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Lobster is one of the most elegant seafood varieties that can turn any meal into a special occasion. Shop online for Maine lobster flatbread, Maine lobster and seafood casserole, Maine lobster tail, Maine lobster dinners for four, lobster tail samplers, lobster soup, Maine lobster mac and cheese, live Maine lobsters, and Maine lobster clambakes.
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<span><span><span>The first and only book about the tiny red phenomenon Red's Eats, where loyal patrons will wait for an hour or m...ore for a rich, succulent lobster roll. Debbie Cronk, whose family has owned Red's Eats for more than 30 years, shared stories and memorabilia for the book. Red's has legions of fans across the U.S. because 90% of Maine tourists pass by this iconic lobster shack beside Route one in Wiscasset. As the Frommer's review points out, this Maine roadside eatery has received more than its fair share of national ink and TV attention. Added to that are the huge number of internet postings that continue spreading the word about Red's, many of them echoing the opinions of CNN/Money's review: Red's is not fancy, just perfect.</span></span></span> read more

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Sweet, tender chunks of whole Maine lobster meat are blended with cream and sauteed onions and wrapped in made-from-scratch egg pa...sta. The sauce is made with white wine, basil and butter. Simply boil pasta, heat sauce and you've got a gourmet dinner... read more

Omaha Steaks

The taste of our Lobster Tails will amaze you! Choice Lobster Tails from the warm waters of the Caribbean are deliciously sweet an...d succulent and they're a breeze to prepare. Serve them at your next occasion. INGREDIENTS: Lobster, Sodium... read more

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Tempting recipes for every occasion including soups; appetizers and light snacks; mousses, pates and terrines; salads; pasta, nood...les and rice dishes; fried and grilled dishes; pies and baked dishes; casseroles, stews and slow-cooked dishes; and sauces for fish and shellfish. Easy-to-follow recipes mean any standard of cook can achieve delicious results every time. Each recipe is illustrated with an enticing photograph of the finished dish and includes practical step-by-step instructions and a full nutritional breakdown. read more

Robert Rose
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<p> <b><i>Tasty and innovative recipes that show just how creative a home cook can be with a simple can of fish.</i></b> </p><p>... Canned seafood is ready when you are. It's a quick alternative to fast food and it's generally lean, healthful and convenient. A lot of cans are also interchangeable, so you can substitute what you have on hand which is something you can't do with fresh seafood. And the best part is that you need look no further than your kitchen cupboard for the beginnings of a fantastic dish. </p><p> This book includes traditional and updated recipes, new creations and canned twists on classic fish dishes. The key to cooking with canned seafood is that it has to be treated as a different species from fresh fish -- its flavors and textures are different. These delicious and creative recipes work with these differences and elevate canned seafood into something sublime. </p><p> The recipes feature canned seafood that can found in virtually any supermarket across America: tuna, crab, salmon, mackerel, cod, sardines, sprats, kippers, anchovies, roe, shrimp, clams, oysters, mussels, squid and octopus. Although canned fish is perceived as economical, depending on your budget and taste, you can buy high-end ones at high-end prices -- you can upscale or downscale your recipes depending on what seafood you choose. This flexibility is yet another bonus when cooking with canned seafood. </p><p> There are a number of icons identifying recipes that are: </p><ul> <li>Fast = if a dish takes less than half an hour, it's been noted</li> <li>Kid-Friendly = chances are there are plenty of kids who will like it</li> <li>Healthy = dishes that includes lots of veggies or fiber and little fat except for a reasonable amount of olive oil</li> <li>Brown Bag = pack it for lunch and avoid fast food</li> <li>Entertain = special occasion food</li> </ul></p> <p> And along with all the recipes, Susan has included interesting product, historical, consumer and nutritional information on each ingredient, making the shopping choices less confusing. </p> read more

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Lobster aficionados, unite! From lobster rolls and lobster chowder, to lobster mac and cheese and the classic lobster dinner, the ...charming pocket-size <i>Totally Lobster Cookbook</i> will satisfy lobster purists and adventurers alike. read more


