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Bathroom Lighting

The right lighting completely transforms the look and function of your bathroom, making the room appear larger and providing adequate illumination for grooming tasks. Recessed ceiling lights provide overall lighting, while strip track lights, sconces, and pendants offer task lighting around vanity mirrors. Bathrooms without windows require a combination of lighting options.

This contemporary copper wall sconce with lantern shaped glass shade possesses good quality of materials used and reflects its perfectly. There is a metal ornament on the top finial. The transparent black glass shade encases three lights to offer... read more

"It is a usual practice to groom yourself before you go out. As a result you need good light in the mirror area. Thus this wall sc...once will be of great use. Featuring an iron fixture, it has two curved iron bars developing from the middle part of the... read more

Bring the enchanted glow into your house with this 2-Light Modern Gems Glass Shaded Copper Semi-Flush Mount in Flower Design. Text...ure in the shade dances around the middle pole made of copper with the tender glow when it is on. Each copper rim of the... read more

"Add an accent of light to a corner of the room with this Modern Gems Glass Shaded Copper Wall Sconce in Flower Design. Shining co...nnecting gems with curved lines motifs stands on the copper edge of the shade elegantly, which contrasts beautifully with... read more

"Get rid of the darkness in your house at night using this 10 1/4"" Modern Brass Copper Wall Sconce with White Glass Shade. Made o...f copper, it can be very durable in your house. With its white glass shade, the light through it is very beautiful and... read more

"Remodel your room with this Tiffany wall light. The flowers color is so pure and fresh in a simple way to give us comfortable and... relaxing feelings. I hope our wall lights will bring you both decorative and practical values. Lovely blooming glass... read more

"Change a peaceful and solemn style of your home design with this 18 1/2"" Modern Brass Copper Wall Sconce with Multi-Faceted Glas...s Shade. Featuring copper fixture and brass finish, it not only can be fixed well on the wall but also bring a rustic... read more

"Take this 22"" Wide Modern LED Mirror Wall Sconce with Acrylic Shade home to refresh your room if you think it is a little dull. ...This LED light is quite large as it is 22"" wide, so it can give off more light; while it is a LED light, it can also be... read more

Make a spacious area thoroughly alive and bright with 8-Light Faceted Glass Shaded Copper Chandelier in Floral Design. Six faceted... glass shades in flower shapes elegantly sit on the artistically curved arms with linear patterns. There are two in the... read more

"Spice up your home decor with this Modern Brass Copper Wall Sconce with Flower Motif Glass Shade. Featuring brass finish and motif on its shade, it provides a sophisticated flavor to your room. Its copper material pairs with this glass shade,... read more

"Add a touch of elegance to any landscape with this Single Bulb Copper Based Wall Sconce with Faceted Glass Shade. The grand coppe...r finish will coordinate well and the clear beveled glass serves as the perfect light source for both your outdoor and... read more

"This wall sconce for bathroom features two separated cubic lights. Fixed by a rectangular iron fixture, it is simple in construct...ion and modern in design. Two acrylic shades cling to the fixture and under the cover of the shades are LED lights which... read more

"Improve your home decor with this striking Stained Glass Flower Shade Modern Style Tiffany Pendant Lamp from ParrotUncle. With a ...handcrafted shade with floral design, this amazing ceiling lights will add a touch of artistry and fashion style to your... read more

"Add good light to your bathroom with this 3-light wall sconce. Its design is so simple and there is no accessory or attachment on... it. This light is composed of three separated global lights. The fixture is made of iron while the shade is acrylic. You... read more

"Enhance the level of style in your home with this modern 27.56"" wall sconce. Featuring a sleek acrylic shade, it uses LED SMDs f...or illuminating, allowing it to consume less power without sacrificing the brightness of glow if compared with traditional... read more

"This wall sconce may not be so impressive in appearance. But when it works, it is just like a legendary luminous pearl! The whole... light is fastened on the wall by a stainless steel rectangle of which the lower part is welded with another rectangle.... read more

