Rich in good essential fatty acids, nuts are a healthful part of any diet. Shop online for favorite nuts and nut products including almonds, nut butters, candied nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, mixed nuts, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, and pistachios.
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Setton Farms

Delectable, sweet and delicious, roasted almonds pop with a sweet taste. Roasted and lightly salted.

Piping Rock

Satisfy your snack cravings with each deliciously wholesome crunch. Raw & Unsalted. For snacking, baking and cooking.

Modern Oats
$39.49 $38.99

From the Manufacturer:Late for the flight and dont have time for breakfast? Ditch the soggy, fat filled airport alternatives, and ...jump on the plane knowing you packed your favorite blend of whole rolled oats, Washington state apples, and California Walnuts. Sit back, relax, and watch the sun rise.Each cup is 2.75 oz. read more

$19.00 $15.86

White Jordan Almonds are ideal for wedding receptions. The popular nut is slightly roasted then coated with white candy. You'll be... sure to have plenty of Jordan Almonds wedding favors at your next special occasion with this 44-ounce package. read more

Sunfood Superfoods

Sunfood Superfoods - Raw Organic Brazil Nuts 454 g. - 1 lb. Sunfood Superfoods Raw Organic Brazil Nuts are raw, certif

Now Foods

Brazil Nuts may not be as popular as other nuts, but don’t be fooled – these little fellas are packed with just as much nutrition.... Native to the Amazonian rain forests of South America, Brazil Nuts are one of the richest known natural food sources of selenium, an important dietary mineral. They’re also a good source of magnesium. read more

Go Raw
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From the Manufacturer:Nutty and delectable, our sprouted sunflower seeds are full of nutrition that tastes amazing. We never get t...ired of hearing customers tell us that these are the best sunflower seeds theyve ever tasted. read more

Setton Farms

These delicious, crunchy raw almonds are so very versatile. Eat them by the handful as a snack. Sprinkle them onto your favorite f...oods as a topping. Add them to recipes for crunchy texture and a delicate flavor.Almonds are a wonderfully delicious source of nutrients. Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. One serving of almonds (28g) has 13g of unsaturated fat and 1g of saturated fat.1. read more


SunButter grinds specially selected and roasted sunflower seed into SunButter Natural No Sugar Added Sunflower Seed Spread, a nutr...itionally packed spread that can function as a direct peanut replacement read more

Setton Farms

These hearty nuts are native to the Amazon region and are very versatile. They make a wonderful snack on their own and they can be... used in a variety of ways to bring some crunch to your favorite recipes. Chop them up and add them to baked goods, sprinkle over yogurt or make a pesto.Brazil nuts are high in calories just like other tree nuts, but those calories are nutrient-dense. One ounce of Brazil nuts delivers 187 calories, 4 grams of protein, 45 milligrams of calcium, and 187 mg of potassium.1 And, Brazil nuts are a good source of the mineral selenium.21. read more

Piping Rock

An initial crunch gives way to nutty, creamy goodness with this perfect anytime snack! Roasted & Unsalted. For snacking, bakin...g and cooking. read more

Piping Rock

Melt-in-your-mouth, guilt-free goodness in each bite. Organic. Whole hulled sunflower seeds. Raw and unsalted. For snacking, bakin...g and cooking. read more

Piping Rock

Can a snack be truly creamy and crunchy? These delectable almonds will hit the spot! Roasted & salted. For snacking, baking an...d cooking. read more


Each almond is bursting with creamy, nutty flavor that'll have you reaching for more! Raw & Unsalted. Organic almonds. For sna...cking, baking and cooking. read more

Organic Prairie

Beef, cranberry, and sunflower seeds team up for a hearty, protein-rich meat bar that will blow your taste buds away. Organic Prai...rie Mighty Bars are made from cattle that graze on organic pastures and never receive any grain, antibiotics, or hormones. In fact, they’re the very first certified organic, 100% grass-fed beef meat snacks ever to hit shelves! These wholesome pick-me-ups are conveniently packaged for busy, on-the-go lifestyles and are completely shelf stable. read more


