Cake, candy, cheesecake, chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, dipped fruit, toppings, brownies, pie, and pudding -- dessert is everyone's favorite part of a meal. Enjoy the selection of decadent, ready-to-eat treats to celebrate a special occasion or add some sweetness to your day.

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The Lorann Oils Lollipop Kit makes crafting delicious hard candies at home an easy process. It comes with almost everything you ne...ed, simply just add sugar to start. This Lorann hard candy kit makes two large batches of candy, each weighing over 1 lb.... read more

YumEarth Organics

YumEarth organic candy is a true gourmet experience for families of all ages. These gummies offer that signature gummy bear bounce... (thanks to the non-vegan and authentic pork-based gelatin) and are made with real fruit extracts and no gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, or artificial colors and dyes. Family size. read more

Cheryl's & Company

Indulge Yourself Or Your Favorite Friends, Family And Business Associates With This Decadent Cake. Our Deliciously Rich Cake Is With Dark Chocolate Morsels And The Outer Shell Is Hand Dipped In Our Special Chocolaty Glaze. Each Cake Is Carefully... read more

Jolly Rancher
$24.27 $10.96

Wake up your taste buds with untamed fruit flavor in Jolly Rancher Original Flavors Hard Candy.

Peanut Brittle
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Old-fashioned hand dipped peanut brittle of gourmet quality with a delicious homemade taste


Duo Colored Gummies. This is another amazing Swedish combo of red and green gummie with yellow marshmallow. Not only are these tre...ats good looking and tasty but they also contain a good amount of vitamin C. Just what you need in a candy!(Aprx 198 Pcs) read more

Taffy Town

Are you building a gingerbread house and looking for an easy-on-the stomach alternative to gorilla glue? Look no further than Ging...erbread Taffy-- a great mortar and an even better snack.Made in USA.Gingerbread Taffy Specifications Pieces per Pound:... read more


Gummi Turtles Turtles are Tasty! These Gummi Turtles are cute and delicious. Various colors on these turtles make them a fun way t...o decorate at a party. Kids will love to play with these shaped candies and then gobble them up. Add these to your cart... read more

Taffy Town

Cinnamon Swirl Taffy is great by itself or as the perfect compliment to a cup of hot cider.Cinnamon Swirl Taffy Specifications Pou...nds per Shipment: 5 Pieces per Pound: Approximately 65 Pieces per Shipment: Approximately 325 Total Shipment Weight:... read more

Surf Sweets
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Tru Sweets Surf Sweets - Jelly Beans Organic - 2.75 oz. Drenched with fruit flavor, and made with organic sweeteners and o

Yum Earth
$8.49 $6.11

Yummy Earth - Organic Lollipops Gluten Free Fruit Flavors - 12.3 oz.Yummy Earth Lollipops are made with real Fruit E

Sweet Candy
$4.99 $1.50

Sweet Candy Company has been making confections in the US longer than anyone else. Their patented Twist Box holds six ounces of th...eir famous saltwater Taffy. Enjoy the delicious raspberry flavor of this soft, non-sticky candy. Box contains 6 oz. of... read more

YumEarth Organics

YumEarth's lollipops are the real deal! Made from fruit extracts and planet-friendly ingredients, each pop delivers 100% daily vit...amin C and only 22 calories. Full of flavor and free of yucky chemicals, gluten, artificial dyes, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, fat, MSG, and high-fructose corn syrup. read more


You probably didn’t know this, but I am an avid candy dish collector. I can’t get enough of them. Sterling, Porcelain, 2nd Grade A...rt Class – I celebrate CDs (as I call them) in all shapes and sizes. And now, thanks to my delicious individually wrapped mini cups, I finally have something to fill them with. Which means my collection just got more awesome, if that was even possible. read more

