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Vermont Country Store Candy

Do you remember this old-fashioned peanut candy? Our customer who recommended it did. She wrote to tell us about the hard, buttery... shell that melts away to reveal the soft, creamy peanut butter filling?the best part, in her opinion, and ours, too! Two 1 lb. bags. read more

The Vermont Country Store

For those who love fruit slices but not all that sugar, it's time you tried our sugar-free version. This sugar-free candy tastes e...very bit as good as regular fruit slices only they are sweetened with maltitol and isomalt so you can enjoy them with a clear conscience. Approx. 33 soft and chewy sugar-free fruit slices per 1 lb. bag. Made for us in Massachusetts. read more

Some of us used to call these caramel creams "Bulls-eyes," the soft, chewy, and individually wrapped caramels with a swirl of swee...t, creamy white fondant in the center. Made by legendary candy maker Goetze's of Baltimore, who've been turning out their "kitchen-fresh" Caramel Creams? since 1918. 2 lb. Bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

These golden, translucent leaf candies are made with pure maple syrup and melt slowly as you savor the taste of real maple. Each is molded the way hard candies are traditionally made. 1 lb. bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

For some of us, the holidays aren?t complete without Christmas ribbon candy. Ours is made by a company with more than 90 years of ...candy-making experience that still hand cuts its ribbon candy for a holiday confection that?s as beautiful as it tastes. The ruby red ribbon with green stripes is cinnamon flavor; the emerald green with red stripes is clove; and the red-and-white striped ribbon is purely peppermint. Each 12 oz. box contains 4 long, continuous ribbons. Choose the assorted box with 2 each of clove and cinnamon-flavored ribbons, or the peppermint box with 4 peppermint ribbons. read more

What will you find in our classic jelly bean assortment? Natural fruit flavors?lemon, grape, cherry, strawberry, orange, and lime?...thanks to the real pectin. What you won't find are popcorn, bubblegum, and other funky flavors?just the classics you love. 2 lb. bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Our creamy, rich sugar-free fudge tastes the best because it?s made with only the finest ingredients?like AA creamery butter, Belg...ian chocolate, and Dutch cocoa. Each small batch is made to order and cooked over an open flame by third-generation candy makers who run a candy shop down South. This sugar-free fudge is easier on the digestive system too because it?s sweetened with Isomalt and has a low glycemic index of 6. 12 oz. box. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Open this festive tin, and the variety of fruit-and spice-flavored hard candies, all popular since the early 1900s, makes it diffi...cult to know where to begin?or end! 1 lb. tin. read more

The Vermont Country Store

While it takes 7 days, from start to finish, to handcraft these mouthwatering black jelly beans, it takes only minutes to make the...m disappear. After all, in addition to being extremely moist and chewy, these jumbo jelly beans are bursting with irresistible licorice flavor, the result of expert confectioners patiently hand-ladling layer upon layer of licorice goodness until the desired size and consistency is achieved. 2 lb. bag. read more

Some patient folks savor the hard candy shell of our raspberry candy until it melts away to reveal the soft raspberry center. The of us bite right through. Seems our customers who requested these sweet little filled raspberry candies are split on the proper method of consumption. Our raspberry candies are made in small batches and cooked slowly in copper kettles following traditional candy-making practices. About 150 individually wrapped raspberry candies in a 30 oz. bag read more

The Vermont Country Store

Whereas many sugar-free varieties can be dry, rubbery, and overly sweet (we know, we've tasted them), this Finnish black licorice soft, chewy, and bursting with real licorice extract. Try for yourself and you too will be an instant fan of this sugar-free licorice. 1 lb. bag. Sweetened with maltitol. Not available in California. read more

Enjoy big, bold licorice flavor found only in these hard candy tidbits made in Italy. An unbeatable breath freshener and powerful ...pick-me-up, these intense bites are made with 100% pure licorice extract from real licorice root with no added sugar for those who prefer strong licorice taste to sweetness. Convenient little tin is decorative and the perfect fit for purses or pockets. Set of two 1.4 oz. tins. read more

To celebrate the arrival of summer, a much-anticipated event up here in northern New England, we?re offering these old-fashioned c...andy straws in delightful seasonal flavors. These satisfyingly fruity hard candies are still made by hand at a candy company here in the States with over a century of experience, and are filled with chocolate made using Guittard cocoa to the joy of chocolate lovers everywhere. Assortment includes cherry, grape, lemon, and lime. 12 oz. bag. read more

