Fifth Avenue Crystal Fifth Avenue Crystal Reflections Champagne Flutes, Set of 4

Enjoy this glassware set from Fifth Avenue Crystal. It is made of crystal material and includes four 5.75 ounce stemmed champagne glasses.

Schott Zwiesel
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<div class="aplus"> <div class="fourth-col"> <div class="rightImage" style="width: 200px"> <img src="" width="200" height="200" alt="Schott Zwiesel Crystal" /><div class="imageCaption"><b>Schott Zwiesel Cru Classic Crystal</b></div></div> </div> <div class="half-col"> <h4>Schott Zwiesel ? The world?s best crystal glass</h4><p>Built on a 130-year tradition of the finest German glassmaking, Schott Zwiesel is the most durable, most beautifully designed and best-manufactured glassware on the market.</p> <p>Completely lead-free and manufactured using the most environmentally sensitive technology available, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is the leading choice among wine connoisseurs the world over. Its sculpted bowls and finely edged rims enhance the fullest appreciation of every vintage.</p> <p>Schott Zwiesel crystal glass has added titanium for strength and added zirconium for crystal clarity, making it dishwasher safe for years of enjoyment. The elegant designs match every taste and cover the full spectrum of beverages.</p> <p>For any occasion, for everyday or when serving company, Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is sure to impress.</p> </div> <div class="fourth-col last"> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 200px"> <img src="" width="200" height="200" alt="Schott Zwiesel Crystal" /><div class="imageCaption"><b>Schott Zwiesel Forte Crystal</b></div></div> </div> <div class="break"></div><h5>About Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC</h5> <p>Fortessa Tableware Solutions, LLC. is a leading designer, developer, and marketer of quality tableware for high-end restaurants and hotels globally, as well as for the luxury consumer market. </p> <div class="centerImage"> <img src="" width="895" height="201" alt="Schott Zwiesel Crystal" /> </div> </div> read more

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A handcrafted combination of stunning glass, crystal and stainless steel, the Casablanca Flute is a timeless classic.

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Baccarat Glass & Crystal was established in 1765,For more than 200 years, the Baccarat Crystal brand has carried the tradition of ...elegance and luxury.Manufactured in France, Baccarat Crystal maintains the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship,Each pattern of stemware and barware is fit for the tables of royalty. read more

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Rosseto Champ mini cup is the perfect accessory that will add a touch of elegance and style to your mini edible creations, desserts, drinks, appetizers and more. read more

APS Paderno World Cuisine
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Flutes bring out the most delicate aromas of Champagne wines. Each box contains 6 glasses.

Schott Zwiesel
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<div class="aplus" > <h5>Schott Zwiesel- The World's Best Crystal Glass</h5> <p>Schott Zwiesel (a brand of Zwiesel Kristallglas, A...G) has a 130 year history of innovation and success, including such break through developments as the first machine made stemware and the first lead-free crystal glass. With the introduction of the proprietary Tritan Crystal technique (the result of special compositions such as titanium with a unique tempering process) Zwiesel has once again revolutionized the industry. Rigorous laboratory testing proves the brilliance, dishwasher safety, and break resistance of Tritan. We invite you to discover why we call our product "The World's Best Crystal Glass" and why it is the choice of the finest restaurants, resorts, and sommeliers worldwide. </p> <p>From Fortessa, the leading designer of formal and casually elegant tableware. </p> <div class="rightImage"> <img src="" alt="Schott Zwiesel"/> </div> <h4>Dishwasher-safe, Durable Composition</h4> <p>Schott Zwiesel's process tempers each of the zones of stemware that are most prone to breakage: the rim, the junction of the bowl and stem, and the junction of the foot and stem. The added strength of the Tritan composition along these zones renders the stemware chip and break-resistant and allows the pieces to stand up to the abuse of daily use. </p> <p>The highly durable composition also gives Tritan glassware the ability to withstand extensive dishwashing without etching, discoloring or clouding the material. Independent, long-term testing has proven our new crystal glass shines through 3,000 dishwasher cycles without damage, blemish or any loss of brilliance.</p> <h4>Designed with Better Taste in Mind</h4> <p>Schott Zwiesel creates Tritan Crystal Glass with aesthetic beauty in mind, but also with purpose.Each piece provides total balance by proportionately engineering the height, width, weight, and capacity of the glass. The proper pour capacity is measured in each wine glass at the bowl's widest point. This leaves the correct distance between the wine and the stemware's rim, which allows the glass to be turned sideways and experience characteristics of each wine varietal's bouquet at maximum potential. </p> <p>Additionally, the laser-cut rim of each piece creates a smooth path for wine to travel into one's palate.<br> When the stemware is tipped back, the straight rim directs wine to spill at the appropriate section of the palate where a high concentration of taste buds can catch and savor each and every flavor of the wine. Laser-etched effervescent points in champagne flutes, which direct a cascade of bubbles to the center of the flute provide a longer lasting effervescence to champagnes and sparkling wines- a once hidden detail only experienced by much more expensive crystal. </p> <h4>A "Sense-ationally" Detailed Experience</h4> <p>Stimulate all four senses, sight, taste, smell and touch through unmatched details found in Tritan Crystal Glass. Firm and secure in the hand, Tritan's remarkable strength is matched by uncompromised aesthetic quality and a unique visual flair. With versatile designs, whether it's Classic, Traditional, Modern, or Dramatic, Tritan has a style to complement any personal style. Using laser cutting and etching technology, Schott Zwiesel also aims to maximize enjoyment of a drink's flavor and fragrance. Finally, experience also the fifth sense, the distinct ringing sound of high quality crystal glasses along with the fine, smooth polished rims, and seamless stems. </p> <h4> Environmental Consciousness</h4> <p>Schott Zwiesel protects the natural environment by conserving resources and making optimal use of energy in the manufacture of our products. The patented Tritan crystal glass collections are lead and barium free, created with only natural materials and designed for functional use and long-lasting brilliance.</p> </div> read more

International Tableware
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ITI - Glassware & Flatware 24-piece, Premiere Champagne Flute 6.25 Ounce, clear, Glassware, Round, Champagne Flute, Goblet, Crista...r read more

Marquis by Waterford
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These hot Brookside Red All-Purpose Wine glasses offer a fresh new take on the quintessential Brookside pattern and a bold splash ...of color that is perfect for entertaining and gift giving. read more

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