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From mild and soothing to robust and flavorful, teas come in a wide range of delicious varieties. Shop online for tea bags and loose leaves in flavors including black tea, chai tea, chamomile tea, Earl Gray tea, ginger tea, green tea, herbal tea, and organic teas.

We started with a caffeinated south Indian black tea blend, then added papaya, mango, pineapple, and coconut pieces mixed with red... safflower petals until we had the tropics. This aromatic, full-bodied, brisk tea pairs perfectly with nearly any fresh fruit you choose. read more

Special Tea

Chamomile, lemon peel, hibiscus, with lemon flavor. Start with cold water and bring water to a boil. Add tea leaves, one heaping t...easpoon per cup of water. for iced tea, add one level tablespoon. Pour hot water over leaves and steep 3-6 minutes. Remove or strain tea and enjoy. read more

J.R. Watkins

Rid your home of dirt and grime without using harsh toxins. J.R. Watkins s All-Purpose Cleaners quickly remove grease and grime most surfaces. read more

Coffee Bean Direct

After the tremendous response we had in offering White Tea, we decided to get an even higher grade. Originating from the Fujian pr...ovince in China, Peony White Tea is plucked in the early Spring. These buds and leaves are steamed and dried immediately after picking, which helps retain the natural health benefits in the tea. read more

Coffee Bean Direct

Rooibos is only grown in a small area in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape province of South Africa. It contains no caffein...e, and provides plenty of health benefits that have made it a very popular alternative to tea in recent years. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, it is a natural and healthy choice. Rooibos brews up a naturally sweet, dark red infusion. read more

Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea

A fine Indonesian and Central American blend brought to our darkest roast. The flavor is rich and smooth without the inherent dark... roast bitterness. Full-bodied and smooth with a wonderful sweet aroma. read more

Yogi Tea

From the Manufacturers Label:This Joint Comfort tea has aand, unique blend of botanicals. Naturally Decaffeinated Organic Green Te...a joins Organic Turmeric Root, Yucca Root, Cats Claw Root, and Devils Claw Root. Enjoy the pleasant blend anytime during the day or when you need a little Joint Comfort. read more

Yogi Tea

From the Manufacturers Label:This Green Tea Kombucha has been updated for todays lifestyle. Yogis special formula combines Kombuch...a with Organic Green Tea. Spearmint is in this formula, and Plum and Lemongrass combine to create a fragrant tea with a light, fruity flavor. Enjoy a delicious, delightful and soothing cup of tea. read more

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From the Manufacturers Label:Hand picked black tea delicately blended with real oil of bergamot and Calabria, Italy. Carefully ble...nded with flavorful and aromatic bergamot, a recipe like no other.Sit back, relax, and make tea time your time to refresh your mind, body, and spirit! read more

Prince Of Peace

From the Manufacturers Label: Oolong Tea is is also know as Wu-Long tea. This tea in semi-fermented, combining the best qualities ...of black and green teas. Prince of Peace Oolong tea is hand-picked, delightly aromatic with a mild flavor and bright golden color. read more

Yogi Tea

From the Manufacturers Label:Caffeine Free Ginger TeaIn this Organic Ginger tea, there is a unique blend of herbs and spices to co...mplement gingers piquant flavor. Yogis Ginger tea tastes delicious and offers the highest quality of a timeless herb.Get the Most Out of Every Cup! read more

Coffee Bean Direct

Assam Tea is grown in the northeast parts of India. It creates a thick, strong, and malty brew with a dark reddish brown coloratio...n. read more

Coffee Bean Direct

Sencha is one of the most popular varieties of green tea. Sencha green teas are rolled, steamed, and then pan fired as a means to ...seal in flavor. Sencha tea leaves are flat and slender with a bright green coloration. read more

NOW Foods
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From the Manufacturers Label:Sometimes you just gotta go, Senna Herbal Tea helps you get going. It is made with only one ingredien...t, Senna leaves. read more

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Developed exclusively for Amazon, our Northwest Blend features a fragrant wood-like aroma with black cherry notes and smooth cocoa... finish. read more

