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This quality fleece throw blanket offers warmth and security all year round. The light blue tone features a waffle texture. This c...harming blanket is conveniently machine washable. read more

"Make a solemn and retro style home decor by using this 5 Lights Iron Pendant Light with Pipe Design. This industrial pendant ligh...ting in rust color contains a strong vintage sense. Five downward bulbs are standing in the pipe bravely. They are all in... read more

"Present to you some retro industrial flavor in your home lighting with this iron pendant light. It consists of 8 lights placed ve...rtically around the center, with each one in single cage. Its delicate handcraft and exquisite details make it a not only... read more

Purify your room as well your mind with this Industrial Style White Pendant Light with UFO Iron Shade. The simple design and the p...ure color make this lamp understate but charming. The UFO shaped shade made of iron is white both inside and outside. The... read more

"Decorate your home in a retro way with this Retro Industrial Style Matte Black Shade Pendant Light. It consists of a matte black ...iron holder as well as a black dish-like shade. The simplicity of the design and exquisiteness of details make this... read more

"This pendant light is a creative ideal to melt UFO pattern into light design. This is a neat retro industrial style iron pendant ...light with UFO shaped shade in black color, which emits the passionate and natural feeling. Hung by the copper holder,... read more

"With its simple but unique design, this retro industrial style pendant light will be the center of attention in your room. Under ...its simplicity, this retro industrial pendant light has an rhombus iron frame around the bulb, and hang by a hemp rope and... read more

This Industrial Style Red Pendant Light with UFO Iron Shade will perform a stylish show in your room. This red look of the shade i...n UFO shape is an active element even without the light. The white lining is the perfect match with the outer color. The... read more

"You will see a new level of style in your home decor when you hang up this pendant light in your home. From its wide shade and design, you can feel its industrial style at your first glance. The shiny brass holder adds more visual sensation of... read more

"The level of your home decor will be upgraded when you hang up this Retro Industrial Style Pendant Light with White Metal Yurt Sh...ape Shade in your home. With its white shade and neat design, you can feel an industrial and also graceful flavor at your... read more

"Transform the decor of your room with this retro industrial style pendant light from ParrotUncle. It features a copper holder on ...the top and a white glass dish-like shade, which perfectly displays its simple design. You can install an Edison bulb in... read more

"Bring a vintage industrial style to your home with this elegant pendant light. It features an iron frame in matte black finish, w...hich wraps up a light bulb. Despite the simple construction, it is sturdy and durable, thanks to the iron material. It... read more

"Need some vintage industrial style to your home? This 4 Lights Vintage Industrial Style Pendant Light with Metal Framed Glass Box... will be your choice. With four lights arranged in the box, the illumination is promised. Its simple and neat design makes... read more

"This Retro Industrial Style Star Shape Pendant Light consists of six lights pointing at different directions on the same surface. When it's on, it will look like a star in the sky. With its simple design as well as the refined handcraft, it... read more

"You will be impressed by this Vintage Industrial Style Candle Lights Hemp Cord Wave Pendant Light at your first sight. This indus...trial vintage pendant light features a twisted hemp cord base in the shape of wave with 3 golden candle holders on, and... read more

"Give your room a fresh look with this special Four Lights Industrial Style Pendant Light with Matte Black Frame. Featuring an iro...n frame set in matte black for 4 lights in four directions, it can light up you room and also decorate your home in an... read more

"Just go back to the past with this rustic industrial pendant light in your home decor. It has 9 lights placed on triple levels, w...ith every level can be adjusted to a certain angle. For its delicate handcraft and exquisite details, it will be both a... read more

"Add some retro industrial style to your room with this quaint 3 Lights Vintage Industrial Style Hemisphere Shape Pendant Light. I...t features a rusty shade in the shape of hemisphere, with a globe-shape base inside, which has three candle-like lights.... read more

"Give your home decor an upgrade with this Vintage Industrial Style Dome Glass Shade Pendant Light. Topped with a metal holder in ...shiny finish, the bulb will be surrounded by a dome shape glass shade in clear color. It can be widely used in your dining... read more

"Let your mind go back to the past to taste the nature of life with this ParrotUncle rustic style pendant light. It features a glass shade in the shape of calabash, and the brass holder makes a strong visual contrast with the transparent shade.... read more

"If you want to create a gorgeous and magnificent atmosphere in your home decoration, then this retro?industrial style lighting?wi...ll surely satisfy you. What makes this industrial style lamp so special is that there are delicate crystals in every hole... read more

"This Vintage Industrial Style Pendant Light with Inverted Bell-shape Glass Shade will create a new level of style in your home. T...his set features a holder made of aluminum and surrounded by shiny clear bell shape glass shade. Its warm and soft glow... read more

"Deliberately crafted by hand, this up cycled bottle glass Pendant Light creates a unique and chic look and is environmentally fri...endly. A beautiful romantic glow is dispersed through the glass bottle body, providing perfect bar lighting. Placing a set... read more

"Want to try something special in your home lighting? Then this 4 lights vertical iron tube frame industrial pendant light can be ...a great choice for you. with four iron tube frames combined together in a vertical way, this?pendant lighting?looks like... read more

"What is your first impression about this?industrial style pendant light? You might be attracted by the three bulbs. More lights w...ill provide strong illumination. If one bulb is broken suddenly, you still have light from the other two. What's more, the... read more

