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$10.99 $7.84

The Lorann Oils Lollipop Kit makes crafting delicious hard candies at home an easy process. It comes with almost everything you ne...ed, simply just add sugar to start. This Lorann hard candy kit makes two large batches of candy, each weighing over 1 lb.... read more

Original Gourmet

Original Gourmet 1.1-ounce lollipops just a tad bit too big for you? Not looking for something serious right now with about an hou...r-long commitment to Original Gourmet regular pops? Original Gourmet Medley Original and Cream Lollipops sized at .38... read more

$10.99 $7.84

The Lorann Oils Lollipop Kit makes crafting delicious hard candies at home an easy process. It comes with almost everything you ne...ed, simply just add sugar to start. This Lorann hard candy kit makes two large batches of candy, each weighing over 1 lb.... read more

YumEarth Organics

YumEarth's lollipops are the real deal! Made from fruit extracts and planet-friendly ingredients, each pop delivers 100% daily vit...amin C and only 22 calories. Full of flavor and free of yucky chemicals, gluten, artificial dyes, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, fat, MSG, and high-fructose corn syrup. read more


Unican is Indonesia\\'s second second largest confectionary manufactuer, bringing you many of it\\'s wonderful sweet treats. The U...nican Milkita Milkshake Lollipops Assorted is just one of them. Individually wrapped, each comes with a variety of wonderful milky flavors. After your palates fall in love with this one, be sure to try the other Unican candies. read more

Wilton Bakeware
$4.00 $1.99

Wilton Bakeware 8-in. Lollipop Sticks 25-count. Create the perfect lollipop! Sturdy paper sticks, 8-in. length. Not for oven use. ...Pack of 25. read more


Our Tres Chic White Swirl Lollipops feature a repeating Fluer de Lis design along with your custom wording.


Wouldn’t it be great to bring a little sophistication to your lollipops? Charms Lollipops has done just that with this unbelievabl...e line of Boutique Premium Lollipops! These gourmet lollipops feature incredible flavors like strawberry cheesecake, caramel latte, and crème brulee, making each lollipop seem like a decadent dessert! Keep a few in your desk at work for when you need a little indulgent snack! Each box contains 48 wrapped lollipops Flavors include orange cream, caramel latte, strawberry cheesecake, birthday cake, root beer float, crème brulee, raspberry lemon tart, and cinnamon bun So delicious! read more


Caramel Swirled Slap Stix lolli pops. There are 36 caramel lollipops per box.


Our Caramel Apple Lollipops continue to be one of our customer favorites, and we know why ? they combine three of our favorite thi...ngs: caramel, apples, and lollipops! Caramel Apple Lollipops are a green apple lollipop covered in so scrumptious caramel. These are delicious as bulk lollipops and perfect for anytime enjoyment! 48 wrapped Caramel Apple Lollipops per box Made by the Tootsie Roll Company Heat Warning! Caramel Apple Lollipops can melt during transit in warm temperatures ? we suggest adding an ice pack. read more


Take your pick; Charms Sweet and Sour lollipop or Charms all Sweet lollipops. There are 48 wrapped lollipops per box. These are a ...great nostalgic lollipop from the past. Sweet include these flavors: Cherry; Strawberry; Grape; Orange; Watermellon; and Blue Raz Berry. read more


With all that big, bold, fruity flavor you love, Jolly Rancher Fruit Chew Lollipops are certain to bring on a smile! These round l...ollipops feature a hard candy outside with a chewy candy center. Whether the outside or inside is your favorite part, we're confident you'll love them both. Jolly Rancher lollipops expand on the awesomeness that is the Jolly Rancher family of treats, taking the lollipop world by storm and showing the competition how it's done! 100 Jolly Rancher lollipops in each box Individually wrapped Flavors include: Grape, Watermelon, Cherry and Apple read more


Charms all sweet lollipops 48ct. Delicious retro nostalgic lollipop with a sweet flavor.

Tootsie Roll

New Tootsie Pops With Fruit Chew Center. There are 48 wrapped Pops per box. Yummy flavors of Lemon Lime with Orange center, Blue w...ith a Cherry fruit center, Strawberry with Lemon fruit center, Orange with a Lime center. read more


Charms blow pops 48 count box. Candy coated shell with a bubble gum center lollipop. 10 different flavors to pick from. There are ...48 wrapped lollipops per box. read more


Sucking on a delicious lollipop has never looked so silly! Disguise yourself each and every time you indulge in one of these musta...che lollipops. Mustache candy is a hilarious addition to any fun birthday party or event. Check out what each and every guest would look like with a hilarious oversized mustache! Features: · 12 wrapped Stachecifiers per box · Plastic toy mustache and lips candy lollipop · Flavors: Grape, strawberry, and blue raspberry read more


Smarties Double Lollies. There are 120 wrapped smarty lollipops per jar.

