Designed by Erika Lagerbielke in 1985, the Intermezzo Blue Champagne Coupe from Orrefors is highlighted by a distinctive blue drop... seemingly suspended in the base. read more


Designed by Jan Johansson for Orrefors, Street Specialty's hand-cut grid pattern recalls Manhattan's famous network of streets and... avenues. read more


White satin tear drop is embedded in the stem of this classic Orrefors hand made stemware and barware pattern. Perfect for any tab...le. read more


In her first collection for Orrefors, illustrious designer Efva Attling created a romantic classic. With stems encircled by silver... rings engraved in the Latin for Love Conquers All, Amor Vincit Omnia is perfect as a bridal or wedding gift, or for an anniversary, or any loving relationship. The collection includes two styles of champagne glass and a martini. Amor Vincit Omnia is unique in the world of crystal design as a collectible and as a gift. read more


A unique suite of wine glasses explicitly designed to enhance flavor and bouquet, brings a new dimension to the enjoyment of fine ...wine. Form and function have been carefully tested. Difference is the creation of Erika Lagerbielke, one of Sweden's foremost stemware designers, who worked on the new glasses in close cooperation with wine connoisseur Bengt-Goran Kronstam. Unlike other wine glasses, Difference is designed to reflect the wine's maturity rather than grape variety or region, which often demand many different types of glass. In the Difference concept, all that is needed are two glasses for red wines (young and mature), two glasses for white wines (dry/crisp and fruit), one glass for champagne (tall and narrow to conserve the bubbles, yet gently curved to capture the bouquet) and a small glass for sweet dessert wines. All Difference glasses have their own distinctive design idiom - their large bowls are strikingly curved, their stems slender and tall, bringing elegance and beauty to the glass. The broad foot, meanwhile, adds visual and physical stability. "I probably worked on Difference more than on any other design, both aesthetically and functionally," says Erica Lagerbielke who in 2002 celebrated her twentieth anniversary as an Orrefors designer. read more

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