This Tiffany Style Petunias Pattern Wall Sconce with Stained Glass Shade from ParrotUncle will be like the charming stars in the n...ight sky to decorate your home. The shade contains a light yellow gridding pattern as the background and big petunias... read more

Create a light display with this Modern Faceted Glass Shaded Wall Sconce with Copper Rims. Copper rims add flair to the simple of this light. Pieces of beveled glass are gathered together to make a charming shade. It is impressive in an orderly... read more

"It is not easy to find a suitable light to match the mirror. This 17 5/7"" Modern Acrylic LED Mirror Wall Sconce with Iron Base i...s a good one for you. The frame acrylic makes the light so beautiful when it is on. The LED lighting is... read more

Textured clear beveled glass panels additional warmth makes this 2-Light Copper Based Wall Sconce with Faceted Glass Shade the per...fect balance of function and form. Each piece is constructed from long lasting copper ensuring a quality fit and finish... read more

This 3-Light Modern Faceted Glass Shaded Copper Semi-Flush Mount in Double-Layer Design adds an element of fun to your interior. F...our copper poles protruding give it a sturdy feel. The bottom layer is simple one with a circle of pieces of glass wrapped... read more

This 5-Light Modern Gems Glass Shaded Copper Pendant Light in Flower Design creates an innovative look. Copper rims wrapping piece...s of glass sweep down coordinating with the tender light when it is on. Shining connecting glass gems with curved lines... read more

"Add a classical accent to your home with this wall sconce. It has an artistic brass base and an inverted square cone-shaped glass... shade placed on the brass arm in the shape of ox horn. With the soft light it glows, it will not just be a wall light,... read more

"You may think this wall sconce nothing special when you first see it. Actually it is an embodiment of simplicity and modernity. S...imple in design but it is of great use to our daily life. On each end of the rectangular iron fixture there stands a small... read more

"You can add an artistic accent to your home with this attractive wall sconce. Made of copper, the light emits classic gold brass ...gloss. The back place is similar to flames ablaze. A curving arm reaches out from the lower part of the back plate and... read more

"The most outstanding feature of this wall sconce is its arm between the copper fixture and the light body. The arm is in S shape another delicate curve. The copper fixtures will stabilize the whole light. On the end of the arm stands a bowl on... read more

"This 3-Light Modern Faceted Glass Shaded Copper Semi-Flush Mount in Geometric Design gives a warm, relaxed light that's perfect f...or bedrooms or living rooms. The glass shade made of pieces of sized glass in different shapes looks distressed but it is... read more

"Infuse enthusiasm and passion to your house with this modern wall sconce. The iron round fixture is heavy enough to assure the wh...ole lamp's stability. Along with an oval circle, a curved iron bar ends with a glass globe on which stands a glass shade.... read more

"This Simple Glass Shade Wall Sconce with Black Metal Holder makes a great contribution to bringing light to dark corners of your ...home. With this clear glass shade, the sconce can release 100% light to the surrounding. The straight arm in a slant... read more

"The excellent design of its shade makes this wall sconce inviting and can resist the consequence of time passage. The sharp diffe...rence between the pure white and the bright green will give you a refreshing feeling. The holder between the round iron... read more

"This Modern Nut-Brown Glass Shade Wall Sconce with A Wooden Rectangle Frame is rich with texture and personality. A rectangle sha...ped shade made of glass is protected by one wooden woven frame which has the same shape as the shade. The nut-brown color... read more

"Renew your house decor with this 7 1/8"" Modern Brass Copper Wall Sconce with White Glass Shade. With its white glass shade, the ...light through it is very beautiful and soft. Made of copper, it can be very durable in your house. When lit in the night,... read more

"This wall sconce. This gorgeous glass wall sconce brings vintage-inspired glamour to your decor. This classic European style feat...ures a soft, zinc alloy finish and sparkling crystal beads to illuminate your space with a brilliant glow. With the soft... read more