Dum Dum

Old fashion lollipops you loved as a kid. These wrapped lolli pops come in a wide variety of flavors per box. There are 120 pops box. read more


Fun and tasty! Mustache lollipops! There are 12 wrapped mustache shaped lollipops per box. Colors are black, pink, purple, yellow,... orange and green. Get your stache on!! read more

Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Pop Wild Berry lollipops. There are 100 wrapped wild berry pops per bag. Flavors are - wild apple berry tootsie pop, wild ...cherry berry tootsie pop, wild black berry pop, wild mango berry and wild blue berry tootsie pop. read more


Yum, grape lollies are a favorite! Whether you?re looking for lollipops for everyday snacking or you?re looking for purple candy t...o create a fun and whimsical purple candy buffet, these purple suckers are the perfect find. How do you enjoy lollipops ? do you suck on them for hours or munch and crunch in one big bite? Either way, these purple lollipops will be delicious! Features: · 30 wrapped lollipops · Grape flavored 4 ½? long suckers read more

Tootsie Roll

Sugar Daddy delicious caramel pops small size. This is a 4oz bag with 9 small lollipops per bag. Made in the USA


Lolli-Go-Round Novelty Lollipops. There are 3 lollipops to spin and switch per toy. Have fun by pulling the string and watch your ...lollipops spin round and round. Yummy flavors on each pop are: Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry read more

Ford Gum

Love the juicy fresh flavor of Big League Chew? Get ready to try it a whole new way! Not content to rest on their laurels, having ...created one of the most beloved gums of all times, the team at BLC headquarters created Big League Chew bubblegum lollipops. Hidden inside each lollipop is a chewy center of the same Big League Chew gum you've known and loved for years. 48 individually wrapped Big League Chew lollipops in each box Flavors include: Outta? Here Original, Ground Ball Grape and Swingin? Sour Apple read more


Oh so groovy, and oh so fruity! These tie dye lollipops may be shaped like cubes, but they're too hip to be square! Chunky and, these retro lollipops call on the 60s for their inspiration, with swirly patterns that are colorful and captivating. Retro candy at its fruity finest, these are as perfect for 60s parties as they are for any occasion. Strut down the street in a pair of bell bottoms and go-go boots to complete the look, or simply lick the day away on these sweet suckers in more modern attire. It's more about the attitude than the threads, baby. Ya dig? 48 individually wrapped tie dye lollipops in each box Each retro lollipop is 1? x 1? Made in the USA by Espeez read more


Charms Sweet & Sour lollipops. Yum! Delicious sweet and sour flavors mixed together. There are 16 wrapped charms suckers per Flavors are: Cherry and Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon, Mango and Tangerine. Strawberry and Lemon and Pineapple and Grapefruit mix. read more

Foreign Candy

Never able to get quite enough lollipop? Always craving more? The World?s Largest Lollipop just might carry you through! This extr...a-large lollipop container is home to 13 wrapped lollipops, sure to satisfy any sweet craving. Enjoy lollipop after lollipop, time and time again, with this delicious sweet 15-inch treat! We think it makes an excellent addition to a party or candy buffet. Features: · 15? plastic lollipop shaped container · 13 wrapped lollipops read more


What's more fun than glow in the dark lollipops? We have to admit - not much! But there are a few things, and these Snap & Glo...w popping lollipops are one of them. Rather than be content with glowing alone, these add the fun of popping candy to the mix. Simply tear open the pouch, remove the lollipop, snap the glow stick to activate the light, lick the lollipop, dip it in the popping candy, lick the lollipop again, be thankful that these glow stick lollipops are part of your life, and repeat! It's that easy. Now get glowing! 18, 3" x 0.5" glow in the dark lollipops in each box Each packet includes a glow stick lollipop and popping candy to dip it in! Flavors inside each box include Blue Raspberry, Green Apple and Cherry read more


We love the sweet elegance of these black and white lollipops! White lollipops can be hard to come by, making them a truly nice to...uch to any black and white candy buffet. Looking to add lollipops to your elegant event table set? Or perhaps you?re looking for black and white lollipops to complete your graduation party candy buffet? These fruity lollipops are the perfect addition! Features: · 30 wrapped lollipops · Fruitti flavored 4 ½? long suckers read more


