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Dried vegetables and spices are pantry staples that can liven up any weeknight meal. Look for dried mushrooms such as oyster, shiitake, porcini, black truffle, and galangal; dried chiles including ghost, New Mexico, pasilla negro, guajillo, ancho, and chipotle; and dried herbs including coriander, thyme, bay leaves, Greek oregano, saffron, celery seed, dill weed, and rosemary to use in your cooking.
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Bouquet Dill is a hardy annual plant. It matures to a compact form with a lovely aroma. This attractive herb plant has a larger than other varieties and is the best dill to grow for the production of seeds. To use the leaf as a dried herb, harvest before the plant flowers. Mature seeds can be harvested for a spice. This variety of dill blooms earlier with large seed umbels and dark green foliage and re-seeds itself very well; grows to be about 30 - 36-inch tall. Dill seeds can be directly planted indoors or outdoors spring through the summer - wait at least until after the last spring frost date. Placing: Partial Sun Planting Depth: 1/4-inch. Spacing: 8-inch. Maturity: 70 Days Plant Type: Annual 10-percent of all seed sales will be donated to the State Farmers Market Association We feel it's very important to support local farms, farmers and their families. This line of seeds was developed in collaboration with the State Farmers Market Association. For each on-line purchase we will donate 10-percent of seed sales to the Farmers Market Association so they can continue to support local markets and help local farmers. Our Heritage Farmers Market Seeds are Certified Organic seeds from small, independent farms. For four generations our family-run seed packing business has provided quality seed to farmers and families. It all started with our Great Grandfather, Cecil Solly, a horticulturalist in the Seattle, Washington area from 1924 until his death in 1965. During his lifetime he was the editor for Northwest Gardens Magazine, had a daily column in The Seattle Times, The Tacoma News Tribune and Western Homes Magazine. He starred in a 30 year running daily radio program called "Garden on the Air" and was Founder and President of the Puget Sound Seed Company. Grandpa Cecil was very active in local gardening communities and clubs - always ready and willing to share his gardening knowledge, making him the Original Master Gardener. read more

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Rosemary is a vigorous, easy to grow herb with very broad leaves. The flowers are dark violet-blue. It is outstanding for culinary... use. It blooms in the summer and prefers full sun. Rosemary does best with excellent drainage and can go dry between watering. It is even considered drought tolerant! It grows 4' tall, but can be kept trimmed at any height. It is hardy to 0 degrees F. (zones 7-10). In cooler regions it can be grown as a house plant in a sunny window or as a patio plant, outside during the summer and indoors during the winter. read more

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Sweet bay laurel (Laurus no bilis). Bay laurel is a pyramid-shaped tree or large shrub with aromatic, evergreen leaves and shiny g...ray bark. It can reach 60' in height in its native range, but generally is much smaller (3-10' tall) in culture. The leaves are elliptic, 3-4" long, rather thick and leathery, and shiny dark green. Clusters of small yellow flowers are produced in spring, followed, on the female plants, by shiny black or purple berries about 1/2" long. Location: bay laurel is native to the southern Mediterranean region. It is grown commercially for its aromatic leaves in turkey, Algeria, morocco, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, and Mexico. Culture: light: bay laurel grows best in partial shade. Moisture: water when dry. Bay laurel thrives with frequent watering in rich, well-drained soil. Hardiness: USDA zones 8 - 10. Propagation: bay laurel seeds are slow to germinate and often rot before they do. Cuttings taken from semi-hard, green tip shoots in summer will root in 6-9 months if they don't rot first. It can be grown as a house plant in room temperatures ranging between 40 degree and 65 degree, if it gets at least four hours of bright light a day, or 12 hours of strong artificial light. Keep the soil moist in spring and moderately dry the rest of the year; good drainage is essential. Bay laurel makes an excellent house plant in room temperatures ranging between 40 degree and 75 degree, if it gets at least four hours of bright light a day, or 12 hours of strong artificial light. Keep the soil moist in spring and moderately dry the rest of the year; good drainage is essential. It can be set outside during the summer and brought inside during the winter. The popular culinary seasoning, bay leaf, is used extensively in French, Italian, Spanish and creole cooking. read more

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Our Secrets du Potager line is for those who are passionate about gardening, cooking and entertaining and have an eye for detail. ...Discover the potential of your garden and patio or create a kitchen garden with the help of our growing sets. Tend your plants with love and care and enjoy the fruits of your harvest. Experience the atmosphere and fragrances of your kitchen garden with our unique patio and table giftware. The region of Provence evokes for many the association of aromatic herbs-a sultry summer evening, eating outside, the soft colors of dawn and dusk, wild nature and the scent of lavender. This set contains dried herbs, but also seeds of lavender, marjoram, rosemary and thyme, and a recipe for a typical Provence dish. Included with each pack of seeds is a metal plant label and a guide of how to grow and cultivate the herbs (in 7 languages). read more

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