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The Ginger People Gin Gins Original Chewy Ginger Candy Ginger has become the rockstar of all roots, constantly surprising health f...ood advocates with its many new applications for health and wellness. But, while pickled ginger and raw ginger are incredibly good for you, they’re not always the preferred way to consume this nutritious staple. Instead, the Ginger People have created a popular line of Gin Gins Original Chewy Ginger Candy that curbs sweet cravings and also acts as a remedy for bouts of nausea or stomach upset. Each piece is individually wrapped in a resealable 3 oz. bag, which makes it especially convenient to take on the go for those who get frequent motion sickness when traveling. Gin Gins Original Chewy Ginger Candy is made of only three all-natural ingredients: cane sugar, ginger, and tapioca starch. With no refined or processed ingredients, and no additives mixed in, these flavorful candies are tasty and nutritious, too. They are non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. They are also low-calorie and free of trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, all of which makes Gin Gins a guilt-free pleasure. What is ginger? Like turmeric, ginger is a rooted plant, found primarily in tropical locations including Asia, India, and the Middle East. The thick root is initially covered by a brown-colored skin that’s shaved off to reveal the “meat” underneath. White or yellow in color, its distinct smell and spicy, zesty flavor is quite unique and versatile, and it can be used in soups, curries, cookies, and even beverages (although with large amounts of sugar, Ginger Ale is not the best example). Health benefits of ginger Ginger-based foods like Gin Gins Original Chewy Ginger Candy are made from a root that has incredible versatility and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. The use of ginger has been shown to provide numerous health benefits. Even better, ginger is a great-tasting spice that can be used in a lot of different recipes. The Ginger People’s confection is not only a sweet treat that eases the stomach and pleases the palate, it also has other health benefits that can help in achieving a better quality of life and may reduce the risk of some diseases. Here are just some of its powerful uses. Eliminates nausea and vomiting: Ginger root has long been used to treat stomach ailments, and scientists now know why. Two compounds found in ginger work as natural stimulants and anti-inflammatory agents, allowing the digestive tract to quickly settle down and recover after a bout of indigestion. This makes ginger a healthy and convenient alternative to over-the-counter medicines whenever stomach upset happens. In much the same way, ginger is a useful food for curing a hangover, too. Stops bacteria and viruses from spreading: The inevitable cold or flu is bound to make anyone sick from time to time. However, including ginger in a regular diet can have serious benefits when trying to keep these germs at bay. Ginger is effective in inhibiting rhinovirus, which is the culprit behind the common cold. Bacteria that causes foodborne illness, such as salmonella, can also be stopped with a little bit of ginger. Eases pain and inflammation: Aches and pains are experienced by millions of people every day, and ginger has proven its worth in battling some of the most uncomfortable conditions. This powerful root can nix headaches and control the pain and swelling from arthritis. For women, it’s also a quick fix for menstrual cramps. Helps control blood sugar: Managing blood sugar is never easy, especially for diabetics. Fortunately, ginger can be a natural way to keep levels in check and help the circulatory syst read more

The Ginger People

Gluten-free. Non-GMO Project Verified. The Ginger People Boost Ultra Strength Ginger Candy - 11 pk.. .

The Ginger People

Made with 10% Fresh Ginger A Soothing Travel Treat!/ Good for all Modes of Travel & Activity The Original Ginger Chew All Natu...ral / Gluten Free 20 Calories per Piece A Message From The Ginger People® We're delighted to treat you to our yummy line of... read more

The Ginger People

Made with fresh ginger 20 calories per piece All natural Gluten free A soothing travel treat! Good for all modes of travel & a...ctivity. All natural Fat free Gluten free Vegan Made with fresh ginger Stimulating & delicious Free Of Gluten and fat.... read more

The Ginger People

Made with Fresh Ginger All Natural Gluten Free 20 Calories Per Piece A SOOTHING TRAVEL TREAT! Good for All Modes of Travel & A...ctivity All Natural Gluten Free Made with Fresh Ginger Fat Free Vegan Stimulating & Delicious America's #1 Selling Ginger... read more

The Ginger People

Made with Ginger Juice Sweet Ginger 7 Calories per Piece All Natural Gelatin Free A Soothing Travel Treat! Good for All Modes of T...ravel & Activity All Natural Fat Free Gluten Free Gelatin Free Made with Ginger Juice Stimulating & Delicious Disclaimer... read more

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