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Green Tree Jewelry

Time sweetly flies when you're watching it pass on this nature-inspired clock. Created by Lance Nybye Jr, he combines the geometri...c beauty of honeycomb with the human innovation of laser-cutting technology. The delicate, hexagonal lattice is created by precision-cutting decorative plywood, which is then hand-glued to create a layered look, and given a coat of cheerful, honey-yellow, water-based dye. A single, laser-cut honeybee rests in the 12 o'clock spot. The clock adds a burst of cheery sweetness without taking up much wall space, and makes a buzz-worthy addition to your kitchen, sun room or office. Handmade in San Diego, California. read more

Green Tree Jewelry

Your home. it's alive! Inspired by old-fashioned electrical throw switches?like the one flipped to bring Frankenstein's monster to... life?Lance Nybye's ornate design transforms your blas? rocker light switch into a gothic statement piece. The plywood switch plate is laser-engraved with coils around the terminals and at the top and bottom signify on (connected) and off (disconnected). Made in San Diego, California. Click here to check out our Original Toggle Switch Plate. read more

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