Insect & Pest Control

To keep your yard and gardens looking beautiful, you need keep insects and pests out. There are a variety of options for insect and pest control, including no-fail chemicals and less-harsh nontoxic methods. Whatever approach you choose, you'll likely need to invest in a sprayer and gloves to apply the product.

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Hot Shot
$63.24 $60.87

Hot Shot Natural products offer homeowners the option of choosing alternative indoor insect controls without having to compromise ...on effectiveness. Hot Shot Natural Flying Insect Killer (Aerosol) contains lemongrass oil, a natural insecticide that kills by contact. It kills flies, mosquitoes and moths and is safe for use around children and pets. read more

Black Flag
$5.69 $4.99

Black Flag has killed more insects for more years than any other insecticide brand. In fact, the first black flag product was sold... in 1833. Since then, the brand has always stood for extremely effective insect control but the technology behind the brand has continuously evolved. read more


Acecap 3/8" systemic insecticide tree implants contain 98.9% Acephate for control of many tree pests including aphids, borers (inc...luding Emerald Ash Borer), gypsy moths, bagworms, webworms, budworms, cone worms, maple worms, oak worms, cankerworms, casebearer, citrus blackfly, tent caterpillar, elm leaf beetle larvae, honey locust mite, lace bug, leaf folder, leaf miner, Nantucket pine tip moth larvae, pine needle miner, scale (crawlers), thrips, whitefly, wooly adelgid and Zimmerman pine moth. One treatment provides season-long pest control in deciduous trees and up to two years control in evergreen trees. For use in ornamental trees only, with a diameter of at least 3 Inch. Not for use in edible fruit and nut trees or flowering crabapple trees. These small plastic implants contain dry-powder chemical that is double-encapsulated, meaning no exposure to the applicator or the environment. Acecaps are easily installed by tapping the implants with a hammer and bolt or dowel rod into pre-drilled 3/8" diameter holes in the lower tree trunk at 4 to 6 inch spacing. The cartridge head securely plugs the small wound made to the tree trunk and the active layer of cambium will soon grow over and close the implant site. Under normal moisture conditions, the chemical will move throughout the entire tree within 3 to 4 days for quick control. 10 Acecaps will treat a 14 inch diameter tree. read more


ALL-NATURAL Odor Neutralizer - No allergic reactions - Natural, botanical formula - Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Aerosol - Has no... ozonators, oxidizers, or enzymes - Cancel virtually all odors within seconds - Safely used on any water tolerant hard or soft surface - Leaves no lingering scent - does not mask offensive odors - Used directly on people, animals & anywhere in their environments X-O Deodorizer is a complex blend of natural essential oils extracted from select plants giving it a unique natural fragrance to neutralize odor molecules upon contact. SUGGESTED USES: Smoke (tobacco, cooking, fire) Must and Mildew Odors Pet Care (litter boxes, carpets) Bathroom (toilet, shower, clothes hamper) Health Car (diaper pails, bed pans) Kitchen (cooking odors, garbage, disposal, refrigerator) Clothing (footwear, laundry) X-O Deodorizer acts on contact to neutralize odor molecules. X-O is not a masking agent. Odors are actually eliminated by bonding with the odor molecules to form a neutral compound. X-O Deodorizer is natural, safe, non-toxic and economical. X-O Deodorizer is non-irritating, with no chemical or "perfumey" smell. X-O Deodorizer is authorized by the USDA and is environmentally safe and even contributes to the improvement of the environment. X-O Deodorizer has residual effects when sprayed on any washable surface. X-O Deodorizer, when diluted with water, can also be used in the laundry and is safe on fabrics. X-O Deodorizer is the choice of healthcare providers, veterinarians, environmental engineers and many other professionals for whom odors are a problem. Application of a spray is on an as-needed basis. Usually three to ten pumps of Ready-to-Use spray as a mist will deodorize a normal room depending on the severity of the odor problem. X-O may be sprayed into the air or onto a surface for best residual effect. It is safe to spray into air conditioning intakes. read more

$20.45 $20.01

Patented, all weather formula makes slugs disappear. Biodegradable and safe for use around pets and wildlife, worms, and read more

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Fogger6 with Odor Neutralizer creates a fine, penetrating mist that reaches deep into cracks and crevices to flush out and ...kill hidden bugs on contact. When used as directed, the clear, non-staining formula will not harm drapes, upholstery, fabrics, carpeting, bedspreads, floor tiles, wood floors, linens, furniture, walls, clothing, ceilings, shades or blinds. Kills both flying and crawling insects on contact. read more

