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Peggy Karr
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Peggy Karr Glass. Functional handcrafted art at its finest. This Country Rooster Serving Board can be used as a decorative art pie...ce or a small serving plate for anything from appetizers to your favorite dessert. Measures approximately 20-Inch by 8-Inch. Art that has a place in your life. Hand crafted in the USA. Brightly decorated serving pieces, display pieces, ornaments and small occasional tables are the mainstays of our business. Whether it's a design rich with the beauty of nature or one filled with the whimsy of a holiday season, the use of pattern and color in this unique medium is without compare. We cut it by hand into over twenty different shapes and sizes to create the wide variety of products offered. Computers are used so that the designs created by our artists can be easily reproduced. Line drawings are printed to give the artisans a working outline on which to decorate. We formulate and produce our own colors making us unique in the industry. Colors are a combination of finely ground glass and ceramic pigments. Hand sifters are then used to layer the colors glass to create the design. All of the color layers are covered with a second layer of glass. This layer will encase the design to ensure it will never fade or change color. When the glass and color are heated to 1600Degree Fahrenheit they fuse together and form one piece of glass, sealing and protecting the design forever. Due to the handcrafted process, bubbles may appear in each unique piece. Constructed to be food-safe. Feel free to put your Peggy Karr Glass Plate or serving piece into the dishwasher but be mindful of harsh detergents and hard water so it doesn't haze. Peggy Karr Glass can be put into the microware for warming purposes only. Like all untempered glass, this tray should not be placed in an oven. Bring any piece straight to the table for an attractive presentation. With proper care your Peggy Karr Glass piece can last a lifetime. read more

Peggy Karr
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Handmade in the USA by Peggy Karr Glass, this collectible art glass plate is beautiful and practical - perfect for entertaining an...d as a stand-alone piece of art. Daisies & Butterflies features the everyday magic of nature in its lovely garden scene complete with stately Monarch Butterfly, ladybugs, blue Adonis Butterflies and daisies galore. The design is actually embedded within the glass, not applied to the surface. Using a series of complex stencils, powdered enamel pigments are hand-applied between two layers of recycled glass and kiln-fired at over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. The process fuses the glass and pigments together, permanently sealing in the design. The result is a beautiful, durable, food-safe serving piece that is microwave and dishwasher safe. Every piece of Peggy Karr Glass is signed by Peggy Karr Studio. Due to their hand-crafted nature, each piece has a unique character of bubbles and surface texture and may vary slightly in size. This impressive oval serving platter measures approximately 18-inches by 12-inches. The glass is not tempered and therefore not for oven use. Avoid contact with extremely hot food. Please note that use of harsh dishwashing detergents and hard water may cause clouding. Choose from a wide variety of patterns, shapes and sizes. Peggy Karr Glass - functional art at its finest. read more

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