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Insect & Pest Control

To keep your yard and gardens looking beautiful, you need keep insects and pests out. There are a variety of options for insect and pest control, including no-fail chemicals and less-harsh nontoxic methods. Whatever approach you choose, you'll likely need to invest in a sprayer and gloves to apply the product.
J T Eaton

The JT Eaton 410 Jawz Plastic Rat Trap is a popular method for pest removal and features a high tension spring to eliminate rats a...nd other small pests. Each trap is easy and safe to set compared to traditional wooden traps and can be set by hand or foot. When the trap is properly set, the red label faces upward to indicate it's ready to go. This makes it incredibly simple to set multiple traps and reduces false alarms. Made of durable plastic, these traps are smaller than multi catch traps for discreet placement underneath furniture and other tight spaces and are fully reusable. This snap trap works best with liquid or solid bait. The JT Eaton 410 Jawz Plastic Rat Trap comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in material and workmanship. JT Eaton’s mission is to manufacture and distribute products designed to eradicate pests. We continually seek out new ways to provide consumers with the knowledge and products they need to create a healthier and safer world. JT Eaton has been family owned and operated since 1932 and they manufacture and sell only the highest quality products. read more

Black Flag

Black Flag Ant & Roach Killer 17.5 oz. Aerosol spray kills on contact in a no-mess, no-staining Spring Fresh scented formula. ...It keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 3 months. read more


Bat Magic, Bat Repellent. Comes with 4 to a pack. Safely repels bats from attics, sheds, and from behind shutters, and fascia's. F...ormula will not harm bats. Safe to use around pets, and children. Repels using all natural ingredients. Contains a pleasant scent. read more

Sportsman's Connection

This 15.5x11" full color atlas contains twice the detail of other road atlases as well as detailed information on fishing lakes an...d streams, public hunting areas, camping, and trails for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, off-roading, canoeing, skiing, golfing and site-seeing. Featuring informative charts and tables, knowledge packed editorial, and highly detailed maps complete with GPS grids. It's a must for any outdoors enthusiast! read more

Bonide Chemical

A unique combination formulation that provides dual purpose insecticide - fungicide protection especially for vegetable gardens. C...ontains copper + carbaryl. Conserve water, use as a dust. read more


Unscented Cutter Insect Repellent provides hours of protection from mosquitoes and biting flies. Also repels ticks, chiggers,, gnats, and fleas. Unscented Cutter Insect Repellent offers long-lasting protection: it’s not greasy and has no unpleasant odor. read more

Enviro Pro

Train dogs to keep out of your garden, bushes and yard the environmentally safe, naturally organic way. With our dog repellent you... can let your own dog or puppy have the run of your backyard without the worry of it digging up your fruit and vegetable garden to bury something. Do neighborhood dogs use your lawn as their bathroom. Just sprinkle scram for dogs around the areas that dogs seem to like and they will quickly learn to avoid your lawn. Our unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power that trains dogs to stay away from these areas around your home without harming people, pets or the environment. Americas finest dog repellent works faster, is more effective and is less expensive per square foot than other dog repellants on the market. This product contents 3.5 Pounds. read more


Havahart Deer-Off has a patented Dual Deterrent System provides both odor and taste barriers to repel deer, rabbits and squirrels

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Mini Ultra Liquid Ant Bait is advanced liquid bait technology that contains both food and water that attracts fast and be...gins killing within 24 hours. The powerful formula kills both the colony and the queen. The easy-to-use bait stations won't drip or spill and are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. This product will not control carpenter, pharaoh, harvester or red imported fire ants. Kills common household ants. For household use only. read more