"This twisted shaped frosted glass shade wall sconce encases two light bulbs which is sure to give off ample as well as warm for the home. You can place this wall lamp at the bathroom, hallway, little yard and more. The three-dimensional... read more

"This Modern Black Glass Shade Wall Sconce with A Wooden Rectangle Frame will work with multiple choices of interior design. The w...ooden woven frame in rectangle shape and its black color offer it an opportunity to match with lots of different rooms.... read more

"Simple and stylish in appearance, this incredible amazing wall sconce is a wonderful addition to your contemporary decor. The lam...p shade is comprised of some wooden battens containing a 60w light. This rustic style wall sconce is natural and... read more

"Build a warm and sweet living space with this graceful wall sconce. The copper fixture, fastened on the wall steadfastly is so ma...gnificent that it seems to show the social status of the master. An oval copper arm supports a flower-shape plate on which... read more

"From its innovative design to its appealing copper finish, this 2-Light Modern Copper Wall Sconce with Enclosed Lantern Glass embodies your trend-setting taste! The tamper shape is the big feature of the light. The horizontal display of pieces... read more

"For both outdoor and indoor use, this 3-Light Modern Copper Wall Sconce with Lantern Shaped Glass Shade is so practical. All of glass in the shade determine the quantity of light diffused, allowing multiple effects and atmospheres to be... read more

"Enhance the visual aesthetic of almost any interior space with this 22 7/8"" wall sconce. It features gently curved arm and a pol...e connecting it with the rectangular base, which ensures safe use in house. With the inner glass shade and its outer... read more

"This unique faux Glass Water Drop Shaped Shade Wall Sconce with Horse Head Shape Base features a steady base with a sculptured ha...ndsome horse with a water drop shape shade in its mouth. The shade is decorated with glass-made diamonds which will give... read more

"Decorate your room with this Modern Capsule Shape Brass Copper Wall Sconce with Patterned Seedy Glass Shade. With its big oval co...pper base, it can be safely fixed onto the wall. Looking at its capsule shape and colorful motif on it, you will find it... read more

"This wall sconce for bathroom features three separated cubic lights. Fixed by a rectangular iron fixture, it is simple in constru...ction and modern in design. Three acrylic shades cling to the fixture and under the cover of the shades are LED lights... read more

"This Modern Copper Wall Sconce with Faceted Floral Glass Shade adds a little geometric detail to your home. The shade made of consists of pieces of different sized glass which draw patterns of flowers, rectangle and others. It is an amazing art... read more

"With the lantern design, this Modern Faceted Glass Shaded Copper Wall Sconce with 2 Lights brings a festival vibe. Triple-layer s...hade made of pieces of sized glass in different shapes covers two bulbs which stands in each side of the pole made of... read more

"If you are seeking a traditional decorative style, this charming brass wall sconce is the optimum one for you. It features bell-s...haped glass shades on the curved arms and the exquisite brass base in good quality. With the soft light and artistic... read more

"This Modern Copper Based Wall Sconce with Lantern Shaped Glass Shade makes a beautiful statement. Whether it's in the moonlight o...r sunshine, this light's copper finish will have an eye-catching glisten. The whole glass shade with faceted surface is... read more

"This big iron ceiling fan has both practical and decorative values. It is especially suitable for large space. Its white glass sh...ade can make your house very bright whenever you turn it on, and it is quite good for your working under it. This grand... read more

"The Tiffany stained glass were widely used in church at first because the elegant color and texture of Tiffany glass will give pe...ople a magnificent and solemn feeling. This Tiffany style wall lamp uses the inspiration of the magnificent church's roof.... read more

"Enlighten your bare wall with this vintage pendant light. This wall sconce features a stout copper fixture and its shade boasts a... copper and glass construction. The shade is in symmetric shape and the middle part has several sides. On each side there... read more

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