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Books aren't just practical -- they can also add warmth to a room. For a great finishing touch in the living room, office, or bedroom, add bookshelves lined with beautifully bound books, fun bookends, and other accessories. You can also shop a range of coffee-table books, which add decorative touches and serve as great conversation starters.
Dover Publications

Welcome to a hidden work of high adventure, where daring and skill are handsomely rewarded. There are fabulous treasures to be fou...nd, but only for those with courage enough to enter the Mystic Caverns, deep within the magic realm of the imagination. Maze master Dave Phillips will take you there on a winding journey through 32 mazes filled with myth, mystery, and marvels.There are four levels of increasing difficulty for you to explore and solve. The first level is filled with traps of fire, snakes, giant spiders, rats, and deadly spikes. The second level is filled with secret passages, which you can enter so that you may emerge in another section of the maze. The third level has you choose one of the three weapons to use against ghosts, skeletons, and warriors. In the fourth level you must collect arrows to protect yourself from wolves and giant scorpions. In addition, each maze has its own unique dangers and rewards.You must follow the rules set forth at the beginning of each level, as well as the instructions for each maze. If you fall into a mortal peril and cannot find your way, there are solutions to the mazes beginning on page 39. Now, with pencil in hand, go forth to victory, wealth, and glory. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

"Clarinda Cloud Activity Book" is based upon the picture book "Clarinda Cloud," but can be used with or without it. It is geared t...o practice basic preschool and kindergarten skills. However, it focuses on the concept of identifying and expressing feelings the most. Other concepts include: colors, counting, mazes, letter searches, finding the differences, etc. read more

Miles, Lisa

A wonderfully fun activity book, stuffed with puzzles and things to do, guaranteed to keep girls aged seven to eleven occupied for... hours on end. It is packed with activities including themed mazes, secret codes, friendship quizzes, crosswords, doodles, fashion design, and things to make and do. The perfect activity book to keep children occupied during the holidays. read more

Brand: Jared Brown

What role did Scotch whisky play in the development of the steam engine? Who first coined the word "alcohol"? Spirits and drink hi...storians Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown know. They have been on a spirituous journey since they first launched their web site Shaken Not Stirred: A Celebration of the Martini and the book by the same name. Fifteen years of travel around the world, a few worn out library cards, and thousands of pages of undiscovered research later, they have amassed their findings in the two-volume work, Spirituous Journey: A History of Drink. This initial volume opens with the surprising discovery that ancient Arabic term "al kol" had two appropriate definitions long before Europeans learnt to distill alcohol: "1: a genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes (a supernatural creature in Arab mythology). 2: Any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it." From there, the authors trace the birth of spirits from China, to India, to Persia, through Europe and on to the New World. What did people do with these potent potables long before the Cocktail was ever heard of? Miller and Brown explore the centuries-old origins of classic mixed drinks. But they don't stop there. Spirits and the drinks made with them have close ties to some of civilisation's landmark periods including the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mongol, and Persian Empires as well as major historical events including the Crusades, Little Ice Age, The Black Death, the American Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution. Published by Mixellany Limited, this illustrated black-and-white edition also introduces the cast of hundreds who inspired and developed the alcoholic beverage industry from Geber and Rhazes to Doctors Mirabilis and Universalis, from Pope Sylvester II to Pope Clement V; from Paul Revere to George Washington. Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown are the authors of Shaken Not Stirred: A Celebration of the Martini , The Soul of Brasil, and Cuba: The Legend of Rum. They are the directors of Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux in southern France as well as the publishers of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail. read more

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

The Complete Book of Sauces"...for those who like to jazz up grilled chicken, fish or meat with a sauce or salsa, take a look at T...he Complete Book of Sauces." --Los Angeles Daily News It's Easy to Make a Different Dish Every Night With over 300 recipes, The Complete Book of Sauces can help you turn your ordinary dinner into a delicious meal. Author Sallie Y. Williams includes white sauces, wine sauces, marinades and barbecue sauces, salad dressings, sweet sauces for desserts, and fruit sauces. A variety of new, mouth-watering sauces to enhance your favorite dishes-like Jalape?o Vinaigrette, Dijon Yogurt Dressing, Fresh Vegetable Salsa, Garlic and Honey Marinade, and Gingered Pear Sauce-are a snap to create. Classic recipes-such as Hollandaise and Bechamel-are represented here as well, some with quick blender versions, and all of them reworked for ease of preparation. Other features include step-by-step instructions, storage advice, special sauce tips, and a cross-indexing section that pairs sauces and dishes to make meal planning a breeze. read more

