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For a classic, cultivated look on your home’s exterior walls, choose BEHR MARQUEE Flat Exterior Paint. Featuring the most advanced... dirt and fade technology available from BEHR that keeps your home looking freshly painted longer. This gorgeous... read more


For a classic, cultivated look on your home’s exterior walls, choose BEHR MARQUEE Flat Exterior Paint. Featuring the most advanced... dirt and fade technology available from BEHR that keeps your home looking freshly painted longer. This gorgeous... read more


BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Satin Enamel is a stain-blocking paint and primer that features the most advanced dirt and fade resistant te...chnology from BEHR. MARQUEE creates a tough, non-stick surface that helps resists dirt along with advanced fade... read more


This outdoor mosquito trap uses a pheromone lure to attract the female culex mosquitoes. Culex are the ones that spread west nile ...virus and equine encephalitis and are very common in most of the US and Canada. The trap works by utilizing a pheromone that the mosquitoes use to mark a good spot to lay their eggs. They mark the spot to make it easy to find again to lay more eggs. With that pheromone in this trap, it attracts them in and they cannot get out. read more


XCLUDER 162743 Rodent Control Fabric Rolls are a USDA/ASHIS tested tool that keeps rodents and pests from entering buildings with ...a stainless steel wool barrier. Current Integrated Pest Management practices recommend this method over baiting and trapping the animals inside of the building. The coarse stainless steel wool and poly fiber forms an environment friendly barrier that keeps rodents and insects out without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Once wedged into a space, the steel mesh expands to fit securely within small holes and crevices. The coarse stainless steel and poly fibers prevent rodents from chewing or pushing through XCLUDER. The result is an impenetrable, abrasive barrier that stops pests from entering your home or business. Other steel wool or copper mesh solutions can rust or discolor, but XCLUDER is made from high quality stainless steel wool, and won’t rust or stain. Once XCLUDER has been placed it won’t need to be replaced, this is a permanent solution that will not rust or corrode over time. This is a pack of three rolls, each four inches by five feet long. XCLUDER products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. XCLUDER is committed to providing the best tool for pest control professionals and homeowners. Our non-toxic, environment friendly exclusion solutions keep your home safe from pests without unnecessary violence. Our products are used all over the world, in facilities ranging from hospitals and hotels to restaurants and warehouses. read more


The TrapStikTM for Wasps catches paper wasps, carpenter bees and mud daubers. The TrapStikTM for Wasps uses new VisiLureTM technol...ogy to lure these stinging insects with appealing colors and a multi-dimensional pattern. Wasps are attracted by the colors and patterns on the TrapStikTM, then get stuck to the adhesive surface. Wasps are lured to the sticky surface and once stuck, they expire on their own. Hang TrapStikTM for Wasps under eaves to catch nesting paper wasps, mud daubers and carpenter bees. Water resistant and made in the USA. read more

Bonide Chemical

A complete liquid fruit tree spray containing Captan 12%, Malathion 6%, Carbaryl 0.3% and a spreader sticker. Simple to use. No pl...ugged nozzles. As little as 1-1/2 tablespoons per application. Excellent for the home orchardist. Not for sale in CA. read more


Completely portable, this lightweight propane-powered fogger is the most economical way to kill mosquitoes, biting flies, and insects. The secret is in the microscopic particles it produces - up to 7 times finer than mist! The fog floats and penetrates deep into landscaped areas where mosquitoes hide - killing mosquitoes on contact and creating a 'mosquito-free' zone for up to 6 hours. In about 5 minutes, the fog is gone so you can start enjoying the outdoors again. Takes an average of 10 minutes to treat a 5,000 square foot yard. Ideal for use in your campsite or before backyard picnics, barbecues, outdoor parties. This is the same effective system used by professionals to kill mosquitoes that may carry the Zika virus or West Nile virus. For best results, use only with Repel, Black Flag, or Cutter branded Fogging Insecticides. For outdoor use only. read more


Is made from the plant growth regulator napthaleneacetate (NAA). This product is widely used in commercial agriculture to prevent ...suckers and as a thinning agent on fruit trees. Sucker-Stopper RTU is used to prevent suckers and water sprouts on apples, pears, olives, non-bearing citrus and woody ornamental plants. read more

