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Luxuriously creamy, Brie cheese is indulgent and delicious. It's a perfect cheese to spread on crackers or baguette slices or to melt in the oven and top with fruit preserves. Shop online for Brie de Nangis cheese, French Baby Brie, and Brie with raspberries en croute, along with accompaniments such as crackers and spreads.
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Gourmet Gift Basket. Silky smooth California Merlot makes the perfect match for creamy Brie cheese, delicious water crackers and G...hirardelli chocolate in this classic gift. Wine Gift Basket Includes: Parducci Small Lot Blend Merlot: Complex aromas of sweet black cherries and plums with hints of leafy mint tea. The flavors key on cherries, with a tea-leaf spiciness adding savor and zest. Creamy Brie cheese spread 4 oz Three Pepper Water Crackers 4 oz Ghirardelli Milk & Caramel bar 3.5 oz Fontazzi butter toffee pretzels 3.5 oz> Thatcher's Chocolate Caramel Popcorn 3 oz Due to the popularity of this gift, wines or vintages sometimes sell out. Should this happen, we will always substitute with the current vintage and wines with equal or greater value. Pursuant to state laws in New York, gifts that contain both food and wine will be sent in two separate packages. read more

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Take a slice of bread. It’s perfectly okay in and of itself. Maybe it has a nice, crisp crust or the scent of sourdough. But reall...y, it’s kind of boring. Now melt some cheese on it—a sharp Vermont cheddar or a flavorful Swiss Gruyere. Mmm, delicious. Cheese—it’s the staple food, the accessory that makes everything better, from the hamburger to the ordinary sandwich to a bowl of macaroni. Despite its many uses and variations, there has never before been a global history of cheese, but here at last is a succinct, authoritative account, revealing how cheese was invented and where, when, and even why.In bite-sized chapters well-known food historian Andrew Dalby tells the true andsavory story of cheese, from its prehistoric invention to the moment of its modern rebirth. Here you will find the most ancient cheese appellations, the first written description of the cheese-making process, a list of the luxury cheeses of classical Rome, the medieval rule-of-thumb for identifying good cheese, and even the story of how loyal cheese lover Samuel Pepys saved his parmesan from the great Fire of London. Dalby reveals that cheese is one of the most ancient of civilized foods, and he suggests that our passion for cheese may even lay behind the early establishment of global trade.Packed with entertaining cheese facts, anecdotes, and images, Cheese alsofeatures a selection of historic recipes. For those who crave a pungent stilton, a creamy brie, or a salty pecorino, Cheese is the perfect snack of a book. read more

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An accessible guide to selecting, cooking with, and making cheese From a pungent Gorgonzola to the creamiest Brie, the world of ch...eese involves a vocabulary of taste second only to wine.  With the rise of artisanal cheeses, this once humble food made from curdled milk is now haute cuisine. And to make the new world of cheese less intimidating, Laurel Miller and Thalassa Skinner have created a handy primer to selecting cheese, pairing cheese with wine, cooking with cheese, and making cheese. In Cheese For Dummies, everyday cheese lovers will learn how to become true cheese connoisseurs. Not only will readers get a look at how different cheeses are made around the world, in Cheese For Dummies, they'll develop enough of a palate to discern which cheese is right for them. Explains how to assemble the perfect cheese plate Includes recipes for cooking with cheese Details how to make five cheeses, including Mozzarella, Chevre, and Ricotta Supplemented with a 16-page photo insert With artisanal and imported cheeses now common to mainstream grocery stores, the everyday cheese lover needs more than simply his nose to make the best choice. Offering wise (and delicious!) advice on every page, Cheese For Dummies is a guide for anyone interested in making every mealtime with cheese a special occasion. read more

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How about taking homemade Brie or Camembert to a friend's house for dinner rather than a bottle of wine? Making these bloomy rind ...cheeses is easier than you think. Bloomy rind cheeses also transform an average meal into a gourmet affair. In this cookbook you'll discover how to make the cheeses. You’ll also discover both simple and gourmet dishes featuring either Brie or Camembert. All dishes are paired with harmonizing wines. Here are some of the recipes: Brie and Sage Pesto en Croute with Apples Ripened Camembert, Wild Mushroom and Rosemary Bruchetta Mini Potato Skins with Brie and Bacon Pecan-Crusted Brie with Jalapeno Jelly Stilton, Brie and Walnut Soup Lobster and Scallop Bisque with Camembert Pan-Fried Camembert with Redcurrant Sauce Brie Brioches on Greens with Raspberries Beef and Brie Wellington with Madeira Sauce Bacon Mac and Brie Fettuccine with Double Smoked Bacon, Brie and Rosemary Guinea Fowl with Brie and Hazelnuts Beef and Veal Tenderloin with Mousse of Crab and Camembert Wrapped Romano Cheese Crepe Pastry Wrapped Brie with Cranberry Orange Sauce Bakes Ripened Camembert with Mango read more