Wehrmeijer, Annelien/ Van De Liejgraaf, Deborah (ILT)

Barron's adorable My Best Friend & Me series just keeps growing! Vivid retro designs and built-in animal finger puppets make t...hese little board books hard to resist. The four newest additions take a global tour, featuring kids and animals from various continents and climates. In Mimi & Ling, a little girl and her panda bear friend play together in China. By sharing and caring for each other, they soon learn how to make every day a party! read more


Lightning McQueen, Mater, and all your favorite characters from Disney•Pixar's Cars appear in this 224-page jumbo coloring and act...ivity book for boys ages 3 to 7! It's got six books in one and over 50 stickers—which means hours of fun for race fans! read more

Speedy Publishing LLC

451 Best Beer Brewing Recipes: Brewing the World's Best Beer at Home Book 1 is the ultimate book on making quality beers at home. ...This book has recipes to fire the imagination of even the most seasoned home brewer. George Braun adeptly covers the full range of brewing possibilities - accurately, clearly, and simply. From ingredients and methods to recipes and equipment for brewing beer at home, 451 Best Beer Brewing Recipes: Brewing the World's Best Beer at Home Book 1 is loaded with valuable information on brewing techniques and recipe formulation. A perennial best seller, it's a must-have for every new and seasoned brewer's library. This book will help you take control of your home brewing. It's the perfect resource for when you're ready to move from extract to all-grain and from kits to formulate your own recipes. This book is dedicated to all those who wants to learn the secret recipes of the world's best beer and to brew these gifts from the gods in the comfort of home. You adventurous beer makers will be rewarded for your efforts by having the experience of tasting some of the world's most unique, delicious beer available to only an elite few... of course; you can share the experience with special friends! George Braun is an experienced and respected brewer. With his in-depth knowledge and years of experience in beer brewing, he loves to help other brewers make great beer and expand their knowledge while enjoying the adventure at the same time. He always speaks from personal experience, humbly including any mistakes he has made to help others avoid making them too. He is a real treat to read. "You will be rewarded by having the experience of tasting some of the world's most unique and delicious beer available only to an elite few... "Let the party begin!" read more

Brand: Classic Bookwrights

Join Mary Frances, a young girl in the early 20th century, as she learns how to plan, plant, and care for a flower and vegetable g...arden with help from her family, friends, and the Garden People. You will meet Feather Flop, Mr. Hop Toad, Good Mrs. Bee, Little Ladybird, Beauty Butterfly, Mr. Cut Worm, the Wicked Rose Bugs, and the Plant Families, and you will take a magical trip to Fairy Flower land with the Flower Fairies---Jack-in-the-Pulpit and Bouncing Bet. This enchanting book will delight readers of all ages with its endearing story, lovely illustrations, and comprehensive instruction that introduces children to the world of gardening in a way that is easy to understand. Using a powerful “play-lesson” format, The Mary Frances Garden Book 100th Anniversary Edition teaches how to test and amend soil, how to make compost, the proper way to water plants, the parts of a flower, the origin and history of roses, the benefits of birds and bees, plus the good and bad of insects. When Mary Frances decides to have a garden party, instruction is provided in planning ahead to entertain a group, develop a meal plan, and coordinate time-sensitive tasks. Further instruction includes plans for a tiny herb garden complete with tips for the use of herbs in cooking. Sowed throughout the story are lessons in thrift, courtesy, sharing, work ethic, patience, persistence, and appreciation of the food we eat. In helping to make things grow, Mary Frances and her friends share the pleasures of the land, finding joy, appreciation and understanding of nature’s wonders in their garden adventures. A gentle spirit of comradeship between boys and girls permeates the pages of this unique garden book. Childhood is the ideal time to introduce gardening as children are natural gardeners: they are inherently curious, they blossom when learning by experience, and they love to play in the dirt. By working in a garden, children can observe the cycle of life, and gain the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time. Youth gardens provide a way to encourage children to make smart nutritional choices, form better lifelong eating habits, and develop a love of nature. Gardens build self-esteem in a way that is fun, but also contributes to the family’s well-being. The Mary Frances Garden Book 100th Anniversary Edition has been restored, updated, and expanded for the 21st century to include a new introduction, lovely larger format, enhanced graphics and a bonus pattern to make a child’s gardening apron. Black and white illustrations are included on every page, and color illustrations on the covers. The charming storyline of this beautifully illustrated book will captivate children, and its comprehensiveness will engage and educate readers of all ages. read more