Enjoy your snack time with these crunchy and salted Spanish Redskin Peanuts from Planters. A good source of five vitamins and mine...rals, these Spanish peanuts offer a healthy snack option, perfect for anyone who likes to munch. These Planters Peanuts... read more

True North

True North believes in re-imaging snacks, and turning simple, everyday nuts into surprisingly delicious snacking experiences. True... North Almond Pecan Crunch Nut Clusters combine freshly roasted almonds, pecans and cashews, a dash of sea salt, and just... read more

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Artisana - Raw Walnut - 8 oz. (227 g)Artisana Raw Walnutis a good source of Omega-3 fatty aci

Shiloh Farms
$15.29 $10.73

Shiloh Farms - Organic Raw Whole Almonds - 11 oz. Shiloh Farms Organic Raw Whole Almonds are a crunchy treat straight


Justin’s squeeze packs provide a naturally delicious source of portable, on-the-go-protein. All of Justin’s nut butters are gluten...-free, dairy-free and vegan. They're made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally and sustainably as... read more


Justin’s squeeze packs provide a naturally delicious source of portable, on-the-go-protein. All of Justin’s nut butters are gluten...-free, dairy-free and vegan. They're made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally and sustainably as... read more


Justin’s squeeze packs provide a naturally delicious source of portable, on-the-go-protein. All of Justin’s nut butters are gluten...-free, dairy-free and vegan. They're made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally and sustainably as... read more


Showcase your accomplishments, while preserving them for years to come. The clear acrylic faceplate on Award-A-Plaque easily lifts... to change documents. It includes a blank Certificate of Award and four decorative tacks. The frame conveniently hangs... read more


Justin’s squeeze packs provide a naturally delicious source of portable, on-the-go-protein. All of Justin’s nut butters are gluten...-free, dairy-free and vegan. They're made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally and sustainably as... read more


Justin’s squeeze packs provide a naturally delicious source of portable, on-the-go-protein. All of Justin’s nut butters are gluten...-free, dairy-free and vegan. They're made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced as locally and sustainably as... read more

High Valley Orchard
$21.99 $8.99

Macadamia nuts are deliciously sweet, providing a very unique, creamy nut taste. Sure to please even the most discriminating Macad...amia lover! Great for baking desserts.Macadamia Nut ButterRecipeand,Prep: Soak for 8hours. Dehydrate for 12 hours, or... read more


Bold yet rich with tones of smoke and wine. A perfect addition to your homemade ice creams, breads and much more!

Pine Tree Farms
$6.99 $5.89

Long-lasting seed logs perfect for year-round feeding of wild birds Assorted bird seed, nut, and berry formulas attract varied wil...d bird species Feed wild birds without constantly refilling bird feeders with seed Keep backyard wild birds fed without constant feeder refills. Seed Logs deliver long-lasting nutrition, so you spend less time fetching and filling feeders. Assorted blends of tasty nuts, seeds, and berries attract a variety of wild bird species. Unlike loose seeds, seed logs are not as easily carried off by squirrels and other marauders. Developed for convenient year round feeding. All of these logs fit the Seed Log Feeder or similar bird feeder. An excellent choice during snowy winters when easy-access to bird feeders may be limited. Also great for keeping wild birds fed while you're away on vacation. Several varieties to choose from. Fruit Berry Nut contains a blend of seeds, fruits and nuts. Nutsie contains delicious tree nuts, and NO hulls, which means less mess and NO waste. Woodpecker contains tree nuts, sunflower and cracked corn. Small Logs measure 4" diameter x 6.5" high; Large Logs measure 6" diameter x 6.5" high. Please click on "More Information" for ingredients and guaranteed analysis. read more

High Valley Orchard
$10.99 $9.99

These mouth watering Bavarian Almonds are roasted and glazed in with cinnamon and sugar. You are sure to enjoy this fresh and swee...t snack. read more

High Valley Orchard

From the Manufacturer:Roasted whole almonds sprinkled with salt. Small batch roasted on a daily basis to ensure freshness.

