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General Tools

General Tools & Instruments, a home improvement company, was founded in 1922 by Abe and Lillian Rosenberg in New York City. Originally, the company sold a range of hard goods including clothesline pulleys, screen-door hardware, and specialty hand tools. Today, the company manufactures hand tools, me ... Read More ters and imaging devices, and electrical supplies. Popular General Tools products include hand tools such as woodworking tools, wood jigs, screwdrivers, plumbing tools, specialty tools, UltraTECH tools, measuring tools, and digital calipers as well as instruments such as borescopes, IR thermometers, multimeters, and meters for thermal imaging, HVAC, electrical, and data-logging. Best sellers in these categories include the Pen Style Natural Gas Detector, Ultimate Template Tool Angle-Izer, UltraTECH Precision Knife and Blade Set, EZ Jointer Aluminum Clamp Board-Straightening Kit, and The Seeker 200 Video Borescope System. In addition to hand tools and measuring instruments, General Tools manufactures safety gear such gas-leak detectors, water-leak detectors, microwave-leak detectors, and environmental meters. Sports medicine instruments like stopwatches, athletic timers, heat-index monitors, and refractometers are also available.
General Tools

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General Tools & Instruments
80 White St.
Suite No. 1
New York, NY 10013

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