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Protect fine cheeses in style with gorgeous wrappers festooned with floral prints, linen patterns, and polka dots. These papers ar...e suitable for storing and stylish enough to use as cheese "gift wrap." Ideal for any variety, whether it's aged Cheddar, crumbly Gorgonzola, or luscious triple-cream Brie, these read more

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Discover the satisfying art of cheese making in this updated edition. This bestselling book has been designed to help you create ...wonderful cheeses that approximate the flavors and textures of many cheeses from around the world -- at home in the comfort of your own kitchen. Discover and indulge in the taste of fresh handmade cheeses and experience the joy of creating outstanding food from a simple ingredient: fresh milk. These excellent recipes feature easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that take the stress and guesswork out of creating artisanal-quality cheeses at home. You will find recipes for everything from fresh unripened cheeses to aged ones with complex rinds. An enticing new cover, an all-new 32 page troubleshooting section, new step-by-step photos as well as the new inclusion of preparation times with each recipe will be welcomed by both novice and experienced cheese makers. Here's a sampling of some of the cheeses you can make: Fresh Cheeses: traditional Ricotta and fresh goat cheeses Stretched-Curd Cheeses: Bocconcini, Provolone and Mozzarella Mold-Ripened Cheeses: Brie, Camembert with Calvados Blue-Veined Cheeses: Gorgonzola, Roquefort, White Stilton Washed-Rind Cheeses: Muenster, Brick, Limburger Washed-Curd and Semisoft Cheeses: Colby, Edam, Fontina Semifirm and Hard Cheeses: Emmental, Jarlsberg, Cheddar Ethnic & Regional Cheeses: Feta, Paneer, Domiati Yogurt & Kefir: Bulgarian-Style Yogurt, Kefir Cheese Butter, Buttermilk and Crème Fraîche: Orange Honey Butter, Clotted Cream Rounding out this fantastic book are comprehensive descriptions of basic cheese-making steps and techniques along with information on and illustrations of all the necessary techniques, equipment and tools. It also chronicles the fascinating history of cheese along with serving and presentation instructions. read more

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From the editors of Hobby Farm Homes, Cheese It! provides a detailed introductory guide for making cheese at home, from soft cheeses like mozzarella, goat cheese, and cottage cheese to more challenging cheeses like Monterey Jack, parmesan, and aged gouda. Author Cole Dawson tackles four dozen different kinds of cheese, beginning with making butter, ghee, and sour cream from scratch and progressing to soft unripe cheeses such as paneer, chèvre, ricotta, and feta. International in its scope, each subsequent chapter tackles different kinds of cheeses, the tricks to success, and examples and recipes for each.The chapter on unripe cheeses is followed by stretched curds, incorporating the brine bath to make mozzarella, asadero, provolone, and scamorza. Pressing and aging semi-hard cheese yield traditional Cheddar and variations, such as sage derby and goat Cheddar, plus Cantal, Monterey Jack, Cotswold, Caerphilly, and Caciotta. The process of washing curds to reduce the acidic level is the key creating cheeses like Colby, Gouda, and Edam, while washing rinds along with proper aging are the secrets to muenster, brick, raclette, Taleggio, and Tilsit. Using bacteria in cheese is key to making bloomy rinds, such as the triple-cream delights Camembert and Brie, and molded cheese, such as gorgonzola, Roquefort, and Stilton.Ideal for new cheese makers, the book begins with chapters explaining the science involved in the process as well as safety precautions, basic skills, and the equipment that is required to begin making cheese in the kitchen. A total of 75 recipes includes delicious options to incorporate homemade cheeses, such as feta in spanakopita, mascarpone in tiramisu, mozzarella in polenta pizza, and chicken á la gorgonzola.As the author emphasizes the importance of record keeping (so you can repeat your successes and not your “oopses”), the book concludes with a sample cheese diary so the cheese maker can account for timing, pressure, temperatures, and so forth. Finally, there is a very useful 5-page glossary of terms, a resource section for cheese-making supplies and websites, and a detailed 7-page index. read more

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Sharp cheddar, starboard side! Create a nautical centerpiece with this sea-worthy rubber wood cheese server, offering four hidden ...steel cheese tools-a fork, chisel knife, blunt-tipped knife, and pointed-tip knife-in the wheel's magnetic slots. The four remaining handles stay in place, helping you "steer" your display of brie, manchego, and more like a mini Lazy Susan "perfect for seafaring snackers and land lubbers alike. Made in China. read more

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This handsome gift basket features a virtual buffet of delicious cheeses and cheese spreads, along with an assortment of tasty gou...rmet crackers. This is the perfect gift for the office or for any cheese lover in your life. This gift includes: camembert cheese spread, roasted garlic cheese spread, Spanish olive cheese spread, vegetable cheese spread, brie flavored cheese spread, bacon and chives flavor cheese spread, Havarti dill cheese spread, Wisconsin chipotle cheese, tomato basil Wisconsin cheddar, olive oil and sea salt crackers, focaccia crisps, cheese spreader. This cheese gift basket is perfect for any cheese lover you know. read more