Toland Home Garden

Are wasps and yellow jackets ruining your family picnics? don't like those industrial wasp traps from the hardware store that use ...dangerous chemicals? try these classic glass wasp traps made from a high quality, thick glass in a classic beehive shape. These wasp traps are an all-natural way to control wasps and they hang beautifully in any garden or outdoor living space. A sturdy cork top keeps the pests from getting away after they enter from the always-open bottom and a stylish wire hanger adds to the appeal of this lovely trap. Not only do these wasp traps look good, but they work great as well. Simply fill the inner reservoir with just a little soda or sugar water to attract the wasps and once they are inside they are stuck and you can enjoy your outdoor gatherings. Juice such as apple cider or orange juice will work great, and they are particularly fond of tiny bits of meats like ground beef or roast beef if you have them in an area where the smell isn't going to bother you. They also feature legs so that these wasp traps can either be placed on a table or hung to protect your party. These wasp traps are stylish, functional and don't require the use of harmful chemicals - an organic and natural way to manage wasps and protect beneficial bees. Bonus tip: some apple cider vinegar and just a touch of dish soap in one of these hung over your sink will attract and kill fruit flies!. read more


Ramik label. All weather bait kills rats and mice indoors and outdoors. Bait combines food processing technology and patented proc...edures to create an unusually palatable and highly attractive rodenticide. Fish flavored and high protein appeal to attract rodents even in the most difficult weather conditions. Contains 45 pieces of 43 gm mini bait packs. read more


How It Works: The unique blend of ingredients in this product helps trigger escape/avoidance behavior in snakes. Snakes use their ...sense of smell as they hunt for food. This product provides a powerful scent/taste repellent that snakes find unpleasant and which triggers a natural reaction in snakes to leave the area. This product does not harm snakes, but it drives them away, naturally. read more


Combat liquid ant baits mimic ants’ natural food sources, so ants ingest more bait when feeding on a this liquid bait. The liquid easier for ants to pickup, carry back to the colony, and share with other ants. This allows the bait to spread through the colony and kill the source of your ant problem. Ants can also feed faster on the liquid than typical baits, resulting in a quick and thorough kill. Simply open and place the baits down in your home where you are seeing ants and combat liquid ant baits will start to protect your home non-stop. read more


The JT Eaton 198 Pest Catchers Mouse Size Peanut Butter Scented Glue Board features an adhesive specifically developed to remain e...ffective in a variety of temperatures, including cold temperatures where other brands stiffen and stores under small enclosures and hard to reach areas to attract and catch mice. This mouse sized glue board uses an artificial peanut butter scent that is non-allergenic and sticky so mice sink further into the adhesive for better capture. Famous Pest Catchers non-drying, non-flowing glue retains it superior holding power indefinitely for a no mess, no poison, control and disposal option. These traps are made of thicker plastic and are heavier than competing brands to resist chewing and escapes by larger aggressive mice. These glue boards are made for use in multi-catch traps, on the inside and outside surface of pipes and folded into tunnels. This 2-pack of traps measures 7.375-Inch by 4.75-Inch and comes with English and Spanish labels and instructions. The JT Eaton 198 Pest Catchers Mouse Size Peanut Butter Scented Glue Boards come with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in material and workmanship. JT Eaton's mission is to manufacture and distribute products designed to eradicate pests. We continually seek out new ways to provide consumers with the knowledge and products they need to create a healthier and safer world. JT Eaton has been family owned and operated since 1932 and all their products are made with quality. read more

Charcoal Companion

Keep the bugs away from your next barbecue without resorting to unsafe insect sprays with the Amazing Handheld Bug Zapper! Shaped a tennis racket, the zapper kills insects on contact with a low-voltage electric current. A "Game Over" message is printed on the net to "warn" bugs of their impending doom. Zapper requires 2 AA batteries that are not included. The whole zapper measures 18.7 by 7.5 Inch, while the head of the zapper measures 9 by 7.5 Inch. The bug zapper is safe for either indoor or outdoor use; however, please exercise caution when the zapper is activated. This is not a toy. read more

Jacks Juice

Jack's Juice Bug Barrierprovides provenprotection against mosquitoes, deer flies, chiggers, ticksand other biting bugs. 25% formul...a protects for 5hours from 1 application. Exclusive 360 degree spraying method for easy application. Contains DEET. read more


Tomcat rat and mouse bait place.-Tougher than a barnyard cat for controlling rats and mice.-Tuman food-grade ingredients and enhan...cers, for a bait so palatable that rats and mice.-Kills rats and mice in 4-6 days.-Size: 3 Ounce. read more