Endangered Species

Endangered Species Black Panther Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Bar 88% Chocolate always tastes good—but what if it could do good, too?... That’s the mission behind every Endangered Species product, including this “extreme” Black Panther Dark Chocolate Bar made with the highest concentration of pure cocoa (88 percent!). Endangered Species donates 10 percent of all net profits to charity organizations like Rainforest Trust, American Wildlife Foundation, and the Xerces Society that are involved in conservation efforts. Inside each wrapper are also interesting facts about each animal you are helping to save, including the black panther that inspires this incredibly rich dark chocolate bar. Environmental and ethical issues are incredibly important to Endangered Species as well, which is why they commit to fair trade practices that honor cocoa farmers in West Africa and support sustainable growing that can impact the Earth. In addition to being fair trade certified, Endangered Species products are also Non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free, and vegan. How cocoa is made Cocoa comes from cacao beans, which look like coffee beans and are grown in hard-shelled pods on trees all over the world, including Africa, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and other areas with similar tropical climates. Even the smallest variations in geographic location and the manufacturing process can provide different tastes in the finished product. Generally, cacao beans are first removed from the trees and then left to ferment and dry in the same climate where they’ve been grown. The drying time locks in the unique qualities of the bean and allows them to retain their flavor during transport from the cacao plantation to the manufacturer. Once arrived at the manufacturing site, the beans are cleaned, roasted, and finely ground to create a powder. Roasting varies with each bean type: Some are roasted for a short period of time at a high temperature, and others are roasted for longer increments at a much lower temperatures—the difference will either keep the natural cacao integrity or produce cocoa (which is a bit sweeter). For Endangered Species Black Panther Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Bar, the only added ingredients are a little cane sugar, soy lecithin, and vanilla, resulting in a tremendous chocolatey experience that is free of additives, including extra sugar. Each 3 oz. bar only has five grams of natural sugar and is loaded with protein, dietary fiber, and iron, resulting in a more nutritious treat. The health benefits of chocolate Chocolate often gets a bad reputation, but this is usually because most of the mass marketed products contain tons of sugar, milk, and flavor additives that take away from the nutritional content and turn it into an empty calorie candy. In its more natural, unprocessed state (like Endangered Species bars), cocoa actually has a ton of nutrients and accompanying health benefits. Protein: An essential building block for the body. It creates and repairs hair, nails, bones, muscles, cartilage, and blood. Calcium: A nutrient that creates strong, healthy bones and also helps blood to clot, nerves to deliver messages to the rest of the body, and muscles to contract. Carotene: Inside the human body, carotene converts into vitamin A, which is vital for good vision, eye health, a hearty immune system, youthful-looking skin, and healthy mucous membranes. Riboflavin: Riboflavin is one of eight important B vitamins—B2, to be exact. In general, B vitamins help give the body energy and fuel. B2 is especially important because is an antioxidant, protecting the body from free-radical damage and lowering risks for cancer, heart disea read more

Balance Bar
$11.18 $7.99

Balance is smart and crazy delicious. Cark chocolate, crunchy pecans and creamy caramel along with lean protein and excellent sour...ce of fiber - all for under 200 calories! Finally, you can enjoy a scrumptious treat that also nutritionally Balanced! read more


Halter Coffee Chocolate 1.26 Oz Sugar free  Coffee & Chocolate Chocolate indulgence without remorse. Halter makes it poss...ible and launches the first candy with liquid chocolate filling. Sugar-free and toothfriendly. The classic combination of cof read more

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen, 12-Pack When you’re running on empty, there’s energy drinks and ...then there’s good-tasting, good-for-you protein bars like the Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bar with Grass-Fed Collagen. Each individually wrapped treat in this convenient 12-pack has a whopping 15 grams of protein and only three grams of sugar, which will get you on your way in the morning, before or after a workout, or anytime you need a nutritious pick-me-up. Why collagen is necessary The star ingredient is the collagen, which is one of the most important proteins that holds everything together in the human body. It’s found in skin, connective tissues, bones, tendons, and ligaments, but we naturally lose the amount we have as we age. The only way to make up for it is consuming more amounts of collagen from animal sources—but if you’re not exactly thrilled with the idea of chomping down on bones and skin, there’s a better option with Primal Kitchen’s bars. They are made with collagen from grass-fed cows that are pasture-raised in Brazil. Ingesting more collagen can lead to a number of health benefits, including: Reducing joint pain Improving the quality of sleep Healing your gut and improving digestion Other ingredients in Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars Here are some of the other ingredients you’ll get with each bite: Cocoa nibs Cocoa powder Roasted pumpkin seeds Almonds Himalayan pink salt Coconut flakes Coconut oil Honey Cassava root While collagen provides a huge amount of protein for fuel, the rich, dark chocolate offers a good flavor profile that’s mildly sweetened by the honey. Added almonds and pumpkin seeds also give it some crunch for a well-rounded balance that’s not too sugary or chalky. Health benefits of dark chocolate There was a point in time when all chocolate products were considered to be candy and were recommended to be consumed in moderation. But more recent scientific research has shown that certain types—such as the unprocessed, chemical-free dark chocolate in Primal Kitchen’s bars—actually have a number of vitamins and minerals that offer pretty hefty health benefits: Antioxidants—Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. These little beauties go after harmful molecules called free radicals that have been known to cause some kinds of cancer and heart problems and present signs of early aging. Vitamin C—Dark chocolate has a number of vitamins, one of the most potent is vitamin C, which helps the body to absorb iron and is also an important factor for a healthy immune system. Vitamin E—The antioxidants in dark chocolate are also rich in vitamin E, which is a very important part of a healthy diet. It helps healthy cell development, heart and blood vessel health, and all kinds of neurological diseases as well as types of cancer. Dark chocolate has also been shown to lower blood pressure in several different medical studies. Health benefits of almonds Roasted and raw almonds have long been a popular snack option for those looking for a healthy alternative to chips and pretzels. In addition to being super easy and portable, they are a great source of protein and other nutrients that provide health benefits of their own: Monounsaturated fats—Also known as the the “good fats,” which are found in products like olive oil and almonds. They have been attributed to lowering the risk for heart disease, and when consumed on a regular basis, can help lower LDL cholesterol as well. That means less chance for heart attacks and clogged arteries and blood vessels. Vit read more