Keep mice, rats and other pests out of your home with the superior technology of Rid Rite Advanced Electronic Pest Control Systems.... Rid Rite pest control sytems emit an ever changing pattern of ultrasonic frequencies to help control pests and keep them out of your living space. The advanced technology has built-in daytime and nighttime control. Built-in output control provides enhanced performance at night when pests are most active. The built-in light sensor automatically controls the enhanced output so you don't have to. It's easy to use just plug into any wall outlet. Each unit has Perimeter ControlTM which projects signals into the main areas as well as along the walls and baseboards where pests travel. The variable soundwave pattern prevents pests from adapting to one signal. The indicator light glows blue when the unit is active. Rid Rite Electronic Pest Control Systems provide year-round protection without the use of harmful chemicals or traps. Each system is pet and children safe. Pests hear the sound, you and your pets don't. read more


Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap and Pyrethrin Insect Killer 32 oz. concentrate makes 5 gallons of OMRI Listed insecticidal soap and ...pyrethrin to eliminate hard and soft bodied insects on contact. This organic insect killer treats up to 3,600 sq. ft. Safer Brand Insecticidal Soap and Pyrethrin Concentrate is labeled for professional use and OMRI Listed, so it can be used on organic farm without sacrificing your certification. Unlike synthetic chemicals, it breaks down into its natural state within 7-10 days, leaving no residual impact on the environment. read more


If you want to get rid of the mice in your house without having to see, touch, or kill them this live trap is the ideal solution f...or you! The Victor POLY CAT humane mouse trap allows you to catch and release mice without having to touch them. The plastic construction is ideal for use in damp or corrosive environments. Easy to set and bait, this live trap can be used around food, water, children and pets. read more


Victor® Glue Board for the Tin Cat Mouse Trap - 72 Traps Safely and easily trap mice when you slide this glue board into the Tin Mouse Trap. This glue board also traps roaches, crickets and spiders. Safely and easily rid your business of those... read more


Victor® Mouse Glue Board - 72 Traps The Victor® Mouse Glue Board is a highly effective mouse control device designed to trap and h...old mice and insects on contact. The disposable tent design hides the pest and prevents your pets from contacting the... read more


Stinger, 1 Acre, UV White Bug Killer, Light Attraction, Attracts & Kills Flying Insects, Uses 30% Less Energy, Improved Clog F...ree Design, Modern Design To Better Fit Backyard Decor, Weatherproof Construction, For Replacement Bulb Use TV #141-066, Replaces BK100. read more


Deter pesky squirrels from reaching unwelcome places in your yard by using a squirrel deflector on a 4x4 post.


Approved for organic gardening. Controls aphids, whiteflies, and mites on contact. Made from plant oils, not animal fatty acids. F...or use indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses on: Fruit and nut trees, corn, melons, tomatoes, vegetables, figs and small frui read more

Esschert Design USA

For those who are passionate about gardening, love nature and have an eye for detail, we have created the Secrets du Potager Colle...ction. Tending your garden calls for passion and time. To help make your gardening easier, we offer you a series of practical utensils for cultivating and tending your kitchen garden and plants. You will love them and the work will be almost effortless! To eliminate pesky wasps, fill the wasp trap with some sugar water or juice and place it next to your working area. Wasps and other insects will love the sweet liquid and you can work safely in your garden. read more


Cutter Citro Guard 11 oz. Candle is made with real citronella oil and repels mosquitoes and other flying insects with a burn time ...of up to 20 hours. read more

Consolidated Foam

Super rose kone with removable lid comes in 0.5-inch wall thickness. Same size as the super but with added feature of removable to...p. Without disturbing the shelter, this feature permits temporary removal of top in early spring and replacement on threat of freeze. Measures 16-inch by 16-inch by 18-inch. read more


