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Green Mountain Coffee
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16 ct. Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Vue Packs Hazelnut 16CT Vue Pods

Donut Shop Classics
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The chocolate espresso coffee pods from donut shop classics is a deliciously bold espresso experience. It?s the ultimate dark roas...t, and perfect for those who like bold flavor combined with the taste of sweet decadent chocolate. This divine coffee blend is daring and adventurous: the ultimate indulgent roast.  Donut shop chocolate espresso pods deliver the delicious chocolate flavor that we all crave, but without the guilt. Melt into pure bliss. Sweet Belgium chocolate in a rich brew of heady and robust espresso. There?s no reason to deny this yummy brew. Welcome to yesterday with donut shop classics, better than you remember. Donut shop classics are roasted from the finest plantations and co-ops from around the globe. Only 100% Arabica beans meet our standards for slow roasted, air cooled coffees. We are committed to quality and are confident that you will agree with each cup of our coffee. Donut shop chocolate espresso pods are compatible with coffee pod brewers. read more

Cafe Jerusalem
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Cafe Jerusalem is our very unique and beautiful line of 100% star-K certified kosher coffee. We roast our gourmet kosher coffee be...ans to their full flavor like it used to be in the old city, and all of our kosher coffee beans are certified by Star-K, an international leader in the world of Kosher supervision. Your purchase of Rogers? coffees and teas help us fund our Community Aid program that helps to break the cycle of poverty in the towns where we buy our coffee and tea. Through Community Aid, we?ve built schools, worker housing, medical clinics, and day care centers as well as funded scholarships, teachers, and doctor?s salaries. When you buy our kosher coffee, you can be assured that not only are you getting the finest and freshest kosher coffee available, but you are directly improving the quality of life for everyone whose lives are touched by the growing, processing, and shipping of this coffee. So consider our kosher coffee for your everyday coffee, for gifts, for gourmet coffee gift baskets and for any time of the year (including Passover). read more


Satisfy those caffeine cravings with a gift of true Starbucks variety! There's something for everyone included in this naturally d...elicious selection. Three blends of Starbucks coffee are featured: House Blend, Breakfast Blend and French Roast. A box of salted caramel hot chocolate will satisfy that sweet craving and Via ready-brew caramel flavored coffee is perfect for travel or on-the-go quick fixes. Also included are two ceramic Starbucks logo mugs, spiced chocolate biscotti and a TCHO read more

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The story of Aria Blend. We gently roasted this coffee, revealing a surprisingly intense and beautifully expressive blend. From th...e first sip, African beans sing with juicy, lemony notes, followed by the bright, lyrical finish of Latin American... read more

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The same sweet, creamy indulgence of regular frappuccino, but only 100 calories per bottle. Frappuccino light vanilla is a, creamy, lower calorie blend of Starbucks coffee and vanilla flavor. read more

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Grove Square Coffee French Vanilla Cappuccino tantalizes with a stimulating aroma and the pure taste of vanilla. Enjoy this Keurig... Cappuccino any time of the day, since brewing is easy and simple, and can be done in just seconds with a Keurig machine.... read more

Custom Variety Pack
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<div class="aplus"> <h4>Flavored Coffee Variety Sampler Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 30 Count</h4><br> <h5><div id="header0">Cus...tom Variety Pack - The Consistency of Variety</div></h5> <div id="text0" class="a-spacing-small"><p>From time immemorial, loyal coffee drinkers have been led to believe that consistency must always go hand in hand with monotony. "You like Colombian coffee? Sure, here is a three week supply", they are told. "But what if I get tired of Colombian coffee after a few days and decide I want a French Roast?", they ask. "Then you are welcome to buy a three week supply of French Roast as well," they are told. Well, dear coffee lovers, we introduce to you the MixPack, available only from Custom Variety Pack, and with it a novel concept - the consistency of variety. You like single serve but don't want to commit to one taste for weeks at a time? How about a variety pack with 30 or 40 or 50 different coffees. ..sound good? Thought so! Please remember, if it's not from Custom Variety Pack, then it is not an authentic MixPack.</p></div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image0"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">Bold and Dark Roast Coffee MixPack<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image1"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">Flavored Coffee MixPack<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image2"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">Tea MixPack<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="break"> </div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image3"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">Coffee MixPack<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image4"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">Coffee, Hot Chocolate, and Tea MixPack<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image5"><img src="" alt="" ><div class="imageCaption">Decaf MixPack<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="break"> </div> <div id="text1" class="a-spacing-small"><p>The beauty of the Custom Variety Pack is that it allows you to enjoy a wide assortment of K-Cups and single serve pods from the best manufacturers without having to order each one individually, and then do it all over again once you finish.</p></div> <br> <h5><div id="header1">Advantages of becoming a Custom Variety Pack customer</div></h5> <div id="list0"><ul class=""><li>Enjoy the consistency of variety - a reliable, wide array of flavors every time </li><li>Never get stuck with too many of one flavor </li><li>Assortment in each pack gets adjusted every few months </li><li>Subscribe to save and enjoy the additional benefits of receiving your MixPack monthly. </li><li>For use with all Keurig k-cup compatible brewers. Cups are repackaged and not in original packaging; K Cup, Green Mountain and Keurig are registered trademarks of Green Mountain and Keurig. Custom Variety Pack has no affiliation with Keurig and Green Mountain. </li><li>Contents may contain sugar or nuts, please refer to original manufacturer website for ingredients or certifications regarding any allergy related information. </li><li>Remember - if it's not from Custom Variety Pack, it's not an authentic MixPack!</li></ul></div> </div> read more

Cafe Britt

Cafe Sweet Coffee Gift Bag-Enjoy 3 gourmet coffee bags-Enjoy 2 of your favorite Britt chocolates-Includes 1coffee container.-Comes... with 1 large gift box. read more

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