Havaheart Havahart Spray Away Elite II - Protects up to 1900 Sq. Ft., Model 5269

Havahart Spray Away Elite II is a hose-free portable method of protecting your yard and garden from nuisance animals. It startles and frightens pests with a burst of water and an unexpected noise. Spray Away Elite II uses infrared sensors t...o seek out... read more


The Havahart Spray Away Motion Sprinkler helps you repel unwanted animals from your garden, yard or pond with sudden bursts of wat...er. This environmentally friendly, motion-activated system attaches to a garden hose and uses an infrared sensor to detect... read more

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The Havahart Spray Away Elite II--Animal Repellent Motion Detector Sprinkler provides an innovative, humane way to keep unwanted a...nimals out of any part of your yard and garden. With its new and improved design, the Elite II is stronger than ever and even more capable of withstanding the elements. Spray Away Elite II provides a safe and easy to use alternative to chemical repellents and electric fences. Spray Away uses an infrared sensor to detect animals that cross its path and upon detection releases a burst of water combined with unexpected noise and motion to humanely deter them. The Havahart Spray Away Elite II will actually condition your unwanted animals to find lunch elsewhere. Best of all, Spray Away Elite II is hose-free and wireless--making it portable and discrete. In this way, Spray Away Elite II gives you the flexibility to protect any area from nuisance animals regardless of proximity to a water or power source. And Spray Away Elite II charges through solar panels located on the top of the unit--so you never have to worry about replacing batteries. Spray Away Elite II is powerful enough to protect up to 1,900 square feet while detecting motion 35 feet in front of the unit. The versatile unit detects animals of all sizes and the sprinkler can be set to cover shorter or longer distances. read more

P3 International

The Molechaser is the easiest, most environmentally friendly way to get rid of moles, voles, gophers, shrews, ground squirrels and... other burrowing rodents. Simply bury the sturdy aluminum Molechhaser in your lawn and rodents will be on their way Unit... read more


Ultrasonic devices are safe, humane and maintenance-free yard protectors that keep deer off your property without the need for mes...sy or expensive chemical solutions. A built-in infrared motion sensor activates the ultrasonic repeller when pests move... read more

P3 International

The Molechaser is the easiest, most environmentally friendly way to get rid of moles, voles, gophers, shrews and other burrowing r...odents. Simply bury the high impact plastic Molechhaser in your lawn and rodents will be on their way Unit produces a... read more

Bed Bug Patrol

Bed Bug Killer Home Treatment Pack by Bed Bug Patrol - 2 Spray Bottles - 48oz Total - - Natural Pest Control for Bed Bugs (Cimex l...ectularius). read more


5 nozzles and 100' of tubing with installation fasteners. Recommended nozzle placement: 1 nozzle per 12' x 12' stall, placed at th...e center of stall 1 nozzle 6' from each exterior door 1 nozzle at wash rack 1 nozzle every 15' down the aisle, beginning... read more


Pyranha Equine Spray Wipe water-based formula provides quick knockdown of flying insects, and won't attract dust or grime. Effecti...ve for up to 30 days. Avid riders will want to reapply every 10-14 days to maintain maximum control. Kills and repels... read more


If you have a goose, duck, rabbit or other small varmint problem, consider this photorealistic coyote decoy as a simple, humane an...d effective deterrent. Useful around golf courses, homes, airfields, large estates, farms and any other large lawn, grass... read more


This bird spike strip prevents birds from landing, nesting or roosting on ledges, edges, fences, roofs and other parts of building...s. U.S.A. Assembly Required No, Color Silver, Dimensions L x W x H in. 25 x 10 x 7, Mounting Type Ledge, edge, fence,... read more


The PestChaser with innovative dual speaker design provides up to 180 repelling coverage. Each speaker produces a powerful 110dB s...ignal that drives rodents away, yet is harmless to humans and non-rodent pets. Puts out twice the power of standard units.... read more

Advantek Outdoors

This humane trap is a safe solution for relocating coyotes, raccoons, groundhogs, rabbits and other larger unwanted animals. The h...eavy-duty galvanized steel trap features a removable bait holder compartment. Material Type Galvanized steel, Dimensions L... read more

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This Sunforce Solar Pest Repeller with LED Light works day and night to keep rodents out of your lawn and garden. At night, it emi...ts intermittent vibrations and sounds that chase moles, voles, gophers, squirrels and more while also providing ambient... read more

Bird Gard

"Emits digital recordings of aggressive deer to create a flee response and humanely deter deer from yards, gardens, landscaping, f...armland and more!" read more

Eliminate Submerged Weeds Available in Liquid or Granular Formulas Great For Use In Turbid Ponds Aquathol® effectively eliminates ...a wide variety of submerged weeds. As potency is unaffected by surrounding organics, Aquathol® is a great choice for use... read more

Vermont Country Store

Poison-Free Trap Eliminates Moths in Your Pantry. Get rid of meal and grain moths with a poison-free box trap. A natural nontoxic ...lure attracts moths into the box, where they are trapped on the sticky inner surface. Place one in each cupboard or pantry... read more

Country Vet

Country Vet Bug Killer Kit works automatically to kill and repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats and small flying moths 24 hours a day. M...etered Fly Spray lasts 30 days. Kit includes one dispenser and one 30-day Country Vet Fly Spray refill. The automatic... read more

Boehringer Ingelheim

Permectrin II insceticide kills flies, lice, mites, ticks (including ticks that carry Lyme disease), fleas, spiders, mosquitoes an...d cockroaches on horses, beef and dairy cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, dogs and their premises. May be applied as a spray,... read more

Virbac Animal Health

Knockout E.S. Area Treatment is an effective treatment for eliminating home flea and tick infestations. For best results, use a 3-...step defense when treating flea and tick infestations: treat the pet, treat the house, and then treat the yard. Inverted... read more

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