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App Compatibility: The WeMo Light and Fan switch can be portrayed as a ‘Do it all’ device. This switch replaces any common wall li...ght switch, installs with a breeze and connects to your home’s Wi-Fi signal in a matter of minutes, granting you the ability to control it from anywhere in the world with your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G enabled mobile device. The WeMo light switch offers a customizable button, an away mode setting as well as scheduling settings like the sunrise/sunset setting which, based on your city’s location, will program your lights and fan to activate or deactivate at day break or night fall. It’s almost like having a switch that does the thinking for you. Features: Designed to replace your existing wall switch Remotely control your lighting and ceiling fans from anywhere in the world with your mobile device Automatable - Set schedules for your lights/fan to activate and deactivate Sunrise/Sunset scheduling uses your city's location to trigger your switch at day break and/or night fall Customizable button for triggering different outcomes with a long press or a short press Simple DIY installation Backlighting helps locate the switch in the dark Can be automated with the entire line of Belkin's WeMo products - For instance, have your night vision NetCam turn on when your smart LED bulbs are turned off No minimum wattage and compatible with all incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and LED lighting Retains its programming whenever a power outage occurs Decorative faceplate included No required monthly fees Connects to your Wi-Fi signal and is controlled through Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G mobile internet Compatible with iOS 5 and higher and Android 4.0 and higher Not designed to work with metal faceplates One year limited warranty Product Technologies:  IFTTT (If This, Then That): If This, Then That is an innovative system to interconnect the products you use every day in new an exciting ways. By establishing a basic series of triggers and responses, you can set lights, heating and air conditioning, or even major appliances to respond to certain events in your home (for instance, if your motion sensor detects a presence after sunset, then your lights will turn on). Compatible with a wide variety of websites, web-based applications, mobile apps and WeMo devices, IFTTT lets you create unique recipes to customize your smart home experience.  WeMo: WeMo is a family of exciting, easy-to-use products that work together to make life easier, simpler, and better by connecting through your Wi-Fi network and mobile internet and allowing you to control of your home electronics right from your smartphone or tablet. Simple choose from a wide selection of WeMo compatible products, download the WeMo application (available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle), and start your new adventure into smart home technology. Why Choose Smart Switches? Control your Home: A smart switch gives you the ability to control any fixture or outlet that is wired to the switch. Turn lights and fans on and off remotely or set them to run on a programmed schedule. You can make any common light fixture or fan into a smart device by controlling it with a smart switch.  Connect a switched outlet to your smart switch to create a smart outlet giving you the power to control any device or appliance you plug in.  The power to control your home from your couch or remotely all from an app on your phone or tablet is possible with a smart switch. Energy Efficient: Leaving a room or your home without turning off the lights is wasteful and a drain on your money. A smart switch puts you in control and can help reduce energy consumption and save you money on your energy bill. Check the read more


Turn off your lights from anywhere in your home with the Belkin WeMo Light Switch. Working with your in-home Wi-Fi and a free app ...on your iOS or Android device, this switch is easy to set up and can work with other WeMo switches. read more

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Turn on your lights even when you are not at home with the Belkin WeMo Light Switch. This product allows you to turn lights on or by using your smartphone. With the ability to work with your existing WiFi network and Internet, this product is easy... read more

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