Holland has a long tradition of producing some of the world's finest licorice, so it is no surprise that's where these lush licori...ce caramels are made. Since 1820, people have been sinking their teeth into these chewy Dutch licorice caramels and sighing in satisfaction as the creamy, smooth texture slowly melts in their mouth and the intense, yet not overly sweet, licorice flavor tantalizes their taste buds. A must for licorice lovers everywhere. 1.5 lb. bag contains approx. 75 individually wrapped pieces. Not available in California. read more

If you've given up on licorice because of the waxy pale imitations that line supermarket shelves, take heart. We've found the lico...rice of your youth, which not only tastes rich and chewy and true, but has been shown to have inherent health benefits. Made for us in Germany. Not available in California. read more

The Vermont Country Store

The only difference between these sour balls and the ones you enjoyed as a kid is now there's no Mom-imposed limit on how many you... can have. This nostalgic hard candy is still large in size and has that familiar fruity tartness that's sure to spark a memory or two. Individually wrapped hard sour balls come in an assortment of flavors: lemon, lime, orange, grape, cherry, and pineapple. 2 lb. bag. read more

After a 21-year absence, Bonomo Turkish Taffy is back. And just like when you were a kid, you just smack it, crack it, and savor t...he chewy, slow melting pieces. In fact, a single Turkish taffy bar is so long lasting that it will satisfy your sweet tooth for almost the entire length of a double feature movie. Comes in the same taffy-rific flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, and assorted (two of each). 1.5 oz. bar. read more

In the boardwalk-strolling days of 1885, Fralinger?s Candy Store in Atlantic City, New Jersey, introduced The Original Salt Water ...Taffy. There were many imitators, but Fralinger?s was and still is the best?soft enough so it doesn't pull on your teeth and chewy enough so the full flavor lingers. Our 16 original flavors include orange, lemon, strawberry, spearmint, peach, teaberry, molasses, banana, and root beer?to name a few. This is the original and best salt water taffy, the kind your grandparents enjoyed. 1 lb. box. read more

The Vermont Country Store

These are the original jelly beans: cinnamon, clove, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint. Nice and chewy, they taste like spice... gumdrops. We've mixed these classic flavors together in a generous assortment. No fat, low sodium. 2 lb. bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Just the sight of these tempting licorice laces is enough to bring back memories of when you used to have your nose pressed agains...t the candy counter in anticipation of devouring these tempting favorites. Soft and chewy, you can enjoy them in good conscience, as licorice has been shown to be beneficial to your health. Available in strawberry and black licorice. 2 lb. bag. Not available in California. read more


Take a stroll down memory lane to those old-fashioned candy shops of yesteryear by reaching into these vintage jars of English swe...ets. Each is filled with such hard-boiled candy classics as fruit marbles, strawberry cream drops, lemon drops, and... read more

It takes 7 days, from start to finish, to handcraft these intensely flavorful jumbo jelly beans, and, we have to say, it's definit...ely worth the wait. Expert confectioners start with the moist centers and hand-ladle, layer upon layer, the candy shell... read more

For those who love to savor a good, old-fashioned hard candy every now and again, it's time you tried our sugar-free version of th...ese candy-counter sweets. These candy discs are made right here in the USA and are naturally sweetened with sorbitol, a... read more

A nostalgic look at Halloween is on display for all to admire with this 3rd of our seasonal candy-filled tins designed by our own artist. Slide the grinning jack-o-lantern apart, and beneath the clear plastic window awaits an array of... read more

Walnettos walnut caramels, a matinee favorite, seemed to disappear in the 1960s, but we found them again for you. Delicious, chewy... caramels made with fresh cream and chopped California walnuts pack tons of taste in each bite-sized bit. 24 oz. bag refills our nostalgic tin (#64764). read more

In recent years, the only place you could find these fondant-filled, chewy Bulls-Eyes was in bags of mixed licorice. But thanks to... Goetze, a fifth generation candy company, you can get these black beauties on their own again. Kitchen fresh and made in the USA, just the way you remember them. 2 lb. bag. Not available in California. read more

Don't let the Halloween-inspired packaging spook you! One taste of these 3 Dutch licorice flavors and you'll want to make sure tha...t you can scare up a bag or two anytime of year. Choose from black licorice tubes filled with a sweet caramel cream... read more