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Who can forget the tragic cheddar mix-up that marked your last soiree? Add a charming touch to your next fromage flight and elimin...ate guests' guesswork with these playful picks. The set of six Baltic birch markers includes popular varieties like gouda, brie, and swiss to flag your favorites with flair. Debut them at a dinner party or casual family gathering, or give them as a unique host or hostess gift. The picks are reusable; just hand wash after each use. Each cheese name is hand-lettered, laser-cut, and packaged by Meg and Josh Sutton in Texas. read more

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When she served her signature baked brie, guests melted. Prep this fabulous French classic along with other soft cheeses and serve... tout suite with Ashley Tennent's elegant stoneware design. Simply bake your favorite fromage for about 15 minutes and serve straight up or topped with berry jam, spiced apple compote, or tangy chutney. Handmade in Clifton, Virginia. read more

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Fruit Is Nice. Fruit Paired With Specially Selected Award-Winning Cheeses Is A Gift They Will Thank You For All Year Long. Once A ...Month For 12 Months They'll Receive Tempting Trios Like Our March Feature Juicy Red Grapes, Sweet Fiscalini Lionza And Buttery Melange Brie Made With Fresh Milk From Family Dairy Farms.Your First Shipment Will Typically Be Delivered To Your Recipient On The Exact Date You Choose With Your Personal Card Message And A Special Insert Describing The Delicious Gift. All Subsequent Shipments Will Be Delivered During The Second Week Of The Month (Date Subject To Change). If Saturday Is Selected For The First Delivery Day, Shipping Surcharges Will Apply. read more

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From sprawling cocktail parties to cozy book club debates to the most artsy and exclusive poetry readings, most guests would agree... that the most memorable events on their social calendars start with tempting, tasteful snacks. Give your own guests a chance to rave about your enter-tainments by laying out your Brie and crackers, artisanal cheddars, or store-bought cheese sampler out on this slate and pine cheese paddle. Good for fruits, cheeses, and other all-natural snacks, the slate underneath your spread of deli-cacies provides you with a built-in backdrop that blends with all sorts of party themes, special occasions, and home décor. Beautiful Hand-cut natural stone with pine wood base Perfect for party or house warming gift Great centerpiece for your kitchen Wipe clean with wet cloth read more

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Have you ever wished you could start making and enjoying your own mouth-watering homemade cheeses but were utterly baffled about h...ow to get started? Everyone around you tells you to give up before you even get started: ‘It’s too difficult’ they say. ‘It’s impossible to do it at home’ they warn. ‘You’ll never do it - it takes too much time and too much skilled knowledge’. But still you dream of the sense of accomplishment and fun that comes from creating food from scratch with your very own hands. Even if you ignore their warnings and give cheese-making it a go anyway, you’ll no doubt find yourself overwhelmed by baffling terminology and complicated ingredients and begin to wonder why you even thought this could be a good idea. But the truth is that you absolutely can make delicious homemade cheeses right there from the comfort of your own kitchen and it doesn’t need to involve fancy equipment, specialist ingredients nor complicated steps. Best of all, absolutely anyone can do this without needing any kind of specialist training nor years of experience and in this book I will show you how in a simple and easy-to-follow way. I have written this book to wipe away the myths and give you back the power to create one of life’s little pleasures using the skills you will learn within this book. Everything inside is explained in clear steps and using everyday language that will have you progressing from beginner to expert in no time. And not only that- we offer thirteen irresistible cheese recipes that take you by the hand and introduce each new skill or technique at a comfortable pace. Home cheese-making can be an absolute joy if you know how. Give it a go! Here’s a sneaky peak as to what’s included: Why You Should Make Your Own CheeseCheese Making MythsThe Magical Cheese-Making ProcessThe Equipment You’ll NeedCheese-Making IngredientsHow To Warm Milk For Cheese-MakingThe Secrets of Making Awesome Cheese Plus recipes for Labneh, Mascarpone, Paneer, Ricotta, Cream Cheese, Mozzarella, Fromage Blanc, Cottage Cheese, Cheddar cheese, Blue cheese and even Brie. Download 'How to Make Cheese' right now! read more

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"An enjoyable and helpful companion. The subject matter from a historical standpoint is fascinating. The research and time committ...ed to this book are substantial." — BookwormWhether you want to make Welsh Rarebit, Cheese Puffs, Fondue, and Camembert Savory or you want to learn more about British and Wisconsin Cheddars, Stilton, Emmentaler, Brick, Samsoe, Brie, Munster, Gorgonzola, and all the other fine cheeses of the world, you will find this guide an enjoyable and helpful companion.T. A. Layton, a noted British expert on cheese and wine, explores fascinating cheese legends and history, with separate chapters on the cheese in literature, how cheese is made, and the gastronomy of cheese. He also offers information on the buying, storing, and serving of cheese, in addition to hot and cold cheese recipes from around the world. The second part of the book profiles the cheeses, country by country, with details of all the original varieties and familiar imitations. Professional and amateur gourmets will prize these informal and enlightening discussions of more than 250 cheese varieties as well as the selection of 100 delectable recipes. read more

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