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Estwing, a striking tools company, was founded in 1923 by Ernest Estwig. The company is best-known for manufacturing claw hammers, axes, specialty tools and pry bars with ergonomic grips. Bestselling Estwing products include hammers such as the Sure Strike Fiberglass Rip Hammer, Solid Steel Fram ... Read More ing Hammer With Curved Claw, Sure Strike Shingler's Hammer, Solid Steel Tinners Hammer, Solid Steel Framing Hammer, and and Solid Steel Cross Peen Hammer; sledge hammers such as the Polyurethane Dead Blow Sledge Hammer, Compocast Dead Blow Hammer, Polyurethane Dead Blow Hammer With Vinyl Grip, Polyurethane Dead Blow Hammer Slim Line With Vinyl Grip, and Polyurethane Dead Blow Sledge Hammer; and bricklayers such as the Bricklayer Mason's Hammer, Big Blue Bricklayer Mason's Hammer, and Bricklayer Hammer with Wooden Handle. Estwing also produces several specialty tools, such as the Welding Chipping Hammer, Ball Peen Hammer, and Lineman's Hammer. The company also manufactures products for drywall, roofing, prying, and dead blow projects.

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Estwing Manufacturing
2637 8th St
Rockford, IL 61109
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