Pittman & Davis

Sweet, tangy orange gel candy, covered in exquisite, rich, dark chocolate form a harmony of scrumptious flavors you won't be able resist. Two 10.5 oz boxes of chocolate orange sticks are included in this more than generous gift. read more

Pittman & Davis

Say "Happy Valentine's Day" with sweet treats as well as words! The smooth, creamy milk chocolate candy bar in the center is print...ed with "Happy Valentine's Day". Two luscious layers of milk chocolate coat lightly salted and roasted pecan halves for the most decadent chocolate pecan you've ever tasted. A bed of large pecan pieces is topped with a layer of fresh caramel and enrobed in creamy milk chocolate to make our delicious Pandapaws. read more


It’s delicious any way you slice it. And that it’s made with all-natural flavors is just icing on the cake. UV Vodka is distilled ...four times and fashioned with the finest ingredients from around the world. Nothing says celebration like cake, and UV... read more


Notes: Sweet indulgence is yours in a bottle of UV Vodka Cake. The vodka is infused with the taste of vanilla frosted cake and a of sprinkles for added sweetness. The dessert vodka is a sure way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other... read more


The official celebration spirit. For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Friday nights or any special occasion! Celebrating UV Vod...kaa s 10th anniversary with a celebratory flavor. read more


Enriched with velvet smooth white chocolate, Merrys Irish White Chocolate Cream Liqueur brings you a taste of Ireland's Golden Val...e. When you want to give a distinctive gift to a special person; when the occasion demands something need... read more

Jolly Rancher
$24.95 $22.00

Make your special celebrations even sweeter with Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry Flavored Hard Candy. Use this classic, blue raspberr...y-flavored candy in table displays and party favors, or offer them at your next tradeshow. Keep some in your pocket,... read more

$29.95 $26.50

Hershey’s Red Milk Chocolate Kisses have never looked so delicious. Whether you’re setting up a red-themed candy buffet, with your wedding colors, or just simply love the bold color, Kisses in red are the right choice. Make your next event... read more

$68.15 $52.42

Features:-Ensure Original Chocolate-8 oz Can-Immune Balance, a unique blend of prebiotic fiber to help promote digestive tract hea...lth and antioxidants to support the immune system-Good source of fiber (3g scFOS/serving) to help maintain... read more


Lindt Lindor Snowman Chocolate Truffles: Irresistibly smooth Individually wrapped pieces


Life Savers Sugar Free 5 Flavor Hard Candy, 2.75 OZ Bags (Pack of 12): Brought to you by Life Savers Pack of 12

Russell Stover

We use a unique blend of sugar substitutes the US Government refers to as "sugar alcohol." These sugar substitutes are slowly meta...bolized carbohydrates that generally cause only a small rise in blood glucose levels. Note: Because this item is... read more

Jolly Rancher
$24.27 $10.96

Wake up your taste buds with untamed fruit flavor in Jolly Rancher Original Flavors Hard Candy.

$29.95 $26.50

Hershey’s Red Milk Chocolate Kisses have never looked so delicious. Whether you’re setting up a red-themed candy buffet, with your wedding colors, or just simply love the bold color, Kisses in red are the right choice. Make your next event... read more

$31.95 $28.45

Make your next party or gathering sweeter with Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate Candy. You can fill all your candy dishes and still... have plenty of Hershey's Kisses left over to send home as party favors. Note: Because this item is temperature-sensitive,... read more


Add these succulent, chocolaty dipped and decorated strawberries to your gift and watch the smiles multiply at every celebration. ...Available in counts of 6 or 12 strawberries and delivered fresh to their door with Same-Day Delivery. Great for Everyday read more


Add these succulent, chocolaty dipped and decorated strawberries to your gift and watch the smiles multiply at every celebration. ...Available in counts of 6 or 12 strawberries and delivered fresh to their door with Same-Day Delivery. Great for Everyday read more


