichever brush you choose, you?ll make cleaning easy and efficient by choosing the Miele Marin.  What's in the Box S8590 Canister Vacuum (Metallic Blue) SES121 Electric Hose with Integrated Handle SET220 Electric Telescopic Wand Your Choice of Powerbrush SBB300-3 Parquet Twister Natural Fiber Dusting Brush Upholstery Brush Crevice Tool Type GN Dust Bag (Installed) SF-HA 50 HEPA AirClean Filter (Installed) Pre-motor Filter (Installed) Vacuum Operating Instructions Powerbrush Operating Instructions read more

Compare Miele S7 Vacuums All the features of the Miele Jazz, plus electronic suction control, automatic setting, silence setting ...and LED headlight, in Obsidian Black.FREE FedEx Overnight  Shipping on this Miele Vacuum! The Miele S7 AutoEco upright vacuum offers convenience, precision, and efficiency for anyone with a combination of carpets and hard surfaces in their home. The 12-inch motorized brushroll adapts to different types of carpet by way of the spring-loaded bristles underneath the roller brush, and a simple click of the handle-mounted carpet-to-bare floor switch readies the Miele AutoEco for your tile and hardwood. The extra-long cord combined with the telescopic wand and hose with 15-foot reach give the Miele AutoEco a 54-foot operating radius. The swivel neck makes using the Miele AutoEco easier on your wrist, and the 360° casters and rubber wheels offer unmatched maneuverability around corners and furniture. For under the bed and tables, the vacuum lies flat against the floor and features a maintenance-free LED headlight. When it?s time to vacuum the furniture, ceiling, and baseboards, the Miele AutoEco includes a handheld upholstery nozzle, crevice tool and dusting brush. The powerful 1200-watt motoroffers six suction settings, conveniently selected using the +/- push button suction controls with LED display. As soon as you start the vacuum with the handle-mounted on/off switch, the AutoEco is ready to tackle any dust, debris or pet hair you throw in its way. All that clutter is securely stored in its self-sealing 5.45 qt AirClean dustbag, and Miele?s HEPA filter guarantees that particles down to .03 microns are captured and stopped from re-circulating in your home. What's in the Box S7580 Upright Vacuum (Black) Natural Fiber Dusting Brush Upholstery Brush Crevice Tool Type U Dust Bag (Installed) SF-HA 30 HEPA AirClean Filter Pre-motor Filter (Installed) Vacuum Operating Instructions read more

Compare Miele S7 Vacuums The Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner combines innovative and practical features with the performance... and reliability you expect from a Miele vacuum. The Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner's unique swivel neck and 360° caster wheels let it maneuver quickly and easily, even around the tightest corners. With a powerful 1200-watt motor, three on-board accessories and adjustable suction control, the Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum is ready for any cleaning surface, from deep pile carpets to hard floors, from upholstery to curtains.   Powerful, quiet 1200 watt motor with four-position rotary suction control at top of vacuum.   Unique swivel neck 360° caster wheels make it easy to move around furniture and other obstacles. The Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner can even lie flat against the floor to clean the most inaccessible spaces.   Both the On-off switch for vacuum and motorized carpet-to-bare floor switch are on the handle.   Convenient foot switch gently lifts the front of the Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner, to move easily from a hard floor to a rug.   Intelligently positioned suction and bristles ensure excellent cleaning along walls and into corners.   Spring-loaded bristles under the roller brush effectively clean different depths of carpet pile.   HEPA filter captures and retains tiny, lung-damaging particles. Miele's Active Air Clean Filter also can be used.   5.45 qt. AirClean dustbag provides additional filtration and features a self-closing collar that automatically seals the bag as soon as the dust compartment lid is opened.   Motor protection filter extends the life and maintains the performance of the Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner.   Telescopic wand and hose reach up to 15 feet and lock in place for maximum stability while cleaning high and hard to reach places.   Ergonomic carrying handle at the back makes the Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner it easy to lift and carry.   55-foot cleaning radius so you never have to unplug and move to clean the room.   On-board accessories stored in the back of the Miele S7 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner include crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle and dusting brush.   Warranty: 7-year suction motor; 7-year casing; 1-year all non-wearing components. What's in the Box S7280 Upright Vacuum (Yellow) Natural Fiber Dusting Brush Upholstery Brush Crevice Tool Type U Dust Bag (Installed) SF-HA 30 HEPA AirClean Filter Pre-motor Filter (Installed) Vacuum Operating Instructions read more

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The Dyson DC47 Animal canister vacuum has the latest Dyson cyclone technology 2 Tier Radial cyclones. 32 inner cyclones arranged i...n 2 tiers work in parallel to increase airflow and capture more microscopic dust than any other. And the DC47 Animal is one of Dyson s quietest vacuum cleaners.Because canister vacuums with wheels can be awkward to maneuver, the Dyson DC47 Animal has Ball technology. The vacuum pivots, and a spring-loaded cuff absorbs sudden movement to help the machine follow you as you use it. Axle bearings reduce friction, enabling the ball to rotate smoothly.The Dyson DC47 Animal comes with an air-powered brush bar that can be turned on or off for use on different floor types. Anti-static carbon fibers remove dust from hard floors, while stiff nylon bristles remove dirt from carpets. The included Tangle-Free Turbine is the only turbine tool that doesn't tangle. Its counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair from carpets and upholstery. And there's no brush bar for hair to wrap around. read more