Skitt, Carolyn/ Gale, Harold/ Allen, Robert

Designed by three puzzle-book pros and long-time Mensa workers, this mind-twisting book is jam packed with almost 100 pages of puz...zles--from number stumpers and visual teasers to verbal tests. Kids will find themselves stuck, stumped, and thoroughly challenged as they flex their brain muscles. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Isla's awesome book of puzzles contains a fun collection of 100 different puzzles, including 20 Isla themed word search puzzles. ...Other puzzles include: Sudoku, Find The Word, Mazes, Number Pyramid, Word Finder, Spot The Difference, Dot To Dot. All of our puzzles are printed on very high quality paper, making the puzzle experience all the more enjoyable! Available in a large range of popular names. For other personalised named puzzle books, click our Clarity Media author page read more

Dover Publications

Which way is the best way? You'll figure it out with these imaginative mazes. Help a bus driver get the students to school, g...uide a princess to her castle, reunite a cowboy with his horse, and navigate 45 other mazes with this lively little book. Brief captions explain the goal of each challenge, and solutions appear at the end. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Do your child loves clothes? This coloring book for kids is a perfect way to introduce clothes in his or her life. Fill over 30 pa...ges with bright colors and give them a great activity that sparks their creativity and keeps them busy and entertained for hours. You children will not wait to color different clothes pictures. As a parent, you will feel great giving them a fun, wholesome, and educational activity that sparks their creative spirit. Each page contains one or more high quality images for little ones to color. Order this coloring book for kids now and start your children's adventure with clothes now! read more

Dover Publications

For lovers of western lore and coloring book fans of all ages — 36 carefully researched and excellently rendered images of a keelb...oat approaching a thriving river town, fur traders being attacked by Indians, the dramatic rescue of the Donner party, a Mormon handcart company heading West, stagecoach robbers at work and more. Captions. read more

Firefly Books

The dream of flight is as old as human history. Based on the outstanding collection of the National Air and Space Museum in Washin...gton DC, Book of Flight traces the remarkable story of the pioneers, inventors, scientists and pilots who turned this dream into reality. An exciting journey through time, the book includes such remarkable achievements as: The development of ballooning The earliest human gliders The Wright Brothers' first sustained flights Charles Lindbergh's solo trip across the Atlantic Amelia Earhart's courageous flights The tragic explosion of the airship Hindenburg The dogfights of the first and second world wars Chuck Yeager's historic blast through the sound barrier The Apollo astronauts' first steps on the moon The development of the Space Shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope The building of the International Space Station. New and updated for this edition: Mission to Mars Latest information on the Space Shuttle program, the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. Packed with fascinating illustrations and photographs, Book of Flight is ideal for enthusiasts of all ages. read more

Monkeying Around

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure, (the 18th book in the Greatest Dot-to-Dot series) by David Kalvitis, carries on his tradition o...f skillfully utilizing dots to create the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market. The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 2 is the second in the series of revolutionary Dot-to-Dot puzzle books created by David Kalvitis. Book 2 weaves all of the varied challenges and puzzle styles of its predecessors with a multi-layered mystery that includes new styles, hidden clues, an intriguing story line and impressive three and four page landscape spreads. The adventure continues following an imaginative young boy searching for the missing pieces of a mysterious gift. Together, visitors will navigate challenging puzzles and unearth secret clues to discover new species of dots and spectacular views. Each dot-to-dot puzzle is meticulously drawn and constructed by hand on the computer. Gone are the images you can see with a glance, each illustration is intricately drawn and artistic. One can even challenge themselves by scaling the 'Everest of Connect-the-Dots', a breathtaking four page puzzle comprised of a staggering 2,100 dots. Join us on the Adventure, because Dot-to-Dots aren't just for kids anymore! read more

Sanford, L.P.