Home Supplies - An enticing collection of rich milk and dark chocolates. Pecan Caramels, Coconut Clusters, Caramels, Cherry, Fudge Meltaways, Espresso, and more. Contains maltitol syrup, maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, polydextrose, BUY TWO and sucralose.*Shipped by the manufacturer, this product can not be returned. read more


Home Supplies - An enticing collection of rich milk and dark chocolates... Pecan Caramels, Coconut Clusters, Caramels, Cherry Cord...ials, Fudge Meltaways, Espresso, and more. Contains maltitol syrup, maltitol, sorbitol, xylitol, acesulfame potassium, polydextrose, and sucralose. Kosher.Choose Figi's sugar free & no sugar added gifts for restricted diets. Not intended for weight loss.These gifts contain artificial sweeteners instead of sugar; they are listed in the product descriptions for your convenience. Please review nutritional labels upon receipt.*Shipped by the manufacturer, this product can not be returned. read more

Scharffen Berger
$28.49 $17.49

Scharffen Berger - Chocolate Tasting Squares Assorted - 64 x 5 g Squares - 11.29 oz. (320 g) Scharffen Berger Chocolate Ta

Guy Fieri

Straight from Guy Fieri's Flavortown line comes this assortment of coffee pods in flavors like chocolate mint and caramel apple Si...ze: Large. Color: Green/Brown. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. read more


These delicious strawberry gummies have been a popular favorite for many years, and they only continue to gain fans! A delicious c...andy classic, this is a dual-layer gummy. The top half is made of typical gummy material ? think gummy worms and gummy bears. But the bottom is where things get interesting! This softer, creamier gummy pairs with the sweet, strawberry top for a taste that is pure perfection. The two layers provide an intriguing bite that is both gummy and almost marshmallow-like. It?s a bit hard to describe, but falling in fruit-flavored love with these strawberry gummies isn?t tricky at all! 5 lbs. of strawberry gummy candy in each bag Not only do these taste great, but they?re designed to look like real strawberries! An eye-catching addition to candy buffets, favor boxes, or as a pretty present. Made by Kervan USA read more


Wouldn’t it be great to bring a little sophistication to your lollipops? Charms Lollipops has done just that with this unbelievabl...e line of Boutique Premium Lollipops! These gourmet lollipops feature incredible flavors like strawberry cheesecake, caramel latte, and crème brulee, making each lollipop seem like a decadent dessert! Keep a few in your desk at work for when you need a little indulgent snack! Each box contains 48 wrapped lollipops Flavors include orange cream, caramel latte, strawberry cheesecake, birthday cake, root beer float, crème brulee, raspberry lemon tart, and cinnamon bun So delicious! read more

Blair Candy

These have a fresh, fruity flavor and super soft texture, making them nearly impossible to stop eating! And with a generously-size...d 20 oz. bag, you won?t have to. Our gummy butterflies are a popular pick all year, but get more attention in the spring and summer months. An awesome addition to Easter baskets, these colorful candies are also great for shower and wedding candy buffets, or as a tasty gift for a butterfly fan. 20 oz. of gummy butterfly candy Approximately 38 candies in each bag Butterfly gummies are 2 1/2? wide x 2 1/3? high Also available in a miniature size Made by Albanese Confection Company read more

Runk Candy

Kits Taffy! This nostalgic taffy candy is made in the USA. There are 100 packs of Kits per box. There are 4 flavors in the box. Ba...nana Kits, Chocolate Kits, Strawberry Kits and Vanilla Kits. read more


Bonomo Turkish Taffy Vanilla flavor. This is a box of 24 wrapped turkish taffy bars. Each bar is 1.5oz. This nostalgic taffy that known for it's smack and crack it then enjoy is a blast from the past. Also available in banana; chocolate and strawberry flavors. read more


The most popular gummy rings of all, gummy peach rings started the gummy ring revolution that has paved the way for so many other ...fabulous flavors! The preferred brand of many, these Trolly peach rings bring the best in both texture and taste. There are other Peach Os on the market, but only Trolly peach rings are Peachie-Os! 5 lbs. of Peachie Os in each bag The perfect size for parties, dividing up into smaller bags, or 'going in' on an order with friends who also can't get enough gummy peach rings! Made by Trolly read more


Caramel Swirled Slap Stix lolli pops. There are 36 caramel lollipops per box.


Our Caramel Apple Lollipops continue to be one of our customer favorites, and we know why ? they combine three of our favorite thi...ngs: caramel, apples, and lollipops! Caramel Apple Lollipops are a green apple lollipop covered in so scrumptious caramel. These are delicious as bulk lollipops and perfect for anytime enjoyment! 48 wrapped Caramel Apple Lollipops per box Made by the Tootsie Roll Company Heat Warning! Caramel Apple Lollipops can melt during transit in warm temperatures ? we suggest adding an ice pack. read more

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