Bed Bug Rid

This natural product formula, with residual effect (diatomaceous earth- lethal to insects) controls bed-bug infestations without t...he use of dangerous chemicals. Bed-Bug-Rid works as an indoor and outdoor insect killer on varied species, including cockroaches. Bed-Bug-Rid dries and leaves a fine coating of diatomaceous earth, that continues to kill eggs and larvae. The EPA suggests; "prevention and non-chemical treatment of infestations is the best way to avoid or eliminate a bed-bug problem.". read more

$230.00 $50.64

How It Works Bird-X Polycarbonate Bird Spikes are 100% effective, humane, and only require a single application for years of effic...acy. Prevent birds from nesting with irritating spikes that create a physical barrier to make surfaces uncomfortable or impossible to land. Tough, long-lasting polycarbonate material provides years of nearly maintenance-free protection. Transparent plastic material is light weight, low-profile, and invisible from a distance saving building aesthetics. Made from recycled materials, these spikes require no electricity and prevent the need for any dangerous or inhumane treatments such as poisons or traps. Bird-X Polycarbonate Spikes are extremely dense with branches designed to prevent openings. Highly effective and made of the best possible quality materials. Pests Repelled Polycarbonate spikes are ideal for use with medium-sized birds such as pigeons, grackles, starlings, crows, and blackbirds, and also make spaces unappealing for seagulls and gulls, sparrows, swallows, bats, some climbing animals, and more. Where to Use Ideal for use on ledges, beams, rafters, railings, window air conditioners, signs, windowsills, gutters, roof perimeters, awnings, support structures, chimneys, signs, lights, poles, trusses, building projects, in some situations statues or anywhere birds like to land, nest, or roost. Installation Spikes are easily installed with glue, nails, screws, tie-downs, or other method to attach to desired areas. No maintenance is generally required, but if placed under or tree or area where debris can clog the spikes, be certain to clean as necessary. Each box includes 50 linear feet of spikes measuring 6.5” (for 7”-8” coverage; spikes may be spaced slightly apart for wider coverage). Each spike segment measures 1ft long; 50ft box includes 50 one-foot segments. POLYCARBONATE BIRD SPIKES ARE MADE FROM 90% OR MORE RECYCLED MATERIALS read more

$36.39 $35.20

Repel Sportsmen Max Formula Aerosol repels mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, gnats, chiggers, sand flies and fleas for up to 8 hour...s. The 40-Percent DEET formula is the highest DEET concentration available in an aerosol. The higher DEET concentration means that you do not have to reapply the repellent as often as a lower DEET concentration. read more

$22.95 $15.19

Gallon, Ready to Use, Termite, and Carpenter Ant Control. Contains 0.2% Deltamethrin. Pyrethoid technology kills termites, and car...penter ants to protect your home from damage. Kills on contact, and keeps on working for up to 4 months for long-lasting protection. Ready-to-use spray for easy indoor, and outdoor insect control. Water-based formula that is odorless. read more

$13.45 $11.99

14 oz., Aerosol, Bedbug Spray. Kills bed bugs, fleas, ticks, dust mites, lice, and clothes moths. Also kills their eggs. Kills for... up to 2 weeks. Non-Permethrin formula. A great formula that will take care of all your bed bug and related insect problems. read more


Keep mice, rats and other pests out of your home with the superior technology of Rid Rite Electronic Pest Control Systems. Rid Rit...e pest control sytems emit an ever changing pattern of ultrasonic frequencies to help control pests and keep them out of your living space. It's easy to use just plug into any wall outlet. Each unit has Perimeter ControlTM which projects signals into the main areas as well as along the walls and baseboards where pests travel. The variable soundwave pattern prevents pests from adapting to one signal. The indicator light glows blue when the unit is active. Rid Rite Electronic Pest Control Systems provide year-round protection without the use of harmful chemicals or traps. Each system is pet and children safe. Pests hear the sound, you and your pets don't. read more

$85.36 $85.30

Use the Spectracide Immunox Plus Insect & Disease Control For Gardens (Aerosol) to keep your roses and flowering plants looking as... beautiful at the end of the season as they do in the beginning. Apply this easy-to-use product every 2 weeks. It is formulated to cure and prevent all major diseases plus control insects. read more

Esschert Design
$20.02 $19.99

When having guests on the patio, the last thing you want is pesky bees and wasps ruining your gathering. This glass wasp trap is e...ffective and decorative with its antique look cast iron frame. Attract the wasps with a sugary liquid; the trap is designed to have them enter through the bottom and not be able to exit. When trap gets too crowded, just take off the cork, empty the dead insects and it's ready to be filled again. Trap measures 3.7-inch long by 4.7-inch wide and over six-inch high. read more

