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Dr. Sneh Gangal explores the susumna path of kundalini energy as it passes through eight chakras, which she depicts with original ...stylizations. According to the top line, first on the left is Muladhara, which corresponds to the base of the spine where kundalini lies dormant. It is symbolized by a four-petal lotus featuring its respective mantras. It is followed by Swadhisthan situated above the genitals and thus increases sexual energies and the power to control them. It is represented by six petals holding its distinct mantras for meditation. Next is Manipura chakra above the navel, depicted as a 10 petal lotus with its mantras. This chakra is related to emotions such as shame, fear, inertia, treachery, aversion, ignorance, worldliness, sadness, jealousy and desire, which can be transformed into positive qualities through meditation on this center. The last chakra on this row is Anhata, located at the spinal center of the region of the heart, and symbolized by a twelve-petal lotus featuring the enlightening mantras. The second line begins on the left with the Visuddha chakra located in the throat, where it is believed the kundalini penetrates the individual's soul to attain purity by seeing the self ( Hansa ) in the heart. The sixteen petals feature their own mantras. This is followed by the Ajna chakra, symbolized by a two-petal lotus believed to reside between the eyebrows and is thus related to all aspects of the mind. The seventh chakra is Sahasrara, symbolized by a thousand-petal lotus and represents the final abode of kundalini. It is believed to be the meeting place of Sakti (female energies) with Shiva (male energies), representing pure consciousness. Its petals are inscribed with all the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet. Sahasrara is as lustrous as a thousand full moons and its filaments are tinged with the color of a thousands rising suns. As soon as kundalini ascends into Sahasrara, one enters a region that is inconceivable to the mind and indescribable in speech, a state of realization of oneness of individual soul and the supreme soul. When a yogi reaches this place he is believed to be endowed with the six divine powers: absolute knowledge, sovereignty, power, strength, valor and formidability. Thes powers are said to be God’s essential nature, and they are described in Uddhava Gita in full detail. The eight paintings represent Soma, a minor chakra seen only by accomplished yogis. Represented by a twelve-petal lotus, it is centered by the A-Ka-Tha triangle where Sakti is represented by three essential aspects: will, action and knowledge. Each watercolor painting features a cotton-lined card paper mat board. read more


NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, works together with talented artisan designers around the world to produce, keepsake treasures. Our mantra is to spread global happiness, so rest assured - we’ll do everything we possibly can to ensure you’re a happy customer. About this item: A soft light bathes corn husks transforming them as if by magic into pearl treasures in this admirable photograph by Santiago Arias. "With this photograph I’m presenting corn as a reference to Mexico's heritage and how it has influence diverse aspects of our culture and history. Corn has nourished us through the centuries – it was considered divine food in pre-Hispanic times," comments Arias. With a masterful use of light, he presents a photograph that recalls the chiaroscuro techniques of past masters. Arrives mounted on a gator board. - Arrives unframed - Limited edition - Mounted on foam core - Signed by the artist About our Artist: "My fascination with images allows me to explore and interact with different realities. I constantly reinvent myself through this medium as I acquire the essence of what I capture through my photographs. Photography is always a reciprocal process - it is creative, intuitive and enriching. My inspiration comes from my surroundings; nature is however, my muse. The same can be said about the people I photograph - I am inspired by people who are eccentric and extravagant. My training began at a very young age, through cinema and illustration. That's how I began to understand the basic principles of intention, lighting and composition. It would be difficult to name just one person as my teacher as I have learned from a great number of people including teachers, colleagues, family, friends, and strangers. Life experiences also offer important lessons in this profession." read more

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