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Polish Sausage

Hi-Country Snack Foods
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Everything you need to turn your wild game into 'GOSH DARN GOOD' dinner sausage! Our Savory Cheddar Polish flavor is a custom form...ulated combination of: Salt, Spices, Sugar, Mustard Seed, Garlic, and Cheese Flavor. Boldly seasons up to 30 lbs of meat! Each kit contains commercial grade ingredients, spices, cure, and 100% natural hog casings. Hi-Country's seasonings are custom formulated to be right on target & give you the best tasting, homemade sausage around. Use with wild game, domestic meat, or a combination of both! Since 1976 Hi-Country has been producing premium grade meat snacks under USDA inspection and the continued lieadership of Hi-Country's founder and president, Jim Johnson. At last, Jim has decided to begin sharing some of his best kept meat processing secrets and recipes with the public. -- Jim's long time love for the outdoors and his extensive knowledge of the meat industry has made it a natural choice for Hi-Country to become deeply involved with the creation of a consumable products line that the home meat processor can use to successfully make high-quality wild game, bird, and fish value added products. -- Hi-Country has graphically and functionally designed these products to project the spirit of more fully utiliizing the wide game harvested each season by hunters and fishermen. read more

Brand: Bookmagic LLC
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Most books on sausage making are filled with unknown quality recipes, this book is different. It contains carefully compiled gover...nment recipes that were used by Polish meat plants between 1950-1990. Those recipes were not written by restaurant cooks or college students running web sites, but by the best professionals in the meat science industry the country had. The recipes presented in this book come from those government manuals and they were never published before. These are recipes and production processes of the authentic products that were made by Polish meat plants and sold to the public. Most of those sausages are still made and sold in Poland. The unique strength of the book lies in those detailed instructions and after reading the book the readers will understand how to make all types of sausages, select the best meats and apply cures, smoke products with cold or hot smoke, and create their own recipes without adding chemicals. read more

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