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$24.99 $12.29

One of the country's most celebrated roasters explains how to choose, brew, and enjoy the new breed of artisan coffees at home, with 40 inventive recipes that incorporate coffee or taste good with a cup.Blue Bottle Coffee Company has quickly become one of America’s most celebrated roasters. Famous for its complex and flavorful coffees, Blue Bottle delights its devoted patrons with exquisite pour-overs, delicious espressi, and specialized brewing methods. Yet as coffee production becomes more sophisticated with specialized extraction techniques and Japanese coffee gadgets, the new artisan coffees can seem out of reach. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee explains this new world from farm to cup, exploring the bounty of beans available and the intricate steps that go into sourcing raw coffee from around the globe. Blue Bottle founder James Freeman coaches you through brewing the perfect cup of coffee, using methods as diverse as French press, nel drip, siphon, and more to produce the best flavor. For coffee lovers who want to roll up their sleeves and go deeper, Freeman explains step by step how to roast beans at home using standard kitchen tools—just like he did when starting out. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee also introduces a home technique for cupping, the industry method of tasting coffees for quality control, so you can hone your taste and share your meticulously roasted coffee with friends. Rounding out the book are more than thirty inventive recipes from Blue Bottle pastry chef and former Miette bakery owner Caitlin Freeman that incorporate coffee or just taste particularly good with coffee, such as Saffron Vanilla Snickerdoodles, Stout Coffee Cake with Pecan-Caraway Streusel, Affogato with Smoky Almond Ice Cream, Coffee Panna Cotta, and more. With more than one hundred stunning photographs showing coffee’s journey from just-harvested cherry to perfect drink, this distinctive and deep guide to the new breed of amazing coffees from one of the top artisan coffee makers will change the way you think about—and drink—coffee. read more

St. Martin's Griffin
$19.99 $15.21

In the past decade, home coffee roasting has gone from a small but growing trend to an increasingly mainstream audience. Still, fo...r many in the current generation of coffee lovers, roasting remains a mysterious process. In this completely revised, expanded edition of his classic Home Coffee Roasting, James Beard Award nominated Kenneth Davids reveals the secrets to simple, quality home roasting.Home Coffee Roasting provides insightful, easy-to-follow guidelines for every step in the process:- The new home roasters: how to evaluate and use them- A resource guide for green beans and home-roasting equipment- Best techniques for storing green beansTips on perfecting a roast- How to create your own blendWith David's charming blend of commentary on coffee, the history of roasting and connoisseurship, how-to instructions, copious illustrations, and an invaluable resource guide, this revised, expanded edition of Home Coffee Roasting is the one necessary book for every true coffee lover."Davids' clearly written instructions make home coffee roasting sound easy and should extend the process to a broad audience."--Booklist read more

Brand: Wiley-Blackwell
$21.95 $11.99

Offering philosophical insights into the popular morning brew, Coffee -- Philosophy for Everyone kick starts the day with an enter...taining but critical discussion of the ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and culture of coffee. Matt Lounsbury of pioneering business Stumptown Coffee discusses just how good coffee can be Caffeine-related chapters cover the ethics of the coffee trade, the metaphysics of coffee and the centrality of the coffee house to the public sphere Includes a foreword by Donald Schoenholt, President at Gillies Coffee Company read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

