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Dining in the living room in front of the television has long been a favorite way to enjoy meals, especially, more than likely, fo...r your husband. Those unsightly TV trays take away from the beautifully decorated atmosphere that you ve worked hard to create. If you ve come close to giving up this battle, the solution is finally here! The Dartmouth Leather Tray ottoman offers the perfect way to dine away from the table and in stunning style. This ottoman is carefully crafted of high quality bonded leather, which comes in a gorgeous, easy-to-match espresso brown shade that allows that indescribable visual appeal of leather to really shine through. The top of this ottoman, though, is not like any ottoman you have ever seen before. What appear to be four upholstered leather cushions are actually four individual trays! Simply lift one of the four trays, flip it over, and you now have a large (17 x17 ) wooden dining tray in a beautiful mahogany shade. The padded leather, that previously was the top of the ottoman, is now a comfortable rest for the tray on your lap. This large (35 x35 ), square ottoman is the only way to allow family to dine away from the table without creating an undesirable mess of tacky trays. Plus, the trays are also a great way to just hold glasses or desserts without worrying about placing them on the leather. Simply turn over as many trays as needed (they fit right in place, even when flipped) for the coffee table space you need. read more

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