Messina Wildlife

Messina Wildlife's Cat Stopper and Dog Stopper products are effective, non-painful repellents that prevent most cat and dog damage... to garden beds and planting areas, while preventing them from scratching, bedding down, spraying and leaving droppings in unwanted areas. Safe for use around fruits and vegetables and made of organic ingredients. These pleasant to use products all dry clear and odor free and can be applied indoors or out. Always test products on a small area before making application to ensure that it will not adversely effect fabric or other surfaces. Works by smell, taste and feel. read more

$11.03 $11.02

Make spraying liquid weed killers, insect killers, fungicides, and fertilizers easy with Ortho Dial ‘N Spray Hose End Sprayer. The... extended-grip design keeps your hands dry during application and the direct-connect design makes attaching Ortho concentrate bottles fast and easy. Also, there are 3 adjustable spray patterns and 14 dial settings, so you can trust that you are spraying the precise amount of product-every time. read more


The Safer Brand garden fungicide ready-to-use spray is ideal for controlling and preventing powdery mildew, black spot, leaf spot,... rust read more

Summit...responsible solutions
$113.22 $113.21

Mosquito Bits a larvaecide that kills mosquito larvae only. It is deemed organic by the USEPA. Bits are harmless to beneficial ins...ects, pets, birds, fish or wildlife. Kills quickly and lasts for up to 14days.Each Dunk covers 100 square feet of surface area. Perfect for Koi ponds, hydroponic systems, animal water troughs, bird baths, rain barrels. Sprinkle Bits wherever there is standing water or standing water will accumulate. For Fungus Gnats, sprinkle on top of the soil and water as usual. read more

$11.63 $6.97

Safer Brand moss and algae killer and surface cleaner effectively kills algae, mosses, lichens, liverworts and grime.

Global Instruments

Our Second Generation Pest A Cator Plus 1000 is an electronic device that utilizes a combination of electromagnetic technology and... ultrasonic technology and was specifically engineered for use in the smaller home, apartment or condo. Working as an aid in the control of rodents, our family of products helps keep your family safe and homes clean. The device is designed to cause a slight phase shift (delay) in the timing of the electromagnetic field which surrounds the wiring in the home. This "phase shift" is the primary reason that this technology has been shown to have some kind of an effect on pests, and more particularly upon rodents. The device functions by broadcasting an electromagnetic signal in a pulsing fashion with an on-off cycle in order to avoid the numbing effect obtained with any constant sensory stimulus. Additionally, an ultrasonic signal is broadcast by sweeping various frequencies and with a similar on-off cycle. This ultrasonic technology has been generally regarded as having the effect of repelling pests (particularly rodents), especially in open areas and in relatively close proximities to the source of the sound transmissions. We recommend the Plus 2000 for standard-size homes. Multiple units are needed for multiple stories. The direct plug-in feature is user friendly. Plug the unit into any 110V outlet within the home (the outlet should be unobstructed to allow the ultrasonic technology feature to work). Completely maintenance free! Not a chemical that washes away, no traps that require emptying dead or dying animals. Safe to use around children and household pets (except rodent type pets), the PEST A CATOR may actually help in reducing monthly exterminator costs. read more

$45.99 $37.61

Stop insects in their tracks with the Repel Outdoor Camp Fogger. This camp fogger isn't just made for the great outdoors: try it i...n the backyard, on the patio or bring it on a picnic. read more

$13.99 $13.73

Enforcer 16 oz. Flying Insect Killer. Kills flying insects both indoors, and outdoors. Kills flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other i...nsects. Provides 8 hour control against mosquitoes. Active ingredients include Tetramethrin, and Sumithrin. Provides quick knock down of these insects, and instant protection. read more


Tomcat Mouse Killer II effectively kills up to 12 mice (Based on no-choice laboratory testing) with one bait block while providing... effective station security. Resistant to tampering, the disposable station gives mice easy access to bait and keeps fingers out. The bait station can be used indoors. read more


The First Response Bed Bug Trap is designed as a permanent reusable monitoring device. It has a unique combination of heat, CO² an...d pheromones to attract and capture all stages of bed bugs. It comes with the initial set of lures and can then be reused with the refill kit. Each lure set lasts ten days. Bed bugs are invasive and are being found any place that people go; hotels, houses, apartments, condominiums, airplanes and even department stores and libraries. read more

$12.05 $11.92

Extra large sticky, non toxic cockroach traps. Our traps use a powerful natural attractant to lure roaches onto a sticky glue surf...ace. Traps should be placed along base boards, under sinks and near water pipes in warm, dark areas near a food supply. All traps are disposable and will last up to three months. Includes six traps per pack. read more

Summit...reponsible solutions.