Learn and play with the Giant and his friends! The Giant Activity Book: Kindergarten Skills is just right for fun at home or on th...e go. Practice pages for letter sounds, rhyming words, addition and subtraction, and other essential kindergarten topics will delight children ages five and up while building attention, fine-motor ability, and early learning skills. --With the Giant Activity Books, young children can practice basic skills along with the Giant and his friends. Activities support fine-motor development, alphabet and number skills, basic concepts, creative thinking, and problem-solving. The books include Giant-themed activities such as matching, sorting, mazes, dot-to-dot, patterns, puzzles, and word searches. Parents will like the early learning skills, while children will be drawn to the playful Giant and character illustrations in these collectible activity books. read more

Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

‘I AM the Goddess Coloring Book’ features 26 Goddesses from around the world….from the Russian Baba Yaga to the Native American Wh...ite Buffalo Woman. Author/publisher Zana Hart says, “I love how this coloring book can cultivate a unique reconnection to each Goddess”. Philip Incao MD says, “A wonderful introduction for young children to the essential role of the eternal feminine in all cultures of human evolution.” At each turn of the page a new Goddess greets you as a friend. Drawn with simple enough lines for the little ones to color, it still has enough substance for us all to get a glimpse of the personality of each Goddess. This coloring book for and about the Goddess, designed for their children’s children by James Roderick and Naomi Lake is more than just a coloring book. The ‘I AM the Goddess Coloring Book’ is a fun educational tool, intended to share the individuality of each Goddess. read more

Long, Ethan

Poor Pig! He just wants to take a nap, but his barnyard pals are making a terrible racket. Cow gabs on her cell phone, Cat pops ba...lloons, and Hen saws. Pig hatches a plan to block all the noise. In a surprise ending, Pig learns that his friends have been planning a birthday party just for him. So much for napping!Hilarious illustrations, a fun story line, and an easily decodable text make for a real treat for new readers. read more

Compendium Inc

This book is all yours. You create the cover, you decide what the pages will look like, you choose what colors to use, and what to... draw next. You make the story come to life with your hands and your imagination because you're the illustrator.  And when you're finished, there won't be another book like it in the whole world. In this title, you'll see that when the broccoli starts growing taller than you are, you know you're in for a strange meal. Illustrate this larger-than-life adventure complete with a river of milk and chocolate chip cookie rafts! read more

Random House

What could be more fun than a party on Halloween night with the Sesame Street gang?  Toddlers can lift the flaps to see what ...suprises the pumpkim patch holds - a dancing scarecrow, a spooky moon, and a ghost with a strong resemblance to ... Big Bird! read more

Newman-D'Amico, Fran

Mazes, connect-the-dots, and word games abound in this collection of 60 illustrated puzzles featuring adorable insects, friendly s...carecrows, and other backyard denizens. Count the creepy crawlers in a flower bed, fill in a crossword of vegetable names, look for items that don't grow in a garden, and solve other puzzles. read more

Brigham Distributing

Looking for something to keep your child entertained during sacrament meeting or at home? Filled with a wide variety of gospel-cen...tered puzzles, The Puzzle Book for LDS Kids is the perfect solution for keeping your little one quiet and busy. Each puzzle is gospel related, with topics such as Nephi's bow, Moses and the plagues, the Nativity, Noah's ark, and many more. With more than 90 puzzles, this book will keep a child's attention for hours. read more

Powell, Sarah/ Green, Dan (ILT)