The Vermont Country Store

A candy dish filled with these peppermint candy ?straws? is a sure sign that Christmas is upon us. These old-fashioned hard candie...s are made by a third generation of candymakers, and are made only during the holiday season. The outside is a refreshing hard peppermint candy shell that melts away to reveal a memorable creamy mint center. 30 oz. bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Unchanged since 1916, the recipe for this almond toffee calls for these 5 main ingredients: milk chocolate, creamery butter, sugar..., flavorful almonds, and salt. Cooked in small batches, each piece is hand cut before it s drenched in rich chocolate and... read more

We can't decide which we like better, this adorable Scottie-dog tin or the soft, chewy Scottie-dog-shaped black licorice bites hou...sed inside. It's lucky for us-and the licorice-loving lads and lassies on your gift list-that a choice isn't necessary. Give as a hostess gift and score points with those who favor this wiry, intelligent breed. 1 lb. tin. When empty, refill it with our 1.5 lb. bag (#58747). Not available in California. read more

The unmistakable taste of real licorice comes through loud and clear in Kookaburra licorice from down under. Kookaburra licorice i...s soft and chewy, made with real licorice extract, wheat flour, and molasses. As an extra bonus: licorice can be good for you, so you can enjoy it with a clear conscience. Choose black licorice or strawberry licorice. 1.9 lb. bag. Not available in California. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Just the sight of these tempting licorice Scotties is enough to bring back memories of pressing your nose against the candy counte...r in anticipation of devouring these long-time favorites. Soft and chewy, you can enjoy them in good conscience, as licorice has been shown to be beneficial to your health. Available in black licorice and red licorice, which is cherry flavored. 1.5 lb. bag. Not available in California. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Finding good-quality black licorice is a feat in itself, but finding it in the form of gourmet jelly beans is nearly impossible? is, until now. Packed with the full-bodied flavor of black licorice, these jelly beans are made with pectin, a gelling agent that's derived from fruit, which gives them their satisfyingly soft and chewy texture. Black licorice jelly beans are best enjoyed when eaten by the handful. Made in Pennsylvania. 2 lb. bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Licorice lovers everywhere say they crave these in their candy dish: dainty, individually wrapped hard licorice candies with a del...icate flavor. You'll recognize them from the familiar white starburst. 2 lb. bag. read more

The Vermont Country Store

Cooked in small batches by a third-generation family-owned U.S. candy company, our nonpareils come by their homemade appearance an...d taste honestly. Rich, top-quality chocolate and crunchy nonpareil sprinkles completely sugar free comprise this classic... read more

The Vermont Country Store

Since 1912, a small candy company in Pennsylvania makes these translucent toy hard candies every holiday season. Each old-fashione...d Christmas candy is handmade using old-time molds and boasts a sweet barley flavor. Candies come in a variety of fun... read more

This traditional English toffee is made just the way it's been made for over 90 years, with wholesome natural ingredients cooked t...hen shaped into a big 5"x9" block (14.1 oz.). It's lots of fun to chip off a piece rap it with the little hammer that's... read more

The Vermont Country Store

Remember these? You weren't allowed to have them. They were for the adults. Guess what? You're a grown-up now, so go ahead, grab a... few satiny hard candy straws still made by hand and discover the sweet cream or chocolate surprise in the center. Lime,... read more

Our Peach Blossoms are a delicious combination: a hard candy shell filled with smooth, creamy peanut butter. An old-fashioned deli...ght you'll remember from your childhood. 18 oz. canister. read more

Everyone's eyes will light up when they see the colorful barbershop pole stripes of these old-fashioned candy sticks. From a confe...ctioner in Holland, these jumbo candy sticks are handcrafted from logs of hard-boiled sugar that are naturally colored and... read more

The Vermont Country Store

You love our filled candies now we have the honey-filled ones you requested. Savor the lemon- or honey-flavored hard candy shell u...ntil it melts away to a creamy center, made with honey from U.S. bees and cooked the traditional way in copper kettles.... read more

You can't help but feel like a kid in a candy store when piecing this classic candy wrapper puzzle together. And while the jigsaw ...puzzle is expertly crafted here in the USA as evident by the thick, well-fitting pieces, you'll have a hard time keeping... read more

The Vermont Country Store

There's nothing fishy about the sweet strawberry flavor of these festive red gummy fish or their creamy milk or smooth dark chocol...ate coating. In fact, the only thing that's fishy about these swimmingly delicious confections is why someone didn't think... read more

These sweet sensations will bring you back to the days when choosing which candy bar to pick was your biggest decision. Now the ch...oice is easy because you or a lucky devil on your gift list can have them all. Our 12-bar candy sampler includes two each... read more

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