Biological caterpillar and webworm control, that, when mixed with water, yields 12 to 24 gallons of material. Our convenient hose-...end quart makes spraying shade and fruit trees a breeze. read more


More Effective than Ultraviolet Light Alone, 6-Pack Fly Lure increases units effectiveness in eliminating house and garbage flies.... read more

Messina Wildlife

Messina Wildlife's Animal Stopper granular is an effective granular animal repellent for use in beds or as a perimeter deterrent f...or low level animal damage.  Animal Stopper contains no blood, bone or meat meal, instead using plant extracts to deter animals, giving it a pleasant smell.  Animal Stopper is applied approximately every 30-day, regardless of weather and watering.  Animal Stopper can be used to deter deer, rabbits, groundhogs and most other common pests from low level foraging, entry and nesting. Safe for use around fruits and vegetables, made of organic ingredients. These products work by smell and feel. read more

$33.38 $31.92

Kills Bedbugs with professional strength and quality.Will also kill fleas, ticks, and lice on canines and livestock.

Black Flag

Black Flag Pantry Pest Trap is disposable and attracts and traps moths and other pantry pests. It's safe for use in kitchens and p...antries. read more


Rabbit stopper repellent pump works by smell and taste and will not wash off after a heavy rain. Lasts for about 30 days. Ready to... use. Available in 35.2-ounce spray bottle. read more

Messina Wildlife
$15.99 $12.63

A liquid repellent to keep mouse and rats away from indoor storage areas, residences, sheds, garages and other spaces. Can be used... to deter these animals from foraging, entry and nesting. Safe for use around fruits and vegetables, made of organic ingredients. OMRI listed. read more

Skeeter Screen
$21.53 $21.52

This Skeeter screen spreadable biodegradable insect deterrent is perfect for creating an instant outdoor barrier for picnics and g...arden parties without having to use poisonous foggers. Simply broadcast around your backyard and the mosquitoes and other biting insects will be gone. Ideal for use in pet bedding and stables too!. read more

Hot Shot

Hot Shot MaxAttrax Roach Bait kills roaches and the eggs they carry. It kills both large and small roaches and lasts up to 6 month...s. The attractant draws roaches to the bait station and starts killing in hours. Each pack contains 12 child-resistant bait stations. read more

One Shot
$29.99 $12.49

Oneshot outdoor insect killer out performs our competitors 2 to 1 in laboratory test without additional bait. This highly effectiv...e slim flat panel zapper uses blue and green LEDs to attract more species of flying insects. Attractive slim design kills insects with minimal sound while reducing insect remains. The flat panel zapper features a rugged, weatherproof outer enclosure that prevents children, pets and wildlife from contacting zapping grid. The result is a more pleasant outdoor environment. This zapper is low maintenance so there are no messy bags or tanks to empty or lights to change. read more

Midwest Gloves & Gear

The TM14P02-EA-AZ-6 is a Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles combo pack containing gripping gloves, kneeling pad, trowel and ...cultivator. Perfect for kneeling, sitting, or playing around in the garden. read more

Bonide Chemical

Mancozeb with zinc 37.0%. A broad spectrum fungicide for use on a wide variety of vegetables and ornamentals. Controls leaf spot, ...downy mildew, blights, anthracnose, botrytis and other listed diseases. Use 2-5 teaspoons per gallon. Not for sale in NYS. read more

Pest Rid

PEST-RID is a natural, organic animal and garden pest deterrent. Its ingredients are used as bio-pesticide for organic farming so assured PEST-RID is safe for humans, pets and birds. PEST-RID deters lizards, snakes, iguanas, rabbits, frogs, toads etc. read more

Charcoal Companion
$19.99 $11.76

Knock their lights out. Keep bugs away from your next barbecue without resorting to unsafe insect sprays with the Charcoal Compani...on Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper. It's environmentally safe…unless you're a bug. The handheld bug zapper, shaped like a tennis racket, kills insects when they touch the surface of the net via an electric current. The net is made of 46 carbon steel wires. The zapper operates on two AA batteries (not included); for safety, it activates when you simultaneously press the two buttons on its handle. The bug zapper is safe for either indoor or outdoor use; however, please exercise caution when the zapper is activated as it will cause a shock. This is not a toy. The whole zapper measures 18" by 6.4", while the head of the zapper measures 10.4" by 6.4". read more


