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Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino is an Italian sheep's milk cheese similar to, but sweeter than, Parmesan. It's delicious grated onto Italian soups or salads, and it can be eaten in slices or chunks on crackers or baguettes with roasted peppers, olives, or sweet preserves such as apricot. Choose from young or aged Pecorino varieties, as well as assortments of Italian grating cheeses.
L'Atelier du Vin
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This set includes a cutlery duo: one fine cutter and one extra-strong cutter, as well as a wine and cheese guide. The knives are m...ade from stainless steel and solid wood. The extra-strong cutter is short and wide. It easily slices through hard and other firm or semi-soft cheeses, including Gouda, Pecorino Sardo, Cheddar, etc. The fine cutter is long and strong and cuts with ease, as well as stabbing soft cheeses with washed or natural moldy rinds and lastly, pressed cheeses too. In the wine and cheese guide book you will discover some of the nicest and most surprising matches. read more

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From the Noble Gems Collection Item #NB0668 Exotic cheese wheel and wedge ornaments are accented with dazzling glitter Ornaments r...ead: Parmigiano, Asiago, Brie and Pecorino Fully dimensional ornaments Each comes ready-to-hang on a gold cord Dimensions: 3.5H Material(s): glass Pack of 12 - includes 3 of each style shown read more

Brand: Weldon Owen
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Packed with information and inspiration, this cookbook takes an authoritative look at cheese, acting as both a comprehensive cookb...ook as well as a helpful primer on the subject. From key types of cheeses and main regions, to tips on pairing cheese with wine and beer and creating the perfect cheese plate for any occasion, to enticing cheese-centric recipes, organized by course, this is the ultimate resource for any cheese lover who is looking for great ways to showcase this favorite food through delicious dishes. With an engaging personal narrative and gorgeous lifestyle photographs, this is an indispensable guide for anyone who is looking for ideas for serving and cooking with cheese.<BR><BR>Organized by course, this book includes more than 100 luscious recipes for sweet and savory dishes that showcase cheese. Classic favorites are here, from mac and cheese and fondue to enchiladas and burgers. You?ll also discover contemporary dishes like fried pecorino with stonefruit salsa, roast chicken stuffed with Gruyere, over-roasted endive with Saint-Marcellin, and tangy plum tart spiked with ginger and chevre. In addition, you?ll find helpful tips on pairing cheese with wine or beer, putting together a perfect cheese plate, and a comprehensive guide to cheeses from around the globe as well as artisanal varieties in North America. Celebrated author and cheese aficionado Georgeanne Brennan?s wonderful narrative runs throughout the book, bringing the recipes and cook?s lifestyle to life. read more

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Americans tend to use Italian cheeses in their cooking and they are wonderful for this purpose. This board however allows you to t...aste three Italian cheeses independently without the masking of other foods. Pecorino Toscano This young sheep's milk cheese has a smooth semi-soft texture and a flavor that hints of the wildflowers and herbs of the Tuscan countryside. 7.5 oz Mountain Gorgonzola From Italy's Lombardy region we present Mountain Gorgonzola a sharp and tangy cheese. With its white interior laced with streaks of blue this is an attractive table cheese and a savory ingredient in your favorite salad. 7.5 oz Provolone Piccante The piccante sharp version of this classic Italian cheese is more complex and great on sandwiches or chunked. 7.5 oz Grana Padano Stravecchio Oro del Tempo This superior product aged for 22 months is a world-class hard cheese. Second to none 7.5 oz Signature Cheese Serving Knife Specifically crafted for this multi-function cheese knife is the perfect tool to easily slice uniform servings of your favorite cheese. Bamboo Cheese Board A stunning and durable gift that will be enjoyed for years to come. Dimensions 9x11 Please note that any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal or greater value. read more

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The base of great Italian food is the quality of its ingredients. It is the simple combination of fresh fruit vegetables olive oil... wine and of course great cheeses. This assortment offers an introduction to Italy's most famous staple cheeses that are essential to creating a good Italian meal. All of these cheeses are fantastic on their own but also add that special dimension to everything from pastas to risottos to gratins vegetable dishes and salads. Their unique characters are a pleasure for the the palate to explore. Pecorino Romano is made from sheep's milk and aged over a year. Hard and dense it is salty and tangy with a sharp spicy finish. Excellent shaved or grated. 7.5 oz Provolone Piccante is mozzarella's older brother. Aged over 9 months and made from cow's milk it is sharp and spicy with a smooth finish. Perfect thinly sliced and melted. 7.5 oz Parmigiano Reggiano is made from raw cow's milk and aged for over 18 months. Full flavored and nutty with a wonderful grainy texture. Serve grated or shaved. Don't forget to save the rind for stocks and sauces 7.5 oz Grana Padano Stravecchio Oro del Tempo is made from raw cow's milk and aged for over 22 months. Similar to Parmigiano Reggiano it has an aged grainy texture and nutty flavor. It has an amazing depth of flavor with sweet fruity undertones. Use the same way as you use Parmigiano Reggiano but note the difference in flavors 7.5 oz Gift Presentation This assortment includes one 7.5 ounce of each selection hand assembled in our signature chocolate colored gift box finished with a matching ribbon. Please note that any item temporarily out of stock will be substituted with a similar item of equal or greater value. read more

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<DIV><DIV><P>Take a slice of bread. It?s perfectly okay in and of itself. Maybe it has a nice, crisp crust or the scent of But really, it?s kind of boring. Now melt some cheese on it?a sharp Vermont cheddar or a flavorful Swiss Gruyere. Mmm, delicious. Cheese?it?s the staple food, the accessory that makes <I>everything </I>better, from the hamburger to the ordinary sandwich to a bowl of macaroni. Despite its many uses and variations, there has never before been a global history of cheese, but here at last is a succinct, authoritative account, revealing how cheese was invented and where, when, and even why.</p><P> </P><P>In bite-sized chapters well-known food historian Andrew Dalby tells the true and</P><P>savory story of cheese, from its prehistoric invention to the moment of its modern rebirth. Here you will find the most ancient cheese appellations, the first written description of the cheese-making process, a list of the luxury cheeses of classical Rome, the medieval rule-of-thumb for identifying good cheese, and even the story of how loyal cheese lover Samuel Pepys saved his parmesan from the great Fire of London. Dalby reveals that cheese is one of the most ancient of civilized foods, and he suggests that our passion for cheese may even lay behind the early establishment of global trade.</p><P> </P><P>Packed with entertaining cheese facts, anecdotes, and images, <I>Cheese </I>also</P><P>features a selection of historic recipes. For those who crave a pungent stilton, a creamy brie, or a salty pecorino, <I>Cheese</I> is the perfect snack of a book.</P><P> </P></DIV></DIV> read more

Chronicle Books
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As the DIY movement continues to gain momentum, it's no wonder home cheesemaking is the next hot topic. And from cheesemaking auth...ority and teacher Louella Hill comes an education so timely and inspiring that every cheese lover and cheesemonger, from novice to professional, will have something to learn. <em>Kitchen Creamery</em> starts with the basics (think yogurt, ricotta, and mascarpone) before graduating into more complex varieties such as Asiago and Pecorino. With dozens of recipes, styles, and techniques, each page is overflowing with essential knowledge for perfecting the ins and outs of the fascinating process that transforms fresh milk into delicious cheese. read more

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