This easy-to-use guide will walk you through how to roast amazing coffee at home. If you buy pounds of roasted coffee each year, y...ou can save money buying green coffee and roasting at home. You can save as much as $5 on the very first pound you roast. How I Roast Amazing Coffee At Home offers you two techniques to home roasting with no fancy tools or equipment required. When you roast at home, you are in control of the quality of the coffee you consume. In addition, home-roasted coffee is great to give away as gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Real coffee is so popular these days that you can find it on just about every street corner. There is no doubt that we have some f...antastic cafes that really add to our lives. It is therefore unfortunate that most of us end up drinking the instant stuff when we get home. If you want to have that real coffee experience at home then this book is for you. You get real tips on how to select coffee, where to buy it and how to prepare it. If you want to enjoy gourmet coffee at home then look no further. How to make coffee gives the genuine benefits of making real coffee at home. It explains where coffee is produced and how the origin and processing of the beans can contribute to the unique flavors of different coffees. The book details all of the equipment that you need to make great tasting coffee and how you can enhance your experience by buying and using machines such as coffee grinders and roasters. The differences between the various methods of preparing coffee are detailed as well as how to determine what is best for you. There are a number of different coffee recipes given including all of those for the ones that you would see at your local coffee bar. There are also recipes for other coffee ideas such as those with alcohol and iced coffee. Get this book and enhance your life with real coffee. Contents: Introduction Where Does Coffee Come From? Coffee Beans The Best Way to Buy Coffee Beans Coffee Beans for Espresso Fair Trade Coffee Beans Grinding Coffee Beans Roasting Beans at Home Espresso Coffee How to Make Coffee Using the French Press Method How to use a Filter Coffee Machine Making Stove Top Coffee Flavored Coffee Beans Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Coffee Recipes Alcoholic Coffee Recipes Iced Coffee Iced Coffee Recipes Coffee and Health Conclusion About the Author read more

Skyhorse Publishing
$14.95 $9.54

Now you can enjoy gourmet coffee drinks at home with Making Your Own Gourmet Coffee Drinks. This guide to all things coffee has than 100 recipes and not only shows you how to make all the standard gourmet coffee drinks, but also introduces you to exciting new flavors like Chocolate Cream Coffee, Spiced Coffee Cider, Blended Banana Coffee, Cappuccino Royale, Butterscotch Cappuccino, Iced Almond Coffee, Chocolate-Coffee Crush, Coffee Ice Cream Soda, Strawberry Delight, Iced Maple Espresso, Tropical Espresso Delight, and Coffee Alexander. Learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee with tips on selecting the best quality beans, proper storage methods, the right way to grind coffee, the best way to steam milk, and where to buy your equipment. Aside from traditional hot drinks, this guide teaches you how to make delicious cold brews that are perfectly paired with various liqueurs. Whether you’re waking up in the morning with a hot cup of espresso or winding down with a Mochachino Float, these gourmet coffee drinks are a delicious addition to any day.   read more

Quarry Books
$24.99 $16.47

“In the decades that Kevin Sinnott has spent meeting with and interviewing hundreds of coffee professionals, rather than crossing ...over to the dark side and becoming one himself, he has taken what he has learned and translated it from coffee geek-speak into English. Why? For the sole purpose of allowing you to better enjoy your coffee. In short, if you like coffee, you will love this book.” —Oren Bloostein, proprietor of Oren’s Daily Roast There is no other beverage that gives you a better way to travel the world than coffee. You can literally taste the volcanic lava from Sumatra, smell the spice fields of India, and lift your spirits to the Colombian mountaintops in your morning cup of joe. The Art and Craft of Coffee shows you how to get the most out of your coffee, from fresh-roasted bean to hand-crafted brew. In The Art and Craft of Coffee, Kevin Sinnott, the coffee world’s most ardent consumer advocate, educates, inspires, and caffeinates you. Inside you will find: How green coffee beans are farmed and harvested Insight into single-origin coffee beans and worldwide coffee harvests A photo guide to roasting your own coffee at home How to choose the best grinder for your beans A complete, visual manual for 9 coffee brewing styles, including French press, vacuum, Chemex, auto-drip, Turkish ibrik, and espresso Delicous recipes for dozens of coffee and espresso beverages read more