Setton Farms

Roasted to perfection and ready to eat, almonds add a terrific crunch and delicate flavor to any recipe. Sprinkle them onto your f...avorite foods as a topping.Almonds are a wonderfully delicious source of nutrients. Scientific evidence suggests, but does not prove, that eating 1.5 ounces per day of most nuts, such as almonds, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease.1 1. read more


Woodstock Farms organic walnuts halves and pieces come in 6 ounce bags. Perfect as an ingredient for baking or confections, this d...elicious nut is an excellent source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It contains organic raw walnuts, natural or organic ingredients. Contains tree nuts. It is a kosher certified product. Woodstock Farms was created to honor the inseparable relationship between the vitality of the soil, the energy of plants, the taste of ripeness and the viability of farming. It has grown to an extensive line of organic and natural grocery, dairy and frounceen food products that includes bulk items, food service items as well as consumer-packaged products. Woodstock Farms products combine excellent quality and affordable prices. As one of the original national organic and natural brands, it enjoys broad distribution in the natural food market place. read more

Simply Organic

With the sweet essence of a nut, almond extract is especially tasty for pastry. Can you see bear claws, croissants and turnovers c...oming your way? read more

Kashi Co

A go-to, healthy breakfast in a single-serve, portable cup with a yummy blend of cacao nib, almond, and coconut. Made with 100% wh...ole grains, seeds and nuts, the 9g of fiber and 8g of protein will ensure an energizing and satisfying way to jumpstart your day. All you need to do is add your favorite milk (unsweetened almond milk works great), pop it in the fridge while you sleep, stir, and enjoy! read more

La Tourangelle

La Tourangelle handcrafts this Roasted Walnut Oil in Woodland, California strictly following the 150-year-old traditional methods ...of its French sister oil mill. Slowly roasted to perfection, expeller-pressed and lightly filtered, this oil adds a rich walnut taste to salad dressing, pasta, grilled meat or fish and baked pastries. It is also perfect to dip with bread. read more

Now Foods

Many people are surprised to find that pine trees actually produce an edible nut that’s not only tasty, but high in nutritive valu...e as well. In fact, Pine Nuts have been widely consumed since prehistoric times, and have enjoyed extensive culinary use in many different cultures. As with most nuts, Pine Nuts are a good source of protein, and they also contain thiamin (vitamin B1) and magnesium. Similar in size to sunflower seeds, NOW Real Food™ Pine Nuts are an excellent snack food, but they really shine when added to salads and other vegetable dishes, or as a hearty addition to home-baked bread. Once you try them we’re sure you’ll be “pining” for more! read more

Living Intentions

The answer to all of your comfort food needs. Our super crunchy sprouted walnuts are mixed with pure maple, sustainably harvested ...Peruvian mesquite pod meal and warming spices. Taste great on a healthy salad or to top your favorite dessert. Take a taste and feel like a kid again! read more