Unique Bargains

Brand new and high quality.Easily clamps tight to keep tea or spices secure.A handle to suspend into hot beverages.Filter tea, cof...fee, hot brine ingredients and soup.Use it in kettle, pots, cups, etc.Ideal for spices or loose leaf tea. read more

Professional Formulas

New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus) - 8.4 fl. oz (250 ml). Also known as: Red Root.BotaniPure herbal products are made from the ...highest quality raw ingredients available. Organic or wild harvested sources are utilized whenever possible. Each recently harvested herb is analyzed and processed concentrated and combined via BontaniPure proprietary methods to assure full extraction activation and utilization of the herb's constituent levels. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program or before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition. Ingredients: Serving Size: 1 TeaspoonAmount Per Serving / % DVNew Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus) Leaf Wild-crafted extract ratio 1:2*Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.Daily Value not established.This product contains no sugar, starch, salt, preservatives, corn wheat, soy, milk derivatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or additives. Dosage: Use as directed by a healthcare professional. read more


This wine is from United States, Pennsylvania region. If you grew up in rural Pennsylvania, chances are you've consumed your share... of rhubarb. Pies, teas, jams...for a few months a year, it seems like it's everywhere and in everything. The roots of the Keystone State's rhubarbiness go all the way back to our favorite insanely industrious and pioneering founding father, Ben Franklin. Aside from leading a revolution and discovering electricity, Franklin was an avid agriculturalist and best friend of botanist John Bartram. In fact, Franklin brought the first rhubarb seeds from Europe to America as a gift for Mr. Bartram in 1771. (Bartram's Garden in Philadelphia is America's oldest botanical garden. If you haven't visited, you really should.) Point in fact, rhubarb originally came from China, where it was used as an herbal tonic. In the late 18th century, cane sugar became more affordable, which changed the way rhubarb was enjoyed. Upon discovering the capacity of sugar to release the wonders of the plant's intrinsic flavor, rhubarb migrated from a fold tonic to a tasty treat. Legend has it, Bartram was so enthused with rhubarb, he concocted a lovely garden tea showcasing his new botanical prize. We were mulling over this story when we came up with the idea of creating our own Art in the Age garden spirit in Mr. Bartram's honor. We are proud to offer you RHUBARB Tea! RHUBARB Tea features a botanical bounty of beets, carrots, lemons, petitgrain, cardamom, pure cane sugar, and of course, Batram's prize rhubarb. All organically certified and delicious. A confident 80 proof spirit that's tangy but not too tangy-sweet, but not too sweet. Crisp and refreshing, but with a hint of spice. We guarantee there's never been anything else like least not since 1771. (Oh, and just to let you know, finding a source for organically certified rhubarb was quite a feat, so please savor every drop.)INGREDIENTS Rhubarb Rhubarb's unique flavor is the botanical backbone of RHUBARB Tea, bringing a tangy, but not too tangy, and sweet, but not too sweet, flavor that's crisp and unlike anything else out there. Finding a source for organically certified rhubarb was quite a feat, so please savor every drop of RHUBARB Tea! Beets With their deep and hearty flavor, beets add a subtle richness, with just a touch of sweet. Carrots Crisp and fresh, carrots offer a bright, clean earthiness. Lemon We use American-grown, pesticide-free, certified organic lemons to give RHUBY a bright and fresh flavor reminiscent of a summer garden. Petitgrain An essential oil extracted from the green twigs of the bitter orange plant, petitgrain possesses its own characteristically unique aroma, which adds a refreshing floral note to RHUBY's finish. Cardamom A member of the ginger family, cardamom's strong, unique flavor is a welcome addition to RHUBY's well-rounded spiciness. Pink peppercorn Made from dried berries of the shrub Schinus molle, these tasty little jewels are feisty and flavorful. Their deep rounded pepperiness is wrapped in a subtle sweet fruit, pink peppercorns lend RHUBARB Tea a different kind of spicy heat.. Coriander The seeds of the coriander plant have a delicious citrusy flavor when crushed. They add an exotic, spicy, and nutty warmth reminiscent of the faraway spices used in the original rhubarb tea. Vanilla Though primarily and commonly associated with Madagascar, the vanilla bean plant is actually native to North America! Vanilla beans are the fruit of the orchid genus Vanilla, which is native to Mexico and the southwest United States. We've used vanilla in RHUBY both for its unique flavor and aroma. Pure cane sugar RHUBARB Tea is distilled from a pure organic cane sugar base. Not excessive read more

