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The Spiegelau Salute series of glassware offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind red wine glass sets, creating the perfect aesthetic charm... for any home or bar. A part of serving is presentation, and our lead free crystal red wine glasses are as unique as it gets. Beautifully created with classic design and aesthetic appeal, our elegant glassware is considered contain some of the best red wine glasses around. Crafted of gleaming crystal, our Salute Red Wine Glasses feature an elegant high stem and a smooth, well-rounded design. Our red wine glasses set come with four matching wine glasses, each accommodating up to 19 ounces of liquid. Our durable red wine glass set is certified as dishwasher safe and is completely lead free and beautifully crafted with fine crystal glass that’s entirely safe for you to use. Timeless and professionally crafted, our distinguished wine glasses are designed to enhance a wine’s aromatics and flavors, making our glass sets a perfect addition to any home or bar. These wine glasses are perfect for friends or family, special occasions, or as wine gifts. Choose our trendy and elegant red wine glasses for your next party or event. Spiegelau Salute sets are German-made wine glasses of the finest quality. read more

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Bringing high performance for every occasion, Spiegelau Style Burgundy Wine Glasses are German-made wine glasses with premium, quality and craft. One order contains four non-leaded crystal wine glasses, which each hold up to 22.6 ounces Enhance the aromatics and flavors naturally with the modern shape and style of each glass. Specially made to be Burgundy wine glasses, this style enhances the character and bouquet of your finest Burgundy. Pour to the widest diameter of the bowl, hold by the stem, give it a swirl and enjoy. With improved breakage resistance, these Spiegelau red wine glasses are safe to be cleaned in machine dishwashers or by hand. Avoid harsh detergents and rinse thoroughly to prevent soap residue. Starting with creating fine glass mirrors for the old Royal courts of Europe in the early 1500’s, Spiegelau has always meant brilliant quality glassware. While staying faithful to our roots, we have adopted the latest innovative technology to machine-produce our lead crystal wine glasses with consistent clarity and precision. It’s expertise from centuries of craftsmanship, now available in restaurants, homes, as wine gifts and prized collections around the world. read more

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Coming in a classic, timeless design on a high stem, the new wine glass series Salute accompanies wine enjoyment with style. High ...brilliance, dishwasher safety and durability make these glasses eligible for versatile use. read more

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The Style series with its classy and elegant glasses ensures to be the right choice for every occasion. Their modern shape emanate...s aesthetics and self-confidence. They've simply got style. read more

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When you fill a burgundy wine glass from renowned German glassmaker Spiegelau with your favorite red wine, you are demonstrating y...our love for both great wine and gracious living. Spiegelau’s connoisseur red wine glasses deliver wine at its best through a specific height, shape and bowl diameter so that you may enjoy the rich flavors and aromatics you love in crystal wine glasses you will come to cherish. This glassware is available in a set of four 22.6 oz. burgundy wine glasses, making it perfect for entertaining. Made of non-leaded crystal, these glasses are both beautiful and safe. Spiegelau glassware is used in many famous restaurants and hotels around the world, and it is designed in collaboration with restaurant owners, professional beer brewers and sommeliers. Fill a Spiegelau burgundy wine glass only to the widest point of its diameter to ensure the wine’s bouquet develops fully as well as to create the most elegant table setting. Hold the glass by the stem rather than the bowl, and carefully swirl the glass to help release the wine’s rich, mature aroma. If you are looking for the best wine glasses, Spiegelau makes its glasswear beautiful, strong and breakage-resistant. Perfect for gracious entertaining and gracious living, Spiegelau wine glasses offer modern consumers quality and convenience. Spiegelau glassware is part of a proud tradition of elegance and quality, but it also fits in perfectly with modern lifestyles and sensibilities. The first mention of the Spiegelau factory in writing occurred in 1521. The company created fine mirrors to grace the lavish royal European courts in the 16th century, as well as beads and decorative bottles. In 1845, when snuff bottles were all the rage, Spiegelau created glass snuff containers fit for a king—or queen. What makes a perfect crystal glass? Spiegelau lists four qualities: Brilliant Clarity, High Breakage Resistance, Certified Dishwasher Safe, and Certified Environmental Management. read more

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The Winelovers Glass Series from Spiegelau is designed to enhance the flavor and bouquet of whites, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot... Gris or Chardonnay, these glasses serve well as all-purpose white wine glasses, and will have you and your guests savoring every sip, and basking in maximum wine drinking pleasure. The factory is nestled in a small Bavarian town bearing the company's name, Spiegelau has been making glassware for nearly 500-year. read more

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Sometimes, less is more. Authentic Casual glasses distinguish themselves through a remarkable style element: the missing stem. Pre...senting a characteristic silhouette, these glasses are appreciated by restaurateurs and wine lovers alike and ideal for everyday use. read more

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An international presence in the finest restaurants and hotels in testament to Vino Grande's undeniable sophistication and versati...lity. An elegant range of stemware lets you express your creativity in presentation while being assured of the highest quality, durability and elegance. read more

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