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Software & Plug-ins - Note: This is a special opportunity for registered users of RX 1-3 to upgrade to RX 4 Advanced for a reduced... price.From the intense world of post production to music archiving and audio forensics, iZotope RX 4 Advanced offers you the most complete and critically accurate audio repair and restoration toolset in the industry. In addition to the comprehensive collection of modules such as Denoise, Declip, and Hum Removal that come standard in RX 4, RX 4 Advanced includes functions for ensuring broadcast loudness standards, matching EQ curves between clips, filling in room tone between edits, and in-depth sonic analysis among others. At the same time, RX 4 Advanced takes full advantage of a new roundtrip processing workflow, making it easier than ever to employ the full power of the standalone application alongside your DAW or NLE.iZotope RX 4 Advanced Audio Restoration Suite at a Glance:Comprehensive user interface simplifies serious editingPowerful tools eradicate noise and restore damaged audioPrepare your clips with professional-quality processingAdvanced options cover post production and moreWorkflow tools keep your projects ahead of scheduleComprehensive user interface simplifies serious editingYou don't have to be a power user to harness the full audio-resoration potential of RX 4One of the things that Sweetwater Sales Engineers have come to appreciate about iZotope products in general, is that no matter how much they can do, they're still simple to navigate and easy to use. When it comes to usability, RX 4 knocks it out of the park. Its unique graphical spectrogram display isn't just easy to read, it makes isolating humming and buzzing positively intuitive. What few fine controls you need are user friendly and resemble graphic editing tools. What's more, the vast majority of operations are entirely automated, which takes the stress and guesswork out of audio restoration.User Interface at a Glance:Straightforward interface makes operation intuitiveMain window includes metering and transport optionsDetailed spectrogram lets you see across the spectrumModulas let you select only the controls you needChoose automatic or manual processing modesPowerful tools eradicate noise and restore damaged audioFunction-specific modules make it easy to find the right tool to fix any audio problemTo make RX 4 easy to navigate, iZotope broke the software down into modules, each with a specific function dedicated either to restoring or processing audio. If you're dealing with HVAC rumble, transformer buzz, or other steady-state noise, the Denoiser module, which you can either train or run in autopilot, will sort it out. RX 4's new Dialogue Denoiser even works miracles on room tone. Declicker and Decrackle are lifesavers when it comes to restoring old recordings, and Declipper can save takes you were sure couldn't be salvaged due to a sudden volume spike. Adaptive Hum Removal cuts out low-frequency hum, even if it isn't consistent, and Spectral Repair works wonders on intermittent noises, intelligently filling in the gaps by learning from the surrounding audio.Audio Restoration Modules at a Glance:Task-based modules focus on specific audio issuesDenoiser eliminates persistent background noisesDeclicker and Decrackle fix analog recording glitchesHum removal eliminates 50Hz-60Hz electrical humSpectral Repair lets you cut out specific problemsPrepare your clips with professional-quality processingTweak your clips to perfection with a set of powerful onboard signal processorsAlthough iZotope clearly designed RX 4 to be first and foremost an audio read more

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Somfy's Single channel remote control is a handset controller that is compatible with all the Somfy motors featuring Radio Technol...ogy Somfy (RTS). For indoor use, it may be personalized for intuitive control of one window covering or one group of window coverings. It features a new streamline shape and rubber edging for increased durability. The Telis Collection makes it possible to memorize a favorite position. Pressing the MY button on the transmitter automatically sends the window covering to this position. read more

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Brand Leviton - Part No. WSS10AUZ - Maximum Wattage 800 Watt - Voltage 120/277 - Color White/Light Almond/Ivory - Connection - Width 1.66 in. - Height 2.7 in. - Load Type Incandescent/FL - Operation Single Pole - Sold Separately Wallplate - UL Listed Yes - Warranty 5 Years - read more

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Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced The price shown is per license. This is an electronic license only product, and... youll receive an email with your license information 1-3 business days after your order is placed. Trend Micro Worry-Free?˘ Business Security Advanced is designed for businesses with limited IT resources so it??s easy to install and doesn??t require expertise to use. The latest Advanced edition keeps business information private by locking down USB drives and other storage devices. Also, it stops data loss through email, blocks spam both before and on the Exchange Server, and secures both Macs and PCs. The latest Worry-Free Business Security solutions provide customized installation options, so you only get the security you need. With continuous updates, most of which are stored on the local security server instead of your business computers, new threats are blocked faster, which reduces the impact on your computers?? performance. The newest version read more

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