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Grow your own artichokes and enjoy the large, edible flower buds at their prime.

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(Cucumis melo) Melons love heat. Sow seeds outdoors in 12" diameter hills after danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed. Sp...ace hills 6' apart in all directions. Seeds will germinate in 4-10 Days. Can also be started indoors 2-3 weeks before last frost. When you buy a packet of seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, you can trust that all of the seeds are heirloom or open-pollinated varieties that can be saved and grown again. read more

The Dirty Gardener
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Silver Queen corn is favored by many gardeners as the tenderest and tastiest of all. Ears of plump, snowy white kernels are prepar...ed and served as regular sweet corn and may be frozen or canned. 60-90 days to maturity. read more

Garden In The Koop
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How can you not love a fresh tomato out of your garden-especially a green stripped tomato?  This sweet, delicious tomato is one of... our favorites and though it is "technically" not an heirloom, it is open pollinated and bred from four heirloom varieties. read more

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This beetle mania seed cake, created especially for insect loving birds. Beetle Mania features freeze-dried beetle larvae, as well... as black oil sunflower and white millet for seed lovers. It is harmless to birds, pets and humans. This product weighs 2.5 pounds. read more

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Easy to apply roll of processed straw and seeding mulch protects seedlings while facilitating new growth.

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