Black Flag

Black Flag Roach Motel helps clear infestations in your home and also traps water bugs, palmetto bugs, spiders and scorpions conti...nuously for up to 4 months. read more


Disease control for roses, flowers and shrubs. Controls black spot, rust, powdery mildew, blight and other common plant diseases. ...Works on contact. Safe to use around children and pets. This product contents 24 ounces. read more


Introducing the only scientifically-proven, non-toxic fungus gnat control: Gnat Nix! It's not just free of harmful pesticides and ...chemicals, it's made from 100% recycled glass. Plants love it. Gnats don't. University trials have proved Gnat Nix! used as a top dressing creates an effective physical barrier against fungus gnats. Unlike other top dresses that are limited to one phase of control, Gnat Nix! controls gnats at different stages of their lifecycle. It prevents adult emergence from hatching larvae and deters females from laying eggs in the growing media. As a result, the lifecycle of fungus gnats is interrupted and the population significantly reduced. All you need to do is apply approximately 1/2"- 3/4" thick layer of Gnat Nix! top dressing to fully cover the surface of the growing medium in your growing containers. Make sure the entire top surfaces of all your growing containers are fully covered at all times. Irrigate gently to avoid disturbing the protective physical barrier of Gnat Nix! That's it!. read more

Mann Lake

Para-Moth is used to control wax moths in stored supers. Place 3-ounce (6 tablespoons) on a paper plate and place on top bars of u...ppermost super. Stack 5 deep supers or 9 shallow supers and cover with a tarp. Equipment should be aired for several days before use. Do not use in the hive or with cut comb honey or un-extracted combs of honey. Comes in 1-pound canister. Measures 3-3/4-inch diameter by 5-7/8-inch height. read more


The EGO Power Chain Saw truly delivers Power Beyond Belief. The 14 in. bar and chain, combined with a hi-efficiency brushless moto...r provide smooth cuts. The brushless motor extends the life of the tool and the run time. The advanced EGO POWER+ 56-Volt... read more


The Ranger 2-in-1 pole saw/chainsaw is lightweight and easy for anyone to use. The chainsaw has a 10 in. bar and chain that is per...fect for trimming small to medium sized branches. The powerful 8 Amp engine drives the saw with a 10 in. kickback bar and... read more


If you’ve wondered whether a cordless chainsaw could perform as well as gas, Ryobi has your answer. The new 14 in. 40-Volt Chainsaw includes features to make your cutting experiences just as efficient as a gas unit. With a 40-Volt lithium-ion... read more


The Remington 46cc 2-cycle engine delivers powerful performance. Take on your next yard challenge with the 18 in. bar and chain eq...uipped with large gripping spikes and low kickback chain to safely get the job done. The Spring Assist Starting Technology... read more


The simplistic, compact and lightweight design of this electric chainsaw makes it easy for anyone to use and is a must have for ev...ery home owner. Ideal for first time users, quick jobs and/or light duty limping and pruning of small to medium sized... read more


The ECHO CS-490-20 features a 50.2cc professional grade 2-stroke engine and 20 in. bar. At 10.6 lbs., it's the lightest weight saw... in its class. Great saw for large landowners, farmers/ranchers, firewood cutters and homeowners. read more


Keep your trees looking tidy with the Ryobi One+ Lithium-Ion Pole Saw. This cordless pole saw operates at 6.5 ft. or 9.5 ft. with ...the extension pole and features an 8 in. bar and chain for trimming away branches up to 6 in. Dia. With an in-line motor... read more


The Remington RM4522TH Hedge Wizard trimmer has dual action cutting blades, which are titanium coated to stay sharper longer. The ...4.5 Amp electric motor propels the 22 in. blade, making cleaner cuts with less vibration than a single blade. The 3/4 in.... read more


The ECHO 58-Volt Cordless Chain Saw is the most advanced, professional grade high voltage cordless Chain Saw in the industry. Feat...uring a unique brushless motor designed to deliver superior power, run time and durability, the ECHO Chain Saw delivers... read more


The Worx WG320 Max Lithium Cordless JawSaw has all the features of the standard JawSaw plus cordless convenience. Powered by our 2...0-Volt Max lithium battery, the JawSaw is now portable and free of cords. This cordless JawSaw is the lightweight,... read more