Crack large and small shell pieces of lobster, crab and other shellfish with the help of these unbreakable 7" utensils. The PETP-p...lastic crackers have a non-slip surface that lets you maintain a grip. Dishwasher safe. Made in Switzerland. read more

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<p>Lobster has long been thought of as a staple of haute cuisine and a dish of indulgence, something that only a true expert in th...e kitchen can perfectly execute. <br><br>From Matt Dean Pettit, chef and owner of Rock Lobster Food Co., comes a collection of more than 100 simple and delicious lobster recipes showing how fun, easy, and stress-free cooking with lobster can be.<br><br>A lobster lover since he was a little boy, Matt Dean Pettit started Rock Lobster Food Co. after an eye-opening experience on the East Coast. He had eaten lobster everywhere he could find it, from fresh-off-the-dock to dive bars, and was left wondering why lobster could be so readily available (and so reasonably priced) at the source but reserved for high-end restaurants across the rest of the country. He pledged then and there to bring lobster to the masses. <br><br><i>The Great Lobster Cookbook</i> includes more than 100 of Matt?s best recipes?from the famous Rock Lobster Roll and the Classic Lobster Boil to Lobster Eggs Benny, Lobster Poutine, and even a mouthwatering recipe for Vanilla Bean Lobster Ice Cream. Star chefs, such as Mark McEwan and Roger Mooking, also share their favorite lobster dishes. <br><br>With easy-to-follow recipes, notes on lobster anatomy, and basic cooking techniques, Matt demystifies the lobster, highlighting its versatility and taking readers on a cross-country journey into its world, from claw to tail. <br><br>A new cookbook classic for every lobster lover, <i>The Great Lobster Cookbook </i>shows that lobster doesn?t need to be reserved for special occasions. Join the Crustacean Nation and get cracking.</p> read more

Creative Cookbooks
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Recipes for Sea Food contains recipes on how to prepare and serve fish, oysters, clams, scallops, lobsters, crabs and shrimp. <P>T...his book also contains: An Expert Treatise on Fish as a Food - Advice to the Cook - Time Tables for Cooking - Tables of Measures and Proportions - Rules for the Kitchen - Terms Used in Cooking - Practical Points - Household Hints - Extracts from the Game Laws of Massachusetts. <P>Recipes for Sea Food was originally published in 1913. read more

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<div></div><P>Other than that it tastes delicious with butter, what do you know about the knobbily-armoured, scarlet creature back at you from your fancy dinner plate? From ocean to stock pot, there are two sides to every animal story. For instance, since there are species of lobsters without claws, how exactly do you define a lobster? And how did a pauper?s food transform into a meal synonymous with a luxurious splurge? To answer these questions on behalf of lobster the animal is Richard J. King, a former fishmonger and commercial lobsterman, who has chronicled the creature?s long natural history.<BR></P><P>Part of the Animal series, King?s <I>Lobster</I> takes us on a journey through the history, biology, and culture of lobsters, including the creature?s economic and environmental status worldwide. He describes the evolution of technologies to capture these creatures and addresses the ethics of boiling them alive. Along the way, King also explores the salacious lobster palaces of the 1920s, the animal?s thousand-year status as an aphrodisiac, and how the lobster has inspired numerous artists, writers, and thinkers including Aristotle, Dickens, Thoreau, Dal, and Woody Allen.</P><P></P><P>Whether you want to liberate lobsters from their supermarket tanks or crack open their claws, this book is an essential read, describing the human connection to the lobster from his ocean home to the dinner table.</P> read more