Kills all common household ants. Pre-filled and ready to use. Protecting your home from sweet-eating ants is a piece of cake thank...s to these ingenious outdoor ant killer stakes. The Terro outdoor liquid ant bait stakes feature eight durable stakes per box filled with 2 ounces of our highly effective ant bait enough to control most outdoor ant invasions. For long-term control of argentine, ghost, little black, acrobat, pavement, odorous house, crazy, cornfield and other sweet-eating ants, simply place the Terro outdoor liquid ant bait stakes in areas where ants have been observed. 8 Pack Quickly attracts and ultimately kills all common household ants Stakes come pre-filled and ready-to-use Liquid bait provides ants with a food and water source Slow kill allows for effective elimination Tiered bait pack increases bait consumption, reduces waste See-through window enables easy monitoring of ant bait level Reinforced stake ridges provide increased strength when placed in ground Snap off bait activation keeps ant bait solution fresh until opened Rugged, weatherproof stake casing protects against elements. Kill The Ants That You See, and The Hundreds That You Dont: When you first place the ant killer stakes in the ground, youre going to see a significant surge in the number of ants. Dont worry, this is perfectly normal and a sure sign the ant bait is working. You see, our clever team of researchers formulated the ant bait stales to attract ants like flies to honey. They also formulated it to slowly kill the ants. This slow kill gives the ants adequate time to return to their nest and deliver a deadly dose of bait to the hundreds of ants hiding out in the colony. Additional Info: As worker ants forage for food and water, they are immediately attracted to the sweet liquid ant bait housed in the ant stakes. As the ants consume the bait, it begins to deliver a toxic reaction to their nervous systems, which ulti read more

Bonide Chemical

Zinc phosphide - 2.0% Mole and gopher killer. Economical, one teaspoon treats an active burrow or tunnel. Cracked corn. Excellent ...bait acceptance. Not for sale in ca, NC, NH. Not for use as a mole killer in Indiana. read more

Bayer Advanced

Serenade Garden Disease Control Ready To Spray is a bio fungicide that attacks harmful garden and lawn diseases and controls powde...ry mildew, rust, gray mold and other listed diseases. This broad spectrum, preventative bio fungicide is recommended for the control or suppression of many important plant diseases and may be used on roses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, flowers, houseplants, foliage, trees, shrubs located in residential landscapes, residential greenhouses, commercial landscapes and commercial interior scapes. It can be applied any time of day. For Organic Gardening. OMRI Listed. read more


Easily protect your yard and garden from rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels, and other small herbivores and the damage they cause with... Ortho Animal B Gon All-Purpose Animal Repellents. For liquid formulas, lightly spray plant leaves, stems, flowers, and branches that need protection. Allow the long-lasting, easy-to-use, “no stink” formula to dry for 20 minutes before watering. Granule can be applied liberally to the soil around plants that need protection. Reapply these products as needed or approximately every 30 days. When you use these repellents near edible plants, do not allow the product to come in contact with those for human or animal consumption. read more


DEET-Free Protection Enjoy up to six hours of DEET-free protection from mosquitoes, deer ticks and other biting insects with Repel... Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent. The active ingredient in Repel is oil of lemon eucalyptus, a plant-based oil derived from the leaves of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree. The oil--which offers natural repellent properties against biting insects--is safe and effective, with a cool, refreshing scent. Lemon Eucalyptus vs. DEET Oil of lemon eucalyptus is the only plant-based active ingredient recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for mosquito protection. Oil of lemon eucalyptus provides protection similar to lower concentrations of DEET. It works great for outdoor outings, but should not be substituted for DEET-based products if you're traveling in severe insect conditions where Nest Nile virus or malaria may be prevalent. Application Recommendations Use just enough repellent to cover all exposed skin and clothing, spreading evenly with your hand to moisten. To apply to the face, spray it in your hand and then spread it to your face and neck. When applying to children, do not use Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent on their hands to prevent the accidental spread of repellent to their eyes or mouth. Oil of lemon eucalyptus-based repellent products are safe for children ages 3 years and older. Reapply once per day as needed. Oil of lemon eucalyptus can be used on clothing and will not harm synthetic fabrics or gear made from synthetic materials. This product is designed for humans only, not pets. read more

Enviro Pro

An excellent natural repellent for getting rid of snakes which prefer to locate in stone piles, wood piles, around foundations of, garages, barns, sheds, in gardens, flower beds and landscaping, and near pools. Using snake scram can protect you, your children and your pets from unwanted contact with snakes. This product contents 3.5 Pounds. read more


