Design by Naoki Ono and Yuki Yamamoto, 2015.By Innermost Portable. Minimal. Creative. The YOYLight is more than meets the eye. Sta...nding on its own is a sleek white steel rod, but once the room dims, the theatrics will surprise you. Where illusion meets engineering, the fixture unexpectedly projects the silhouette of a classic lampshade on the wall using LED light technology. Staying true to the fundamental core of Innermost of creating fun out of the simplest ideas, light becomes a material, read more

$643.50 $494.90

Soft, gentle reflected light is cradled in a very literal parasol in Jonas Forsmans simple design Free movement of the shade gentl...y guides the light to its intended use Forsmans designs focus on the interaction between user and product, aiming to... read more

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