Coffee Bean Direct

English Breakfast is a traditional blend of Chinese Keemun and other black teas. It gets its "breakfast" namesake from its strong,... heavy flavor and dark colored brew that stands up well to milk and sugar. read more

Starbucks Coffee Company

Spiced Black Tea Latte Concentrate A rich blend of flavourful teas, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom vanilla Add Milk Enjoy! More than 2...,000 years ago: Tea drinkers in the Himalayas discovered an amazing blend of full-flavored teas, aromatic spices like cardamom, cinnamon and ginger, and yak butter. Tazo Chai is the descendent of that brew, authentic in every way, save for the substitution of milk or soy, as yaks can be hard to find. Tazo is an enticing source of wonder, inspiration optimism. To ask questions, share observations or simply have a bit of human contact call us at USDA Organic. Certified Organic by QAI . read more

Mystic Chai

What a great flavor to warm you up or refresh your day! Experience the soothing and refreshing taste enjoyed by travelers for cent...uries with Mystic Chai. read more

Irwin Naturals
$21.99 $16.49

Oolong Matcha Tea have long been a key ingredients in traditional Eastern medicine, prized in Asian culture for over four millenni...ums. This Oolong and Matcha Tea formula combines four distinct varieties of teas, along with other traditional Asian... read more

Herbal Authority
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Pure Herbal Extract SupplementSupports Antioxidant HealthGreen Tea contains flavonoids which are natural phytochemicals. Green Tea... is known for its beneficial antioxidant qualities. read more

Bluedot Trading

Trading's floating LED tea light candles add elegant ambience to your wedding, party, event, or a simple relaxing romantic evening....  Also great for restaurants, bars, event venues and businesses.  They turn on automatically when placed in water. read more


This 32 oz of Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate lets you experience the real taste of Indian tea. Every sip is a delicious experience a rich blend of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla. This Tazo concentrate comes in a 32 oz container that can be... read more

Mystic Chai
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What a great flavor to warm you up or refresh your day! Experience the soothing and refreshing taste enjoyed by travelers for cent...uries with Mystic Chai - imply the best Chai Mix in the world read more

Boca Java - Roasted To Order Coffee

With the Coffee, Tea & Cocoa Sampler you’re prepared for any weather that winter may throw at you. Sit back, relax and sip on ...something gourmet. This gift set includes the following hot beverages: One 8oz bag of Organic Pure Peruvian Coffee. This is an exceptionally bright and light bodied, single origin, Organic certified coffee. With a light to medium roast you can really taste that this coffee is made from the highest quality, top 2% of Peruvian Arabica beans. Hints of subtle chocolate please the palate, complete with a long finish. 18 Pyramids of Caribbean Green Tea - A sweet and tropical tea picked from premium green and oolong tea leaves blended with hibiscus, rose petals, cornflowers, calendula, mango and pineapple. This tea has sweet and fruity floral tones and medium body. One 7.5oz tin of our New Fine Sipping Cocoa – The Original Chocolate Chips - This classic cocoa invites you to experience the smooth and creamy hot cocoa you know and love. Made with both milk and dark chocolate chips, it uses Fair Trade and other delicious Organic ingredients. One 7.5oz tin of our New Fine Sipping Cocoa - Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon Cocoa - This Dark Chocolate & Cinnamon Cocoa allows you to indulge your senses with the rich and exotic ingredients that keep you warm on a cool day. Made from Fair Trade dark chocolate, a hint of Indonesian Cinnamon and other delicious Organic ingredients.The Coffee, Tea & Cocoa Sampler Gift Set comes ready to gift-and-give in an elegant box adorned with a stylish bow. read more