Ewbank Dynamo Quick and Easy Steam Cleaner Clean your home's hard surfaces without harmful chemicals. This lightweight steamer con...verts water into powerful steam to help loosen stuck-on dirt and grease. You'll find plenty of uses for this versatile tool, from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. What You Get Steam Dynamo steam cleaner 2-piece extension wand Floor brush/mop Window/tile cleaner Large round brush Small round brush Straight adapter Swivel adapter Angled nozzle Towel Measuring cup Funnel Instruction manual Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty Good to Know read more

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Find vacuums and power floor sweepers at! Techko maid's rv668-ufo is a dream come true! Finally, a robotic vacuum & mop... that is affordable, effective and easy to use. with a touch of a button, this machine automatically moves around the room vacuuming your carpets, sweeping & mopping your hard floors. it's ultra slim design enables cleaning under your beds and furniture and the touch sensitive bumpers and fall prevention feature makes for worry free cleaning and side brushes help in extended cleaning. The ufo design is an added bonus! read more

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Find household cleaners at! Using thick dirt-grabbing ridges and grooves, our powerful dry sweeping cloths leave your f...loors cleaner than a broom, even on textured surfaces. That's because they easily conform to the surface of your floors and grout lines, picking up more dirt, dust, and hair than a broom. Guaranteed to leave your floors up to 3x cleaner than a broom on dirt, dust and hair or your money back** **mail in original upc and purchase receipt within 30 days of purchase. Visit or call 1-866-411-1753 for details thick dry cloths conform to the surface of your floors and grout lines to trap and lock dirt great for wood, tile or vinyl... read more

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Find vacuums and power floor sweepers at! The rm518-silver is excellent for cleaning your hard floors - wood, marble, t...ile, linoleum-with both wet and dry cleaning capability with standard size disposable cleaning cloths. Patented digitally coded light source technology prevents the rm518 from falling down your stairs and the touch sensitive bumpers will not damage your furniture or baseboards. read more

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Find steam cleaners and floor polishers at! Get that level of clean for you floors that you can only get from the shark... professional steam pocket mop in white. Shark knows clean and this mop is no exception. With intelligent steam control you will enjoy superior sanitization for all of your hard floor surfaces. The patented and improved steam pockets give you that professional finish that you expect from a steam mop. Use the three different settings to customize the level of clean you need. Your house has never looked better than it does with a shark mop. . â . â read more


The Roomba 650 Vacuums on Its Own Cleans Deep to Help Pick Up Dirt, Hair Debris on Schedule or at the Touch of a Button Provides 3...-Stage Cleaning with AeroVac 1 Employs an Acoustic Sensor to Identify Dirtier Areas 4 Can Be Scheduled to Perform up to 7 Cleaning Sessions per Week 3 Features Virtual Wall Technology Roomba 650 helps vacuum for you. Using its patented 3-stage cleaning system, Roomba helps remove dirt, dust and much more while automatically adjusting to clean carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors as it moves through your home. Roomba 650 has superior hair handling ability; the robot utilizes AeroVac Technology, promoting maximum air flow through its cleaning head to help pull hair and debris off the brushes and into the bin evenly. Perfect for homes with pets or without, Roomba helps clean deep to pick up dirt, hair, fur, and other debris. The newly desi read more

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Sebo 90703AM Features: -Three on-board tools included: dusting brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle.-Vacuum.-Four-level man...ual brush height adjustment.-Brush obstruction light with automatic shut off.-Wide power head with one-sided edge-cleaning.-Two-motor design. automatic brush shut off during stationary use.-Incorrect height setting or worn brush light.-Easy brush removal and cleaning.-Fourteen-inch power head width.-Full bag or clog warning light.-Product Type: Upright vacuum.-Color: Light gray/Dark gray.-Distressed: No.-Powder Coated Finish: No.-Gloss Finish: No.-Material: Metal; Plastic -Material Details: Aluminum..-Water Resistant: No -Water Resistant Details: ..-Fire Resistant: No.-Allergen Filtration: Yes.-Leakproof: No.-Ash Safe: No.-Waste Compartment Capacity: 1.4.-Clear Waste Compartment: No.-Detachable Waste Compartment: Yes.-Cordless: No -Charger Included: ..-Bags Needed: Yes -Bag Type: ..-Wet and Dry: No.-For Pet Owners: Yes.-For Automobile Interiors: Yes.-Wall Mountable: No.-Lightweight: Yes.-Surface Type: Hard floors; Carpet.-Safe Surfaces: Wood; Laminate; Carpet; Hardwood; Wool carpet..-Cord Storage: Yes -Auto Cord Retract: No..-Number of Attachments: 3.-Included Attachments: Crevice tool; Duster; Upholstery Nozzle.-Exhaust Filter: Yes -Filter Type: S-class Filters.-Reusable Filter: No..-Voltage: 120.-Wattage: 1000.-Amps: 10.-Reversible: No.-Light Included: No.-Wheels: Yes.-Swivel Head: No.-Carry Handle: Yes.-Belt Vacuum: Yes.-Clog Indicator: Yes.-Steam: No.-Low Noise: Yes.-Mop Pads Included: No -Number of Mop Pads Included: ..-Cleaning Solution: No -Cleaning Solution Included: ..-Commercial Use: No.-Recycled Content: No -Total Recycled Content (Percentage): .-Post-Consumer Content (Percentage): .-Remanufactured/Refurbished: ..-Eco-Friendly: Yes.Specifications: -UL Listed: Yes.-cUL Listed: No.-OSHA Compliant: Yes.-CRI Green Label Certified: No.-ETL Certified: No.-cETL Certified: No.-Energy Star Compliant: No.-ASTM Compliant: No.-CARB Compliant: No.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 29.25.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 10.75.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 13.-Cord Length: 39.-Hose: Yes -Hose Length: 6..-Overall Product Weight: 26.Assembly: -Assembly Required: Yes.-Tools Needed: None.-Additional Parts Required: No -Parts Needed: ..Warranty: -Product Warranty: 5 years. read more