Quarry Books
$22.99 $12.50

If they call you a know-it-all, well, you've got the last laugh - the best coffee in town! So you think you know your coffee? Cons...ider this book your advanced degree in all things java. You may think you know the how and why of roasting and brewing, but you nerds know nothing yet. This goes even further into everyone's favorite beverage. With even deeper history, techniques, science, and tasting guides than some of the other guides, you're going to obsess over this book for the ultimate coffee lover. The Little Coffee Know-It-All is not for the faint of heart. What's the best way to store coffee and why? How do you brew the perfect cup of joe? What's the premium coffee bean in the world? What's the roast with the most? What's the real reason to use a siphon coffee maker? In The Little Coffee Know-It-All, Shawn Steiman, Hawaii's own "Doctor Coffee," answers these questions and more in a fun, playful but scientifically rigorous manner. If you are serious about your coffee, this book is the perfect companion to your journey from coffee drinker to a being a coffee know-it-all. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The Perfect Book for The New and Hopeful Home Roaster! The best cup of coffee that you've never had is the one from the fresh roas...ted beans you have yet to learn to roast. This book is a great guide to coffee roasting for beginners and veterans. It covers everything from a green bean to the darkest roast and all roasts in between. This book doesn't only stop at the roast, it goes into detail regarding how to brew the perfect cup, multiple different brewing methods, regional profiles of beans and their origin flavors throughout the world, and everything coffee. The book is set up in an easy and cohesive format. It was written as an informative guide, a just stuff and no fluff approach! The book is packed with information to help you become the home roaster you dream about being. Although I have provided a great deal of information the one thing I cannot do for you is take action! Don’t just read this book and romanticize roasting at home and having the perfect cup. Go online, right now, and invest in some green coffee beans to roast (maybe skip ahead to regional flavor profiles so you can buy some beans that fit your preferences). You are 10 times more likely to start roasting if you finish this book with green beans in hand, and if you start roasting you are exponentially more likely to continue with the craft. It is my goal that every one of my readers gets to experience the truly fulfilling and amazing experience of drinking the perfect cup at home, the one that you brought from green bean to cup! read more

ANOVA Pavilion
$24.95 $16.96

Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with around two billion cups consumed every day. More and more people are turning to go...od quality, fair trade coffee (premiumization); evident by the number of independent coffee shops opening up in towns and cities as well as the number of us playing home barista as the choice of specialist beans and professional coffee-making gadgets grows. This book is the ideal companion for those who want to understand more about how to source and brew quality coffee. Good coffee and wine have much in common, not least how the terroir of the crop affects the flavor profile of the finished coffee from different geographical areas, so that you can choose your beans with confidence. Whether you enjoy light and bright, warm and mellow, or dark and aromatic flavors, discover how to roast and grind your own beans and use the brewing guides to refine your coffee-making skills. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Never Have A Boring Cup of Coffee Again! You Can Now Enjoy A Wide Variety of Delicious Coffee Recipes To Spice Up Your Morning Get... This Best Selling Coffee And Espresso Cookbook For A Limited Time Discount! read more

Independently published

Want to learn more about coffee? Tired of making coffee drinks that give you a headache? The coffee you make at home just doesn't to what you purchase in a coffee shop? Read on... here you will find out about the history of coffee and how it has gone from a regional elixir to a worldwide commodity. You will learn how drinks prepared from coffee evolved and how technology has changed the way we consume it. You will learn how to identify where your beans come from just by the taste. Read about the way coffee is roasted and why grinding coffee at home makes such a difference to the final product. Tired of black filter coffee? Then find out about the different ways of brewing coffee at home. Here you will read about different home brewing equipment and the best way to use each one. Ever tried cold brew? Find tips on how to easily make your own coffee concentrate. Plus you will find the best tips and techniques used by baristas that you can apply in your own kitchen! read more

Arsenal Pulp Press

Facts, fiction, trivia and quotes for serious caffeine addicts.[food] [philosophy] [recipes] Also includes recipes and definitions... of rare blends and shots: e.g. Rare Flightless Bird: quadruple espresso with milk (aka Taxi Driver special) read more

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