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Bison is lean, rich in protein, and full of flavor. Substitute bison burgers for beef burgers, or try an organic bison New York strip steak, ground bison, organic bison chuck eye roast, or ribeye steaks prepared like similar cuts of beef.
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<h1>Discover exactly how to make delicious homemade jerky today... the easy way!</h1> Jerky is a protein rich snack that can be ea...ten on the go, doesn?t go bad, and when homemade, tastes absolutely delicious! This makes jerky a popular snack for moms who want an alternative to the sugar-laden snacks kids usually crave and a favorite among backpackers who want to pack something hearty that is also lightweight. But everyone loves jerky because it's fun to chew and full of flavor! It is also significantly more affordable to make it yourself, and more importantly, you can use high quality meat and eliminate sulphites or nitrates when you do it yourself. <h2>Easy to follow recipes that taste great and are healthy</h2> The recipes in this book are easy to follow and you will soon be combining flavors and spices your own way. Remember to have fun experimenting to get just the kind of jerky you love. <h3>In this book you'll discover how to:</h3> <ul><li>Choose the best meat to create great tasting jerky</li> <li>How to slice your meat</li> <li>Marinading tips</li> <li>How to store your jerky and how long it will last</li> <li>More...</li></ul> <h3>There are over 40 recipes recipes including:</h3><ul><li>Beef jerky recipes</li> <li>Turkey jerky recipes</li> <li>Fish jerky recipes</li> <li>Buffalo jerky</li> <li>Venison jerky / Deer jerky</li> <li>Fish jerky</li> <li>Various flavors from traditional to spicy to sweet and more...</li> <li>Marinades</li> <li>Over 40 jerky recipes in all!</li></ul> <h3>You can easily travel with these healthy, homemade treats! (There's no need to feed your love ones junk food any more!)</h3> Enjoy your jerky and share it with others! It's easy to pack in zip lock bags when leaving the house, but also makes for a neat surprise snack right at home. It is a great alternative to potato chips, especially when you make it yourself. Those who have never tried homemade jerky before will not know its potential and will be impressed by your efforts! <h2>Scroll up, and click "Buy Now" to start making tasty jerky treats today!</h2> read more

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This premium Ground Bison is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished on pasture with small-scale family farmers. Bison is the purest for...m of red meat in North America, having never been domesticated and cross-fed for feedlots. No hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed! read more


Offering an authentic buffalo taste and hailing from a healthy, antibiotic/growth hormone-free environment, these four lean cuts low in calories and cholesterol. 4 steaks; approx. net weight 2 lbs. Serves 4 Use within 5 to 7 days of receipt Optimally prepared using lower temperatures Low in calories and cholesterol Made in Canada - Color: No Color read more

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Make tonight wing night at your place with this combination of garlic, thyme, sage and other seasonings.

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