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Phaidon Press
$29.95 $23.26

A large size version of The Game of Sculpture for children to create their own unique piece of art.

$171.99 $154.79

Wild antelopes of mysterious nature, these statuettes resemble those worn as headdresses by the people of Mali. Victor Yao Delanyo... carves the two pieces by hand with exquisite detail. Sese wood's noble grain allows the master carver to easily stylize... read more

$1,769.99 $1592.99

The complex and intimate relationship between the planet and humankind inspires this sculpture by Urubatan. A maternal figure seem...s to emerge from smooth, abstract contours, as a mesmerizing green patina accentuates the piece's subtle texture. Bronze's seductive presence results in an emotive image, imbued with the artist's sense of modern mystique. Presented on a granite base, this piece is certain to evoke reflection in any d cor. Titled "Cora o da natureza" in Portuguese. This signature sculpture is part of a numbered limited edition of only seven pieces. read more


Angel Ceron is inspired by the depiction of Tlacoc in the Ixtlilxochitl Codex dating back to 1325-1519 AD. The powerful Aztec god ...of rain appears like a grand warrior holding a lightning rod and shield. His anthropomorphic presence includes a human... read more


Uttermost's Sculptures Combine Premium Quality Materials With Unique High-style Design. With The Advanced Product Engineering And ...Packaging Reinforcement, Uttermost Maintains Some Of The Lowest Damage Rates In The Industry. Each Product Is Designed,... read more

$29.99 $26.99

Known as El Castillo or the Pyramid of Kukulcan, the main pyramid in Chichen Itza is emblematic of post-Classic Maya sites in the ...Yucatan. On both the spring and summer equinox, the rising sun casts shadows that seem to depict the feathered serpent descending the main structure in the UNESCO World heritage Site. Elisa Camarena creates a faithful replica. read more

Design Toscano
$117.90 $112.15

EU91025 Features: -Materials: Resin.-Gothic stone.-Cast in quality designer resin. Includes: -Includes keyholes for hanging. Color.../Finish: -Aged-stone finish. read more

Design Toscano

He's evil incarnate! Astaroth whose name in Old English means Prince of Hell opens his menacingly monstrous dragon mouth to bare j...agged fangs and a forked tongue straight from the pit of Hades. Sculpted with scaly hide and treacherously curving pointed dragon tail, this Design Toscano exclusive quality designer resin wall sculpture of a fabled mythical dragon is intricately hand painted with one of the most intricate metallic finishes we've ever seen. 7"Wx7½"Dx5"H. 1 lb. read more

Design Toscano

EU95581 Features: -Material: Resin. Includes: -Includes one keyhole for hanging. Color/Finish: -Finish: Antique stone.

Design Toscano
$72.90 $62.90

With single horn and spiny wings, this sinister-looking dragon does a double-take over his shoulder as he scales your castle wall.... Legend has it that the horn of our collectible Toscano exclusive, cast in designer resin and finished in Gothic greystone, has mystical healing powers. 7"Wx4and 1/2"Dx13and 1/2"H. 3 lbs. read more

Danya B

The Danya B Ring of Love Couple Sculpture is a contemporary sculpture that celebrates the uniting power of love. Two abstract figu...res meld into one, with a circle in the middle to represent their union. Give as a beautiful gift to newlyweds or as an... read more


The DecMode Flock of Birds Wall Sculpture - Set of 7 can be displayed separately throughout the home or together as one dazzling f...lock shimmering in bright silver. Each ornament of bird in flight is crafted of solid aluminum polished to a bright shine... read more

Danya B

An inspiring depiction of family unity, this Danya B Family of 4 Ring of Love Sculpture emanates warmth and sentiment. Crafted fro...m metal via sand casting, it displays beautiful on desks, side tables, shelves, and other places in your home. It also... read more

John-Richard Collection

Graceful Amber Waves of Glass sculpture. Set of 5 includes 1 each of assorted heights from 32-45" as shown. Amber-hued blown glass.... Clear glass bases. Imported. Total weight, approximately 21 lbs. Boxed weight, approximately 26 lbs. read more

