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Demeter Fragrance Library

Yum, sweet and simple. The Frisbie Baking Company: In this otherwise simple baking operation we find the origin of the earliest Fr...isbee! The company offered a variety of bakery goodies, including pies and cookies, and therein resides the root of the controversy, for there are two crusty schools concerning Frisbee's origins: the Pie-Tin School and the Cookie-Tin School, each camp holding devoutly to its own argument. The Pie-Tin School claim Yale students bought Frisbie's pies (undoubtedly a treat in themselves) and tossed the prototype all over Eli's campus. These early throwers would exclaim Frisbie to signal the catcher. And well they might, for a tin Frisbee is something else again to catch. The Cookie-Tin School agrees on these details save one: they insist that the true, original prototype was the cookie-tin lid that held in the goodness of Frisbie's Sugar Cookies. Not surprisingly, at Demeter, we subscribe to the Cookie-Tin school, although our Sugar Cookie is not based on the old Frisbie Baking recipe. Demeter Sugar Cookie smells like the founder's mother's cookies, clipped from the Ladies Home Journal in 1963. read more

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