Sun Joe

Cut Off, tackle tough cutting jobs with the newest addition to the iON tool series the Sun Joe iON16CS 40-Volt 16 in. cordless saw is the Core Tool for you. This cordless dynamo is also engineered with a powerful 600-Watt brushless motor for... read more


This ECHO chainsaw has engine ignition timing that is computer controlled to improve performance at idle and through tough cutting... applications. This unit comes with a 5-year consumer 1-year commercial warranty. read more

Blue Max
$79.97 $49.99

This Blue Max electric chainsaw is easy to maneuver around tight spaces, giving you the ability to trim small shrubs. The powerful... motor's 3500 RPM make cutting tasks go quickly and the mechanical brake system stops the chain from moving in 0.1 sec.... read more


Powerful performance and convenient operation make this Ryobi cordless chain saw a great choice. The tool-free chain tensioning ma...kes for easy chain adjustments. It is ideal for quick clean-up jobs and heavy pruning. read more


The Makita 20 in. 50cc Chain Saw (EA5000P53G) combines a high power-to-weight ratio with easier starts and less vibration for a fu...ll range of applications. The 50cc engine delivers 3.9 HP, with an Easy Start spring-assisted starter. The Touch and Stop... read more


The Remington RM2599 Maverick Gas Pole Saw is an easy-to-use pole saw designed to cut limbs and branches without a ladder. It has ...a 25cc 2-cycle engine with QuickStart technology to make pull starts easy. An 8 in. bar and chain are mounted on a 7 ft.... read more


Committed to Zero Emission in the Yard, Greenworks continues to strive for greater performance and higher efficiency in our lawn t...ools to close the gap between battery operated and gas operated products. Greenworks DigiPro Brushless G-MAX Series not... read more


The Remington 55cc 2-Cycle engine delivers powerful performance. Take on your next yard challenge with the 20 in. bar and chain eq...uipped with large gripping spikes and low kickback chain to safely get the job done. The Spring Assist Starting Technology... read more

Cub Cadet

This Cub Cadet chainsaw is ready for all yard challenges, as its chain is equipped with large gripping spikes. For safety, there low kickback chains, and the spring assist starting technology makes it easier to start. Anti-vibration handles... read more


The Ryobi 18 in. 46 cc Gas 2-Cycle Chainsaw has the power to handle all your jobs around the home. It features a large pro-grade and chain and an anti-vibe handle for smooth operation. Safety features include an inertia-activated chain brake and a... read more


The Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw steps up your power and still gives you the convenience of cordless. Powered a hig...h-capacity lithium-ion battery, this cordless chainsaw runs long and hard, and the battery works with all other Ryobi... read more


Eliminate the pain of burdensome, laborious outdoor chores like removing unsightly brush and dead trees with the Earthquake CS4518...B gasoline chainsaw. With a bar length of 18 in. and a powerful 45cc Viper engine, the CS4518 has the bite to tackle any... read more


Get those hard to reach areas with the WEN Electric Pole Saw. It's portable, handy and lightweight. The right tool for the tight j...ob. Powerful 5.2 AMP motor, extends to 9 ft. Offers you a safety switch for the trigger, tool free chain tensioning... read more


The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 is ideal for cutting large branches, pruning limbs or storm damage clean-up. This chainsaw features a 15 powerful motor for demanding cuts. The CS1518 is designed with a 18 in. Oregon low-kickback bar and chain for improved... read more


The Earthwise 24-Volt cordless pole saw means you don't need to drag the ladder out to cut those hard to reach branches. The teles...coping fiberglass pole and the ten inch Oregon bar and chain will extend your reach to over 9 ft. high. And there are... read more


The 5 Amp engine and 24 in. cutting bar is ideal for shaping the tops of taller hedges and maintain the areas at the base of hedge...s. The pivot head allows trimming in 5 different positions. While the reliable titanium-coated blades cut smoothly and... read more


The BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 10 in. Chainsaw features a 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Battery for long run-time and long life stays charged ...up to 5x longer. A 10 in. premium Oregon low kickback bar and chain provides smooth and fast cuts. This chainsaw includes... read more


The ECHO 20 in. Gas 59.8 cc Chain Saw is ECHO's highest horsepower per displacement chain saw. It is based on the CS-600P engine a...nd has 15% more power than the CS-600P. This gas chain saw features a full wrap handle, Performance Cutting System, a... read more

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