The RESCUE! SBTL Non-Toxic Stink Bug Trap Light works in conjunction with the RESCUE! SBTR Non-Toxic Reusable Stink Bug Trap. It i...s a special blue LED attachment that fits over the rescue stink bug trap. The trap and light work on their own without re baiting. No odor, no mess and insects dehydrate for easy disposal. RESCUE!'s goal is to design, manufacture and market the safest, most effective pest control solutions available. Our products are the result of exhaustive and ongoing research and development, decades of experience and a commitment to solutions that respect the environment without sacrificing results. Established in 1982, RESCUE! pest control products have never used poisons or toxicants to kill pest insects. read more

Leg Up Enterprises
$23.22 $15.07

The solution to your problems with pesky raiders destroying your shrubs and eating up your garden. This product fools groundhog, r...abbit, skunk and small rodents into thinking that a fox is near so they'll go elsewhere to find their dinner. It's all natural and it mimics the behavior of wild animals. No animals are harmed in this process and it's easy to use. read more

Innovative Pest Control
$66.00 $65.45

Kit includes 4 Antopia 6 ounce bait stations plus 1 quart of Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait. The Antopia bait station is a weather-resist...ant bait dispensing system with several unique patented features. Antopia employs Feeding Float Technology which reduces evaporation, keeps ants from drowning and make it easier for ants to access the bait and return to their nests, where they share the bait with the colony. Antopia bait stations hold up to 6 ounces of liquid, gel or granular bait in a spill-resistant configuration. Kills ants 24/7 while protecting the environment and beneficial insects. Integrated ABS cover protects the bait from heat, UV light and contamination. Securely anchors in the ground. View ports let you check bait level without disturbing the station. Sturdy construction for years of service. Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait is a boron-based bait that is attractive to most common household ants. It is particularly attractive to the types of ants that have extremely large colonies. The bait is carried back to the colony to kill the queens and has been proven effective by independent university based research conducted in both urban and agricultural settings. read more


How It Works: The unique blend of ingredients in this product helps trigger escape/avoidance behavior in iguanas. Iguanas use thei...r sense of smell as they hunt for food. This product provides a powerful scent/taste repellent that iguanas find unpleasant and which triggers a natural reaction in iguana to leave the area. This product does not harm iguanas, but it drives them away, naturally. read more

Just Scentsational
$15.40 $14.95

Garlic Scentry by Just Scentsational harnesses the power of organics to fight insects and repel unwanted yard and garden pests. Ga...rlic Scentry is the chemical free alternative and the all natural, humane way to safely repel pests from fruits, vegetables, flowers and grasses. Garlic Scentry is a powerful liquid garlic that has multiple uses around the home and garden. Garlic Scentry is absorbed into the plant and protects it from the root to the flower with no noticeable change to taste for humans, but safely repels deer and rabbits with taste and odor. 32oz sprayer of ready-to-use Garlic Scentry covers 15,000sf. read more

$77.77 $77.56

This owl decoy provides a natural way to protect your garden or plants. Has a very realistic look with reflective eyes. Safely sca...res away birds. read more

$65.28 $64.24

Cutter Skinsations Insect Repellent Pump Spray repels mosquitoes that may transmit the Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue and West Nile vir...uses. Cutter Skinsations Insect Repellent Pump Spray contains aloe and vitamin E to moisturize skin. The formula is not greasy or oily, and it has a clean, fresh scent. The 360 degree spray pump sprays at any angle. read more

Hot Shot

Hot Shot Natural* Home Insect Control contains lemongrass oil, a natural insecticide and is safe for use around children and pets.... It kills roaches, ants, spiders and other listed insects by contact. read more

$11.17 $11.13

Quart, Ready to Use, Go Away Deer Repellent. Spray on all crops to keep deer, and rabbits away. This is an all natural formula. Fo...rmula works by taste, and irritation to keep animals out of gardens, flowers, and shrubs. Can be used on edible crops up to the day of harvest. Safe to use around kids, and pets. Will not harm animals, simply just scares them away. read more

$45.24 $41.69

Gallon, Tree and Shrub Drench. Apply at the root zone to provide year-long protection against tree, and shrub damaging insects. includes protection against emerald ash borer. Systemic action protects entire tree. Formula will not wash off. Formula contains Imidacloprid insecticide. read more


The Safer Brand 3-in-1 Ready-to-Use Garden Spray works as a fungicide, an insecticide, and a miticide with it's unique formulation... combining effectiveness of insecticidal soap with our popular sulfur based fungicide. Safer Brand recognizes the growing demand by consumers for these products, offering a wide variety of natural and organic solutions for lawn, garden, landscape, flowers, houseplants, insects and more read more

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