Renew the look of your place with 2 lights?retro industrial style pendant light. The top copper holder fixes the black light shade... and lights. Two connecting bulbs are like one couple to live in the same shade hand in hand. They company each other as... read more

Provide your home a complete style makeover with this Vintage Industrial Iron and Glass Pendant Light with Decorative Frame Design.... This light made of iron is so eye-catching with its outside frame with some small ornaments. The matte black color of... read more

"Bring in some industrial style to your decoration from light with this neat Industrial Style Tapered Glass Shade Pendant Light Brass Holder. It features a tapered shade in clear glass, and a holder in brass color above. When it's on, light can... read more

"Decorate your home with a vintage industrial style with this pendant light. It boasts a round canopy that is linked to an iron ch...ain. The chain hangs an iron structure, which has twin parallel iron circles. Six lights taking inspiration from candles... read more

"With the clean structure and neat lines, the pendant light is evocative of vintage industrial style. Suspended by an iron chain, boasts a bow shaped frame. Two iron chains hang paralleled curving iron arcs, with a central iron rod together with the... read more

"Give your living surroundings something special with this 4 lights Industrial Style Thwart Iron Tube Frame Pendant Light. With fo...ur iron tube frames combined together in a thwart way, this pendant light looks like an awesome time bomb. If you are... read more

"Change your home flavor into a lively style by using this 7.87"" Vintage Industrial Style Pendant Light with Spherical Shade in C...lear Glass. The biggest feature of this lamp is the clear glass ball shape shade. No matter where you hang it, it will... read more

"The bowel shaped shade and the metal holder are two big distinguish traits of this Retro Industrial Style Pendant Light with Clea...r Glass Shade. The bright light will penetrate the clear glass shade to light up the whole room and create a wild flavor... read more

"You will see a new level of style in your home when you have this cute pendant light set in your room. This set features a holder... in white color and surrounded by shiny clear ball shape glass shade. When it's on, enjoy the peaceful moment of your own... read more

"Many people have a passion for the elegance of goblet. Now how about hanging this ParrotUncle goblet-shape shade industrial style... lamp at your home? It looks just like a converse elegant goblet. When you turn it on, the glamorous figure and the tender... read more

"Beautify your room with this Industrial Style Iron Framed Glass Shade pendant light from ParrotUncle. It features an iron trapezo...idal frame shade with clear glass, and hung up by chains. The bulb head is downward in the frame which has a strong sense... read more

"Add warmth to your home by hanging this Industrial Glass Bell Pendant Light for Dining Room in your living room, kitchen, or chil...dren's bedroom. Once you hang this lamp, you'll start critiquing every other lighting fixture in the house. The light's... read more

"Give your home a fresh look with this Retro Industrial Style Rectangular Lantern Shade Pendant Light from ParrotUncle. With the s...hape as a rectangular lantern, this pendant light can bring you back to the old times when Sherlock Holmes was still... read more

"Renew the look of your room with this?Retro Industrial Style Matte Black Dome Shade Pendant Light?in your home decor. It features... a dome shape matte black shade and golden screw threads surface inside, which can have a dramatic effect when it's on,... read more

"This unique retro industrial style pendant light will catch your eyes at your first glance. It has a rusty pipe shape holder with... five bulbs lined up neatly which can glow plenty lights for your home. Hang this lamp in any room of your house will make... read more

"Hung by an iron chain, the simply designed pendant light can bedeck your home setting with a vintage industrial aura. It features... 2 fabric shades resting on an iron bar, which is supported by a rectangular frame. A transparent globe encasing the end... read more

"Want to try something different to change your thoughts of traditional decor? You may realize this in your home illumination part... with this ParrotUncle Retro Industrial Style Two Tiers Round Shape Pendant Light with Candles. With its two tiers iron... read more

"Give your living surroundings something special with this ParrotUncle distinctive pendant light. It is in the shape of a pot cove...r, from which you can think of the hair style of the Marine Corps of course. The golden holder and white shade make a... read more

"You can add a vintage industrial and shimmering accent to your home decor with this industrial pendant light. The cage shape fram...e, made of metal in rust finish, encases six candle inspired lights inside. Crystal ornaments in shapes such as leaf,... read more

"If you want to add some lively and neat flavor into your home decor, then this 11.81'' Diameter Industrial Style Pendant Light Three Bulbs and Bucket-Shape Shade from ParrotUncle will fulfill your wish. It is combined with a creative clear glass... read more

"Featuring a wide composed rusty color pan-like shade and cage in the same finish, and hang up by chains, this retro industrial st...yle pendant light will define a new look in your home decor. with its exquisite details and delicate handcraft, it will be... read more

"You will surely be impressed by this Industrial Style Pendant Light with Black Slender Column Cage Shade at your first glance. It... features a tubular bulb surrounded by a cage shape frame shade in black iron. With a round base above, this industrial... read more

"Give your home decor an upgrade with this industrial style matte black iron cage pendant light. Surrounded by a prismatic iron with matte black finish, this industrial style pendant light will be the center of attention in your room. When it's... read more

"Give your living surroundings something special with this distinctive ParrotUncle Retro Industrial Style Black Iron Pot Cover Pendant Light. It is in the shape of a pot cover, from which you can think of the hair style of the Marine Corps of... read more

"Taste the rustic flavor in your home decor with this cute Vintage Industrial Style Pavilion-shape Hemp Cord Pendant Light. It is ...impressive for its distinctive hemp cord shade in the shape of pavilion, and 3 candle shape lights placed within. When... read more

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