An interactive board book with pictures of all kinds of things that go, from boats to trains to airplanes. Each machine has fun fl...aps to lift which reveal hidden pictures underneath, and the illustrated tabs to the top and side of the book make page-turning easy for little hands. read more

Brand: Turtleback

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. In this variation on the Cinderella story, based on the Charles Perrault version but set in... the Smoky Mountains, Rose loses her glass slipper at a party given by the rich feller on the other side of the creek. read more

Speedy Publishing LLC

Pages of fun! Mazes, Connect the Dots, Spot the Difference! Everything your child loves to work on is in this high quality puzzle Great for gift giving - this book is made with thick paper and cover, not a flimsy print job you would find in the dollar store. Any child that loves puzzles will love this book. read more

Schertle, Alice/ McElmurry, Jill (ILT)

Zooom! Wooeeee . . . ! "Make way!"The big city sure is a speedy, noisy place for a country truck like Blue. Everywhere Blue looks,... he sees buses, police cars, taxis, vans, a street sweeper, and even the mayor’s limousine. With everyone pushing to be first, soon there’s a giant traffic jam! But even a wrangle-tangle is no match for Little Blue Truck, who comes to the rescue in true Blue style.  Brimming with bright colors, sounds, and city energy, this adventure makes working together and taking turns more fun than ever. Now with a free downloadable party kit! read more

Martino Fine Books

2013 Hardcover Reprint of 1930 Edition. Fully illustrated. Every page of this classic was printed in color originally and our reproduces all the drawings in color. Exact facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. Harry Craddock was a United States citizen who left during Prohibition and joined the American Bar at the Savoy Hotel, London, in 1920. Craddock was one of the most famous cocktail barmen of the 1920s and 1930s. Craddock's "The Savoy Cocktail Book" was published in 1930, and is still in print today. Craddock invented a number of classic cocktails, including the famous Corpse Reviver #2 and possibly including the White Lady, and popularised the Dry Martini. Lavishly illustrated with all illustrations reproduced in color. read more

Brand: Cocktail Virgin Industries

Drink & Tell is just that -- a cocktail historian's tour of Boston, a city he knows and loves. Included are over 500 drink rec...ipes created and served by more than 40 bars and restaurants in Boston. While there are plenty of recipes inside from heavy hitters like Eastern Standard and Drink who have basked in well-deserved international attention, the author also hopes to bring to light the other establishments which have crafted amazing drinks through the years to help make Boston a cocktail town. Drink & Tell is perfect for the home bartender, for the Boston barfly looking for a memento, and for trade bartenders near and far for inspiration on improving the cocktail scenes in their cities. read more

Miles, Lisa/ Ward, Ariadne (CON)/ Chown, Xanna Eve (CON)/ Neild, Robyn (ILT)/ Overy, Kate (EDT)

A fun activity book filled with a huge variety of puzzles, games, and activities for girls aged 8-11. A lovely story runs througho...ut - readers will follow the six girls as they go to a mini-festival, form a band, go shopping, to the beach, and enter a talent show. Each chapter sees the friends on a different adventure and puzzles are themed around the different activities. read more

National Geographic Society (U. S.)

An interactive book chock-full of cool, scary, freaky, outrageous, gross and fierce animals, this is the National Geographic Kids ...signature content in a sticker and activity book format. Packed with mazes, spelling and pattern games, drawing activities, and more, kids are sure to love these pages loaded with fun! read more

Istara Creations

She emerged as innocent as any newborn. The party of starbursts and sparkles came to a standstill. In awe, millions of heavenly be...ings paused. Shine Star, Princess of the Universe, was the most precious and rare of all creations. As an expression of perfect happiness, thus was the king’s daughter born. A magical love story unfolds in Vikrant Malhotra’s wondrous debut, The Stories of Goom’pa: Book One. Meet Goom’pa. He is a Poofy, a small furry creature who resides on Earth in a place called Palidon, on the edge of the Miron National Forest. His world is a quiet one—until he spies Shine Star, a glorious star in the sky and the daughter of Prime Ray, the king of the universe. Enchanted by her elegance, Goom’pa knows he is willing to do anything to win the love of this celestial beauty. As the two meet and fall in love, Shine Star’s father worries about his only daughter. Exploiting that concern is the Star Lord, Rath, who wants nothing more than to wrestle control of the universe away from Prime Ray. Will Goom’pa and Shine Star find a way to be together? Or will Rath’s evil plan doom them all? read more

