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Kitten Teacup and Saucer

Have great company while sipping on your tea with these cute kittens. The bright print will get everyone in the mood for a Wonderland-style tea party.

Giltig teacup and saucer, cat assorted colors


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Recycling Bench

Have you been wanting to be more eco-friendly but don't know how to start? This bench is your saving grace. Under the seat are separated bins to easily sort glass, metal, plastic, newspapers, and any other recycables.

Advandbar bench for recycling, black


Gray Patterned Bedding

Refresh your bedding with a light pattern of gray and white. The neutral colors will match anything, yet aren't plain or boring. They even have little side bows to tie the pillowcases together.

Emmie Ruta duvet cover and pillowcase(s), gray, white


Mirror with Shelf

Mirrors and shelving can take up a lot of wall space, so why not combine them in the subtlest way? This circular mirror has an extended frame on the bottom for a thin shelf to hold your tiny valuables. 

Stockholm mirror, walnut veneer


Hideaway Nightstand

With all the extra gadgets and gizmos, hidden storage is essential in every home these days. The white top pops off to hide the clutter that should remain unseen. It's also suitable to run electrical cords from the inside to the outside while the top is still on. 

Sandhaug nightstand, white natural


Cluster Light Fixture

Your bathroom is a personal space, and this light fixture shows off a quirky side. The cluster of bulbs illuminates any large area instead of the typical sphere light bulbs above a vanity setting.

Sodersvik LED ceiling lamp


Dressing Table

This dressing table was designed for the woman with a lot of stuff. The two drawers on the side are deep for lots of hairstyling tools and products. And of course we love secret storage via a lift-up mirror.

Brimnes dressing table + 2 drawer chest, white


Chalkboard Map

Hang up this decorative print to inspire yourself for your future travels. The map picture is actually chalkboard so you can draw where you've been or where you plan to go.

Molltorp chalkboard organizer, plan your world


Greenery Curtain

The easiest way to liven up your space is by hanging brightly decorated window curtains. This leaf and flower pattern mimics the appearance of a house filled with nature's best. Constant good moods created.

Syssan curtains, 1 pair, white/green


Adaptable Wall Storage

IKEA makes it so easy for anyone to create a custom closet space -- almost anywhere. You can mix and match all the different pieces depending on what you need to store (definitely shoes for us). Also, did we mention no tools are needed?

Algot wall upright/shelves/rod, white


Self-Watering Pot Set

For busy bees who don't have time to water their plants every day, this set's for you! The inside bowl gives your plants just the right amount of moisture over time and is easily refillable. Let your plants and social life flourish with this convenient piece.

Anvandbar 2-piece self-watering plant pot set


Extra-Comfy Chair

This extra-wide chair is calling our name and claiming the title of comfiest spot in the house. It's also super deep so you can crawl up and get cozy. Sit back and relax on the double-thick cushion.

Stocksund chair, Remvallen blue/white, light brown/wood


Metallic Flower Bowl

No matter whether you fill this floral bowl or leave it alone as decor, it will be a standout piece. The brass finish brings extra light into our lives.

Stockholm bowl, brass color


Wireless Charging Lamp

Not only is this sleek floor lamp super skinny so it takes up minimal room, but it also eliminates the clutter of charging cords. The shelf is a wireless charging pad so your can revitalize your phone when you're not being a social butterfly.

Varv floor lampw w/pad/wireless charging


Wine Cooler with Saucer

Let the convos roll and don't worry whether your wine is staying chilled. Soak this clay cooler in cold water, then place your wine bottle inside to keep it nice and cool. You make being a hostess look so easy. 

Anvandbar wine cooler with saucer


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