Pacific Foods

Pacific Foods Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk It’s time to say soy-onara. There’s another dairy alternative that works just as wel...l in lattes, smoothies, ice cream, baking recipes, and cream-based dishes. Meet almond milk. It has the same useful versatility as soy milk (and cow’s milk), but is free of the risks that often come along with soy-based products. Pacific Foods makes their Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk by gentling roasting the nut before grinding and blending with water to create the finished product. It’s both delicious and nutritious, enhanced with significant amounts of riboflavin, vitamin A, and vitamin D2. And, it doesn’t require refrigeration so you can take it with you any time you have the urge to drink up. The benefits of almond milk In addition to being lactose-free, almond milk has a bounty of health benefits that make it a great part of any healthy diet. Weight management: A single glass of almond milk contains less than 60 calories, while an average glass of cow's milk contains roughly 145 calories. Even skim milk contains 86 calories, which is still much higher than the dairy-free substitute. And less calories at each meal really adds up when it comes to managing weight. Improved heart health: Almond milk doesn't contain the cholesterol or saturated fats often found in regular milk. It’s also low in sodium and contains healthy fats like omega fatty acids that play a key role in preventing heart disease and lowering blood pressure. Stronger bones: Almond milk doesn’t contain as much calcium as cow's milk, but it still provides about 30 percent of the daily recommended value in each serving as well as 25 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin D. These two nutrients work in unison to lower the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis and boost the body’s ability to maintain healthy bones and strong teeth. Healthier skin: Another fortified nutrient in almond milk is vitamin E, which has many antioxidant properties that keep the skin healthy and reduce the effects of aging. That includes protecting skin from sun damage and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. Muscle mass: Though almond milk only contains a single gram of protein in each serving, it’s rich in vitamin B as well as iron and riboflavin, all of which are vital for muscle growth and recovery. Lower blood sugar: Because it’s low in carbs and has a low Glycemic Index value, almond milk will have less impact on blood sugar levels. Over the long-term, this helps to reduce the risk of diabetes. Improves kidney health: Those that have kidney problems are often warned to stay away from cow's milk since an excess of calcium and potassium can be harmful to the organ. However, almond milk has less amounts of these nutrients, which can be a benefit to some. Four reasons to make the switch from soy milk There may be good reason to pause before asking for soy milk next time you’re at the cafe. Soybeans are a controversial legume that can lead to some unwanted side effects: GMOs: Soybeans are one of the most genetically modified crops in existence, and there's no telling if the soybeans used to make your milk are free of them. Estrogen: Soybeans contain phytoestrogens, known endocrine disruptors that mimic the body’s natural estrogen. For men, this can mean infertility, low sperm count, and low libido; for women, it can lead to infertility, menstrual issues, and even cancer. Enzyme Inhibitors: The high levels of phytic acid in soy inhibit the body’s ability to absorb important minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It also contains protease inhibitors that can block the enzymes required for the proper read more

Now Foods

The Sunflower is one of the largest flowers in the world. And while its tiny seeds aren’t nearly as big, they make up for it by big on nutrition! As with many nuts and seeds, Sunflower Seeds are a good source of fiber, and they offer a diverse profile of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E and magnesium. NOW Real Food™ Sunflower Seeds can be eaten by the handful or used in recipes. They make an excellent addition to breads, cookies, salads and more. read more

Once Again

Once Again Nut Butter Sunflower Seed Butter is and made by roasting organically grown sunflower seeds. The seeds are milled smooth... with sugar and salt added to create a delicious sunflower seed butter. This is a gluten-free and certified organic product. read more

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins Crackers You won’t find a company that goes nuts for almonds more than Blue Diamond. The “Almond Peo...ple” not only package some of the freshest jars but also create new ways to enjoy the hearty protein source, such as these delectable, crispy crackers. Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins Crackers are the perfect guilt-free alternative made with just rice flour, almonds, potato starch, and safflower oil. They provide tons of flavor while still remaining low-fat and gluten-free, so you can snack without worry every time a craving hits. Nutrition behind Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins Crackers Almonds may be tiny, but they’re loaded with tons of nutrients like vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, as well as protein and fiber. Vitamin E: Primarily, vitamin E functions as an antioxidant, protecting the body’s cells against serious damage from free radicals. These antioxidant properties also lead to healthy, glowing skin that counteract signs of aging. Vitamin E is also vital in the production of red blood cells, which helps the body distribute nutrients. Calcium: Calcium is a powerful resource for teeth and bone health by building and maintaining a strong skeletal structure. Additionally, the mineral helps to keep blood vessels healthy and flexible, which encourages normal muscle function and nerve transmission, as well as helping to balance hormones. Magnesium: What doesn’t magnesium do? It’s a natural mood-booster that could potentially help alleviate the symptoms of migraines and depression. This mineral is also regarded for its anti-inflammatory power, helping to prevent chronic disease, obesity, and premature aging due to inflammation. Protein: Protein is a macronutrient that gets broken down into amino acids, which are vital to all bodily functions. In fact, protein appears in every cell—including hair, nails, muscles, cartilage, and skin, and is often called the building block of the body. Fiber: Not only does a diet rich in fiber work wonders for bowel health, but it can lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels, too. Fiber helps give that “full” feeling after eating, so it can also be useful in maintaining a healthy weight. What to eat with Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins Crackers These tasty little crackers are great on their own or paired with salsas, dips, cheeses, fruits, salads, and more. Here are a few of Thrive Market’s favorite ways to enjoy this healthy snack. Japanese-Inspired Avocado Toast Who can resist the rich, buttery flavor of avocado with just a hint of pepper and some citrus? Forgo the toast in this recipe and use Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins instead. Spread out the avocado onto a number of crackers for a filling afternoon snack or a party-pleasing appetizer. This recipe is satisfying, creamy, and packs in just the right amount of crunch, and also spices things up with traditional Japanese flavors like coconut aminos, sesame seeds, and toasted nori. Vegan Cheese Believe it or not, dairy-free cheese can taste just like the real thing—when you use the right ingredients. Vegan cheese is quick and simple to make, and the best part is, it’s customizable. Try out a different combination of herbs and spices to get just the flavor you want. Arrange on a platter with some olives, nuts, ripe fruit, and of course Nut Thins for a rich spread that you can enjoy solo or bring to a dinner party. Almond Hummus Almond crackers go great with any old hummus, but especially with almond hummus. Rather than use chickpeas, this creative recipe soaks and purees the nuts for a delightful new take on the dip. Olive oil, tahini, garlic, and fresh sage add in even more savory flavor. Pack s read more