It looks like mice and insects have met their match in Scotts Tomcat's Super Hold Mouse Size Glue Traps. So what do mice and insec...ts have to fear? For starters, a superior catch and hold formula that captures mice, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions and other insects. And besides its firm gripping abilities, these glue traps are completely safe to use, containing no pesticides and even perform in sensitive areas. They also come ready-to-use, have been thoroughly tested and proven to capture mice and insects, and are disposable. Ready to trap those mice and insects once and for all? Simply place one of Scotts Tomcat's Super Hold Mouse Size Glue Traps where desired, let it eliminate your pests one by one, and dispose of the glue trap. Pest removal doesn't get much easier than that. read more

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Pest Control Concentrate kills on contact and keeps protecting with residual and contact control. This concentrated makes up to 2 gallons and is approved for industrial, institutional or commercial use only. It is not for use in residential areas. read more

Bluedot Trading

Our Solar Powered Ultrasonic Mole Gopher Rodent Chaser Repeller is an environmentally safe and sound means for ridding your yard o...f annoying moles, gophers, and other ground rodents. Powered by solar power and a rechargeable battery, it repels these pesky pests and chases them away by sending ultrasonic vibrations through the ground. The ultrasonic vibrations make moles, gophers, and other rodents, believe they are in danger, and drives them from the area. read more


Cutter Citro Guard Candle repels mosquitoes and other flying insects. Made with real citronella oil.


Glue rat tray. Non toxic, disposable. Ready to use. Keep out of reach of children and domestic animals. Contains 2 traps.

Sierra Natural Science

Spider mites, White flies, Nematodes, Scales and other insects destroy plant cells by sucking out their fluids or chewing up the c...ell walls. SNS-209's unique formula works by allowing the plant to uptake a small amount of rosemeric acid from the rosemary plant. As the plant distributes the rosemeric acid throughout its cell walls, a barrier is soon constructed. When an insect starts to suck or chew on the plant, it comes in contact with the rosemeric acid and causes the insect to stop eating, move on or die. read more


No no-see-um is an all natural insect repellent. It is comprised of high quality essential oils which provide a pleasant scent. It... is always mixed in small batches to ensure maximum quality in every bottle. No No-see-um Natural Insect Repellent is made with superb quality, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved, essential oils, extracted solely from plants. Non-greasy and non-irritating. Safe to use on children. Vegan Certified. Made in America. read more


Dog stopper is an effective, non painful repellent that prevents most dog damage to garden beds and planting areas, while them from scratching, bedding down, spraying and leaving droppings in unwanted areas. Safe for use around fruits and vegetables. Made of organic ingredients. Dries clear and odor free and can be applied indoors or out. Covers approximately 1000-square feet. Ready to use with trigger sprayer. Available in 1-quart. read more


Quart, Concentrate, Tomato and Vegetable Spray. Protects from both insects, and diseases. This is an all natural formula that can used right up to day of harvest to protect gardens from bugs, and disease. Contains Sulfur for disease control, and Pyrethrin for insects. Kills aphids, mites, bugs, scale, caterpillars, whitefly, thrips. Also takes care scab, rust, powdery mildew, leaf spots, blight, brown rot, and more. For outdoor, indoor, and greenhouse use. read more


If you want to get rid of the mice in your house without having to see, touch, or kill them - this live trap is the ideal solution... for you! The Victor TIN CAT humane mouse trap allows you to catch and release mice without having to touch them. It catches up to 30 mice and is disposable or reusable, depending on your preference. Easy to set and bait, this live trap can be used around food, water, children and pets. read more


Deer stopper repellent works by smell and taste and will not wash off after a heavy rain. Lasts for approximately 30 days. Great f...or axis, moose, elk, blacktail, mule, whitetail and other deer damage. Endorsed by the national home gardening club. OMRI listed. Ready to use. Available in 35.2-ounce spray bottle. read more