Handcrafted Body Of Christ In Lap Bronze Sculpture

The Lamentation Christ In Prone Position; His Sinister Arm Being Cradled By The Virgin Mary Who Is At Left, Kneeling Front Of; Mary Magdalene Cradles Christ'S Feet,This Sculpture Stands On A Black Marble Base. It Is Signed Valli. The Ancient... read more

Danya B

Stunning sand-casting craftsmanship gives this Danya B Family of Four Sculpture life, warmth, and emotion. Made of metal material,... it depicts a family of four sweetly embracing. A natural bronze finish completes the sentimental piece. (DBI147-1) Color:... read more

Signed Original Patou Angel Of Lo Bronze Sculpture

This Adorable Angel Of Love Will Go Perfectly In Any Room Of Your Or A Friends House. She Stand Gracefully Holding A Bouquet Of On Her Right Arm. Her Dress Has These Cute Hearts On The Edges Of Her Flowing Skirt, Her Frame Is Beautifully Well... read more

Danya B
$52.00 $35.95

Dimensions: 2.5L x 2W x 9.5H in.. Handcrafted by sand casting. Abstract couple. Natural bronze tones. Weight: 0.8 lbs.. The Danya ...B Ring of Love Couple Sculpture is a contemporary sculpture that celebrates the uniting power of love. Two abstract... read more


Angel Cer n is inspired by the depiction of Tl coc in the Ixtlilx chitl Codex dating back to 1325-1519 AD. The powerful Aztec god ...of rain appears like a grand warrior holding a lightning rod and shield. His anthropomorphic presence includes a human body with a bird like visage and a grand headdress. According to this codex, Tl loc ruled over the Guinamenti, a civilization of giants who lived in the Anahuac Valley long before the Aztecs. Given his high merits as a ruler he was made a deity. read more

$339.99 $305.99

Sleek, soaring line defines a bird of grace and elegance, revealing the textures of the Brazilian forest. Urubatan carves a dove b...y hand of imbuia wood to represent peace. The signature sculpture is poised on an iron rod. This is part of a numbered limited edition of only 10 pieces. read more


Eric Darko depicts an abstract figure engaged in deep thought. Its surprising contours and open spaces are fascinating when viewed... from any angle. Carved from African sese wood, this statuette celebrates the power of the mind. read more

$47.99 $43.19

Manuel Delfino conjures the Angel of Peace as an original wood sculpture with an aged, rustic finish. "The Angel of Peace is from ...a series of sculptures that I created inspired by those beings of light that protect and accompany us. Many people believe in them, so I created this collection of angels for them," Delfino explains. He hand-carves the angelic sculpture of pinewood featuring removable wings, and paints the angel's white cloak with colorful flowers. read more

$232.99 $209.69

Angel Cer n sculpts this highly detailed ceramic image of Cent otl based on his depiction in the Codex Borgia. Believed to have be...en written prior to the Spanish conquest, this codex receives its name after Cardinal Stefano Borgia who owned it. To the Aztecs, Cent otl was a unique deity in that he didn't dominate a particular element. However, he was regarded as the god of corn, which is the staple food of the Americas where it grows bountiful. Corn is also more resistant to plagues and changes in the weather; therefore the Aztecs believed corn to be a gift from the gods and thus sacred. In this ceramic sculpture by Cer n, Cent otl wears an impressive headdress with corn raising a reliquary offering to the heavens. read more

$67.99 $61.19

Carved by hand from precious teakwood, animals of Africa come alive in Bright Kofi Agbetey's talented hands. A rhinoceros, a wooly... sheep, a lion and a giraffe celebrate the continent's diversity of fauna in four delightful sculptures. read more

$87.99 $79.19

Much respected by the Senufo from northern Cote d'Ivoire, the graceful kalaho stands as a symbol of peace if it is seen, for these... shy birds avoid humans. Salihu Ibrahim carves the kalaho from sese wood, adding details in deep blue to the beautiful sculpture. read more

$122.99 $110.69

Wearing a fearsome garland of demon's heads, Kali walks on the corpse of a demon. Another form of the goddess Durga and Parvati, s...he is one of the most powerful deities in the Hindu pantheon, known for her aggressiveness. One of the many manifestations of Maha Devi, the great mother, Kali is part of the life and death cycle of the world. Although Kali is known for her destructive side, she is also a wife and mother; her magical characteristics include rebirth, cycles of life and death, joy, courage, hope, cleansing and change. She is the protector of the oppressed and warrior for the people, depicted in a finely detailed sculpture by Suresh and Devender Garg. read more