Weninger, Brigitte/ Tharlet, Eve (ILT)

Take these rough and tumble tiny books with you where ever you go.  Tuff Books are tear resistant, easy to clean, and co...mpletely safety tested for young readers.  Happy Birthday, Davy Tuff Book is an adaptation ofEve Tharlet's picture book, with shorter text and and a tiny trimsize sure to please parents and children. While waiting for his birthday, Davy Rabbit makes some wishes which are fulfilled when his grandparents come to his party as a special birthday present. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

In this full-sized (8.5” x 11”) coloring book, kids can enjoy coloring images as they take a tour around Old MacDonald’s farm. The... coloring pages include classic and new verses of Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Imitating animal noises makes this a great read-aloud book and the repetition creates a fun experience for new readers. read more

J.Gordon Shillingford

The history of swing, the story of Prohibition, the inspiration for tiki, and the secret life of absinthe. Cocktail-O-Matic is the... killer-diller guide to all things cocktail. Not just a step-by-step guide to the care and handling of the classics?the Manhattans, martinis, Bronxes, sidecars and more?it's the story of how those cocktails came to be. From Esquivel to Trader Vic, James Bond to Frank Sinatra, mambo to Space Age Bachelor Pad, Cocktail-o-matic is the little black book of swank. Includes more than one hundred recipes for the aspiring mixologist. read more

Priddy Books (COR)

The ideal first activity book for toddlers, Dot to Dot Wipe Clean Activity Book is full of simple dot-to-dot exercises and maze pu...zzles that help young children develop their fine motor and problem-solving skills, as well as number recognition. The pages wipe clean and come with a dry erase marker so the activities can be completed again and again! read more


This is a selection of short stories from Ellen's personal collection of work. All of these stories have a special meaning to her,... mostly because they are true. Little mice did build a house in Ellie's old car, and the woodchuck did destroy her entire garden. And then it was certainly fun to name Maggie Magoo and come home to a tea party! Also, it was both satisfying and wonderful to knit scarves for the poor for the holidays! So I hope these stories bring you as much pleasure as the ones I enjoyed over and over as a child. Ellen co-illustrated this book with Amber Jones. Doing so provided a unique experience for Ellen because, after envisioning what she wanted the picture to look like, she got to add life and color to the drawings that Amber provided. read more

Booklocker, Inc.

This book was designed for any party or occasion where gifts are given. Why just hand someone gifts when you can have fun finding ...them with clues? It has over 100 clues to create a new experience in gift giving. read more

Speedy Publishing Books

This is a cut-out book that is best done supervised as it involves scissors and lots of discarded papers! Introducing cut-out book...s to the little ones is exciting and yes, very messy. But if you're after practicing the hold to develop their penmanship later on, then this is a great option. Cut-out books like these are especially fun when the experience is shared by the whole family. read more

Flitzy Books

Maggie Rose is an independent seven-year-old girl who just loves eating pancakes! However, Maggie's weekly pancake fest ends up ta...king an EPIC turn when she decides to make her already perfect pancake even more perfect! Join Maggie as she finds out the hard way that sometimes more isn't always better...           In addition to the picture book story, the harback also includes original pictures of Maggie and her most EPIC pancake!!!       This book is great for early readers, reading aloud at home, as a bedtime story, and is ESPECIALLY fun to read right before making your own EPIC pancake!                                ****Get the ebook version of Maggie's Epic Pancake for FREE when you purchase in print (available to Customer's ONLY)****                                                            REVIEW HIGHLIGHTS:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Very fun read for my daughter and I! It really grabbed my 3 and a half year olds attention! Creative and clever, highly recommend! Thank you for the fun book-*****Amazon Customer "Absolutely entrancing. Repetition delights young readers. The illustrations were wonderfully fitted to the page and text. They offered a variety while retaining unity."- *****D. Ray, Amazon Customer "I loved this book. I would recommend this read to all my family.I would give this as a gift as well."-*****Cruzmaribel.Lara , Amazon Customer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Other books by this author include Autumn Snow, Play, Warm Chocolate, and Galactic Radio. *Visit for FREE video books, activities, and more!* read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Matthew's awesome book of puzzles contains a fun collection of 100 different puzzles, including 20 Matthew themed word search puzz...les. Other puzzles include: Sudoku, Find The Word, Mazes, Number Pyramid, Word Finder, Spot The Difference, Dot To Dot. All of our puzzles are printed on very high quality paper, making the puzzle experience all the more enjoyable! Available in a large range of popular names. For other personalised named puzzle books, click our Clarity Media author page read more


