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<p><strong><i>Distinctive flavors, colors and character that supermarket honey just can't match</i></strong></p><p>It's a win-win ...situation. Citrus growers get their trees pollinated...and local beekeepers get to make extraordinary honeys like these! Try some on toast or in your next cup of tea.&nbsp; You'll never settle for plain old clover honey again.</p><p><b>Orange Blossom Honey:</b> This classic golden hued honey is produced by bees that pollinate orange groves in central and south Florida in March and April. Its delicate flavor transports you to a citrus grove with its distinctively sweet, tropical citrus flavor and orange blossom fragrance and overtones.</p><p><strong>The Honey Assortment includes a jar of Orange Blossom Honey <em>PLUS</em>:&nbsp;</strong><b>&nbsp;&nbsp;</b></p><p><b>Palmetto:</b> The blossoms of the Saw Palmetto tree, which often grows to 60 feet and is especially abundant along the coast of Florida, produce a bright golden to amber honey with a strong, not too sweet flavor hinting of pollen, nutmeg and black tea.</p><p><b>Tupelo:</b> Florida beekeepers run their apiaries from platforms or boats to avoid losing their bee colonies in the occasional floods that occur in the river swamps of northwest Florida where tupelo gum trees grow. The bright golden honey has a buttery flavor accented by tropical fruit overtones and a subtle floral aroma.</p><p><b>Wildflower:</b> A catchall term defining honeys produced from the nectar of a variety of flowers, with a flavor that varies with the location and flower blend, but that tends to be pleasantly piquant and flowery, hinting of caramel and freshly cut herbs.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> read more

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