$34.99 $31.49

Love is palpable in this joyous sculpture from Eka in Bali. Lips pressed together in a gentle kiss, a couple forms one beating hea...rt with their bodies. The image is enclosed in a larger heart. read more


Dayal J. Daryanani in India presents a petite and beautifully detailed sculpture of Ganesha, known as the Lord of Success and the ...Remover of Obstacles. The statuette is carved by hand from natural kadam wood, and it depicts a seated Ganesha raising a hand in blessing, while another hand holds a favorite dessert. Ganesha is one of the most beloved deities in the Hindu pantheon. read more

$79.99 $71.99

With a broad smile, a rotund Buddha laughs out loud. The Laughing Buddha represents prosperity, happiness and longevity. Balinese ...people also believe that rubbing his belly will bring good luck and prosperity. Wonderfully carved by hand, this acacia wood sculpture is the work of Made Mulyani. read more

$92.99 $83.69

Emblematic of Mexico yet popular throughout the world, five mariachis play a serenade. Armando Ram rez crafts the images from an a...ssortment of recycled metal and automobile parts. Sheet metal scraps, metal screen, spark plugs, washers, screws and wire all find a new life in this unique sculpture set. The artisan does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish, therefore smudges and scratches may be present. read more

$752.99 $677.69

Kneeling with wings outstretched, an angel shows gratitude in an expressive bronze sculpture by Urubatan. "This is my way of my gratitude to God for my life, as well as for everyone's on this planet," says the talented Brazilian artist. Includes a recycled peroba do campo wood base. Titled "Anjo da gratid o" in Portuguese. read more

$912.99 $821.69

Sleek and sinuous, the cat stretches a lithe body toward the sky. The face is both elegant and fierce, with an expression of total... independence. Urubatan captures the feline mystique in bronze, presenting the stylized creature on a mahogany base. Titled "O Guardi o dos Felinos" in Portuguese. This signature sculpture is part of a numbered limited edition of only 12 pieces. read more


Festive rosettes crown a soapstone elephant couple, carved in India's legendary jail openwork. Gulam Rasool masterfully sculpts th...e expressive pachyderms, creating miniature elephants inside each. read more

$54.99 $49.49

Carved by hand from sleek African ebony, five ducklings swim together. Ghana's Francis Agbete names the set Kpakpa fome "the duck" in the Ewe language. "We should know we all belong to a family," he says. "These carvings remind each one of it. read more

$47.99 $43.19

Manuel Delfino conjures the Angel of Night as an original wood sculpture with an aged, rustic finish. "The Angel of Freedom is fro...m a series of sculptures that I created inspired by those beings of light that protect and accompany us. Many people believe in them, so I created this collection of angels for them," Delfino explains. He hand-carves the angelic sculpture of pinewood featuring removable wings, and paints the angel's black cloak with colorful flowers. read more

$69.99 $62.99

Armando Ram rez masterfully transforms cold and impersonal auto parts and scrap metal into a sculpture that is filled with love an...d warmth. The couple is sitting on a park bench under a street light, him swearing his love to her with a rose. Their bodies are made from parts of a car's ignition and electrical system; nails and thick wire become arms and legs. Their heads, feet and hands come from pieces of a die machine. The rose, bench and street light are made from thick wire, supports and metal sheets. read more

$119.99 $107.99

The millenary customs of the Yoruba people of Nigeria inspire this sese wood sculpture. Bright Kofi Agbetey carves the sculpture b...y hand-detailing her headdress, blue necklace, and skirt. She is regarded as the queen of the virgin women, and in her hands she holds two eggs. Young women are asked to strike the eggs, and if they don't break it means they are virgins and have passed the test. read more

$109.99 $98.99

With a passion for terracotta angels, Monica de Castellanos draws inspiration from the vibrant diversity of the textiles of Guatem...ala. She paints this ceramic sculpture of an angel entirely by hand, giving the angel a red, patterned dress after the distinguished style of Tamahu, located in the center of Guatemala. read more