Whether you?re hosting a black tie event or looking for a spooky addition to your Halloween candy display, these black and white l...ollipops are the perfect sweet addition! We love the black cherry take on the classic cherry flavor, and we think these lollipops are delicious. Not only are they perfect for munching on, but they make an excellent and whimsical addition to a black and white candy buffet! Features: · 30 wrapped lollipops · Black cherry flavored 4 ½? long suckers read more


Albert?s & Son?s color splash lollipops are a pretty sweet way to liven up a party or a candy buffet. These green apple lollip...ops are colored to match their flavor. Not only are they tasty, but the swirl pattern looks pretty cool, too! These green and white lollipops can even be used in an edible arts and crafts project. is your source for color splash lollipops and more! Product features: ? 30 individually-wrapped lollipops per jar ? Lollipops stand at 4 ½? ? Manufactured by Albert?s & Son Candy read more

Lotta Lolli

Bulk lollipops. There are 1200 assorted flavors per box. Each lollipop is wrapped.


Make your lips pucker with Slush Puppie Jawbreaker Lollipops. With their gumball center filled with sour liquid candy, these sour ...jawbreaker suckers pack a punch. 40 individually wrapped Slush Puppie candy lollipops in each box Flavors include shocker watermelon, shocker strawberry, and shocker blue raspberry Each lollipop is approximately 1 ½” in diameter read more


Don?t be a sucker and pass on this whole lotta lollies! How much is a lotta, you ask? 150. That?s right, 150 delightfully delectab...le strawberry and cream lollipops in one jar! These pink and white lollipops are manufactured by Vidal, whose strawberry and cream confections can be found all over! Each individually wrapped lollipop stands over 1? tall and is full of sweet, sweet flavor! Product features: ? 1 jar of 150 lollipops over 1 inch each! ? Manufactured by Vidal read more

Dum Dum

Kids and adult alike will enjoy this candy gifts bank! Filled with approximately 60 Dum-Dum lollipops, this bank will take adults ...back to their childhood while teaching the younger generation about America’s favorite lollipop. Gifts don’t get much sweeter than a Dum-Dum lollipop bank! Each candy gift bank is 8” tall. Each bank contains an assortment of 16 possible flavors. Approximately 60 individually wrapped Dum-Dum lollipops inside each candy bank. read more


Bring a smile to any Star Wars fan with these spinning Star Wars lollipops. Sweet, fruity flavors are rolled up into a fun lollipop that spins! They?re great for party favors, movie night or as gift add-ons. Enjoy these Star Wars suckers on Earth or in a galaxy far, far away? Product features: ? 12 Star Wars character lollipops ? Characters include C3PO, R2D2, Yoda, The Stormtrooper and Darth Vader ? Flavors include lemon, green apple, blueberry, and orange read more


Hot pepper lollipops from Hotlix are shaped like a hot pepper and will warm up your tongue with one of three pepper flavorings. Th...ey?re sweet, but these chili lollipops will impose some tingly heat once your tongue hits them. Not for the faint of heart, they pack an addictive heat! Make them part of your next fiesta or add to your lunch bag to spice up your day. Product features: ? 36 individually-wrapped lollipops per box ? Flavors include Red Chili, Jalapeno and Habanero ? Manufactured by Hotlix ? Proudly made in the USA read more


Sometimes you might crave the taste of your favorite alcoholic drink, but not necessarily the alcohol. That?s where these margarit...a lollipops from Hotlix come in! They?re non-alcoholic, so everyone can enjoy? not to mention, they?re lip-smackingly good. Keep some in your purse, in your desk drawer, and of course, at home ? you never know when a craving for one of these festive Hotlix lollipops will strike! Product features: ? 36 individually-wrapped lollipops per box ? Flavors include Margarita with Salt and Strawberry Margarita ? Manufactured by Hotlix ? Proudly made in the USA read more


Pelon Pelo Rock Devil Horns Lollipops. There are 40 wrapped suckers per bag. Delicious flavors of watermelon and chili mixed make ...up this fun lollipop. Heavy Metal music lovers will love these lollipops. Horns Up!!! read more

Hershey's Jolly Rancher

In the spooky forms of pumpkins, ghosts, witches and skulls, these Halloween Jolly Rancher lollipops make the perfect treat. They? individually wrapped, so pass them out to trick-or-treaters or include them in your party goodie bags. With the help of these spooky Jolly Rancher suckers, you?ll have a hard time keeping visitors away from your door this Hollow?s Eve! Product features: ? 20 individually-wrapped lollipops per bag ? Flavors include Pink Lemonade, Green Apple, Watermelon and Cherry ? Manufactured by The Hershey Company ? Proudly Made in the USA read more

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