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With its vibrant color, its delicate and luscious flavor and its excellent nutritional value, it's no wonder that lobster is such ...a favorite. Yet for all its specialness, lobster is actually an affordable luxury when made at home. And as a food, the meat in a one-pound lobster has only 98 calories, 13 milligrams of cholesterol (less than the same amount of skinless chicken) and is high in the Omega-3 acids known to help reduce cholesterol levels.<BR><BR>More than five years in preparation, <i>Lobster at Home</i> will teach anyone, from the most inexperienced novice to the seasoned professional, to master the art of cooking lobster. Written clearly and with care for important detail, <i>Lobster at Home</i> goes far beyond any other seafood cookbook. It explains everything from how to choose just the right lobster for a delectable dinner to how to extract every last morsel of meat from a cooked lobster. A treasure trove of information, it also contains completely reliable chapters on lobster anatomy, the basic cooking techniques and the essential equipment. Recipes cover the full range of dishes: soups, chowders, stews, salads and sandwiches, as well as pot-pies, pastas, risottos and classic main courses, along with a special chapter on chefs' creations. Now you can easily turn out restaurant favorites such as Lobster Bisque, Baked Stuffed Lobster and Lobster Fra Diavolo right at home, and at a fraction of the cost.<BR> <BR> Among this book's unique features:<BR> <BR> -a beautiful illustration showing how and when to select lobster, helping the cook know at a glance when hardshells and soft-shells are available, as well as the best prices<BR> <BR> -a handy chart giving cooking times for each size of lobster<BR> <BR> -a list of recommended sources for mail-ordering live lobsters<BR> <BR> -many recipes that call for the use of already-cooked lobster<BR> <BR> From cover to cover, this is a book that welcomes all kinds of lobster lovers who have always wanted to cook lobster at home for family and friends. read more

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<DIV></DIV><P>Other than that it tastes delicious with butter, what do you know about the knobbily-armoured, scarlet creature back at you from your fancy dinner plate? Food writer Elisabeth Townsend herecharts the global rise of the lobster as delicacy.</p><P></P><P>Part of the EdibleSeries,<I>Lobster: A Global History </I>explores the use and consumption of the lobster from poor man?s staple to cultural icon. From coastal fishing in the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution and modern times, Townsend describes the social history of the consumption of lobsters around the world. As well, the book includes beautiful images of rarely seen lobsters and both old and contemporary lobster recipes.</P><P></P><P>Whether you want to liberate lobsters from their supermarket tanks or crack open their claws,this isan essential read, describing the human connection to the lobster from his ocean home to the dinner table.</P> read more

Storey Publishing
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<DIV>Among these 55 mouthwatering recipesyou'll discover extraordinary renditions of classic lobster dishes--including bisques, s...alads, lobster rolls, and grilled or steamed lobster--as well as inventive new items, such as lobster and corn salad with jalapeno johnny cakes, lobster and arugula pizza, lobster and red bliss hash, and lobster and pea shoot salad in toast cups. You'll even find recipes for side dishes and desserts that pair beautifully with lobster, resulting in meals that you'll never forget! </DIV> read more

The History Press
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The mighty lobster roll is best enjoyed at a picnic table under a red umbrella accompanied by the sounds and smells of the sea. Th...e perfect roll is all in the execution, and the variations are subtle but nearly endless--from top-sliced to buttered or mayonnaise-based. Blogger extraordinaire Sally Lerman chronicles her quest for the perfect bite in Lobster Rolls of New England." Savor mouthwatering descriptions of forty coastal lobster rolls, their storied venues, luscious photos and recipes for some of the lobster roll's best complements. Discover the surprising history of the first trademarked lobster roll. Devour the very best New England has to offer, from Downeast Maine's Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound to Captain Scott's Lobster Dock in New London, Connecticut." read more

Down East Books
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<span><span><span>Everyone loves lobster - especially Maine lobster. This fun, fact filled book brings the reader on the lobster's... journey from ocean floor to plate, stopping along the way to get to know the people and places of Maine's iconic industry.</span></span></span> read more

Neiman Marcus

Split Maine Lobster Tails Details split into halves so they're ready for the oven or grill. Ships uncooked and frozen. Broil for 5...-6 minutes; turn and broil an additional 5-6 minutes. Order includes eight half tails. Serves four. Made in the USA. Perishable items are shipped to you directly from our vendors. Therefore, if you need to cancel an order, we must receive the cancellation at least four days prior to your requested delivery date. We added all garnishes as inspiration for your own read more

World Market

Enjoy the luxury and great oceanic taste of Giovanni's Lobster Pate. Spread over crackers, fresh bread, or even vegetables for a s...avory and velvety smooth hors d'oeuvre that tantalizes the senses with the richness of Italian - inspired pate made of fresh, juicy lobster. read more

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