Coffee Bean Direct

This is a very unique and unusual tea. Pu-erh is a post-fermented tea from southwest China. It is unusual because, unlike other, it is often aged before consumption. It is not impossible to find Pu-erh teas that are up to 50 years old. While our Pu-erh isn't entering its golden years, it is still a fine tea, and something you may not have tried before. It produces a dark red liquor with a full-bodied, earthy taste. read more

ESP Tea Emporium

Yes. The liquid gold from Canada has joined the green tea leaves. Dive into an exceptional taste experience of sweet, viscous mapl...e syrup and crunchy walnuts. A hint of brittle adds the perfect touch to this tea: the hymn “Oh Canada” in a slightly different tune. read more

$20.51 $5.98

Enjoy crisp, refreshing Lipton iced tea from a convenient gallon-size bag! Using real tea leaves specially blended for iced tea, o...ur Master Blenders crafted this delicious blend to capture as much natural tea taste and aroma as possible. Simply one tea... read more


From the Manufacturers Label:To make Green Tea with Pomegranate, Bigelow uses only the finest quality tea that has been grown in h...igher-elevation gardens and gently pressed to bring out the teas natural, smooth flavor. The exciting taste of pomegranate is then masterfully blended with delicate green tea before wrapping each tea bag in its own protective pouch to seal in all the wonderful flavor and freshness. read more

Lifestyle Awareness

From the Manufacturer:Respiratory Balance tea promotes Holy basil that can be used to increase clarity of breath while soothing li...corice and mullein combined with spicy cinnamon gives you a clear, deep flavor that will nourish your well-being. Sip and be well! read more

Prince Of Peace

From the Manufacturer:Prince of Peace Pu-Erh Tea is freshly harvested from a tea plantation that uses one of the finest teas from ...China. This Pu-Erh Tea undergoes a full oxidation (fermentation) process which causes the leaves to turn black and gives them their characteristic flavor and aroma. Pu-Erh Tea is a popular, delicious tea you can enjoy any time of day! read more

English Tea Store

English tea store's borengajuli estate tea is from the mangaldai region of north east India and is a malty, pungent 2nd flush Assa...m. read more

Marshall's Creek Spices

This caffeine-free burst of raspberry in your cup is really as juicy & really as sweet as the fruit itself. Delicious hot or i...ced; For fun, make ice cubes using SerendipiTea's Really Raspberry to bring additional Zing to good old H2O or any carbonated beverage.Ingredients:Apple, Hibiscus, Raspberry, Raspberry Flavor (Natural), Rose Hips. read more

Piping Rock

Supplies the natural benefits of organic tea Has a smooth taste and tart, cranberry-like flavor Delicious to enjoy hot or cold Nat...urally caffeine-free tea read more

Piping Rock
$2.99 $2.29

Gives you the natural benefits of tea Has a smooth, pleasant taste Naturally caffeine-free tea

Piping Rock

Quality matcha green tea enjoyed for centuries. Contains naturally occurring catechins, EGCG, & tannins. No artificial color, ...sweetener, or flavor. read more

Piping Rock

Made of mulberry leaf & other health-supportive herbs** Used in traditional Chinese wellness practices Supports blood sugar le...vels already within normal range** Sugar controller tea has a nice, natural flavor Naturally caffeine-free tea read more

Piping Rock

Made of wild apocymum venetum from northeast China Used to support blood pressure already within normal range**

Piping Rock

Supplies the natural benefits of organic tea Has a smooth taste and tart, cranberry-like flavor Delicious to enjoy hot or cold Nat...urally caffeine-free tea read more

Marshall's Creek Spices

A warm fragrant infusion of spices & fruit reminiscent of a traditional mulled cider. Enjoy while lounging before a toasty fir...eplaceIngredients:Apple, Apple Flavor (Natural), Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Mango Flavor (Natural), Rose Hips. read more

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