Halibut is a whitefish from the Northern Pacific that's known for being pleasantly mild. It's a versatile fish that can be prepared in cuisines including Asian, Italian, and Indian. Shop online for halibut fillets to serve at your next family gathering.
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Favorite recipes for a popular fish. Halibut has become increasingly popular in fish stores and supermarkets nationwide. The firm..., succulent flesh of halibut is low in fat and well suited for all cooking methods. This collection includes 120 recipes traditional favorites along with 40 new ones from award-winning author and chef Karen Barnaby, one of North America's leading seafood chefs. Halibut: The Cookbook surveys the culinary and natural history of the fish, and provides tips on how to choose the freshest catch at the store. Conveniently organized by meal course, Halibut includes marinades, curing instructions and different cooking methods. The recipes are easy to follow, ranging from simple dishes to elaborate meals. Here are samples of the 120 recipes: Grilled halibut steaks with pink peppercorn chive butter Baked halibut tapenade crust and caponata Riesling braised halibut with tarragon and chives Alaskan halibut chowder. Comprehensive and clearly written, Halibut: The Cookbook will be welcomed by home chefs who have long enjoyed this popular fish, as well as those just adding it to their list of favorites. read more

Trafford Publishing

Looking to create an astonishing meal out of that prized catch or a culinary delight from a wonderfully fresh fish?  Look no ...further.  Experienced Alaskan sport fishing chef, TJ Weston, dishes up a hearty serving of his signature recipes in a delicious new cookbook, fittingly titled: Eat, Fish and Be Happy. A highly skilled and very talented chef, Weston has been responsible for exclusively preparing menus featuring some of Alaska's freshest seafood during the summer months for the past several years in Sitka, Alaska where he has been the Executive Chef at a premier lodge.Looking good enough to devour, each unique recipe in the book makes your appetite sizzle! "With some quality fish and this straightforward approach, someone can easily prepare these recipes in the comfort of their own kitchen, and really enjoy cooking," encourages Weston.Successful and creative, Weston offers an extensive repertoire of perfected recipes in an array of cuisines.  His vast experience allows delicious preparation of otherwise tricky ingredients for cooks of all skill levels.  Weston can guide anyone who loves to cook or entertain to effortlessly organize and serve delicious meals - from a romantic dinner for two on a picnic blanket, to a lavish dinner party with several dozen guests.Many guests at the lodge often got into cooking spirits with Weston when he featured his recipes on the evening menu.  The flavor and presentations left them wanting more as he eagerly offered instructions for how to prepare even the most intimidating entrees in their own homes, and variations to satisfy all tastes and preferences.  A welcomed opportunity for the chef that has been satisfying America's most discerning clientele for years. read more

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Catch and Prepare California Halibut is a concise guide for the California halibut, Paralichthys californicus. It contains a basic... overview of the species, including its range and prey. Popular catch methods are included, and rich photography and images are found all throughout the guide. California halibut is mild tasting and lean fish and can be cooked in a variety of ways. In this book, you'll find step-by-step guides and full color photos for filleting a whole halibut as well as how to remove the often-overlooked halibut cheeks. For new ways to prepare halibut, look over the chart with the descriptions of different cooking methods, or try the tested recipes that are included. From cover to cover, you'll learn all about the California halibut, with new and best ways to catch and prepare this great tasting fish. read more

Saltry Press

This lovely cookbook features 60 delicious, easy-fixing recipes from The Saltry Restaurant in Halibut Cove, 30 of Marian Beck's vi...brant paintings, and wonderful petite stories accompanying each painting that describe life in Halibut Cove, where the locals fish out the front door, gather their own coal from the beach, and go clamming in the dark of night when winter's minus tides fall. Marian's favorite recipes: Sable Fish Chowder, Smoked Salmon Yam Yums, Pesto Halibut, Shiitake Potato Cakes, Mom's Rhubarb Custard Pie. read more

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