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Shark NV480 Effectively clean carpets and bare floors with this shark Rocket professional Upright Vacuum, which features enhanced... swivel steering to help you access hard-to-reach areas. The pet power brush, dusting brush and 2 crevice tools allow flexible use. Features: -Vacuum cleaner.-Lightweight design makes the vacuum easy to maneuver and transport from room to room.-Allergen filter helps maintain clean living environment.-6-Amp motor.-Product Type: Upright vacuum.-Distressed: No.-Lightweight: Yes.-Surface Type: Hard floors.-Commercial Use: Yes.Warranty: -Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty. read more

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Shark NV356E Shark navigator lift - away pro - upright vacuum cleaner...Cleaning has never been faster or easier Features: -Power...ful deep carpet and bare floor cleaning.-Portable canister and exclusive dust - away hard floor attachment.-Never loses suction.-Lightweight and steerable.-Extra-large dust cup capacity.-Anti-allergen complete seal system traps 99.99% of dust and allergens.-Product Type: Upright vacuum.-Distressed: No.-Lightweight: Yes.-Surface Type: Carpet.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 32.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 15.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 12.-Overall Product Weight: 22. read more


The 20 Cyclone is a great choice for an all-purpose floor fan. This fan is a great addition to your air conditioning or can be dir...ected at you for immediate heat relief. The Cyclone has three whisper-quiet, powerful speeds. Aerodynamic fan blades and a special grill design maximize its performance. Its adjustable fan head pivots 90 degrees, and locks in place for precision comfort. The fan is portable and easy to use with controls located on top of its easy-carry handle. Safety features include a patented fused plug cord set. Features and Functions: 20-inch Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan 20 Aerodynamic Blade and Swirling Grill Design Combine for Power and Performance Matched Only by a Cyclone Itself Three Whisper-Quiet, High-Performance Speeds Adjustable 90 degree Fan Head Pivots and Locks in Place for Precision Comfort Lightweight with Easy-Carry Handle for Convenient Portability Energy-Efficient Operation Fan Diameter: 508 mm Blade Span patented fused plug cord set Gross weight: 10 lbs ETL / cETL listed This unit is shipped via Regular Ground only; No Air shipment Please select ?UPS Ground at Check out Please call for quotation if faster service is needed Usually shipped in 48 hours Warranty: 90 days Manufacturer Warranty *** Click here to go to Floor Fan Section to see more units *** *** Click here to go to Fan Section to see more units *** read more

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Neutral Floor Cleaner, Size 5 gal., Recommended Dilution 1:40 to 1:64, RTU Yield per Container 205 to 325 gal., Fragrance Floral, ...Required Brush Speed 1500 rpm, Container Type Carton, pH Range 7.46, Flash Point Greater Than 200 Degrees F, VOC Content 0 Percent, Color Yellow, Standards HMIS, NFPA read more

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Floor Cleaner, Size 5 gal., Recommended Dilution 1:2 to 1:4, Fragrance Pleasant

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Rubbermaid Microfiber Hard Floor Cleaning System cleans floors effectively, quickly, and easily. Double sided frame cleans twice t...he area with a single mop with dual sided dust and mop tool. Lightweight construction, weighing only 4 pounds when fully loaded with cleaning solution. Fluid tank attached holds 21 oz of cleaner that can clean over 850 square feet of surface area. Cleaner is dispensed when the trigger is pulled, releasing solution and then mopping to cut cleaning time in half. Color. : Silver. Lightweight. : 4 pounds when filled with solution. Fluid Tank. : Holds up to 21 oz of fluid which cleans over 850 square feet. Trigger Released Cleaning Solution. : Spray is released when trigger is pulled and cuts down cleaning time. Double Sided Frame. : Mops and dusts with just one tool, cleans twice the surface area as one mop alone would clean. (Rubbermaid 1863885) read more

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