10 Items Every Great Host Will Have on Hand This Holiday Season

These are the scents, dinnerware, and seasonal accents you'll want to have around the house to ensure your guests feel right at home -- they'll be so comfy they may never want to leave. You can find all your favorite Better Homes and Gardens items available at Walmart.com.

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A Method to the Madness

This 8-cube storage unit is perfect for housing everything you'll need while entertaining. Store dinnerware, festive cloth napkins, and your favorite bottles of wine in each section so you have everything in one handy space. When your sister needs another fork and your brother is ready for his next glass of wine, you'll know exactly where to find the items. Plus, with a little bit of organization and a delightful decoration on top (such as a candle or photo frame), the storage unit is a convenient and beautiful piece.

Better Homes and Gardens 8-Cube Organizer

Price: $68 - $79.88

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A Scent-sational Event

Nothing says holidays like a familiar, welcoming scent. Better Homes and Gardens Spicy Cinnamon Stick candle will invite your guests inside, nose first! The warm smell is perfect for your fall gathering, setting a comfortable and delicious mood in the room.

Better Homes and Gardens 18 oz. 2 Pack Spicy Cinnamon Stick Candles

Price: $14.42 (for both)

A Foliage Feast

Prepare your favorite fall harvest salad and serve it on a plate adorned with a festive leaf design. These colorful plates will brighten up your table before your guests even take their seats.

Better Homes and Gardens Leaf Salad Plate

Price: $3 each 

Helping Hand

Keep the party going in any room of the house with this portable kitchen cart. Store beverages, utensils, napkins, and other items so they are within easy reach for you and your guests. After the feast you've whipped up, you'll need the extra counter space, and this country-style piece is the perfect addition to keep the fun flowing.

Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Cart

Price: $159.00 

A Seat at the Table

Some of your guests' favorite memories are formed at the dinner table, so you'll want them to feel they're sitting like the king or queen that they are. The Maddox Crossing Diner chairs are the perfect addition to any dining room. The wooden chairs bring a rustic feel to the room, and the padded seats for extra comfort will keep the laughs and good times going long after your delicious meal is devoured.

Better Homes and Gardens Maddox Crossing Dining Chair, Set of 2

Price: $80 

A Lovely Lantern

Adding a few of these ornate lanterns around your home will immediately make your guests feel all warm and cozy. Place some of your favorite candles inside to add comfortable mood lighting where your guests are gathered.

Better Homes and Gardens Metal Lantern

Price: $14.88 

A Chic Place Setting

You want to let your friends and family know that you find them just as beautiful as the plates on which you serve them dinner, right? Well, you can't go wrong with this durable and stylish set that includes dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs. It's simple yet elegant, and the perfect way to serve tasty comfort food to those who mean the most to you.

Better Homes and Gardens 16 Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set

Price: $39.92 

A Festive First Course

Festive and functional! Whether you decide to go with spicy, creamy, or roasted pumpkin soup, one thing is for sure: Your guests will love serving themselves from this pumpkin tureen. It comes with a ladle that can be removed once all the soup is enjoyed, allowing the pumpkin to serve as a fabulous centerpiece for the table.

Better Homes and Gardens Pumpkin Soup Tureen

Price: $15.46

A Pretty Pumpkin

For an extra autumnal accent in your home, this pumpkin wax warmer can be used in any room. Wax warmers add a modern flair to side tables -- or even on top of your organizational storage units and TV stands. A little decor goes a long way in helping your guests feel that it's just as lovely inside your home as it is frolicking outside in the foliage.

Glass Pumpkin Wax Warmer

Price: $10.00 

A Wise Light

WHO is going to love your ceramic owl tealight holder? Everyone who lays eyes on it, that's who. The light shining through this adorable owl adds an element of cuteness and relaxation your guests will want to bask in.

Better Homes and Gardens Ceramic Owl Tealight Holder

Price: $3.97

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