Bob's Red Mill

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal Flour With the growing number of people that have an allergy or intolerance to gluten, cooking and can be difficult with trying to find ingredients that everyone can tolerate and eat. One of the most common kitchen staples, flour, is in everything from breads to baked goods and pizza. But it’s also one of the biggest culprits of digestive issues for people with gluten sensitivities since it’s made by milling wheat. There is an alternative, though. Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal Flour is a nearly identical substitute that allows everyone to enjoy tasty biscuits, cookies, and cake. Not only is almond meal naturally gluten-free (it’s made solely from the nut, which is a safe food item), the products from Bob’s Red Mill are processed and packed in a facility that is completely gluten-free, too, so there’s no risk of cross-contamination. Almond meal flour is a wholesome and tasty option that can add texture and flavor to many different types of foods, and also comes chock full of nutritional benefits and dietary perks that make it a vital part of the path towards better health. Almond meal flour nutrition This amazing cooking flour substitute is made from a single ingredient, pure almonds. They are blanched to remove the skins, and then ground to a fine powdery texture. Because of its raw, unprocessed state, Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal Flour is a reliable source of: Fiber Protein Iron Vitamin E Manganese Every quarter cup serving also contains a healthy dose of monosaturated fats and very low quantities of carbohydrates, which means less unwanted calories. Almond flour also has a decent amount of calcium in every serving for an added nutritional benefit. In addition to being gluten-free, the low carbohydrate count means Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal Flour easily fits into Paleo diets and other reduced carb meal plans. Health benefits of almonds Almonds are a potent health food that have been studied and linked to important benefits when consumed on a regular basis. These are just some of the ways that almonds (and almond flour) can have a beneficial impact on diet and lifestyle: Almonds and heart disease. Eating almonds provides a good amount of healthy cholesterol that comes from the monosaturated fats. Multiple studies have shown a link between almonds and a lower risk for developing heart disease (particularly when the nut is used to replace carbs, as in Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour). Additionally, the presence of vitamin E can also be attributed to the prevention of heart disease and a reduced risk of associated problems. Almonds and diabetes. Almonds have a low glycemic index, so unlike traditional carbs, they won’t lead to blood sugar spikes after finishing a meal. Over time that can help ward off diabetes. Almonds and their byproducts also release antioxidants into the body, giving further protection against diabetes and various cardiovascular problems. Almonds and high blood pressure. A serving of almonds (or almond flour) will contain a considerable amount of potassium and just trace amounts of sodium. This sensitive balance helps to avoid hypertension and atherosclerosis. Almonds and weight. For a time, people avoided nuts out of fear that they might contribute to weight gain. As it turns out, the exact opposite seems to be true. Studies have shown that participants who consume almond products at least two times a week are actually at a lower risk for gaining weight. The combination of cardiovascular benefits and feeling full (which means less desire to graze during the day) makes almonds an ideal choice for in-between meals. Almonds and energy levels. Feeling sluggish by 3 p.m.? Eating almonds can actually read more

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