Bring these fanciful black-and-white illustrations to colorful life! Thirty enchanting drawings depict highlights from such tales as "Puss in Boots," "The Ugly Duckling," "Sleeping Beauty," "Hansel and Gretel," "Cinderella," "The Little Mermaid," "Rapunzel," "Little Red Riding Hood," "Rumpelstiltskin," "The Princess and the Pea," and many other classics. read more

Baker & Taylor

Darkness is falling everywhere and little ones are getting sleepy, feeling cozy, and being tucked in. It’s time for a wide yawn, a... big hug, and a snuggle under the covers--sleep tight! “Working beautifully with the soothingly repetitive text, each painting conveys a warm feeling of safety and affection.”--School Library Journal read more

Griffiths, Andy/ Denton, Terry (ILT)

Andy and Terry live in a 26-story treehouse. (It used to be 13 stories, but they've expanded.) It has a bumper car rink, a skate r...amp, an antigravity chamber, an ice cream parlor with 78 flavors, and the Maze of Doom―a maze so complicated that nobody who has gone in has ever come out again. Well, not yet, anyway.This time, the two friends have a whole week to finish their next book, and Andy even knows what it should be about―the story of how he and Terry first met. But, life is NEVER boring in the treehouse, and emergency shark operations, giant storms, and wooden pirate heads are just the beginning…. read more

Brand: Adventure Publications

How do you make the perfect Wisconsin getaway even better? Give your kids the Wisconsin Activity Book for hours of fun! From mazes... and word finds to maps and pictures to color, it's a great way to learn about the area and is ideal for car rides and quiet time. read more


Hare is the speediest animal in the woods, but Tortoise is very determined! More than 40 puzzles — including hidden pictures,, fill-in-the-blanks, mazes, and other activities — feature the two contestants and their forest friends. You can color the cute illustrations after you've solved the puzzles. Solutions appear at the end. read more

Hildreth Press

This is a delicious read for any cookery enthusiast or historian. Recipes are extensively illustrated with text and full page phot...ographs. Contents Include: Cakes and Cake-Desserts, Pies and Pie-Like Desserts, Cookies for Dessert, Fruit Desserts, Custards, Soufflés and Puddings, Gelatine Desserts, Sherbets and Ice-Cream Desserts, Something Special, Desserts for Outdoor Cooks, and Frostings, Fillings, Sauces, Toppings. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork. read more

Moore, Marilyn M.

For people who secretly crave the satisfaction of the home-cooked meals they grew up on, Marilyn M. Moore introduces a cookbook of delicious old family recipes that brings back meat-and-potato meals and other comfort foods to the contemporary table. The book offers over 150 proven, easy-to-use recipes and dozens of meal suggestions and is conveniently organized, in sections covering meat and fowl main dishes, vegetable side dishes, gravies, breads, and desserts. read more

Lighthouse Media Group

A fun rhyming story in which Piri the Pukeko plays his favorite game and the Kiwi Critters help Keri the Kiwi to find a good place... to hide. Hide and Seek features bright and colorful illustrations and rhyming text throughout. It's ideal for young children, who will learn to chant along to the words. It's Book 5 in the Kiwi Critters, a series which revolves around the adventures of Keri the Kiwi and her best friend, Piri the Pukeko. Together they get up to all kinds of mischief; their escapades include favourite children's activities such as picnics, parties, and sausage sizzles. read more

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