Repel 100-Percent Deet Insect Repellent Pen-Size Pump Spray provides up to 10 hours of protection from mosquitoes that may carry w...est Nile virus. The convenient pen-sized applicator allows you to easily take it anywhere. read more

J T Eaton

The JT Eaton 209-W1GP Bedbugs Ticks and Mosquito Spray is a ready to use liquid with sprayer attachments to kill bedbugs, ticks, m...osquitoes and other insects. Simply spray on the infected area and the bedbugs will begin to die off. The active ingredients is Permethrin (0.50-percent) which effectively kills bedbugs and other insects. Professional label 1-gallon sprayer. The JT Eaton 209-W1GP Bedbugs Ticks and Mosquito Spray comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in material and workmanship. JT Eaton's mission is to manufacture and distribute products designed to eradicate pests. We continually seek out new ways to provide consumers with the knowledge and products they need to create a healthier and safer world. JT Eaton has been family owned and operated since 1932 and they manufacture and sell only the highest quality products. read more


Snail and slug control at its best. An alternative to traditional slug and snail baits, Sluggo contains iron phosphate and can be ...used around pets and wildlife. This product is labeled for use in vegetable gardens up until harvest and remains effective after rain or sprinkling. A pellet that breaks down into fertilizer! New lower rate, 1 lb. covers up to 2,000 sq. ft. read more


A broad spectrum insecticide, miticide and fungicide that controls numerous diseases as well as insects and mites. Use on, fruit trees, ornamentals, etc. Neem is ideal for use in organic gardens. read more


Repels mosquitoes that may transmit the Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue and West Nile viruses. It repels mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies..., gnats, no-see-ums, chiggers and fleas. It contains 15% DEET and is sweat-resistant. read more


Mosquito netting provides protection from the creatures in the night. Made of mildew resistant polyethylene material. Fine marquis...ette knit for extra protection. Reinforced edges and double reinforced corners with ties for durability. Dimensions: 30" x 73" x 33". Color: Olive read more


Features: effective 24/7 protection delivers broad-spectrum control for killing flies, mosquitos and ticks ideal for turn-out, tra...ining and trail rides under normal conditions. Long-Lasting repellency stays active for up to seven days. Uses unique combination of five active ingredients. Helps give horses' coat a healthy, oil-free shine. read more


Wasp, Hornet and Yellow Jacket Trap. Makes being outdoors safer, works all day, no chemicals, no poisons. 6 entry funnels attract ...from all directions. Special design lures insects in. Once in, never out. Durable, use it again and again. Contains one trap. read more


Cutter CitroGuard 11 oz. Candle is made with real citronella oil and repels mosquitoes and other flying insects with a burn time o...f up to 20 hours. read more

Tierra Garden

Get rid of slugs and snails with no effort - Fill SlugX with beer to attract and trap them.The trap has four funneled access point...s, three wells, and is completely portable. Since there is no poison involved, the Slug X will not cause harm to other wildlife. Use anywhere outside, even on deck or patio. Tierra Garden is an importer, designer and manufacturer of distinctive garden products that has developed a reputation for quality products and a broad selection of unique garden hard goods. read more


A powerful combination of Nylar insect growth regulator, Pyrethrin, Permethrin and MGK 264 provides up to 7 months of insect contr...ol. Use in homes, apartments, dorms, condos, attics, basements, kitchens, kennels. Controls fleas, ticks, roaches, ants, lice, beetles, grain and pantry insects, bed bugs, bees. Simply shake and lock valve for automatic discharge. Water based. read more

Premier Kites

This Honeycomb wasp trap is functional and beautiful. Made of high quality glass. Just pour a little sugar water inside and watch ...those entire unwanted wasp be conquered. You can hang it from a tree or a hook on a porch. Available in green color. Measures 5-1/2-inch width by 8-1/2-inch height. read more

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