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The Spice Lab

Make your BBQ the best tasting BBQ you have ever had this year. The Spice Lab Sea Salts BBQ Collection includes eleven of the tasting salts money can buy. The collections are presented in affordable, portable, and fancy packages, excellent for kitchen countertops. The Spice Lab was nice enough to supply a reference card to help understand which salt pairs with what type of food item. The Spice Lab Sea Salts BBQ Smoked Collection is a perfect gift for your aspiring chefs, culinary students, co-workers etc. Practically anyone will appreciate these amazing sea salts. The Spice Lab Sea Salts BBQ Smoked Collection Includes: No. 6 Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt No. 7 Applewood Smoked Sea Salt No. 8 Hickory Smoked Sea Salt No. 51 Viking Smoked Oak Salt (Medium) - Denmark No. 93 Smoke Cyprus Flake Finishing Sea Salt No. 97 Wild Garlic Cyprus Flake Finishing Sea Salt No. 118 Hot Habanero Pepper Sea Salt No. 127 Smoked Chipotle Sea Salt ??? Infused Sea Salt - USA No. 130 French Lavender and Rosemary Sea Salt - USA No. 133 Hawaiian Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt No. 203 Seneca Grape Vine Smoked Salt The Spice Lab Sea Salts BBQ Smoked Collection Features: Award Winning Collection - Featured in O Magazine Features 11 amazing BBQ Salts Made in the USA Includes a reference card for best food pairings Housed in Pyrex test tubes with all-natural cork stoppers Tubes sit in a handmade wooden base made from reclaimed cedar Each test tube contains between .7 to 1.3 Oz of salt depending on the density of the salt Includes a free presentation box Comes with a small wooden spoon for serving BBQ Salts Collection Weight: 6.5 lb The Spice Lab BBQ Smoked Salts Collection Dimensions: 8 x 3 x 7 inches read more

The Spice Lab

Explore the wonderful world of exotic salts with The Salt Lab Gourmet Salt Collection. This collection of salts from around the wo...rld will tantalize your taste buds and open up new seasoning possibilities with the 11 varieties of salts offered. The salts come in Pyrex glass tubes with natural cork stoppers. Each tube of salt contains 0.6 to 1.3 ounces of salt, depending on the salt's density. The Salt Lab Collection Features: 11 different gourmet salts Come in Pyrex glass tubes Natural cork stoppers Small wooden spoon included Handcrafted wooden base Wood base is branded with the Everything Kitchens Logo (while supplies last) Made in America Includes 11 Different Exotic Salts from Around the World Indian Black Kala Namak - Mineral Salt from Pakistan Bolivian Pink Sunset - Mountain Salt from Bolivia Qab-Nab Taab Fleur de Sel - Sea Salt from El Salvador Bali Pyramid - Sea Salt from Bali Pacific Ocean Kosher Flake - Sea Salt from California Cyprus White Flake - Sea Salt from Cyprus French Fleur De Sel - Sea Salt from Guerande, France Murray River Pink Flake - River Salt from Australia Hawaiian Red Alaea - Fine Sea Salt Rosemary Cyprus Flake - Sea Salt from Cyprus Applewood Smoked - Sea Salt from Washington State read more

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