$94.99 $85.49

With quick, lithe footsteps, a dancer invokes the spirit of the deer. This dance evolved among the Yaqui people in Northern Mexico.... Angel Ceron depicts the dancer in ceramic. "The Dance of the Deer is a religious tradition and the most important element in Yaqui folklore," the Mexican artisan says. "It is a colorful and dramatic representation, characteristic of the state of Sonora. read more

$199.99 $179.99

Suresh Pant finds beauty in a found piece of sal wood that has been transformed by the forces of nature. Ardent lover of the environment, Pant shares the uniqueness of Indian forests through his admirable aesthetic sensibility. read more


The continuous lines and contours of this sculpture intertwine two shapes and two colors, complementing each other harmoniously. T...hey gently twist, without breaking their union, which to me represents the unity and compatibility in a true and real friendship," says Marco Florindez as he confides the meaning within this sculpture. He makes the frame with various widths of steel wires and covers it with cotton, which he later paints. Titled "Expresi n de amistad" in Spanish. read more


Carved by hand, this sleek sculpture features details in red. Abdul Aziz Mohamadu works in sese wood, polishing the abstracted to a sheen. He names it Ohene Tuo Shadow (Ashanti Protector of the King). It represents the king's gun defender and protector of the king's greatness. read more

$262.99 $236.69

Working in black resin, Urubatan creates his interpretation of the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Standing tall above Rio de, the image embraces all with arms wide open. The symbol on the chest is that of International Youth Day a heart enclosing the image itself with a cross beside it. "This commemorates an important event for the Catholic church," the Brazilian artist explains. "Pope Francis came specifically to Rio de Janeiro in July of 2013 to participate in this great international event. read more

$219.99 $197.99

Rolando Soto pays tribute to ancient Maya legend with this exquisite sculpture. Deftly carving granadillo wood, he depicts the "ca...rrier of time," who bears all the experience and knowledge of life on his back. Thus, he is greatly respected by the family and the community. "Each carrier of time protected the people during certain periods so that they were never alone or without a guide," the artisan says. read more

$124.99 $112.49

Expert in pre-Hispanic art and history, Angel Cer n now creates this original sculpture, his vision of how a governor from Uaxactu...n (Guatemala) would look like. Cer n is inspired by recent findings that suggest there could have been violent wars between the ancient Mayas. This character by Cer n wears a tall hat where birds seem to nest. The governor holds a jaguar's fang in one hand, and a mace in the other to portray him as victorious. His breastplate seems to honor Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. read more

$34.99 $31.49

A proud replica of a Mayan temple is crafted of limestone, resting atop a base of cedar wood. Located at the famed Chichen Itza, "...El Castillo" is dedicated to Kukulkan, serpent god of wind and water. Artisans of the Great Maya Peninsula create this striking sculpture, giving it an antiqued finish. read more


One of the customs we have inherited from our Maya ancestors is to give thanks to Ajaw or God every morning when we wake up and be...fore we eat. We do it by crossing our hands over our heart and bowing, and we also use this gesture to greet our elders," says Jose Canil Ramos as he explains his inspiration. "That's how I came up with the idea of crafting a kneeling angel expressing gratitude the same way we do." Canil carves the sculpture from local pinewood and paints it with vivid detail. read more

Original Milo Declaration Of Love Bronze Sculpture

This Sculpture Is The True Definition Of True Love. This Man Is Declaring All His Love For His Woman On His Knees, While She Stand... In Front With Her Eyes Closed And Her Hands Are Placed Over His Chest Right Above His Heart. He Grabs Onto Her Arms To... read more


Lost in thought, a person dreams of the beloved who seems to materialize. Faces gaze lovingly at one another, while the spiral hug... clasps an imagined heart. Wayan Mustika conveys deep emotions with this elegant, yet powerful sculpture. read more

$149.99 $134.99

Dressed in regal attire, Krishna soars through the skies sharing the melodies of his flute. Krishna is described as the only deity... in the Hindu Parthenon in love with life, and his flute is a metaphor for a hollow heart to be filled with love. From Elayanti, this beautiful bronze sculpture features an antique finish with pink and brown accents. Includes an iron and albesia wood stand. The crafting process may cause miniscule pores to appear on the surface of each piece. read more

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